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    Hi all I started this story last year and I have been ignoring it since February. I wanted to continue on with this story and finish it up. My fic is not based on the current Shuis storyline but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Happy reading!


    Sheridan Crane stared at the white fluffy clouds from her first class seat. She had been on the airplane for almost 2 1/2 hours already. Los Angeles, she thought, here I come again. Sheridan was 23 years old and had been a model since she was 16. Usually she just posed for Vogue or Cosmopolitan. But Victoria's Secret had contacted her and asked for her to be in their new issue. Yes, to be honest, she was fairly nervous. She'd never modeled lingerie before. Glancing at her diamond engagement ring, she smiled to herself. In a few short weeks she'd be married to the man she loved. Sheridan slid her head phones on her ear and listened to the music. Sighing, her eyes fluttered shut, her eyelashes touching her tan, porcelain cheeks.


    "I love you, Sheridan" The words he spoke were merely a whisper. Sheridan caressed his cheek with the palm of her hand as they beneath the stars on the warm light brown colored beach.

    "I know you do. And believe me, I love you too" She told him.

    "Then why are you leaving me?" He asking, tears glistening in his eyes.

    "I have too. This modeling job is one chance in a lifetime. This will help me launch off my career as a model. I've always wanted to be one, and this is my chance. If you can't understand that.then I don't know what to tell you" She said, staring up at the dark starry sky.

    "I do understand, Sheridan. I really do. I just love you so much, I don't know how I'm going to live without you"

    They had been going out for only a week, but had fell in love long ago. Never had they shared a first kiss on the lips, so he thought that tonight would be a great time to kiss her. Looking at her luscious lips, he lowered his own to hers. Sheridan watched him in slow motion as her lip trembled to be against his. Their lips met and they shared their first kiss. Her first kiss, too. Against each others lips, they smiled. As their foreheads touched, they stared deeply into each others eyes.

    "That was our first kiss" She announced, smiling at him.

    "Yeah, and it was beautiful. I'll never forget this night as long as I live" He told her, hugging her body tightly against his.

    "Me too, me too"

    *End Flashback*

    The man looked down sadly at the magazine that sat in front of him. After 7 years, she was still so beautiful. Oh I miss you so much Sheridan, he thought, tracing her elegant features. After all these years, he was still in love with Sheridan Crane. Yeah, so he was due to marry soon. Ok, very soon, in 1 week. His fiancée's name was Jennifer. He had met her a couple of weeks after Sheridan had left at a Boston Red Sox game. Sure, the two hit it off, but it wasn't the same thing he had with his Sherry. What Sheridan and him had was special. It was deep. They fully knew each other, heart and soul. He and Jennifer didn't share that

    "Please call or visit soon, Sherry. I don't think I can go through with marrying Jenn. I only want to marry you."

    Chapter 1

    There's always that one person
    That will always have your heart
    You'll never see it coming
    Cause you're blinded from the start
    Know that you're that one for me
    It's clear for everyone to see
    Ooh baby ooh you'll always be my boo

    Memories from years ago were still in her mind as she stepped off the plane. Something inside of her was telling her to go back to Harmony. She didn't know why, but the feeling was extremely strong. Sheridan walked through the airport, searching for the nearest restroom. Finally, after searching for almost ten minutes, she found one. After going to the bathroom, she washed her hands, then fixed her make up. Picking up her purse off the counter, and grabbing her small duffle bag, she exited the restroom and headed down stairs to baggage claim. Once she got her suitcase she headed home.

    "Hey Sheridan, I missed you. I'm so glad you're back!" Eric exclaimed, throwing his arms around her.

    "I missed you too. It's so good to be back" She said, quickly kissing his lips.

    "Hey, you've been gone for almost two weeks. Shouldn't I get a little bit more from my fiancée?" He asked, his lips forming a pout.

    "Hmm.I suppose so," Sheridan replied, wrapping her arms his shoulders. Their lips met softly and soon their kisses became more passionate and hungrier.

    "Sheridan, I want you, darling," He moaned, holding her large breasts in his hands.

    "No, Eric, I'm not ready for this. I want to wait till we're married ok?"

    "Alright, sweetheart. I guess I better be going, I have an early meeting tomorrow." They kissed one more time and he was gone.

    I don't know bout cha'll
    But I know about us and uh
    This is the only way
    We know how to rock
    I don't know bout cha'll
    But I know about us and uh
    This is the only way
    We know how to rock

    Sheridan walked to the kitchen. Her stomach was growling with hunger. So she decided to order out. Picking up the black, Sony cordless phone she dialed the number.

    "Hi I'd like a number 6, please," She said into the phone. "Ok, thank you. Goodbye" Sheridan hung up the phone and went to her bedroom. She walked into her walk-in closet and picked up a small box that sat on a shelf in one of the corners. She sat on her bed and began to look through the old photos and letters. There was one picture where her and Luis were tightly wrapped in each others arms. The second picture she looked at was taken inside the church. Luis and her were kissing. Sheridan then pulled out a dried, Red rose. The one Luis had given her on one of the lasts nights that they shared.

    Do you remember girl
    I was the one who gave you your first kiss
    Cause I remember girl
    I was the one who said put your lips like this
    Even before all the fame and
    People screaming your name
    Girl I was there when you were my baby


    "I love you, baby" Luis told her, handing her a beautiful, single Red rose.

    "I love you too, Luis" She told him honestly, giving him a short kiss. Sheridan lead him in the house. Luis looked around and was amazed. There were candles lit everywhere and there was a trail of roses leading to, what he guessed, was the bedroom.

    "Sherry, what's all this?" He asked, nervously entwining their finger. She turned to face him and smiled sweetly.

    "I want you to make love to me." She whispered against his lips. Shed lead him to the bedroom. Luis placed a kiss on her soft lips. Slowly, they began to undress each other. Both were very nervous, and happy at the same time.

    "What about protection, love?" He asked her, straddling her body with his.

    "I'm on the pill" Sheridan said. Slowly, he entered her, savoring the feeling of their bodies becoming one for the first time. The couple made love. Slowly, passionately and wildly.

    *End Flashback*

    It started when we were younger
    You were mine my boo
    Now another brother's taking over
    But its still in your eyes my boo
    Even though we used to argue it's alright
    I know we haven't seen each other
    In awhile but you will always be my boo

    Snapping out of her daze, she tucked the rose back inside the box. She pulled out a manila envelope from the bottom of the box. Taking the contents out of the envelope, she began to read the letter.

    Mi Amor,
    I sit here watching you sleep, staring at your beautiful, angelic face. We have just made love for the last time. Sadness washes over me as I realize that we may never be together again. As we made love, and I stared deeply into your precious blue eyes, all I saw was our life. Our future together. I saw our children, Sheridan, they were absolutely beautiful! You're my soul mate, the other half that completes me. There will never be anyone like you. No one will ever get to me the way you do. No one will ever make my heart beat thousands of times within each passing minute. The love and bond that we share will never be broken. You'll always have my heart. I love you more than words can ever express! Te amo, Sherry, forever and always.

    With All My Love, Luis

    I was in love with you when we were younger
    You were mine my boo
    And I see it from time to time
    I still feel like my boo
    And I can see it no matter
    How I try to hide my boo
    Even though there's another man in my life
    You will always be my boo

    Yes I remember boy
    Cause after we kissed
    I could only think about your lips
    Yes I remember boy
    The moment I knew you were the one
    I could spend my life with
    Even before all the fame
    And people screaming your name
    I was there and you were my baby
    "Come on Luis, come watch this movie with me" Jennifer called from the couch.

    "Hunny, you know I have work to do. I." Luis couldn't finish his sentence because his fiancée cut him off.

    "Oh don't even start with that bull! I've so had it with you and your work. It's like you never have any more time for me."

    "Jenn, I'm trying to make detective. Why can't you understand that?" He asked. Jenn wasn't about to start another fight. She just grabbed her keys, cell phone and jacket and left.

    It started when we were younger
    You were mine my boo
    Now another brother's taking over
    But its still in your eyes my boo
    Even though we used to argue it's alright
    I know we haven't seen each other
    In awhile but you will always be my boo

    "D@mn it!" He swore, banging his fist on the table. If he had been engaged to Sheridan it would be so much easier. Sheridan would've understood that he was trying to make detective and would've supported him. After all the stacks of reports he had to file was done, he'd buy a ticket and fly out to California and find her. Even if it meant risking his future with Jennifer. He couldn't marry someone he didn't truly love. Luis continued to do his work until about 10 o'clock. He headed to his room and picked up his phone. Dialing Jennifer's number, he waited for her to answer the phone.


    "Hey, babe, it's me" He said.

    "What do you want, Luis? I was just about to go to bed." Jenn told him in an annoyed voice, trying to make him feel guilty about this evening.

    I was in love with you when we were younger
    You were mine my boo
    And I see it from time to time
    I still feel like my boo
    And I can see it no matter
    How I try to hide my boo
    Even though there's another man in my life
    You will always be my boo

    "I wanted to apologize. Jenn, you know I love you. I'm just trying so hard to make detective. The extra money will help us a lot. I can't understand why you can't see that I'm doing this for us."

    "Well, all you do is work. All I wanted was some attention tonight. Just one night, Luis, just one night is all I'm asking for. Is it that so hard. Soon I'll be your wife and I will not be treated like this. Maybe we should call off the wedding. Maybe we haven't thought this marriage thing over."

    "No sweetheart, I don't think we should call off the wedding. We love each other. Ok, how's this, we spend all day together tomorrow? Deal?" Luis asked, hoping she'd say yes and stop being angry with him.

    My oh, My oh, My oh, My oh, My Boo
    My oh, My oh, My oh, My oh, My Boo
    It started when we were younger
    You were mine my boo
    Now another brother's taking over
    But its still in your eyes my boo
    Even though we used to argue it's alright
    I know we haven't seen each other
    In awhile but you will always be my boo

    "All right, sounds good. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you" She told him, grinning through the phone.

    "Ok, I'll talk to you tomorrow" Luis hung up and placed the phone back on it's charger. He slipped beneath the cold blankets and closed his eyes. Tonight, he couldn't bring himself to tell his own fiancée that he loved her. Deep inside, he truly knew the reason. Luis was still in love with Sheridan. And most likely, he always would be.

    I don't know bout cha'll
    But I know about us and uh
    This is the only way
    We know how to rock
    I don't know bout cha'll
    But I know about us and uh
    This is the only way
    We know how to rock

    SONG USED-Usher & Alicia Keys, *My Boo*

    Chapter 2
    Last night, he dreamed of making love to her. Whispering to her, words of undying, endless love. It was just a dream, though. That's all it always was. And then in the morning he awoke to an empty bed. Slipping out of bed, his feet glided on the cold, hard wood floors. It had been three days since he talked to Jennifer. She's pissed at me, he thought. After going to the bathroom he went to the kitchen to make himself something to eat. Luis was in the middle of pouring himself a cup of coffee when the phone began to ring. He looked at the clock next to him. 6:24. Who could be calling me at this hour? He ran to the phone and answered it.


    "Hey, buddy! Top of the morning to ya" The guy joked.

    "Hank, it's almost six thirty. What the hell do you want?" Luis asked his best friend.

    "You know that hot chick that you were with many years ok. Hmm..the sexy blonde.what the hell is her name?" Hank asked.

    "Sheridan Crane" Luis answered.

    "Yup.the one and only buddy! Anyways, she's going to be in Boston tomorrow, signing autographs and crap. I thought that maybe we go." Sheridan was going to be in Boston! Yeah, no doubt he was going!

    "Yeah, alright. We can go. Hey you think maybe we could chill later? I wanna talk to you"

    "Yeah, Luis, meet me at the pool hall at 1. Is that ok?"

    "Yes. That's fine. See you at 1"

    Both men hung up their phones. Luis couldn't help the grin that sat on his handsome face. His Sherry was actually going to be in Boston tomorrow. And he would do anything in his power to talk to her and find out why she never called. To hell with Jennifer, he was going to ask Sheridan to marry him when he saw her.

    Luis walked into the pool hall and spotted his best friend sitting at the bar, a draft of beer in his hand. He walked over to Hank and took a seat beside him.

    "Hey buddy, what's good?"

    "Nothing at all. Everything is bad! My life is so messed up, Hank."

    "What's the matter, Luis?" Hank asked.

    "I can't marry Jenn. I'm still in love with Sheridan!"

    "Are you serious?"

    "Yes and it scares me. I don't know what I'm going to do. I was hoping that you'd have some advice. I'm totally sure that I want to marry Sheridan, not Jennifer, and spend my life with her. Loving her and raising our children. Hank, I'm telling you man, she's the only one that I'll ever love."

    "Wow, I've never heard you talk like this before. You must be in love. Ok, well first of all, when we see Sheridan tomorrow you need to get her alone somehow. Slip her your cell number or something. When you two are alone, tell her how you feel. Tell her that you still love her and want to be with her. But overall just say what's in your heart. If you and Sheridan are truly meant to be, she'll feel the same way."

    "Thank you, Hank. You're a great friend. I was thinking, would you wanna go up to Boston tonight?" Luis asked, wanting to get his mind of a certain blonde.

    "Sure... why not. How about we go pack our stuff and I'll be at your house by 3. We're taking your truck right?"

    "Yes, we're taking my truck. We'll leave at 3." Luis and Hank said their goodbyes and went to their own houses to pack their stuff.

    About an hour and a half later Hank arrived at Luis' house and the two were off.

    Chapter 3

    Sheridan unlocked the door to her fiancée's home and was immediately met with warmth. "Oh Eric," She called, walking down the hall to his bedroom. He was most likely sleeping, he had had a long day. The closer the got the more she heard the sexual moaning.

    "Mmm...Eric, I'm almost there. More, more, more..." Sheridan heard some woman moan. She gasped, holding her hand to her mouth. No, that couldn't be! Could it? Only one way to find out. Sheridan through open the bedroom door and stood there shocked at what she saw. Eric was lying on his back, naked, with some woman on top of him, who was also naked.

