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Thread: Complicated mess

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    Belle was a junior in high school. Shawn and her were dating. They had been together for 2 1/2 years. Belle had just found out she was pregnant 3 days ago. She wanted to tell him before she told her parents. Her friend Mimi and her walked together in the morning together but she already knew.
    M: So are you going to tell Shawn today?
    B: I want to. I think i finally got the courage up to tell him
    M: Good you should. He loves you and he will understand.
    B: I hope so
    They got to school early. Shawn was always early he rode with some of his friends. So Belle waited at the table for him. She was going to tell him as soon as he got there. She seen him walk in and got butterflies in her stomach
    S: Hey baby (he kissed her)
    B: I need to tell you something important
    S: You know you can tell me anything.
    B: I know this is really hard
    S: Did you cheat on me?
    B: Shawn i would never
    S: Well what is it
    B: This is really hard for me
    S: You want to break up
    B: No Shawn I am..
    Then the bell rang. The first bell rand it was a waring to get to class before the final bell.
    S: can we continue this at lunch
    B: Yea sure
    He kissed her and they went to their lockers. Mimi was waiting for her
    M: So
    B: I didn't get a chance he said we would talk at lunch because of the bell
    The class dragged on and finally it was lunch
    S: So what did you want to tell me
    B: I think it would be better to talk after school you can walk home with me
    S: If you think that's better.
    B: I do
    School went on and on and finally it was over. She told Mimi they could still walk home but she wanted to tell Shawn after school. Belle didn't talk a lot on the way home. They got close to home and went their seperate ways. Belle and Shawn walked in silence. When they got home she greeted her parents and sister and they went to her room
    S: Ok Belle what is it
    B: (She took a deep breath) Shawn honey I am pregnant.
    How does Shawn React?

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    Ch. 2
    Shawn didn't say anything. Belle let it sink in
    S: Are you sure
    B: Yes i went to the dr three days ago. i wanted to get the courage to tell you
    S: Ok well we can do this. We can get through this together. When are you telling your parents.
    B: Most likely tonight
    S: You want me to be there
    B: No I think its better I am alone with them
    S: Ok but if you change your mind you know where I am
    B: I know
    They talked for a couple more hours and he left so she could do her homework. Her sister came in about an hour after he left. Belle was sitting on her bed looking out the window when her sister Carrie came in
    C: Whats wrong
    B: Nothing why would you ask that
    C: Well Shawn left early and he usually doesn't leave that soon. Did you have a fight?
    B: Carrie really would you just stop trying to fix everything and be the family hero please
    C: I am your sister i was being nice
    B: I know i am sorry. I do need to get something off my chest. I am pregnant
    C: i take it mom and dad don't know.
    B: No just Shawn mimi and now you
    C: You going to tell them
    B: I have to what choice do i have
    C: Well tell Sami when you tell mom and dad because she won;t keep her mouth shut
    Belle stayed in her room for awhile and decided it was time. She went downstairs.
    M: Hey sweetie
    B: Hey mom where's dad
    M: He is outside
    Belle went and brought her dad inside
    B: mom dad sit down. I need to tell you something I am pregnant
    M: What?? I didn't even know Shawn and you were sleeping together
    S: Finally I didn't do something to the family
    B: Sami shut up
    J: Be quiet. Belle how could this your reputation is ruined.
    B: Thats all you care about i am having a child
    M: That is what put you in this mess. Maybe you should get rid of it
    B: Mom Shawn and i want the baby
    J: You are too young
    B: Daddy we have three pregnant girls in our school 4 now but they are all keeping theirs
    M: There parents might be able to handle it but I can't
    B: Mom please
    M: We will send you somewhere to have the baby and then you can come back
    B: No I won't go
    J: marlena that is a bit much
    M: John I can't handle it she will go.
    Belle grabbed her coat and ran to Shawns he had already told his parents. they didn't go to the extreme they were just disappointed.
    S: Belle whats wrong
    B: My parents want to send me away
    S: No they can't
    H: Whats going on
    B: Hope my parents want to send me away and make me give the baby away
    H: that is terrible.
    Then the doorbell rang. It was marlena
    M: Hi Hope come on Belle we need to go
    H: Come in lets talk
    Marlena stepped inside
    M: So you know what your son and my daughter have been doing
    H: Yea and I know its not the best situation but don't send her way its not the answer
    M: I think it is
    B: i am keeping the baby
    S: Its my child too i get a say and i want to keep it
    M: Well you should of thought if that before you slept with her
    Marlena bascially drug her out and made her go. A month later they sent her to the school and a few weeks later Shawn and Hope rescued her and she came to live with them.
    Will her parents found out she escaped? What are Belle and Shawn going to do??

