Belle was a junior in high school. Shawn and her were dating. They had been together for 2 1/2 years. Belle had just found out she was pregnant 3 days ago. She wanted to tell him before she told her parents. Her friend Mimi and her walked together in the morning together but she already knew.
M: So are you going to tell Shawn today?
B: I want to. I think i finally got the courage up to tell him
M: Good you should. He loves you and he will understand.
B: I hope so
They got to school early. Shawn was always early he rode with some of his friends. So Belle waited at the table for him. She was going to tell him as soon as he got there. She seen him walk in and got butterflies in her stomach
S: Hey baby (he kissed her)
B: I need to tell you something important
S: You know you can tell me anything.
B: I know this is really hard
S: Did you cheat on me?
B: Shawn i would never
S: Well what is it
B: This is really hard for me
S: You want to break up
B: No Shawn I am..
Then the bell rang. The first bell rand it was a waring to get to class before the final bell.
S: can we continue this at lunch
B: Yea sure
He kissed her and they went to their lockers. Mimi was waiting for her
M: So
B: I didn't get a chance he said we would talk at lunch because of the bell
The class dragged on and finally it was lunch
S: So what did you want to tell me
B: I think it would be better to talk after school you can walk home with me
S: If you think that's better.
B: I do
School went on and on and finally it was over. She told Mimi they could still walk home but she wanted to tell Shawn after school. Belle didn't talk a lot on the way home. They got close to home and went their seperate ways. Belle and Shawn walked in silence. When they got home she greeted her parents and sister and they went to her room
S: Ok Belle what is it
B: (She took a deep breath) Shawn honey I am pregnant.
How does Shawn React?