    "Oh yes Cindy, oh god just like that, baby!!!" The two of them moaned together.

    "Sheridan?! Oh my god, I didn't expect you."

    "Yeah, obviously. So Eric, is this what you do when your not with me? You know what, I don't even care. Take your ring and shove it..." She ripped off her engagement ring and threw it at him. Sheridan ran out of the house in tears. Eric had won her heart and in the end he had broken it. D@mn him, how could I be so stupid. She slid into her car and sped off to the airport. She was thankful that she'd be out of town for the next week. It would give her a break from everything and she could relax.

    Luis sat up and stretched. He looked over to the clock, it read 9:41. Oh shoot, he had to hurry and get ready. Sheridan was due to be at the mall at ten o'clock.

    "Yo Hank, wake up, buddy!" Hank just snuggled in deeper into his blanket. "Come on Hank, it's quarter of ten. Get up and get dressed!" Luis exclaimed.

    After hearing the time, Hank shot up quickly and jumped out of bed. The two men hurried around the hotel room. By the time they were done it was close to ten-thirty. As they drove down to the mall Luis' anticipation grew. When they finally arrived they practically ran to Sears. They saw the line and groaned. There had to be at least 150 people there. Both men sighed and joined the rest of the people.

    "Do you know what your going to say, Luis?" Hank asked, tapping his foot impatiently as the line seemed like it wasn't going to move.

    "No. I have to think of something. I hope she remembers me though. Hank, inside I feel like she's the one. Even though I haven't seen or heard from her in years, I want to be with her forever. I want to make her my wife." Luis explained to his best friend.

    "You're crazy, but I love ya anyway man! I don't mean to smother your hopes but isn't she engaged?"

    "I think so. But who knows. Once she sees me again that might change."

    "Luis, I wish you all the luck in the world. Like I said before, if it's meant to be she'll feel the same way. But what about Jenn? Are you really going to break her heart and leave her for another woman that might not even love you back?"

    "Hank, you know I don't want to hurt Jenn. But it wouldn't be fair to her, or me, if we got married. I won't marry her and spend the rest of my life regretting not telling her about Sheridan and how much she means to me."

    An hour and a half had passed, they were so close to Sheridan. There was only 3 more people in front of them. When it was their turn Luis walked up first. He shook her hand and kissed her cheek. Sheridan could feel the electricity between them, as did Luis. She stared at him closely and gasped once she remembered where she knew him from.

    "Luis?" She asked quietly.

    "Yeah, it's me, Sher." He told her, smiling at her. Sheridan immediately stood up and pulled him into a hug. Tears formed in her eyes as he tightened his grasp on her.

    "I missed you so much Luis!" She exclaimed, pressing a kiss to his not so smooth cheek.

    "I missed you too beautiful! You have no idea how long I've waited for this day." Luis told the woman he loved.

    "Hey Sheridan, I'm sorry to cut this short but there are other people here to see you" Her agent told her.

    "I'm sorry, Luis. Look, heres my cell number. Call me around 1. I want to get together tonight" She quickly jotted her number on a piece of paper. He kissed her cheek once more and him and Hank were off.

    Luis sat in the restaurant waiting for Sheridan. Before he turned his head the other way he could sense that she had just walked through the door. He saw her walking toward him and smiled. She smiled back. Luis stood up and gave her the Red rose that he had bought.

    "Thank you" Sheridan said, kissing him on the cheek.

    "Your welcome" Luis pulled out her chair for her, like a true gentleman, and she sat.

    "Thanks." Luis went and sat in his seat and stared into her ocean colored eyes. Mesmerized by her beauty. "Luis, you're making me blush. Stop that" She laughed, linking their fingers together.

    "Sorry, it's just that you're so beautiful. I never want to stop looking at you" He told her, tightening his hold on her hand.

    "Thank you. Luis, I missed you so much. All these years I never wrote was because I knew it'd be too hard for me. I didn't want to make things any harder on you. Leaving you was one of my biggest mistakes. Even after all these years of being love for you is still as strong as it was the day I left. I know that you don't love me back..." She had tears in her eyes as she talked to him.

    "No sweetheart, you're so wrong. I love you so much, Sheridan! The reason I came up here to see you was to tell you that. I want to be with you, Sherry. I want to be with you forever. Be your husband. The father of your babies. I want to love you for an eternity. Just you, no one else."

    "Oh Luis, I don't know what to say" She wiped away her tears and leaned across the table. She kissed him on his cheek, once again. A slow song began to play, "Oh I love this song!" She exclaimed, hoping Luis would ask her to dance.

    "Me too. Would you like to dance, Sher?" He asked and she nodded. He held out his arms for her and she stepped in and swayed with him to the slow beat. Luis securely wrapped his arms around her waist and she hung her arms loosely around his neck.

    Lady, I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you
    You have made me what I am and I am yours
    My love, there's so many ways I want to say I love you
    Let me hold you in my arms forever more

    You have gone and made me such a fool
    I'm so lost in your love
    And oh, we belong together
    Won't you believe in my song?

    Lady, for so many years I thought I'd never find you

    You have come into my life and made me whole
    Forever let me wake to see you each and every morning
    Let me hear you whisper softly in my ear

    They stared deeply into each others eyes and they knew what was coming next. Sheridan tilted her head up and he lowered his head. Luis kissed her lips softly, he was going to pull back, but then she deepened the kiss. A moan escaped her mouth and he smiled against her lips. Her hands were everywhere. On his shoulders, chest, abs, his waist.

    In my eyes I see no one else but you
    There's no other love like our love
    And yes, oh yes, I'll always want you near me
    I've waited for you for so long

    Lady, your loves the only love I need
    And beside me is where I want you to be
    'Cause, my love, there's somethin' I want you to know
    You're the love of my life, you're my lady!

    When the song ended they were still kissing. She pulled away, finally noticing that there was no more music playing.

    "I think we should get out of here" She suggested in his ear, kissing his neck in a playful manner.

    "I think so too" They were out the door before they even got a chance to order.

    "What hotel are you staying at?" She asked.

    "Holiday Inn, but I have a roomie. So we're going to have to go to your hotel. Unless you like an audience" He joked, driving to their hotel.

    "No, I'm all set with that, Luis. I'm also staying at the Holiday Inn" She laughed, leaning on his shoulder.

    "Mmm...don't stop Luis." She moaned as he sucked on her neck.

    "I don't plan to, miss Crane" He said, picking her up and carrying her over to the bed. Luis laid her down and laid on top of her. He kissed her with all the passion inside of him. He caressed her body and rubbed up against her.

    "Come on Luis, I don't think I can last much longer" Luis practically tore off her dress in the heat of passion. His thumb ran across her aroused nipple, causing her to shiver. Luis undressed them both quickly and poised himself above the beauty below him.

    "I love you, Sheridan. Forever and always, mi amor!" He whispered in her ear.

    "Te Amo, Luis!" She whispered back and he entered her slowly, not wanting to hurt her. They rode the waves of ecstasy together.

    Later, they laid in the after glow quietly, listening to each others heartbeats. Sheridan raked her perfectly manicured nails across his bronzed abs. Luis kissed her neck. Then kissed her shoulders. Then her chest. And finally...her lips. She caressed his face with her soft, gentle hands.

    "I love you, Luis. I never want us to be apart again." Sheridan said.

    "Me either, Sher. I need to tell you something though" He said, he used a serious tone.

    "What is it?"

    "I'm engaged" He told her.

    "What?! You're engaged and we made love. D@mn you, why didn't you tell me before. I can't believe we let all of this happen. How could you do this to your fiancée, don't you love her?" She exclaimed, sitting up and holding the sheet to her chest tightly.

    "Sheridan, I do love her, but I'm not in love with her. She's a great friend, but I'm in love with you. I never expected us to make love tonight. I swear on everything I love that I never planned this. I just was going to come here and see if you still had feelings for me and if you did I was going to go back home and break up with her immediately! I still plan on breaking up with her. I won't marry her when I love you. It's not fair to her, and it's not fair to me"

    "I don't even know what to say to you! I can't believe what you did!"

    "Sheridan, I'm so sorry, baby"

    "You're such a liar! You have no right to call me baby. Get out, I don't want to see your face" She screamed, her face turning red with anger.

    Chapter 4

    Tears welled up in her eyes. She felt so dirty and used. She had slept with another woman's fiancée. Why couldn't Luis have been decent enough to tell her that he was engaged before they had made love? D@mn all men to hell! They're all the same! All a bunch of liars and cheats! Which included her Luis. Sheridan sat on the bed, her heart ached to be near him again. Even though he had lied, she still couldn't turn off her feelings for him off. She threw off her robe and got dressed. This could be her last chance that she ever got to see Luis. So she was going to go and find him. God help her, but she was a sucker!
    Luis had just finish packing his stuff for tomorrows long ride back home when he heard a knock at the door. He walked over to the door and opened it. Before he knew it, a pair of soft lips were on his. At first he was startled, but then he realized who it was. He leaned into her touch, lacing his fingers through her soft, golden hair.

    "Mmm..." she moaned, deepening their kiss. After kissing for the longest time, she parted from his lips slowly.

    "Sher, I though you never wanted to see me again?" He asked, motioning for her to come in. He shut the door and they sat on his bed.

    "Luis, that's what I said before. But then I realized that I love you so much and I want us to be together." She told him, looking into his dark brown eyes.

    "I would love that so much, Sheridan. I would love to have a second chance with you" He smiled, and embraced her petite body in his arms.

    "I'm so glad, Luis. I don't think I could've left you without saying anything."

    "Sheridan, I'm so happy that you want to be with me. Would you like to go out for a walk on the beach?" Luis asked, standing up and sliding his feet into his sneakers. She shook her head and he held out his hand for her. Sheridan gladly accepted it, grinning form ear-to-ear.

    Luis and Sheridan strolled along the beach hand-in-hand. The Summer sun was setting as he sat down on the sand and pulled her down into his lap. Luis held her closely to his chest, lacing their fingers together, he smiled and leaned forward to kiss her cheek.

    "I love you, miss Crane" He whispered softly in her ear.

    "I love you too, officer" She smiled and tilted her head back. She captured her lips with his and kissed him passionately. Sheridan ran her hands all over him. Face. Neck. Chest. Abs. And his legs. Luis went under her shirt and started to massage her right breast with his hand. Soft moans escaped her lips.

    "Luis, don't stop." Sheridan moaned, tilting her head back more, "Mmm...Let's continue this in my room"

    He slipped inside of her and made slow, sweet love to her like there was no tomorrow.

    "I love you, Sheridan. You're so beautiful" He told her as they moved together through the slow waves of passion.

    "I love you too, Luis." She kissed him softly.
    Luis pulled out from her and they came together. He wrapped his arms around her as she cuddled with him and draped arm across his stomach.

    "Before this trip I never dreamed that we'd find and still be in love with each other." Sheridan said, looking into his amber eyes.

    "Me either Sher. I've dreamed of this for so long. But when I always woke up, reaching for you, you were never there. And now, when I wake up tomorrow morning and reach for you, you'll be in my arms and it just won't be another dream. You have no idea how much I love you. You're my soul mate and the air I breathe. You complete me, baby, you make me whole. I don't want to go on anymore living without you."

    Tears were in his eyes as he spoke to her. The tears were welling up in hers as well. Everything he had just said was the exact same thing she had felt every night for almost eight years. Sheridan wiped away his tears and rubbed his chest in a soothing way.

    "It's alright. We're here now, together forever, sweetheart" She smiled through her tears.

    "I know. Sheridan, can I ask you something baby?"

    "What is it" Sheridan asked him, looking deep into his eyes.

    "Aren't you engaged to that famous lawyer?" He asked. Luis watched as sadness and hurt washed over her. She sat up and turned her head the other way. She didn't want Luis to see the crystal tears fall from her eyes.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry, sweetheart." He told her, bringing her into his arms and soothing her. He wiped away her tears and rubbed circles on her back.

    "No, it's alright, Luis. To answer you're question, we WERE engaged until his "buddy" decided to roam around. And the sad thing is that I caught him in the act."

    "I'm so sorry. I just want you to know that I'd never do that to you. I'd never take you for granted like he did. I love you way too much to do that"

    "I know you wouldn't, Luis. That's what makes you so special" She said and kissed him passionately.

    "Alright I think we should just stop talking about all this depressing stuff. I don't like to see you cry, sweetheart"

    "Luis, it's getting late and I'm so tired" Sheridan told him

    "I know. Come on let's get a good night's sleep, it's late." He said.

    "Ok. Sleep sounds so wonderful right now" She said, as they cuddled close together, getting comfortable. They shared one more kiss.

    "Goodnight baby, I love you"

    "And I love you. Goodnight my love" She smiled to herself as they both fell into dreamland.

    Chapter 5

    "God, I wish I didn't have to leave you. I love you so much" She said in a soft voice.

    "I love you too, Sheridan. But we'll only be apart for a short time. We'll see each other in 3 weeks, baby" Luis kissed her with every fiber in his being.

    "Bye, Luis. See you in 3 weeks. I'll call you when I land" They kissed again and she boarded her plane. Sheridan looked back and wiped away the crystal tears that were forming in her eyes. He watched her board the plane and he felt his heart tighten. He turned away and left before he stopped her from leaving.

    "Oh Sheridan," He sighed, "I don't know how I'm going to be without for you for 3 weeks. I'm going to go crazy" he mumbled to himself. Walking to his truck, he slid in the drivers side.

    "Ready to go buddy?" Hank asked, looking at him form the passengers side.

    "I guess as ready as I can be" Luis faked a smile and started up his truck.

    "Jenn...We need to talk. It's important" He told her over the phone.

    "Alright. Where do you want to meet?" She asked.

    "The Book Café in an hour" Luis said.

    "Alright, I'll be there in an hour" They said goodbye and both hung up their phones.

    "Damn, I don't want to hurt her Hank!" Luis exclaimed, rubbing his temples.

    "I know you don't, buddy. Hey but it's better to be honest than lie because she could just find out the truth later" Hank told him.