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    Ch. 3
    Belle had been staying at Bo and Hopes for a week. She had managed not to run into her sisters at school and her mom and dad still hadn't found out. All this was exhausting so she was glad it was the weekend.
    H: Hey Belle Shawn, Zack, and I are going to the mall get ready so we can all go
    B: Hope really i just want to relax
    H: Belle You are having my grandchild he needs exercise come on get up
    B: No offense Hope but your not my mom
    H: i know that but as long as you are living here you will listen to what i have to say. I am paying for your dr visits and getting you all that you need to have a healthy. I don't think that is asking too much to do what i ask
    B: yes ma'am
    Belle got up and took a shower and got dressed. She did not want to go but she had too. Shawn and Zack got new shoes. Hope got Belle some new shoes and and some vitamins. When they got home she went and took a nap she was tired.
    S: Hey mom
    H: Hey whats up
    S: Is Belle ok
    H: She is pregnant she is going to be snippy and emotional and not know whats going on trust me. I had you two
    S: I was wondering because ever since she has been here she hasn't been herself
    H: it will get better trust me
    Belle got up and hour later her stomach woke her up. she went to the bathroom and threw up. Hope knocked on the door
    H: Honey once you done I brought you some tea and crackers it will help your stomach and then come downstairs after that.
    Belle did what she was told and came downstairs. She did feel better
    B: I am done now
    H: Good. You can help set the table
    B: I am not hungry
    H: Don't worry i am making something that won't make you sick and be easy for you on your stomach
    B: Hope i just got sick I really don't want to eat at the moment can i eat it later
    H: Yes i guess thats fine at least set the table
    She did as she was told. Shawn came in and tried to help but Belle didn't want his help. She went right upstairs to lie down. Shawn went after her
    S: Hey
    B: Hey
    S: Are you ok
    B: No i don't feel good at all and your mom is making me do all this stuff.
    S: We all have to pitch in and help its not just you. As long as we live under this roof we have to help out. She isn't asking too much
    B: yea stick up for her
    S: Belle you are milking this pregnancy for all its worth but no one is going to feel sorry for you. Women work when they are pregnant its not that bad. Grow up
    Shawn slammed the door and went downstairs. Hope had dinner ready
    Bo: Whats wrong son
    S: Belle is being a baby
    Bo: She is pregnant and thinks she will be catered to
    S: I told her to grow up
    H: I think you made a smart move.
    They ate and an hour later Belle came down to get something to eat.
    B: can I have something to eat
    H: yea sure
    B: I am sorry for being like this i was being a baby
    H: I am glad you realised it
    B: Where is Shawn i want to apolgize as well
    H: He is out right now he won't be gone too long
    B: oh ok
    Belle went upstairs and called Mimi and they talked awhile. Then she heard a car pull up and knew it was shawn. She saw him with some blond girl. She looked to be about twice his age
    W: So shawn I had a great time
    S: yea thanks I needed to get out for awhile
    W: your girlfriend
    S: Yea she is pregnant and crazy
    W: I rememeber what that is like
    S: yea well thanks
    W: hey if you need to go out sometime its cool
    S: Yea i will keep that in mind
    Willow kissed him on the cheek and he went inside.
    H: Hey honey
    S: Hey
    H: I think Belle wants to talk to you
    S: ok
    He went upstairs
    S: Belle
    B: Hey I am sorry about earlier i was being a baby thanks for getting me out of it.
    S: Its ok i forgive you
    B: So who were you with tonight
    S: My friend Willow
    B: Yea i seen at the window. You two seem friendly.
    S: Like i said were friends
    B: oh ok
    They went to bed. When Shawn went to sleep all he could think about was this baby and Willow. He didn't understand

