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Thread: I LOVE this show.

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    Post I LOVE this show.

    My fella and I just starting watching this show (currently catching up on the first season before the second one starts in a week or two). I truly love this show. The concept, although creepy and disturbing, is fascinating to me. I can't believe how much I care about the Dexter character. They really do an excellent job at making you want to care about him, even though he's a murderer. LOL

    Any other fans out there looking forward to the second season?
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    Post Re: I LOVE this show.

    I love it too .. have watched it from the beginning. He, as all the characters, are so fascinating.
    I was after Coffeerooms for forever to put this show on the site .. so glad they did.
    Can't wat for the season to start .. 9/30.
    Wonder who he's gonna torture & kill this season !!..

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    Re: I LOVE this show.

    Hey, pigmania! I'm glad you found the board. We've just finished a Dexter binge, watched all of season 1 onDemand over the weekend. We both loved it. Still no Showtime, though, so I'll be reading here to find out what's next. Season 1 followed the first book exactly, but I've heard that season 2 doesn't use book 2 for a guide. I'm anxious to know what they do next.
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