    "Yeah, no sh!t. life is so infuriating." Luis said as he drove his car into Hank's brother's driveway.

    "Thanks for the trip man. I had a great time. Hope everything works out today with Jenn. Call me later, ok?" He said, grabbing his things from the backseat.

    "Alright I will. Or maybe I'll just swing by here later. Talk to you later man" Luis waited until Hank walked in the house and then he sped off.

    "Hi Jenn, thanks for meeting me here" Luis sat down across from the redhead.

    "You're welcome, so what was so important"

    "Jenn, you know I love you. But..." He couldn't finish because they got interrupted by the waitress. She handed them their drinks.

    "Thank you" Luis said politely.

    "As you were saying before we were interrupted."

    "I love you, but I can't marry you" He told her quickly, staring down at the floor.

    "What!" She exclaimed, anger flashing in her eyes. "Luis, I love you and I thought you loved me."

    "I love you, but I'm just not in love with you. I'm in love with someone else. I thought I was over that woman, I guess I was wrong though. Hank and I went up to Boston to see her this weekend. We were high school sweethearts, but at 16 she got a modeling job offer and she left. We saw each other this weekend for the first time in almost 8 years. Turns out she still loved me" Luis explained, his eyes lighting up with love for Sheridan. And Jenn noticed that look. "I'm so sorry Jenn, I never meant to hurt you. I hope we can still be friends" He noticed the tears slipping down her cheeks. He wiped them away and held her hand in his hand.

    "Did you make love to her?" She asked, staring into his dark eyes.


    "Just tell me. I need to know dammit!" She cried softly.

    "Yes" His head was bent down in shame. More tears came to her eyes. She wiped them away quickly before Luis could see them. She got up and took her ring off and handed it to him.

    "Here this belongs to you" She said. Jenn kissed him softly on the lips and turned to walk away. His hand stopped her though.

    "I'm sorry, so sorry." He apologized once more.

    "It's ok. I'll be alright, don't worry about me. And as for your question, I just need some time to heal, then we can become friends. I love you, Luis. Goodbye" She walked off, more tears pouring out of her eyes.

    Luis looked at the ring that sat in the palm of his hand. The only thing he was grateful for at that moment was that he never gave Jenn his grandmother's ring. That ring had always been saved for Sheridan and Sheridan only.

    Cause I'm your lady, and you are my man
    Wheneva you reach for me, I'm gonna do all that I can
    We're waiting for something, somewhere I've never been

    That was his cell ringing. After hearing that he knew it was Sheridan calling. She had set up a special ring tone for herself, so when she called he knew who it was without looking at the caller ID.

    "Hi baby" He said through the phone.

    "Hello to you to, sweetheart. I just landed in California"She told him, smiling through the phone.

    "That's great. I'm counting the days till we see each other again" He tried to push away the sadness that was eating him up inside.

    "Me too. Anyways I'm calling to see where you are? Have you talked to Jenn yet?"

    "Actually I'm still at the Book Café. Jenn just left, she was pretty upset. She said after she has some time to heal we can work on a friendship."

    "I'm sorry, Luis. I knew a part of you loved her very much."

    "It's alright. I'm going to head home now. I have some unpacking and laundry to do. I'll call you tonight, my love" He blew her a kiss.

    "Ok, I love you, officer" She smiled to herself. Won't he be surprised, she thought.

    "And I love you, beautiful. Bye, baby"

    "Bye" They hung up their phones.

    Sheridan hurried around his apartment. Once she heard his truck pull up in front of the house she began shedding her clothes, piece by piece. Leaving a trail of clothing from the front door to the bed in Luis' room. She peaked out the window and saw him walking up the stairs. He looked really depressed. Oh but won't he be happy to see me. Sheridan walked back to the bedroom and laid on the bed. She stuck a Red rose in between her teeth and just waited until he walked through the bedroom door. Sheridan heard him walking down the hall and grinned to herself as he entered the bedroom and took site of her clad body.

    "Sheridan!" He jumped on the bed and on top of her.

    "Surprise!" She exclaimed and kissed him. He held her face in his hands.

    "Oh baby, how could you trick me like that. Oh but I love that you did. Do you know how much I missed you? And we weren't even part for more than a couple of hours. How are we going to deal with being apart when you go back to L.A."

    "Shut up, Luis, you talk way too much" She crushed her lips to his and flipped him over. Straddling him, she began to remove his clothing. Once all the clothes were shed they united as one. They rode the waves of passion together.

    She snuggled closer to him as he tightened his hold on her. "So were you really surprised?" She asked, giggling, playfully kissing his body.

    "Very surprised, baby. That was one of the best surprises that I ever received from you" He grinned down at her and pressed a loving kiss to her lips. "Did I mention that I love you?
    Because if I didn't, I'm saying it now. I love you so very much, sher. Always and forever."

    She sweetly smiled. "I love you too" After a couple more rounds of lovemaking the two fell asleep, very exhausted and happy.

    Chapter 6

    "Mmm...Sheridan," Luis mumbled in his sleep. She giggled as she rolled onto her back and stared up at him.

    "I wonder what he's dreaming about" She asked her self outloud.

    "I was dreaming of you, me and hot, passionate love making" Luis told her, sitting up and leaning back against the headboard, bringing her close to him.

    "Really? Well that's going to have to wait until later tonight because I want to go out." Sheridan said, getting up and gathering her things to go take a shower. She strutted her stuff all the way to the bathroom, making Luis aroused even more. He got out of bed and got dressed then brushed his teeth, not bothering to take a shower.

    Sheridan emerged half an hour later and entered the kitchen. She found Luis sitting at the table reading the newspaper.
    "Did you have a nice shower, babe?" He asked, placing the paper on top of the table.

    "I certainly did" Sheridan replied, plopping down in his lap. He leaned in to kiss her on he lips. A little while later he pulled away.

    "Alright, let's get this day started" Luis announced. He entwined their fingers together and they left his apartment.

    "So, where to first?" She asked, as they buckled up in his truck.

    "I was thinking my parents place. I want them to know you're here. You know they adore you very much" Luis told her, and watched as she turned a light crimson color.

    "Mama? Papa?" Luis called from the front door.

    "In the kitchen mijo" His mother called back.

    "Hey, how about you walk into the kitchen and surprise her. My mother doesn't even expect you" Luis told his love in a low voice, so his mother wouldn't hear him.

    "Ok" She walked ahead of him and entered the kitchen.

    "Dios mijo! Sheridan, mija, you're back!!!" Pilar ran to her and hugged her tightly. Luis stood at the doorway watching the scene unfold. His father stood at the back door which lead to the patio.

    "Yes, I'm back. Not for good though, I'm sorry. I missed you all so much!" Sheridan exclaimed, tears coming to her eyes. She hugged Pilar again then hugged Martin.

    "We're so happy that you are back. I see Luis is happy also" Martin said as he watched his son wrap his arms around the petite blonde.

    "Does your mother know your back, sweetheart?" Pilar asked, sitting down at the table. Gesturing everyone to do the same.

    "No. No one knows I'm back yet. Only Hank and Luis do"

    "Mija, I think you should go and see your mother. Have you heard the news yet?" Martin asked her.

    "What news?"

    "Sheridan, you're fathers dead. The rest should be explained by your mother" Martin told her.

    "What?! Oh my g*d, I have to see my mother right away. I'm sorry to cut this visit short. Luis, can you drive me to the estate?"

    "Yeah, sure baby. Mama, papa I'll be by later ok"

    "Yes mijo, just take care of Sheridan. She's going to need you son" Luis listened to what his father said.

    "Ok, bye" He said and followed Sheridan out to the car.

    "Sheridan!" Her mother exclaimed, running down the staircase.

    "Mom, what happened?!?" She asked, noticing the swelled up bruise on her mothers face.

    "Sheridan, we need to sit down and talk" Katherine told her daughter, almost ready to breakdown and cry.

    "Hold one second. I just need to tell Luis that I'm going to be here for a while and to leave."

    "Wait. Luis? I mean Luis, Luis?" Her mother asked.

    "Yes, we found our way back to each other after all this time. I'll be right back."

    "Hey, I think I'm going to be a while. I'm sorry, but my mother needs me." Sheridan told him.

    "Baby, I know your mother needs you. Ill come back later, alright?"

    "Ok. Luis..." She paused, waiting for him to look into her eyes.

    "Yeah, babe?"

    "I love you so much!" Sheridan said softly and jumped in his arms. Hugging him so tightly, afraid to let him go.

    "And I love you. Please don't ever forget that, ok. Now go be with your mother. Bye" They shared a short kiss and he left.
    Sheridan sat back down on the sofa beside her mother. They stared at each other for a while until Katherine spoke.

    "I killed your father!" She cried. Sheridan just looked at her, wide-eyed, completely in shock. Her body went numb.

    "You what?!?" Sheridan shrieked.

    "Darling, there's more to it."

    "I want to hear it. Now!" She exclaimed through gritted teeth.

    "Sheridan, I don't think...I'm not sure you should hear all this...I mean it's not necessary"

    "You admitted you killed Alistair. I just need to know why. Please. You've always been honest with me about everything. don't stop now." She begged, her piercing blue eyes pleading.

    "He beat me and raped me. Sheridan, he did that so many times, for so many years, and I hid it. From you, Julian and even Pilar, who is my dearest friend. I was so embarrassed. I didn't want to live anymore. Finally I had enough. Yesterday he tried to force himself on me, not twice, but three times. First two times he gave up and let me be, then he came back for a third time. I didn't want him near me again. So I ran and he trapped me against the wall. I wouldn't give in and he slapped me hard a couple of times. Finally he gave up again. But instead of leaving the room he ran toward me and tackled me down and punched me in the face" Katherine finished and started bawling her eyes out.

    "Mom, I'm so sorry" Sheridan whispered, wiping the tears away from her face. She hugged her mother.

    "It was my fault. I should've left when he first started."

    "When did he first starting hurting you?" Sheridan asked.

    "When you left for California. He blamed me for you leaving. He didn't want you to become a model. And I encouraged it, so I was to blame. But if it meant your happiness sweetie, I'd get beaten everyday. I didn't care about myself as long as you were truly happy." She told Sheridan.

    "Mom, I'm so sorry. So truly sorry" Fresh tears were starting to spill.

    "It's alright. Payback is a b!tch! Revenge is sweet. Always remember that darling. The burial is already set. He's being sent to hell in a $200 box and dressed in raggy clothes." Katherine just laughed, and so did her daughter.

    "Oh my, you didn't?!"

    "Oh you wanna bet I didn't? Come on, it's time to celebrate. Let's go get Luis and we'll all go out for drinks. It's time for a celebration!"

    The next morning Luis and Sheridan were rolling around in bed, making love.

    "Mmm...I love you, baby" He whispered against her lips as he cupped her face in his large hands.

    "I love you too" She smiled up at him. He fell to her side, exhausted and sweaty. She looked at him and giggled, pulling the sheet to her chest.

    "Making love to you only gets better and better"

    "I know, Luis" she sighed in contentment, kissing his chest.

    "Luis, promise me something..."

    "Anything Sher, just name it" He quickly said, noticing the tone in her voice.

    "Promise me that you'll never hurt me, physically or emotionally, and that you'll never hurt our kids" She said, looking into his eyes, searching his soul. He caressed her cheek softly and pressed a kiss to her temple.

    "I promise Sheridan. I'd never hurt you or our children, I promise."

    "Thank you. I need to take a shower and start getting ready." Sheridan slipped put of bed and walked to the bathroom.

    "Where you going?" She peeked her head out from the bathroom.

    "I'm having lunch with my mother and your mother." She told him, unwrapping the sheet from her body. Before she stepped in the shower, she stood in front of the mirror and gave herself a quick breast exam. She felt a spot and gasped, almost crying in fear. A lump. Oh god, that lump was never there before. Her heart suddenly dropped.

    "Luis!" He heard her scream and ran to her. He watched her body, it was trembling.

    "What's the matter?" Luis asked, putting his arm around her. She couldn't bear to look at him, she just held her hand to the spot on her breast. "Baby, come on you're scaring me"

    "Luis...I have a lump..." She couldn't finish the rest because she broke down in his arms.
    "Eve, I found a lump in my left breast. I'm so scared right now. Breast cancer runs in my family. First my grandmother had it and then my mother." She told the doctor.

    "Everything's going to be alright. Can you lay on your back please, so I can do a full exam" After she did the exam she had Sheridan go downstairs for a mammogram.

    "Sheridan, doctor Russell did find a lump in your left breast, so now we just need to check for something else. We don't want to scare you, but we have to check if the lump is cancerous" Doctor Stanford told her.

    "Luis, I'm so scared. Please don't leave me, please" Sheridan begged, clinging to him.

    "Alright miss Crane, we're all ready for you"

    "I need Luis to come with me. Please, I can't leave him. I need him with me!"

    "I'm sorry, but it's against hospital rules"

    "Sher, everything will be fine alright sweetheart. I love you"
    He kissed her softly on the lips. While she went in with the doctor he sat in the waiting room and prayed she didn't have cancer.

    "Sher, hunny, relax. I mean no news is good news, right? How about you go get a drink with my mother and your mother? In fact I'm going to call them right now" He said, picking up the phone. She just sat there, dazed and confused. "Sheridan, they're gonna come here and pick you up ok. Now go change, sweetie"

    Fifteen minutes later Sheridan left to get a drink with Pilar and Katherine. They went down to a Restaurant/Lounge.

    "I'd like a cosmopolitan, please" Sheridan said.

    "I'd like a mudslide" Pilar said, pulling out the money from her wallet.

    "And I'd like a Long Island Ice Tea, please. Thank you" The three women found a small table outside and waited for their drinks. Pilar and Katherine noticed the look on Sheridan's face.

    "Sheridan, are you pregnant?" Her mother asked bluntly, which caught her full attention. Sheridan looked at Katherine and started laughing.

    "No, mother, I'm not pregnant. I just don't feel well right now" She answered, sighing when she saw the bartender walking over to them with their drinks. A couple of minutes later Sheridan's cell began ringing.