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    Sunday Shawn bascially was out all day and avoided Belle. Then on Monday she went up to him at his locker.
    B: What is going on. You hardly said two words to me
    S: Come over here. Sit down. Look I made a mistake and I cheated on you
    B: Why?? It was with Willow wasn't it
    S: No i was over at Willows but it was someone here from school
    B: Tell me
    S: No because you are just going to get into a fight with her. We got into that huge fight and I don't know what happened.
    B: I do you weren't thinking with your head. How could you I am carrying your child
    She slapped him across the face.
    B: Don't you come near me or my baby again.
    She left him standing there. Mimi saw Belle and she could tell something was wrong
    B: Shawn cheated on me
    M: No he didn't
    B: Yea we are done. Can i stay with you for a couple of nights
    M: Sure
    Belle went to mimi's after school. She stayed the night as well. Shawn walked home alone. He came into the kitchen
    S: Hey mom
    H: Hey
    She turned back toward the stove
    S: Aren't you going to ask where Belle is
    H: I thought she might have went out
    S: Mom I cheated on her and told her. She slapped me and we are over
    H: What why would you do that
    S: I don't know we had a fight
    H: Well she probably went to a friends house and is staying there. I hope she comes back I don't know where she would go.
    S: me either. It was a stupid thing to do
    H: You are darn right it was.
    Belle didn't call or anything. She didn't know what to do or where to go. She wasn't going back to hope and Bo's. As far as she was concerened it was over for good.

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    Re: Complicated mess

    Continued from ch.4
    Belle had been at Mimi's for a couple of weeks. She had avoided Shawn at all costs.
    M: Belle you have been here for quite awhile. You can't stay here forever.
    B: I don't know where to go
    M: I am sure we can find somewhere for you to go
    B: i can't go to my parents they would send me to that school
    M: Belle go and try to talk to them I will come with you
    B: I have to do something
    So they went to her parents the next day after school.
    M: Wondered when you were coming home
    B: Mom I am sorry but i couldn't stay there. Shawn and i broke up. I want to come home but just as long as i can stay here and have the baby. Please don't send me to that school
    M: This is going to destroy all of us.
    B: mom please i want to come home.
    C: mom maybe you should she needs u
    M: Alright Belle we will help you
    M: Thanks mom
    So Belle moved back home and evenventually had the baby.
    What happens now

