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    Wow ... this movie was something else. It was really good and yet it is a movie that I will never watch again because it was so awful to watch (what happens in it, not the movie itself).

    The movie is about an illiterate, overweight young girl who suffers some horrific abuse and situations and still manages to try and better herself. It sounds weird to say, but this movie is lucky it is based on a true story, because if it was fiction and a writer handed someone this script, he'd be told it was not believable because there was no way someone could handle everything Precious was put through (without eating a gun).

    There's a scene in the movie where they are discussing the meaning of "unrelenting" - that's what the movie was: unrelenting. Just when you think it can't get worse, it does. And yet, there is something about Precious (and Gabourey Sidibe who portrays her) that draws you in with a glimmer of hope.

    At first I wasn't too impressed with Sidibe's acting, but as the movie went on, she got to me. And by the end when she breaks down, I was bawling (and I VERY RARELY cry at movies). For someone appearing in her first movie, I'd say she had one of the most affecting performances I've seen this year.

    Mo'Nique was devastating as Precious' mother. She gives a performance that is nasty and awful and horrible and there is nothing redeeming about her, but by the end at least you understand the loneliness and fear that drives her. She's a lock for Best Supporting Actress.

    So, do I recommend this film? Absolutely. But you need a strong stomach and tolerance for profanity, abuse (of all types) and general unpleasantness to get through it.

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    Re: Precious

    My husband and I watched this film together. I think Mo'Nique and Gabourey both done well. I cried several times, it's a really sad movie.


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