    "Sheridan, hi this is Dr. Stanford. I have the results" He told her.

    "Alright, tell me"


    Chapter 7

    "...You have cancer. I'm so sorry, miss Crane" Her doctor told her. It was out! The nightmare that haunted her had come true. The tears she had been trying to keep to herself fell in an instant. She wiped them away, grabbing a kleenex from her purse, she wiped her eyes.

    "So what now, doctor Stanford?" Sheridan asked, silently excusing herself from the table.

    "We need you to come in tomorrow morning. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you stay alive."

    "All right. What time should I be there?" She asked.

    "9 o'clock sharp. Again, I'm so sorry, Sheridan. I'll see you tomorrow"

    "Ok. Bye" The two hung up and Sheridan walked back to the table.

    Pilar and Katherine stood up, looking so worried and confused.
    "What's wrong darling?" Katherine asked and watched as her daughter bursted into tears.

    "Mom, I have breast cancer" Katherine hugged her daughter tightly as she cried. Tears came to Katherine's eyes as well as Pilar's. Pilar rubbed Sheridan's back, comforting her.

    "I have to see Luis" She choked out. She grabbed her purse and hurried back to Luis' place.

    "Luis?" She called, walking through the door.

    "In the bathroom, baby"

    "Luis, the doctor called me while I was at the restaurant." She told him. Luis took one look at her blood-shot eyes and he instantly knew.

    "Baby, I'm so sorry" He wrapped his arms around her as she cried softly.

    "Oh Luis, why did this have to happen to me?!"

    "Sweetheart I don't know. All I know is that I'm going to help you get through this. We'll get through this together, I promise." He told her.

    "I love you so much! I'm so lucky to have you in my life." Sheridan said, kissing him. He cupped her porcelain face in his hands.

    "And I love you, beautiful. I'm the lucky one though" She hugged him again and then sat on the counter, watching him as he finished shaving.

    Later that night Sheridan and Luis were cuddled closely together on the couch watching The Notebook.

    "Luis, this movie is so sad, yet it's so romantic and sweet." She smiled as Noah and Allie reunited and kissed in the rain on the dock.

    "This movie is great!" Luis exclaimed, kissing her on the crown of her head. Ever since he and Sheridan were together when they were younger he had turned into a romantic movie freak. They finished watching the rest of the movie. When it was done, Sheridan turned her teary eyes to Luis.

    "Oh Luis, that was beautiful."

    "I know, babe. That movie is definitely worth seeing again. How about we get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." He suggested, standing up and reaching for her hand.

    "Alright" Sheridan took his hand and they walked to the bedroom and got ready for bed. They slipped into bed and he wrapped his arms around her.

    "I love you, Sher." He laced their fingers together and kissed her cheek.

    "Babe, don't get me wrong, I love and everything but I didn't expect us to go to sleep when we got into bed" She told him and he chuckled to himself. "What? Am I that funny?" She asked annoyingly.

    "I'm laughing cause I was thinking the same thing. But I just thought you didn't want to make love. So I wasn't going to push it" She turned around and faced him. They looked at each other and then just started making out like two horny teenagers. Sheridan's nightgown was off within seconds and his boxers were discarded moments after. Luis slipped into her and they began to make love wildly. They shifted so that she was on top and she rode him till he cummed inside her. She collapsed on top of his strong masculine body.

    "I think that's the best sex we've ever had" He chuckled. Kissing her fully on the mouth, his tongue slipping in between her lips.

    "I agree. But now I'm exhausted. Now we can get some sleep hunny" She said and he agreed.

    At the doctors office the next day Sheridan was extremely nervous, as any other person would be.

    "So how bad is my cancer, doctor Stanford?" Sheridan asked, squeezing Luis hand for comfort.

    "Well, for one you caught your lump in an early stage. So we're thankful for that" She told her patient.

    "So what do we do now?" Luis asked.

    "We're going to take more X-rays and then we'll start you on chemotherapy. It's going to be a long road so I hope you're prepare, Sheridan" Dr. Stanford said.

    "Yes, I'm prepared for everything. When can we do the X-rays?"

    "In a little while. Now I'm just going to get your files and I'll meet you down in radiology, which is on the 3rd floor, in 15 minutes."

    "Alright, see you downstairs then"Luis held her as she sighed and cried a little bit.

    "Sweetheart, everything is going to be ok. I love you, I'll never leave you and we'll get through this together, I promise, baby. Just like I told you before. Come on let's get something to drink." He suggested. They walked to a coffee machine, he deposited money and bought two coffees for them. 5 minutes after they sat down Sheridan was called in.

    "We're ready for you, miss Crane" The nurse told her from the doorway.

    "Good lucky, babe. I love you" Luis whispered and kissed her slowly, savoring every sweet second.

    They arrived back home at almost 3 o'clock. Both were exhausted and had had a hectic couple of hours. "I'm so tired, Luis. I think I'm going to take a quick nap."

    "Alright, Sher. I'm just going to clean up the house and I need to put laundry to wash." Luis told her, as they walked to the bedroom. They kicked their shoes off at the same time and she fell onto the bed and closed her eyes. "Umm, yeah I think you should get under the covers" He smiled as she tugged him down onto the bed beside her.

    "And I think you should lay down with me" Sheridan whispered softly, wrapping her arms around him. "I love you, Luis" She kissed his lips.

    "I love you. But why so serious all of a sudden?" He asked, turning to look into her sparkling eyes. But when he looked her eyes were filled with sadness, which was not what he was used to. But he didn't blame her because it wasn't her fault.

    "Luis, I have cancer and I could die. And I want to express my love for you as often as I can. Promise me that if I die that you'll move on and find someone else."

    "Sheridan, no way! You're delusional. I love you, I could never love anyone else. And don't say you're going to die, you're not! You're going to live a long happy life. With me of course, and our 7 children" He slightly smiled at her.

    "Luis, I'm just not going to give myself false hope. I won't do that to myself, or you, or anyone else."

    "Just believe me ok, baby? Trust me. I'd never let anything happen to you. Look, please let's just stop talking about this and relax. It's upsetting you and it's upsetting me. Just relax and let me hold you. If you need to cry, please do. I'm here for you Sheridan, forever!" He promised and held her as small tears fell from her eyes.

    Chapter 8

    Sheridan rushed to the bathroom. The nausea she was feeling was very extreme today. She made it to the toilet just in time. Luis came rushing in. Everytime he saw Sheridan like this his heart shattered into a million pieces. It had been close to three months since she was diagnosed with this terrible cancer. Sheridan felt like she was vomiting forever. She looked down and realized she had vomited some blood. She got up and looked into Luis' eyes and turned away.

    Sheridan washed out her mouth in the sink. Sheridan had had surgery 1 week after she was diagnosed with Breast cancer. After surgery she then had to where the Ladies First Softee which enabled her to have a soft breast form, along with the shape, comfort and protection while she healed after the surgery. Then five weeks later she was fitted with a silicone breast. Sure it wasn't the same as a real breast, but what could she do. Still to this day she wouldn't let Luis see her shirtless. And part of her felt bad for that, but she knew that he understood.

    "Damn!" She began to cry and held her face in her hands. Luis brought her into his arms and held her as she broke down. The tears were heavy as she clung to him.

    "Baby, i'm so sorry. I love you so much" Luis told her, rubbing circles on her back.

    "Luis, how can you love a monster! Look at me, I'm no good!" She screamed, pulling away and walked out of the room, leaving him to break down. Why did something this awful have to happen to her?! At this moment he h@ted god for doing this. The woman he loved was suffering so badly and she didn't deserve it. He couldn't blame anyone and he knew that. Luis wiped his tears and went to find Sheridan. He found her sitting on the couch curled up.

    "Hi sweetheart, I don't know why you just said that. Baby, you aren't a monster, you're beautiful. So very beautiful! And you are good. You're a loving, kind hearted, energetic, spontaneous, sexy woman. Any man would die to have you. And I feel so lucky and honored to be loved by you. And I'm honored to love you. Don't you ever forget that. Are you hungry? I can make you some lunch or..." Luis offered, sitting beside her on the light tan leather couch.

    "No, I'm not. Just please leave me alone!" She told him, turning her head away, unable to face him.

    "Sheridan, I'm going to make you a sandwich and you're going to eat it. You need to eat to gain energy, ok sweetheart. I'm doing this because I love you." Luis said, getting up, pressing a kiss on her cheek and walking to the kitchen. He fixed Sheridan a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with mayonnaise and lettuce. Luis placed the sandwich on a small plate and placed it in Sheridan's lap. "I want you to eat this." He said and when she refused he fed her, not forcefully just helpfully.

    Sheridan and Luis walked arm in arm into the doctors office. They sat in doctor Stanford's office in complete silence. Sheridan noticed everything around the room. Her doctors medical degree that was hung in a wooden frame. The walls were painted a light lavender. Doctors Stanford's desk was dark cherry wood with a black leather chair. Pictures of her three children sat on her desk. Sheridan heard the door open, she and Luis turned their heads to see who was coming through the door.

    "Hello Sheridan, hi Luis. Good afternoon" Doctor Stanford greeted, smiling as she sat down in her leather computer chair.

    "Hi are you?" Sheridan asked in a polite manner.

    "Hi Sheridan, I'm doing fine. But the question is how are you?" Elizabeth asked, opening up Sheridan's folder.

    "I guess I'm alright. I've been vomiting blood, I'm never hungry, Luis has to force me to eat. Some of my hair has started to fall out. When I brush it clumps of it come out" She told Liz and slightly smiled at Luis.

    "I'm sorry about the vomiting blood part. But I'm glad that Luis is forcing you to eat. And as for the loss of hair, I'm truly sorry. But that shows that the chemotherapy is working. Have you had any other symptoms?" The doctor asked as she jotted some things onto Sheridan's file.

    "My period has been so much heavier since I start chemotherapy. I've been feeling fatigued lately. I'm bruising easier now" Sheridan explained.

    "Alright, I see. Those are symptoms that tell me the chemo is working. I just have to do another internal check up to make sure everything is fine and that the cancer hasn't spread. If you'll come with me..." Liz got up and lead them to the room next door.

    After finding out that the chemotherapy was working and that she was almost cured, Sheridan and Luis left the hospital with so much more hope. As they were walking through the hallway Sheridan stopped Luis and turned to him.
    "Thank you for being here for me, Luis. I don't know if I could get through this without you. I love you so very much!" Sheridan told him and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. Their lips met in a short, beautiful kiss.

    "I love you too, Sheridan." His hand caressed her cheek and she smiled. Her eyes were sparkling just like they use to, Luis took notice of that. "Your eyes haven't sparkled like this in a long time baby. I'm so glad you're happy" He kissed her once more and they walked out to Luis' SUV.

    "Luis, can we stop at the beach?" Sheridan asked as she climbed into the Red Dodge Ram.

    "Sure baby, anything you want, you know that" Luis told her and laced their fingers together as they drove off and headed to Harmony's only beach. When they arrived at the beach Luis helped his girlfriend out of the truck. Sheridan immediately entwined their fingers together when he shut the door. The two of them walked along the shore, shoes in their hands and they let the water wash upon their feet. The sun shined brightly. For an August day it was warm. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. A light breeze passed their way, it felt real good. Luis lifted their laced fingers up to his luscious mouth and placed a light kiss on the top of her hand. Sheridan smiled at the sweet gesture.

    "Luis, can I ask you something?" She asked, turning to look at him.

    "Yeah, sure babe. Anything you want, what's on your mind?" Luis asked sweetly, looking into her glittering, sky blue eyes.

    "Can we make love tonight? We haven't made love in almost three months and I miss it. I miss being so close to you. I know I don't look like I use to in the breast area, but..." She paused and they just stared at each other. "luis, say something. Please..."

    "Sher, I've been wanting to ask you the same thing but I didn't know how you'd react. I mean, are you up for it?" He asked with caution and watched as she shook her head.

    "Luis, I've been ready. I want us to reconnect again. I miss our souls being one." Sheridan told him in a soft, serious voice.

    "Me too, Sher. Tonight I want to take things slow and romance you." Luis said, his sweet, romantic side coming out.

    Their table was in a large corner of the Seascape. The mood was very soft and romantic. There were Red roses and lit candles around their table. The dj was playing soft music which fit the mood. Sheridan's eyes were filled with happiness and laughter, Luis noticed, which made his smile grow.

    "I really needed this. Thank you, hunny" She admitted to him, leaning into kiss him. Once their lips touched it was as if there were fireworks going off. Everything at that moment was forgotten, including her cancer.

    "You're certainly welcome, mi amor. Would you like to dance?" He asked, standing up and holding out his hand for her. Luis lead Sheridan onto the dance floor and wrapped his arms around her slender waist as she hung her arms loosely around his neck.

    You think I'd leave your side baby?
    You know me better than that
    You Think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees?
    I wouldn't do that.
    I'll tell you you're right when you want...

    Oh Oh oh-oh-oh-oh
    And if only you could see into me...
    Oh when you're cold I'll be there to hold you tight to me
    When you're on the outside baby and you can't get in
    I will show you, you're so much better than you know
    When you're lost, and you're alone and can't get back again
    I will find you darling, and I'll bring you home
    And if u want to cry I am here to dry your eyes,
    and in no time you'll be fine.....

    You think I'd leave your side baby?
    You know me better than that.
    Think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees?
    I wouldn't do that
    I'll tell you you're right when you want

    Oh, oh
    If only you could see into me....
    Oh when you're cold I'll be there to hold you tight to me, baby.
    Ohh when you're alone I'll be there by your side baby, by your side baby.
    Oh when your cold I'll be there to hold you tight to me, to me baby.
    Ohh when you're alone I'll be there by your side baby.

    When the song was over Sheridan gasped as Luis got down on one knee. It brought tears to her eyes. This moment was truly unforgettable.
    "Sheridan Crane, I love you with all of my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" Luis asked and open the black box, which held a gorgeous, medium sized, diamond ring. Sheridan shook her head.