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    Belle was finishing school, working a job, paying a sitter. Her parents didn't work but they wanted nothing to do with the baby. They were making her life miserable. Shawn had seen the baby and he had the baby once in awhile but that is the only time they saw each other and were civil. The next morning she said hi to the sitter the sitter and left for school. Mimi met her and walked with her.
    M: So how was the morning
    B: Rushed had to get the baby dressed and let the sitter in. I don't understand why my parents won't help. They are at home with the sitter its stupid.
    M: i know it is. You and Teddy want to come over after school or do you have to work
    B: No i don't sure once he gets up from his nap i will come over.
    They walked into school
    S: Hows Teddy
    B: He is good with the babysitter
    S: I might come and get him this weekend is that ok
    B: Yea thats fine
    Shawn walked away neither one of them dated since they broke up
    M: you two should get back together you have a child together
    B: No i can't trust him
    M: He said he was sorry
    B: I know but i just can't trust him sorry
    They both went to their classes. The day went fast and she got home and relieved the sitter Janet
    B: Thanks again
    J: Oh no problem he has been napping for an hour
    B: Ok I have to work tomorrow and i need you to take him to the doctors at 2. I have all the info i will leave it for you tomorrow.
    J:Ok sounds good
    She left and Belle did her homework and waited for Teddy to get up. When Teddy did get up she went and to her room. Carrie was in there and picking him up
    B: I would of gotten him I was coming
    C: Sorry i was trying to be helpful since Mom and dad are lazy and don't do anything
    B: Aren't you supposed to be working
    C: No I called off its not like i can't take a day off here and there. I almost have enough to get a place of my own
    B: Well at least Sami is out going to college
    C: I have a great job Belle don't put me down
    B: Sorry I just don't understand why mom can't watch the baby she doesn't work
    C: I watch him sometimes
    B: i know you do but you work a lot as well and i am not mad that you do its fine
    She got Teddy ready and told her mom she was going to Mimi's
    M: Don't forget Teddy
    B: Yea like i am going to forget him Mom I can't let him stay around here and cry until I get back
    Her mom didn't say anything and Carrie drove her to Mimi's and told her to call when she was ready to come home
    M: Hey Belle. Here let me hold Teddy
    B: She more than gladly let her hold him. It was nice to get a break from holding him. he was only 4 months old.
    They talked for awhile and about 9 she called Carried and she came to pick her up. She got home and got inside Teddy was asleep
    M: Well its about time you came home it is past Teddys bedtime
    B: oh yea like that concerns you. You don't care she went upstairs and went to bed. it had been a long day like every other day

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    Belle woke up and got Teddy ready the babysitter was downstairs.
    B: ok he has an appt at 4 and I have all the insurance and everything I just need you take him because I have to work
    J: no problem
    B: thanks
    Belle met Mimi at her house and they walked together when they got into school Shawn met up with her.
    S: hey can i come by and get Teddy today?
    B: He has an appt and I have to work
    S: Thats fine i will take him and you can relieve the babysitter and I will bring him home after work for you
    B: Sure if you want too do u have the insurance stuff
    S: Yea how about i walk home from school with you so i can get him
    B: um sure
    S: meet me by my locker
    B: ok
    Mimi came up after they were done talking
    B: He wanted to come and get his son so he can watch him
    M: That was nice
    B: yea it was
    School went by quickly and like old times Mimi, Belle, and Shawn all walked home together. When they got closer Mimi went to her house and Belle and Shawn walked together. They didn't talk too much. They walked inside
    J: Teddy is napping
    B: Thanks I am going to relieve you his dad is going to take him to the appt
    J: ok thanks
    She left
    M: Shawn nice to see you
    S: thanks
    M: Where did the babysitter go
    B: Don't worry mom Shawn is taking him.
    her mom left the room
    S: So you want to do homework while he is asleep?
    B: Sure
    They finished before he got up and then about 10 minutes later they heard him cry
    B: Come on lets go get him
    they went to her room. Shawn got Teddy out
    S: hey baby boy gosh you have gotten big I missed you
    B: Yea he has grown 7 months now. Well I have to get ready for work if you want to take him downstairs
    S: Alright
    Shawn took Teddy down to get him a bottle. Belle got dressed and went downstairs and Shawn was feeding him
    B: Hey well I need to go to work and you should get going too
    S: Yea you are pry right
    B: Here is the diaper bag and everything is in there
    S: Alright what time do u get off
    B: Nine
    S: ok be here by then
    Belle kissed Teddy and one of her co workers picked her up. At work Belle got asked out by Philp again. He was a nice guy but not her type. they talked a lot and were friends.
    P: Come on Belle one date and you will see
    B: No I am not doing it i have a baby
    P: Teddy can come too
    B: No Philp sorry I am not into dating right now
    P: Well can we hang out sometime
    B: Sure thats not a problem you can come over
    P: Alright
    Work went by fast she was busy. She got home and didn't see Shawn's mom or dads car there. She went inside and up to her room. Shawn was in there looking into the crib
    B: Hey (she whispered)
    he jumped
    S: you scared me
    They left the room and went to the hallway
    S: i wanted to put him to bed myself he should stay with me sometimes give you a break
    B: Thats ok I love him but maybe. How did you get here
    S: Mom dropped me off i am going to give them a call now
    Belle went downstairs with hm. Shawn called on his cell. They talked about work and she made something to eat. Then his mom pulled up
    S: See ya tomorrow. Think about me keeping Teddy overnight ok
    B: yea ok see ya tomorrow
    he left Carrie came downstairs
    C: Why don't you two get back together you love each other I can see it in both your eyes.
    B: I know but i can't trust. I gotta get up early I need go to bed good night,