    "Yes!" She yelled and jumped into his arms, kissing him passionately. Luis slid the ring onto her skinny finger and wiped away her tears. They walked back to the table, all smiles! Once they sat down their food came. And they fed each, sharing butterfly kisses in between. After dinner they ordered a piece of chocolate cheesecake, with chocolate syrup drizzled on top, to go.

    When they got home Luis placed the dessert in the fridge, kicked off his shoes and socks, and told Sheridan to wait in the bedroom while he drew a bath for them. Luis turned the nozzle so that the water came out a little close to hot and just let the water run. He poured in some lavender scented bubble bath and waited for the marble tub to fill up. As he waited he turned on the stereo that was sitting on one of the shelves. Soft jazz filled the bathroom. Luis lit some candles, which gave the room a soft, romantic glow. Once the tub was filled he turned the water off and went to find his fiancee.

    "Come on, babe, let's go take a relaxing bath" He lead her to the bathroom where he proceeded to undress her. Luis turned her around and unzipped her short, red dress. It fell to the floor around her ankles. She stepped out of it and shivered nervously as Luis caressed her silicone breast. She was very embarrassed and wanted to cry out. But it wouldn't do any good. Luis wouldn't hear of it. He loved her for her and not for her body. Luis then knelt down and pulled down her lacy, Red thong down her legs with his teeth.

    "Luis" She giggled when their eyes met. It was now her turn to undress him. Sheridan pulled his dressy shirt from his pants and pulled it over his head, which exposed his perfect physique. His abs drove her crazy. She threw his shirt behind her and laughed as it landed on the corner of the door. She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them, sliding them down his legs. Luis quickly kicked them off in the heat of passion. His boxers came next and were discarded in another part of the room. He slid into the bath and helped her in. Sheridan leaned back against his chest and sighed contently. Right at that moment everything seemed so perfect. Like nothing bad could happen to them.
    "Luis, this is heavenly" Sheridan whispered.

    "Yes it is. We haven't took a bubble bath together in so long. This feels so wonderful" He smiled, leaning down and catching her lips in a steamy kiss. She turned around and her breasts rubbed up against his chest. She felt his long, thick erection throbbing at the opening of her center.

    "Mmm...Luis, I don't think I can wait much longer. We need to make love soon or I'm going to go nuts!" Sheridan whispered sexily into his ear.

    "Well then, your wish is my command" He stood up and got up. He hurried and blew out the candles and shut off the radio. She pulled him to their bedroom and pulled him onto the queen size bed with her. "I love this side of you! Have I ever told you that?" She pressed his lips to his and kissed him wildly.

    "Shut the hell up, Luis, and hurry and make love to me already!" Sheridan screamed and moaned loudly as he thrust his manhood into her center. The emotions she felt at that moment were scattered everywhere. First all she could think about was Luis' big, hard @ss c*ck deep inside of her, thrusting in and out.
    " faster!" She screamed and moaned several times. Everytime he was inside of her, Luis felt as if this is where he belonged. And he did. Every single time he pounded into was precious. "Luis, I'm almost there. Hurry...I want us to reach our peaks together. Hurry!!!"

    "Sheridan, I'm almost there" He slammed his c*ck into her a couple more times and sent them over the edge, cumming inside of her.

    "Luis!!!!! Ohh Luis!!!" Sheridan Screamed.

    "Sheridan!!!! Mmmm...Sher!!!" Luis screamed right after her. Their bodies shook against each other. Their hearts pounding simultaneously. Luis rolled onto his side and out of her body. He pulled her close to his side and they basked in the after glow. No words were needed to be spoken as they just laid in each other's arms. They shared tiny kisses here and there. And after that they just drifted off to dreamland...

    Song Used... Sade-By Your Side

    Chapter 9

    The next morning Sheridan and Luis were laying in bed spooning. "Oh luis, "Sheridan sighed, "Last night was so beautiful. I really needed that. Thank you" She turned around and kissed him softly.

    "I know you did sweetheart. I love you and it tears me up inside to see you so upset" Luis told her.

    "From now on I'm not going to be upset anymore. I'm going to live our life to the fullest. I mean my cancer is not spreading. So what news can be better than that?" She exclaimed, sitting up.

    "Nothing, sweetheart. We're going to be happy from now on, for the rest of our lives." He reassured her, pressing a kiss to her cheek. They laid there tangled together, sharing short kisses and just cuddled. Luis ran his long fingers through her golden hair. Their eyes connected and she pulled away, embarrassed. "What's the matter. baby?" He asked as he watched her slip out of bed. Sheridan slipped into her red, silk robe and stared out the window.

    "Nothing" She whispered. She heard the mattress shift and listened as he walked over to her. Luis stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her boy.

    "Please tell me, Sheridan, don't shut me out" He whispered in her ear. She turned around and looked into his amber colored eyes.

    "Luis, when you touched my hair, I just...I couldn't..." She paused and continued, "I felt embarrassed and ashamed." Sheridan told him honestly.

    "Sher, why would you feel so ashamed. Your hairs beautiful, I love it!" He said, cupping her face.

    "Luis, what hair?!! So much has fell out. It's just trash now!" She wanted to scream out in anger, but it wasn't Luis' fault.
    "Baby, you're hair is so beautiful. Most of your hair has stayed in. Sheridan, you are beautiful and sexy no matter what. Please just stop feeling this way. I love you, no matter what!!" Luis vowed and kissed her with such passion that she melted. Sherian laced her arms around Luis' neck and he picked her up and laid her on the bed.

    "I love you too, Luis. Show me how much you love me. Make love to me now" She said, looking into his eyes. Luis untied her robe and laced their fingers together. They connected and the passion consumed them.

    Ring. Ring. Sheridan made a move to get up from the bed, but giggled as Luis pulled her back down against him. He playfully kissed her neck and sucked on it. Ring. Ring. Ring. Sheridan finally gave up and let the machine get it. By the time the answering picked up Luis was deep inside of her.

    "Sheridan, it's mom. Just calling to see how you and Luis are doing. Hunny, when you get a chance call me back. Love you both, bye" Katherine said and hung up.

    "I love your mother, she calls at the greatest times." Luis laughed, pulling her against him as they finished making love for the second time. Sheridan chuckled against his side.

    "We should visit her tonight." Sheridan suggested, shifting in his embrace.

    "Sounds good. But before we go I think we should take a much needed nap. you wore me out, baby!" Luis exclaimed, grinning from ear-to-ear.

    "Me!?! I have no idea what you are talking about. You played a huge part this morning. But I think a nap is very well deserved." She agreed. They kissed and closed their eyes.

    Luis rang the doorbell and waited for Sheridan' mother to open the door. Sheridan wrapped her arms around him and held him close. Katherine opened the door and smiled happily.

    "Hey you two! Can't you both keep your hands off each other for more than a minute" Katherine joked, stepping aside so Luis and Sheridan could enter the house.

    "Nope, we're just too in love" Luis answered, placing a kiss on Katherine's cheek.

    "Exactly, Luis is very right" Sheridan said and walked into the living room, Luis closely on her heel.

    "Would you two like something to drink?" Katherine asked.

    "Can I have a corona, please?" Luis asked.

    "Make that two. Thanks" She said as she took the beer bottle from her mother's hand.

    "Yes, thanks mom" Luis joked.

    "Ha ha ha, very funny, son. I asked you to come to dinner because I want you two to meet someone. The person should be here in a little bit"

    "Mom, are you seeing someone?" Sheridan asked, but fortunately for her, Katherine was saved by the bell. Minutes later Katherine walked back into the room with a handsome man. The first thing Sheridan noticed was that her mother and the man were holding hands.

    "Sheidan, Luis, I'd like you two to meet my boyfriend, Ben. Ben this is my daughter Sheridan and her boyfriend Luis."

    "Hi, nice to meet you both" Ben said, shaking both of their hands. Ben was a dark haired, dark eyed older man. He was dressed nicely, down to the T. By what he wore, dark jeans, a green button down shirt and sort of dressy shoes, he looked like an older version of an Abecrombie & Finch model.

    "Nice to meet you too" Luis and Sheridan replied at the same time.

    "Well it's time to eat dinner" Katherine announced lacing her fingers with Ben's. Sheridan did the same to Luis.

    "He seems like a nice guy" Sheridan commented in a low voice to Luis as they walked.

    "Yes he does. He seems very good for your mother." Luis said and she turned around and stopped him.

    "Oh really, just like your very good for me?" She asked with a sly grin.

    "Exactly, baby" He wrapped his arms around her and leaned down. Sheridan captured his lips with hers.

    "Luis, Sheridan come on you two it's time for dinner. Not time to make out in my hallway" Sheridan' mother told them and walked away, laughing to herself. Sheridan and Luis walked to the dining room and sat down at the table.

    "Wow, mom this looks delicious" Sheridan complemented her mother. Honey glazed ham was sitting on a huge platter in the middle of the table. There was mashed potatoes,stuffing and mixed vegetables for the side dishes.

    "Thank you, sweetheart. Who wants to say grace?' Katherine asked.

    "I'll do it" Luis offered.

    "That'd be nice, Luis"

    "Lord, thank you for the food we are about to receive. Thank you for letting the four of us share this dinner together in peace. Amen."

    "Amen" Katherine, Ben and Sheridan repeated. The four began eating the yummy meal Katherine made.

    "I love your mother's cooking. I got a stomach ache because I ate way too much" Luis said, rubbing his full stomach.

    "Tell me about it. I'm so tired, I can't believe we stayed so long at my mom's." Sheridan said, looking at the digital clock on the stove. It was pretty close to 12.

    "Hey at least I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Tomorrow we get the whole day to ourselves and then back to work on Monday for me." He noticed the sad look on her face.

    "What's up with the face, babe?" He asked, as he pulled her down in his lap as he sat on the couch.

    "Oh nothing, it's just that our weekends go by so fast. I wish there were more days to the weekends. Maybe after I'm fully healed we can go on a mini vacation or something. Maybe Vegas?" Sheridan suggested, arms hanging loosely around his neck.

    "Sure, Sher, anything you want. You know that." He smiled and kissed her lightly.

    "Have I mentioned today how much I love you?"

    "Hmm...nope" He grinned and leaned forward so their foreheads were touching.

    "Well I love you so very much" She told him, getting up from his lap.

    "And I love you. How about we go take a bubble bath..." Luis suggested and grabbed her hand.

    "Come on, I'll race you" Sheridan let go of his hand and raced him to the other room. She reached the bathroom and began shedding her clothes. She threw her bra at Luis as he stood in the doorway watching her. His clothes soon added to her little pile as she filled up the jacuzzi with warm water and lavender scented bath oil. Luis turned the music on and lit some candles. Sheridan observed him, he was just too romantic for his own damn good.

    "Ahh..." Sheridan sighed in contentment as she entered the water and leaned back against Luis' hard chest. "This was a great suggestion."

    "Mmm...Definitely was, baby" He said softly. She turned around in his arms and kissed him hard on the mouth. Her tongue slid in between his lips and their tongues dueled together. His manhood was rubbing up against her. And her breasts were rubbing up against his muscle filled chest. Both were filled with incredible, passionate desire.

    "Oh Luis, make love to me" Sheridan moaned and screamed as he filled her. "Ohh Luis, oh god!!"

    "Oh Sherian!!!!" He yelled as he cummed in her. "Ohhh baby!!!!!"

    "Ohhh my god, that was so...mmm...wonderful" She panted and kissed his sweet lips. They got out of the water and he carried her to bed and they laid down. Sheridan immediately fell to sleep and he watched her. Luis caressed her cheek softly and pressed a kiss to the crown of her head.

    "Luis," She murmured in her sleep. He smiled.

    "Oh Sheridan, I love you, goodnight darling" He whispered and softly kissed her lips.

    I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
    Watch you smile while you are sleeping
    While you're far away and dreaming
    I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
    I could stay lost in this moment forever
    Well, every moment spent with you
    Is a moment I treasure
    I don't wanna close my eyes
    I don't wanna fall asleep
    'Cause I'd miss you, baby
    And I don't wanna miss a thing
    'Cause even when I dream of you
    The sweetest dream would never do
    I'd still miss you, baby
    And I don't wanna miss a thing

    Lying close to you
    Feeling your heart beating
    And I'm wondering what you're dreaming
    Wondering if it's me you're seeing
    Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together
    And I just wanna stay with you
    In this moment forever, forever and ever
    I don't wanna close my eyes
    I don't wanna fall asleep
    'Cause I'd miss you, baby
    And I don't wanna miss a thing
    'Cause even when I dream of you
    The sweetest dream would never do
    I'd still miss you, baby
    And I don't wanna miss a thing
    I don't wanna miss one smile
    I don't wanna miss one kiss

    Well, I just wanna be with you
    Right here with you, just like this
    I just wanna hold you close
    Feel your heart so close to mine
    And just stay here in this moment
    For all the rest of time
    Don't wanna close my eyes
    Don't wanna fall asleep
    'Cause I'd miss you, baby
    And I don't wanna miss a thing
    'Cause even when I dream of you
    The sweetest dream would never do
    'Cause I'd still miss you, baby
    And I don't wanna miss a thing
    I don't wanna close my eyes
    I don't wanna fall asleep
    'Cause I'd miss you, baby
    And I don't wanna miss a thing
    'Cause even when I dream of you

    The sweetest dream would never do
    I'd still miss you, baby
    And I don't wanna miss a thing
    Don't wanna close my eyes
    Don't wanna fall asleep, yeah
    I don't wanna miss a thing
    I don't wanna miss a thing
    SonG UseD-Aerosmith~Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

    To Be Continued...

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    Post Re: Mending A Broken Heart~Shuis fic

    Chapter 10

    "Luis, come on tell me! Where are you taking me?" Sheridan questioned as he lead her to the surprise .

    "Baby, if I tell you it won't be a surprise. Now will it, beautiful?" He replied and chuckled as she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. When they arrived at their destination Luis stopped her and smiled.
    "You like?" He asked, pulling her close.

    "No...I love!!! Luis this is beautiful" Sheridan exclaimed, kissing him. They we're standing on a cliff looking over the lake which held a long water fall. She leaned back against his chest and sighed in contentment.
    "Baby, this day has been great so far. I mean this morning I learned I'm going to have surgery next week to fill my breast area. And then now you've surpried me with this. Nothing could get better than this."

    "I totally agree baby" He grinned, pressing a kisisng to the crown or her head. "Do you want to eat now?" He asked, taking the picnic blanket and spreading out on the ground.

    "Yes, in a minute. Just hold me for a little while" She wrapped her arms around his waist and relaxed her head on his shoulder.

    "You know baby, we haven't even announced to my parents that we're engaged. We still need to set a wedding date too" Luis was grinning from ear to ear as he looked deeply into her eyes.

    "I'm so happy Luis, our life is going to be so perfect!" She exclaimed, their lips meeting in a fiery kiss. Sheridan leaned against Luis as they stood there looking down at the waterfall. "C'mon let's eat hunny." She lead him to the blanket and they sat down facing each other. Luis began unloading the food & snacks from the picnic basket.

    "Here babe, I made you a turkey, lettuce and mayo on wheat for you" He handed her the sandwich and a bag of Ranch Doritos"

    "Thank you Luis, you're the best" She told him, taking a bite.

    "So when should we get married?" Luis asked her, taking a sip if his Pepsi.

    "I was thinking Spring, maybe in April," Sheridan suggested, "I mean the weather is just right. Not too hot, not too cold. What do you think sweetheart?"

    "Baby, I was thinking the same thing. Great minds think alike" He grinned and cupped her cheek in his hand and kissed her sweetly on the lips. As they finished eating their dinner the sun was beginning to set. They cleaned up quickly and sat down, cuddled together n a ball under a purple fleece blanket.

    "This is so romantic. I love you so much Luis" Sheridan smiled to herself and silently thanked god for letting them find their way back to each other.

    "And I love you, baby" He placed a kiss on the crown of her head. When the sun finally set, they lit some candles & turned on some music. Luis even made them a fire, then surprised her with marshmallows, graham crackers & chocolate. Sheridan chuckled as Luis attempted to make a perfect smores, but it didn't come out as well as he had hoped.

    Sheridan chuckled to herself, "Luis, let me show you how it's done." And she did just that. Her smores came out perfect. "Want a bite?" She teased him, moving the sandwich closer and then farther. When she moved it farther the third time he stole a kiss from her which turned into a heavy makeout session. When he felt she was relaxed he stole the smores from her hand and took a big bite! "Luis!" She exclaimed, a pout forming on her lips. He looked at her and just laughed to himself.

    "Here baby, have the rest, I'm sorry" He tried to stifle a laugh but it came out anyways.

    You're the whisper of a summer breeze
    You're the kiss that puts my soul at ease
    What i'm saying is i'm
    In to you
    Here's my story, and the story goes

    "Ugh! What a jerk" Sheridan grabbed the rest of her smores and ate it. She smirked and stuck out her tongue.

    You give love, you get love and more than heaven knows
    You're gonna see
    I'm gonna run, i'm gonna try
    I'm gonna take this love
    Right to ya
    All my heart, all the joy
    Oh baby, baby please

    "I'm a jerk, but I know you love me" Luis smiled and pulled her against him. he just rolled her eyes and kissed him slowly. Their kiss became more passionate, they're tongues wrestling with one another and their hands were touching each others most intimate parts.

    Rush, rush
    Hurry, hurry lover, come to me
    Rush, rush
    I wanna see, I wanna see ya
    Get free with me
    Rush, rush
    I can feel it, I can feel you all through me
    Rush, rush
    Ooh what you do to me

    "Luis," She tried to stop him, "Luis!" But he was too lost in her to relaize that a police car had pulled up beside theirs. The police officer must've noticed Luis' truck because he turned right back around and headed down the hill in his cruiser.She cursed the officer and put her focus back on Luis. She moaned as Luis sucked and kissed her sweet spot, which was her neck.

    And all I want from you is what you are
    And even if you're right next to me
    You're still too far away if i'm not inside your arms
    I get dramatic baby, yes I know
    But I need you, I want you
    Ooh man, I love you so
    Ooh, ooh

    "Oh baby, you taste so good" Luis whispered huskily into her ear. "Mmm...I want you so badly" He began shedding their clothes quickly.

    You're gonna see
    I'm gonna run, i'm gonna try
    I'm gonna take this love right to ya
    All my heart, all the joy
    Ooh baby, baby please
    [Chorus x 2]
    When you kiss me
    Up and down
    Turn my senses all around
    Oh baby, oh baby

    "Oh Luis, I want you too" Sheridan pressed her lips against his and glided her tongue along his bottom lip, yearning for entrance. Without taking her eyes away from Luis, she tried to find the condom that was in his wallet. After searching for a couple of minutes she found it and tore open the square package. Protecting Luis, she bucked her hips and pushed him down to meet her. They met instantly, their bodies fitting together like a puzzle piece. Sheridan and Luis made love to each other like there was no tomorrow.

    I don't know
    Just how or why
    But no one else
    Has touched me
    So deep, so deep,
    So deep inside
    You're gonna see
    I'm gonna run
    I'm gonna try
    I'm gonna take this love right to ya
    All my heart, all the joy
    Oh baby, baby please

    An hour later later the couple packed up their things, put out the fire and headed home. "I'm so tired. Today was wonderful sweetie" Sheridan said to him as they walked hand in hand up the stairs.

    "I'm exhausted." He exclaimed. They put they're pajamas on and headed to bed for a good night's sleep. "Love you" He whispered and placed a kiss on her nose.

    "Love you" She replied softly and closed her eyes.

    Chapter 11
    By the end of October Sheridan was diagnosed with perfect health. The cancer had gone away fully and had not spread during chemo. She was feeling like her old self again.

    "Baby, you're killing me. I have to go to work" Luis groaned as Sheridan pulled him back onto their bed and crawled on top of him. Kissing his way up his neck, Sheridan grinned as she heard Luis groan in frustration. She rubbed her chest up against his and crawled off of him. His questioning eyes met her playful ones.

    "You said you had to go to work" Grinning she turned and headed for the bathroom.

    "Ugh!! Babe, I'm going to get you back" Luis exclaimed and walked off to get ready for work. He needed a cold shower after what she just did to him.

    "You wish" She told him and wrapped his arms around him. "I love you so much" She whispered in a serious tone and kissed him slowly.

    "I love you too" Luis forgot all about work as they got lost in each other and made love to each other on the bathroom floor.

    "Detective you're late again" Chief Bennett announced as Luis stumbled through the door.

    "I know sir, I'm sorry. I'll work extra late tonight"

    "I'm guess I'm going to have to talk to that beautiful fiance off yours Luis. She's getting you into so much trouble" Sam chuckled and told Luis to get to work.

    An hour later the police station had received a call about a kidnapping. Sam sent Luis and a couple of other officers to retrieve the child from an abandoned warehouse. While they left Luis tried two waying Sheridan on her nextel.

    "Hey babe you there?" Luis asked, a couple of seconds later she answered.

    "Yes Luis, I'm here. What's up baby?" She asked.

    "just want to tell you I love you. We just got a called for a kidnapping, the guy is armed. So just pray none of us gets hurt."

    "I will. Luis be safe, please! I don't know what I'd do if I lost you"

    "I will baby. Well I have to go. I'll call you later. Bye love" Luis said and shut his phone off.

    Sheridan placed her cell phone on top of the table and sat down on the couch. She changed the channel to MTV and frowned when she saw the Victoria's Secret commercial. Her need for modeling was high, but was she ready to get back to work? Did she want to go back to California? Did Hollywood even want her anymore? Her mind was racing fifty million miles a minute. Sheridan decided to call up her old agent, which was a personal friend of hers...

    "Alex Monez' office. How can I help you?" The receptionist asked.

    "hi, can I please speak to Mister Monez?"

    "Can I ask who's calling?"

    "Yes. It's Sheridan Crane"

    "One moment please, miss Crane" The receptionist transferred the call to Alex.

    "Hi this is Alex Monez. How can I help you?"

    "Hey you! It's Sherry" Sheridan said, smiling through the phone.

    "Hi sweetheart, how are you. I havent' talked to you in almost a month. How's Luis?"

    "I'm great, all better, no more cancer. Luis is doing great. We decided to get married in April, but we haven't decided the day. How are Tracy and the kids?"

    "Congratulations! I'm so happy that you're al better. Well I better be invited to the wedding. As for Tracy and the kids, they're fantastic. Little Abby is turning 4 in three weeks. Cory is great he just signed up for little league. He's very excited. Oh by the way Tracy and I are expecting another little one!" Alex exclaimed happily.

    "Congrats Alex! We both deserve all this happiness." Sheridan told him

    "Yes, we do. So what can I do for you? Or did you just call to say hi." He asked.

    "Well I was just thinking about getting back into the modeling business. But do you think you can find me anything down here? Like maybe Boston?"

    "Sherry, that's wonderful. I'll look into it for you and call you back later. Is that ok?" Alex asked.

    "That's great. I'm just missing the job. I just don't want to give up my life down here. But I will definitely be making multiple visits every year. I miss you, Tracy and the kids." She smiled and looked over at the picture of Alex and his family.

    "Well we miss you too. I'm sorry Sheridan I need to go. The big boss is calling me. Love ya" He said.

    "Love you too, bye" They hung up their phones. Sheridan decided to watch tv until Luis called her.

    Meanwhile Luis was in the old abandoned warehouse. It was dark, you couldn't see anything. All you heard was the sound of the little girl crying and the man yelling at her to shut her mouth.
    "I'll go in first" Luis whispered, retrieving his gun from his holster.

    "alright, we'll follow" One of the officers replied quietly.
    Luis walked in slowly, trying not to make a sound. The other officers followed him.

    "Freeze!" Luis screamed as the man's eyes met his. The guy immediately grabbed the little girl and held the gun to her small head.

    "Don't think about it or I'll kill her" the man growled, backing up to the door.

    "No don't do that. We'll give you whatever you want." Luis tried inching closer to the kidnapper.

    "What I want you guys can't give me." He growled, "See this little girl, she killed the only woman I ever loved!" Luis stared blankly at him. The child looked to be about three maybe four years old. There was no way a tiny and innocent person could kill someone.

    "Look what are you talking about man?" Faking to be nice to him would get Luis everywhere and get the child back where she belonged.

    "This little b!tch killed her mother. She just had to be born didn't she! Well soon she's going to die, I swear she will" This guy was psycotic and Luis needed to get the child away from him.

    "Look please just give me the little girl or I'm going to have to shoot you. I don't want to do that but you're leaving me no choice" Luis told him.

    Luis watched as the guy pulled out his gun and aimed for Luis. Both guns went off at the same time. The other offices shot at the guy and he fell to the ground. Luis ran over to the girl and picked her up.

    "It's going to be ok sweetie" He told the little girl.

    After Luis returned the little girl, Jenny was her name, he headed home.

    "Hi baby" Luis greeted his fiancee.

    "Hi, you're home so early" Sheridan gave Luis a kiss and smiled when he wrapped his arms around her slender body.

    "Yeah, Sam let me go home early. I'm so happy he did all I want to do is relax with you" He grinned as pressed a kiss to her head.

    "Luis! Look, you are bleeding" Sheridan exclaimed, extremely worried.

    "Oh shoot, I didn't want you to see that. The bullet the guy fired just grazed my arm.

    "Well let me clean it and wrap it for you" She lead him into the bathroom and ordered him to seat on the counter. She opened the closet door and retrieved the bandages, hydoren peroxide and ointment. She cleaned his wound and pressed a kiss on the bandage when she was done. He encircled her in between his legs.

    "What a good nurse" He smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek.

    "Ha ha you make me laugh. Oh Luis, I called Alex today." She told him as they walked out to the kitchen.

    "Oh yeah, so how is he doing.?" Luis asked

    "He's fine. Tracy and him are expecting another little rugrat." Sheridan told Luis.

    "Tracy and him must be on cloud nine. Did you have a reason for calling him?"

    "Yeah. I want to go back to modeling. What do you think baby?" She bit her lip nervously.

    "You're leaving me and going back to LA?" He asked, grabbing two bottles of water from the fridge. He handed her one.

    "Thanks. No way babe, I would never leave you again. I'm so happy we found each other again and I'd never give that up for anything in the worth. I asked Alex to find me modeling jobs in Boston. It's only a three hour ride from here. So do you think it's a good idea?" She asked him, taking a sip of her water.

    "It's an awesome idea. I'll stand by you one hundred and ten percent sweetheart, no matter what you decide."
    "Thanks Luis, I knew I could count on you" She grinned happily and kissed him on his sweet lips.

    Chapter 12

    Sheridan drove her newly bought BMW Roadster down route twenty four in Boston. Alex had found her a temporary modeling job, modeling Coach handbags and other Coach accessories. She smiled happily as Welcome To Boston came into view. Driving off the highway she turned left and then made a right and made her way towards the Coach building. Sheridan flashed her access pass and parked her car in one of the open spots.

    "Hi my name is Jenn, how can I help you miss?"

    "Hi I'm Sheridan Crane. I'm here for the modeling job."
    Sheridan told Jenn. Smiling, the lady led her to the Boss' office.

    "Here is Max's office, I'll let him know you're here. Just have a seat please" The lady told her and left the room.

    "Hi miss Crane, how are you?" Max asked walking through the door. He shook her hand.

    "I'm great! I'm so happy to be joining your team" She smiled as he opened up her portfolio.

    "Well we're glad to have you miss. Now if you'll please follow me I'll show you to the dressing rooms and the modeling room." Max told her as he led her down the hallway. "Alright here's your room" He told her opening the door.

    "Wow it's beautiful" She smiled as she glanced around. She had her own little vanity, a private bathroom, a couch and a tv. And of course her own personal closet.