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    Belle got up and got the baby ready. her sister was home and was going to watch the baby so she didn't have to have the babysitter come and watch Teddy. She walked to school with Mimi and Shawn met her at her locker.
    B: Whats up
    S: Hey can I get Teddy for the weekend.
    B: if you want too
    S: I want to keep him until Sunday night. I would like to come get him Friday after school
    B: Sure
    S: I am having a family picnic on Saturday afternoon do you have to work
    B: No i am off
    S: Great will you come
    B: Sure that sounds fun
    S: Ok pick you up at 11.
    School went fast and it Friday came quickly. Shawn's mom took Shawn and her home. Shawn picked up Teddy and told her they would see her tomorrow. She went to Mimi's and spent the night.
    M: Its great to now have the baby huh
    B: Gosh you know I thought it would be but I miss him so much already
    M: maybe you should get back together with Shawn
    B: I can't trust him
    M: Belle he said it was sorry and its clear that she still loves you
    B: How can you tell that
    M: I can tell by the look in his eyes and in yours
    B: Yes i still love him but its too late.
    M: no its not. You two should get back together not for the babies sake but because your in love
    B: You don't know if he even still feels the same way
    M: i know he does
    They went to bed early and Belle got up and went home early and Shawn, Bo, Hope, and the baby picked her up
    B: Oh Teddy mommy missed you so much
    S: What did you do last night
    B: I spent the night at Mimi's. I came home and got ready earlier
    S: I bet it was nice not having to take Teddy
    B: I missed him
    S: Yea but you need a break sometimes
    B: I can't say it wasn't nice
    They got to the picnic. Belle knew everyone because she had known Shawn for a long time. They ate and there was a park nearby so they took teddy to the swings
    S: So what are you doing tonight
    B: I don't know homework or just relaxing. Might go see a friend. Don't really know for sure why
    S: you want to go catch a movie. My parents would watch the baby
    B: you would have to ask them
    S: Already did and they don't mind. My dad would drive us and pick us up. he has to go to the office anyways. When we leave we could play with Teddy and hang out
    B: Um I guess.
    S: Great
    They went back to his house after the picnic and played outside with Teddy and Belle put him down for his nap in Shawns room
    S: So I got the showtimes what do you want to see
    They looked at the paper and decided on a movie they both liked.
    S: Come on lets take a walk
    he grabbed her hand and led her outside. They had the baby monitor and just sat outside on the steps and talked. Shawn looked at her a couple of times and she thought he might kiss her but didn't Teddy didn't wake up too long after that. They went to an early movie. The movie was good but all she could think of was Shawn. Bo picked them up after the movie.he dropped Belle off. Shawn kissed her on the cheek goodnight. She went inside dissapointed. She went upstairs and Carrie followed.
    C: So what happened
    B: nothing did he didn't even try to kiss me
    C: Well that is what you wanted right
    B: I don't know I love him but i can't trust him yet i wanted something to happen
    C: Thats a tough one
    B: Just leave me alone.
    Carrie left Belle to think alone.


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