    "Glad ya like it. Well all the clothing and accessories are in the closet. You may notice that we do mix other designers with our line. You'll get a paper slipped under your door each morning of what to wear that day for the photo shoot. You need to be here at least an hour and a half before shooting time to get your hair and make up done. If that's all, I'll leave you to get ready" He handed her her sheet for the day.

    "That's all. thank you so much Max"

    "No problem sweetie, see you soon." Max walked out the door and headed down to the shoot to get things ready. She looked at the sheet.

    BeBe Denim; Black Coach leather ski vest; White BeBe shirt(to go under ski vest); black Leather Gucci boots and Coach leather Strap Watch.

    Sheridan placed the sheet on the coffee table and opened the closet door. She looked for everything and went to the bathroom to put it on.
    "Sheridan, you look great!" Max exclaimed as she descended down the stairs after getting her hair and make-up done.

    "Thank you Max. I feel like a million bucks" She grinned.

    "Hey, you look like a million bucks. Let me introduce you to the other girls" Max walked her over to a redhead and a blonde that seemed to be chatting away. "hey ladies, this is sheridan" Sheridan held out her hand.

    "Oh nonsence," the redhead laughed and gave Sheridan a warm welcoming hug, as did the blonde. "Well my name is Alex" The redhead introduced herself.

    "And my name is Jessica" the blonde announced. The two ladies smiled and Sheridan smiled back.

    "Alright ladies, let's get started" The photographer, George, called to them. The three girls took a couple of pictures together, then took separate ones by themselves.

    "Ladies, they came out just marvelous! Very beautiful" George announced proudly and Max agreed. The three girls went over to thecamera to view them.

    "they are beautiful" they agreed and grinned proudly.
    "well we're pretty much done for the day" Max said to them as he help George clean up.

    "Wow that didn't take long" Sheridan said to Alex.

    "Yeah, they usually don't. It's great that we only have to shoot 3 days a week" Alex replied.

    "Yeah it is great. I can't wait to get home" She said happily.

    "Are you married?" Alex asked as they walked to their dressing rooms.

    "Nope, I'm engaged. We plan on getting married in April"

    "Oh congratulations! Well here's my room. I'll wait for you when I'm done so we can walk out to the parking lot together"

    "Ok" They walked into their rooms and changed quickly.

    "Well it wasvery nice meeting you" Sheridan said to Alex as they neared her car.

    "Same to you. See you Wednesday" sheridan got into her car and headed home.

    By 6 o'clock Sheridan was already at home cooking dinner for her and her love.

    "Sheridan?" Luis called from the front door.

    "In the kitchen sweetie" Sheridan replied, finishing setting the table.

    "Hi baby, I didn't think you'd be home this early." Luis greeted his fiance with a short kiss.

    "I was surprised too. We started at like 10 and ended at 2.30"She told him and planted a long kiss on his lips. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her body closer. Sheridan pulled away and stared into his beautiful eyes and smiled.

    "I love you babe" He told her, caressing her soft cheek with the palm of his hand.

    "And I love you. Come and sit down. I made your favorite" She pulled out his chair for him and poured him a glass of Pinot Grigio.

    "Chicken Parmegan babe?" Luis asked as he picked up his wine glass.

    "Yes sir" She told him as she pulled the pan out of the oven.

    "Thank you so much babe. You're so good to me" He gave her a kiss as she placed his plate of food in front of him.

    "so how was work today?" Sheridan asked as she took her seat and watched Luis pour her a glass of wine.

    "It was ok today. Very quiet, like usual. How was your's?"

    "It was fantastic. This job seems like it's going to last for along time. Well at least I hope it does. It was such a long ride there and back but I really don't mind. It's just so nice to be home with you now."

    "I love having you at home waiting for me" He said and grinned. The couple finished their meal and cleaned up.

    Sheridan and Luis sat on the couch cuddling with a bottle of wine and a fire burning in the fireplace.

    "I wish we could just stay like this forever" She told Luis.

    "I know babe, me too." He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. They sat their in silence for a couple of minutes. Sheridan reached up and kissed Luis hard on the mouth. Luis immediately repsonded and pushed her carefully onto her back. Sheridan wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his erection burning through his jeans and moaned into his mouth. Luis stood up never breaking their kiss and picked her up and carried her off to their bedroom. Luis laid his fiance and laid on top of her and they continued kissing. Sheridan reached under Luis' t-shirt and ran her manicured nails across his chest and down his stomach. Luis' hands were roaming also. He started caressing her neck and his hands traveled down to her perfect breast' and he caressed both of them.

    "Luis, don't stop" Sheridan moaned as his magical hands slipped underneath her shirt and bra.

    "Baby I don't plan to" He whispered huskily into her ear and began stripping her of her shirt and bra. Sheridan pulled Luis' shirt over his head and whipped it across their bedroom. He stripped her of her jeans and panties and whipped them into the corner where his shirt sat. Sheridan used all her power and flipped him onto his back and straddled his muscular body. Sheridan leaned down and unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his legs and like all the other clothing the jeans and his boxers were thrown into the corner. Luis flipped them over and reached for the drawer on the nightstand. He retrieved the little package and ripped it open like a madman. He slid it on and positioned himself over the woman he loved, his soul mate, Sheridan.

    "I love you baby" He told her and kissed her softly with love.

    "I love you too, Luis. Make love to me" Sheridan told him and he slid into her body, becoming one person, one soul with her. They found their rhythm and began making slow, sweet love to each other.

    "Mmm...that was so wonderful Luis" She smiled happily as she ran her finger tips up and down his muscle filled arms.

    "It's only going to get more wonderful babe" Luis told her and they shared a short kiss.

    "I know that for a fact. I'm so thankful that god sent you back to me. I thank him and my lucky starts every night."

    "Me too sweetheart. It's going to be so much better when we get married. We're going to buy a house together and of course make some babies!" He exclaimed chuckling, picturing a little sheridan running through their house dragging her little doll. And of course a little Luis dragging his teddy bear through their home. "Oh I can't wait" He said, a dreamy expression plastered on his face.

    "Me either, but why were you laughing?" She asked looking up at him.
    "I was just picturing our kids. A little Sheridan dragging her little doll around. And a little Luis dragging his teddy bear everywhere. Our life is going to be great. I promise you that" He kissed her and the sheets dropped down from her chest. Luis crawled back on top of her and they made love again, savoring each kiss and each touch

    Chapter 13

    Thanksgiving was just around the corner as everyone in Harmony rushed around the supermarkets buying things from turkeys to vegetables to cans of cranberry sauce. Everyone had things to be thankful for, especially Sheridan.

    "Baby, I'm so happy right now. I'm so glad that you're apponitments have been going so well." Luis grinned as he drove them home from seeing Sheridan's doctor.

    "Me too, Luis. Stop at the package store so I can buy a bottle of wine for us." Luis pulled up to the curb and parked his truck.

    "Be right back babe" He said and started to get out. Sheridan rolled her eyes and shut off the truck and grabbed the keys.

    "Luis, I'm coming too hold on" She locked the door and they walked into the liquor store. "oh Luis, Arbor Mist Sangria" Sheridan said to him and picked up the bottle of Berry Sangria.

    "How about some champagne too" He suggested, leading her to the other end of the store. He picked up a bottle from the shelf and grinned. "Come on, let's pay and get out of here"

    "Alright" When they got to the register Luis was pulling out his money but Sheridan beat him to the punch and paid for their things after showing the young man her license.

    "Sheridan, I can't believe you paid!" He exclaimed pouting.

    "Luis, I know you're old fashioned but I don't want you to pay for everything, ok?" Sheridan told him as they got into his truck.

    "Fine babe, I really don't want to get into an argument over something so small. But next time I'm paying" He laced their fingers together as they drove home. On the way to the apartment they drove by a house that was for sale.

    "Luis, can you turn around and stop in front of that house that had a for sale sign in the yard?" She requested and he did just that.

    "Luis, this house is gorgeous!" Sheridan exclaimed happily.

    "Yes, it is beautiful." He agreed, wondering what Sheridan was getting at.

    "Let's buy a house" She blurted out staring out the window at the elegant looking home, picturing her and Luis living there with their children.

    "Are you for real, babe?"

    "Would I say it if I wasn't," She asked him, "What? You don't want to buy a house with me?"

    "Sher it's not that. You know I'd love to buy a house with you. But it's a big decision. Are you sure?"

    "Yes of course I am. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to buy our own home, a place that we can really call ours."

    "Alright baby, let's call the real estate agent when we get home and we'll go form there." Sheridan stored the number in her cell phone and they headed home.

    The next morning Sheridan woke up very excited. Her and Luis had five house to look at today. She couldn't imagine spending the rest of her life with someone other than Luis. She slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make her and her love some breakfast. Sheridan decided to make French toast, eggs & bacon. Almost an hour later she walked into the bedroom and placed the tray on the floor and moved over to the bed. Sheridan climbed onto his back and began to place kisses along the back of his neck.

    "MmMm...Sheridan" He whispered and his eyes fluttered open. He shifted his body, laying on his back, so that he was facing his beautiful lady.

    "Good morning detective" She smiled and kissed his lips.

    "It is a good morning. Did you sleep well?' He asked, caressing her hips.

    "Very well in fact. I love sleeping in your arms."

    "I love holding you in my arms," Luis pressed a kiss to her lips and looked over at the tray, "What do you have over there babe?"

    "I made us breakfast. French toast, eggs & bacon" Sheridan hopped off the bed and grabbed the tray as he sat up.

    "Wow babe this look's delicious" His mouth watered at the site of the food she had whipped up for them. She placed the tray across his lap and sat beside him. Sheridan poured syrup onto the french toast and began cutting it up. She fed him a piece and smiled devishly as a drop of maple syrup dropped onto his chest. Sheridan's tongue slipped out of her mouth and cleaned up the syrup for him. He moaned as she ran her warm tongue across his chest. She pulled away and he looked at her wide eyed.
    "Why did you pull away baby?" He grinned.

    "We need to eat, Luis. Have you forgetten that we're looking for houses today?" She asked, feeding him a piece of bacon. He shook his head and swallowed the piece of bacon.

    "no of course not. I'm so excited, I know you are too" He told her and they finished their breakfast, then showered and got dressed.

    Sheridan and Luis pulled up to the house that they were looking at the day before. They walked up to the door hand in hand and rang the doorbell. This house was very colonial, newly built, which made Sheridan even more happier. The house was only a couple of months old. It had 3 bedrooms and a master bedroom, with's it's own bathroom. The second floor had a full bath and the first floor and basement had 1/2 baths. It also had a two car garage. Their real estate agent, Marissa, led them into the house. Sheridan immediately fell in love with the house. The living room was a great size. It was huge, more than what Luis was use to. The house had a large picture window, which Luis liked a lot. There was also a fireplace in the back corner. Except for the kitchen and bathrooms and the floors were wood.The stairs to go upstairs were right by the door. Marissa led them through the living room and to the kitchen doorway, which had no door. Luis thought it looked nice anyways. The arches on all the door ways were beautiful, very pretty, Sheridan thought to herself as she took notes.

    "So this is the kitchen. The couple plans to take everything, I hope that's' alright" Marissa told them.

    "Yes, that's fine," Sheridan replied.

    "All the cabinets are naturally stained maple, which to me is really pretty. As you can see the floor is tiled. All fo the rooms in the house are painted a lighted crème coler. Now if you'll follow me" Marissa took them down the hall to the downstairs bathroom. The bathroom downstairs had only a shower. It also included a vanity, the cabinet was also maple, and of course a toilet.

    "Is the basement finished?" Luis asked, as he saw Sheridan smiling out of the corner of his eye.

    "Yes it is Luis, would you like to see it now?" Marissa asked.

    "Sure, then we can go upstairs" He suggested. The agent led them to the basement. It was fully finished, the couple that was presently living there had turned it into an entertaining room. Their was a bar set up in the far corner, a 52" plasma screen television in the middle of the room, a large pool table at the other end of the room. Luis turned around and noticed that they're was teo doors leading to two different places, he asked Marissa about them.

    "One of them is the laundry room and the other one is another 1/2 bathroom" She told him and showed him. the bathroom was pretty much the same as the one on the first floor. Marissa also showed them the garage.

    "Wow it's humongous!" Sheridan exclaimed, she pulled Luis to the side. "I'm already in love with this house" She told him.
    "Me too babe, this house is great" Luis kissed her and they returned back to the agent, anxious to see the rest of the house.

    "Alright let's go upstairs" So she led the happy couple up the two flights of stairs. She showed them the three bedrooms, they were pretty big. "Each of these rooms has a closet and double windows. They're all the same size. So if you're ready we can checkout the master bedroom"

    "Yes, we're ready" Sheridan told her, pure excitement filled her voice.

    "Well here it is. It's double the size of the other bedrooms. Also, as you can see it has a fireplace and a walk-in closet. This room is the only room that has cathedral ceilings."

    "It's huge. Luis, I love it!" Sheridan hugged him. "I think we're home, sweetie" She whispered in his ear.

    "I think so too baby" Luis kissed her and they walked into the bathroom. The bathroom held a long vanity with two sinks and a very long mirror. A huge jacuzzi sat in the middle of the room and their bathroom also had a shower and a fancy toilet.

    "I can see us spending our lives together in this house. Making babies and raising them here and helping raise our grandbabies" the biggest grin was spread across Luis' face as he talked about their life together.

    "Me too Luis, I love you so very much, more than I ever thought possible" Sheridan kissed him and their kiss intensified, but of course Marissa had to interrupt them.

    She coughed and chuckled, "Excuse em you two. We still have to see the backyard and then we're finished."

    "Look at this pool, oh my goodness! Marrissa, please don't lie. This house is going to cost Luis and I a fortune right? I mean this house is so extravagant and so is the backyard and pool."

    Sherian looked around and then stared back at their agent.
    'I'm not going to lie, this house will cost you a pretty penny. But Luis, you said you're a detective and Sheridan you're a model? You both have fantastic jobs and I'm sure you can afford this house." Marissa explained to them.

    "How much is this house going for?" Luis asked.

    "$275,000" Marissa told them, the two just looked at her wide-eyed.

    "Can you give us a little while?" Sheridan asked and the lady shook her head and left them alone. "Luis, $275 grand is a bit much, don't you think?"

    "Sher, Marissa is right. We both have fantastic jobs, there's no reason in the world why we can't buy this house."

    "Sweetheart, are you positively sure about this? You don't have to say yes to me thinking I will make you feel bad. I would never ever do that to you." She told him, but he just reassured her.

    "Let's go tell Marissa we're taking the house" Luis grabbed her hand and pulled her inside the house bursting with excitement.

    "I can't believe what we just did" She said as she waved goodbye to the real estate agent.

    "I can, I know inside you're full of excitement. Now we have less than four weeks to pack all of our stuff and buy new appliances and furniture."

    "Let's go to The Home Depot right now and start shopping." Sheridan suggested and they headed to Luis' fav-orite store, well every man's favorite store, Sheridan thought and laughed to herself.

    "What's so funny?" He looked over at her as he drove them to the store.

    "Nothing hunny. I was thinking maybe we should get stainless steel appliances."

    "Great minds think alike. I was just going to suggest that to you."

    "Ok good" She replied and stared out the window.

    "We're here," He announced parking the truck. They walked into Home Depot with the biggest smiles.

    "I love stainless steel appliances. Look over here Luis" She called over to him from where she stood, which was by the stainless steel refridgerators, stoves, microwaves and dishwashers. After almost and hour of pacing back and forth they decided on the kitchen appliances that they wanted.

    "I am so pooped" Sheridan said tiredly as she collapsed onto the arm chair across from Luis'.

    "Me too baby. I didn't know what shopping was until I met you" Luis laughed as she tossed a pillow his way.

    "And what is that suppose to mean, huh? I know you love going shopping with me, don't even try to lie" sheridan teased as she got up and plopped down in his lap.

    "Hmm I guess I do," He agreed, taking her hand in his, "So are you comfy over here in my lap"

    "Very comfy indeed" Sheridan leaned up and captured his lips with hers, pulling away she sighed against his lips. Their foreheads were touching and they just smiled at each other.

    "I love you detective"

    "I love you too, princess. How about I show you how much" Luis wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

    "That is a tempting over" She softly said, running hers hands all over his body. Her lips fell to his lips and kissed him, her lips then moved to to his neck, making him groan.

    "Baby, you know that's my soft spot" He giggled and stood up with her in his arms they went to the bedroom. Sheridan passionately kissed Luis as he laid her down on their bed.

    "MmM..I love you so much" He whispered, pulling away and staring down at her.

    "And I love you" She told him, smiling up at him. Luis laced their fingers together and kisses her cheeks, then her neck and then her moist lips. Slowly, piece by piece, they undressed each other and made love like they was no tomorrow.

    Later, their bodies lay in the bed tangled up. Luis' fingers ran up and down Sheridan's arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps.

    "Luis" She giggled and looked up at him. Their eyes met and he gaves her a questioning look. "You know I'm ticklish," She told him, rolling her eyes, "You're so silly"

    "Am I really" He chuckled, grinning from ear-to-ear.

    "Oh shut up you. I'm going to hop in the shower and tonight you can treat me to an evening of drinks and dancing" She winked and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Luis flipped over onto his back and smiled brightly. His life was so perfect. His thoughts were interrupted by the beautiful blonde that was in his shower.
    "Luis, are you coming or not?" Sheridan called, he got up and followed her into the bathroom.

    Chapter 14

    "Happy Thanksgiving!" Sheridan exclaimed hugging her mother as they stood in the foyer of the mansion.

    "Happy Thanksgiving to the two of you. We definitely have a lot to be thankful fo this year" Katherine said, taking Luis and her daughter's coats.

    "Yes we do, Katherine" Luis pressed a kiss to the top of his fiancee's head.

    "Well let's head into the living room. Luis, your parents are already here. Theresa called and said she'd be over later with Ethan, they're at Sam and Ivy's house right now."

    "Mama, Papa Happy Thanksgiving" Luis said hugging his parents.

    "Happy Thanksgiving son, Sheridan" Martin replied, looking over at the young blonde.

    "Happy Thanksgiving" Sheridan smiled, pouring herself and Luis a drink from the bar. "Martin, Pilar would you like anything to drink?" She asked, looking over at her future in laws.

    "We're all set, thank you mija" Pilar told her and smiled warmly. Sheridan handed Luis his drink and he thanked her.

    "We're just waiting for my sweetheart and then we can eat. He's been away for a week on business" Katherine sat down beside Pilar and couldn't help but smile. "Oh I love the holidays, I love spending time with my lovely family. Sheridan, darling, I'm so glad you came home this year. The holidays haven't been the same without you"

    "Well mom, I'm back now. I'm never leaving again, unless it's to go away on my honeymoon" She winked at Luis, threading their fingers together.
    They heard a car driving up and Katherine rushed to the front door and threw it open.
    "Hi love," Ben wrapped his arms around Katherine's petite body and placed a kiss on his lips. "Mmm...I really missed you and your kisses" He gave her another kiss.

    "I missed you too, so very much. Take your jacket off and let's eat. Sheridan and Luis are all ready here and so are Martin and Pilar" she took his jacket and hung it up in the closet.

    "Happy thanksgiving everyone" He grinned walking into the room.

    "Happy thansgiving" They all responded.

    "Well it's time to eat" Katherine announced and led the family to the dining room.

    "I can't even look at food right now, my pants are about to bust open" Luis exclaimed as Sheridan's mother and Ben placed the desserts on the table after cleaning up.

    "Me too Katherine, the turkey and all the trimmings were delicious. I loved the homemade cranberry sauce." Pilar complimented her friend.

    "Thank you Pilar." Katherine replied. Martin and Sheridan on the other hand had room for dessert as they dug into the pecan pumpkin pie.

    "Oh my do you have whipped cream?" Sheridan asked.

    "Yes darling, I'll get it. hold on one minute" Katherine disappeared into the kitchen and returned a minute later.

    "Here you go sweetheart."

    "Thanks mom. Everyone, we haven't gone around the table yet and said what we're thankful for this year"

    "Thank you for the reminder Sheridan, I guess we forgot about that part." Pilar said, "How about you go first" She suggested smiling at the young woman that was like a daughter to her.

    "Well I'm thankful my health, seeing as I have no more cancer. I'm thankful for all my wonderful friends and family. And I'm thankful for Luis, the loe of my life, who I thought I'd never see again when I left him years ago" She smiled at him and he blew her a kiss and mouthed I love you and she replied the same way.

    "Well I'll go next," Luis offered. "I'm thankful for my friends, family and my beautiful fiancee', Sheridan. I'm thankful for being promoted detective early this year. I guess that's it"

    Martin and Pilar went next,thankful for all their great children, friends and family. "I'm thankful for all my family and friends as well. I'm also thankful that Alistair is no longer alive to ruin our lives. And I'm thankful for having the greatest man alive in my life" katherine said and kissed Ben softly.

    'Well I'm thankful for meetng all of you wonderful people.I'm thanful for having Katherine in my life. I'd be even more thanful if she'd marry me" Ben finished and looked ather. Everyone watch him kneel down in front of katherine.

    "babe, I know we've been together for a few short months, but I really love you. I mean we're always together and I really think we're soul mates. Would you do the honor of becoming my wife?" Ben pulled out a black velvet box and opened it. He looked into his girlfriend's ocean blue eyes that were filling with crystal clear tears, waiting for a response.
    "I would love nothing more than to beocme your wife!" she jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately, forgetting everyone else in the room.

    "Oh I love you so much Ben" he smiled as he slipped the ring on her finger.

    "I love you too sweetheart, I always will" He pressed a kiss to her lips and sat back down in his chair.

    "Welcome to the family" Sherian congratulated them. She was very happy for her mother. Katherine deserved to be loved by a man the way Luis loved her. Her mother and Alistair we're never meant to be together, she guessed fate agreed. After dessert and coffee, Luis and sheridan headed home.

    Chapter 15

    Right after Thanksgiving Sheridan and Luis moved into their new house with the help of both of their familes. It took a couple of days but they managed. The stores in the mall were crowded as Sheridan hurried around to do her last minute Christmas shopping.

    "Ugh! Why do I always wait last minute to shop" She huffed and hurried to the other end of the mall to the Gap. Christmas was only two days away. She looked down at the heavy shopping bags hanging from her arm. All her family was done, as was Luis', with the exception of Theresa. Sheridan also had wanted to buy a few more thing for Luis. When she walked into the Gap something caught her eye. She grinned as she picked up the few perfect gifts for Theresa. A sweater, a scarf, gloves and a cute little hat to match! To her benefit everything was pink, which was Theresa's favorite color! After paying for the items she headed to Macy's hoping to find a couple of more things for her fiance. Almost an hour later she left the mall with a new bottle of Armani cologne, a couple of long sleeved polo shirts, a pair of jeans and a pair of white Nike air forces. Collapsing in her car she sighed and started it out. Thankfully the holidays would be soon over. Sheridan smiled happily, grateful to be heading home and not to some other store.

    "Babe, I'm home!" Sheridan exclaimed placing the bunch of bags on the floor of the living room.

    "I'm in the bedroom baby" Luis called. She walked to their bedroom and found Luis making the bed.

    "did you just get up?" She asked, giving him a hug. He kissed her lips and brought her closer to him.

    "Yeah, I can't believe I slept til two! You should've woke me up when you left." He told her, finishing up making the bed.

    "I was going to, but you looked so peaceful. You shouldn't have made the bed though because I really need a nap" She yawned, wrapping her arms around his waist. "maybe you should come and lay down with me" Sherian whispered in his ear seductively.

    "Sounds like a good idea, Miss Crane" He kissed her softly and pulled back the blankets. They both slid in the bed and he covered their bodies. Sheridan snuggled up closely to Luis and rested her head on his chest. "Did you finish your Christmas shopping"

    "yes! thank goodness. I don't want to see another mall for a couple of months." He chuckled and pressed a kiss to her cheek. God, did he love this woman! "I'm so exhausted, let's get some sleep and maybe we could go out tonight?" she suggested.

    "Sounds good" He smiled and closed his eyes.

    A couple of hours later Sheridan awoke and slowly opened her eyes. Looking out the window she noticed it was dark already, meaning that it had to be after 4. She stretched and rolled over to face the sexiest man on earth. Smiling, she pressed a kiss to his sweet lips.

    "Mmm...Sher" His gorgeous eyes fluttered open and he grinned as he stared into her blue orbs. "How was your nap?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

    "Good. I am a bit tired still. I think we should just lay here together for a little while longer" Sheridan suggested as she huddled closer to his warm body.

    "Are we all set for tomorrow. Do we have everything that we need. Like the plates, cups, utensils and all the food?"

    "Yes we have everything, thanks for asking. I took care of everything. But you were sweet to ask babe" She told him. The phone began to ring, Sheridan reached over to the nightstand.


    "Hi Sheridan, it's chief Bennett. Is Luis home?"

    "Yes he is, one moment please." Sheridan mouthed Sam to Luis and handed him the phone.

    "Yeah Sam, what's up." A moment later Luis' smile fell, "alright sir. See you soon" Luis told him, leaning over Sheridan and placing the telephone back.

    "What's going on?" She asked, looking up at him.

    "I'm sorry sweetheart, but Sam asked me to cover Tony's shift because he called out sick." He told her getting out of bed.

    "What time are you starting?" She asked.

    "I start at 7. So seeing as it's almost five, we have time to take a quick shower together then grab a quick bite to eat. So hurry it up sexy!" Luis exclaimed walking to their bathroom. Sheridan hopped out of bed and followed him.

    The next morning Sheridan awoke and reached over to touch Luis. But when she went to feel for him she noticed his side of the bed was still made. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked around the room confused. It didn't look like Luis had come home last night because his badge, wallet and gun holster weren't on his dresser. She hoped that nothing had happened to him. Reaching over to the nightstand she grabbed her cell and called Luis. He picked up on the third ring.

    "Babe, you had me so worried!" Sheridan told him.

    "I'm sorry sweetie, I'm on my way home now"

    "Alright, I'll see you in a few." They hung up and Sheridan sighed, full of relief that her fiance was ok. She rested her head back down on the pillow. Ten minutes later she heard him walking up the stairs.

    "Good morning miss Crane!" He handed her a dozen of beautiful long stemmed roses.

    "Oh Luis, you didn't have to buy me roses" This man was always surprising her

    "But I just wanted to surprise you Sheridan. I love you so much" He smiled and laid down beside her.

    "I love you too darling, always and forever" She crawled into his arms.

    "Sorry about last night. Well we need to start cooking and setting up for later. It's already nine, so give me a kiss then we can get started" She quickly kissed him and slipped out of bed. After making the bed, the couple went downstairs and began to cook for their Christmas Eve. party that was happening tonight.

    "Hi mom, hi Ben" Sheridan smiled letting her mother and her future step father into her home.

    "Hi sweetheart" Her mom replied, placing a kiss on her daughter's cheek.

    "Hi Sheridan, thanks for the invite" ben told her, giving her a kiss.

    "You're very welcome! The party is in full swing. Luis and I cooked a bunch of food today. We made Lasagna, Seafood Rice, Meatball subs. Luis made the Cheesecake and Truffles. There's even more food than I named. Enjoy!" Sheridan told them and floated back through the party. Luis was standing in the doorway of the kitchen talking to his father when he saw Sheridan.

    "Excuse me papa" He nodded to Sheridan and Martin smiled. Martin walked away. "Sher?" Luis called to her still standing in the doorway. She turned around and her eyes met his. "Come Here" He mouthed and she walked over to him.

    "Yes sweetie"

    "Look up" he whispered, she looked up then back at him, up above them hung a fresh piece of mistletoe. She rolled her eyes playfully. Luis cupped her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. "Come on baby, we have to have a little fun. It's our first real Christmas together" He kissed her once more and grinned as she walked away to talk to his parents. God did he love that woman.

    "Luis, Luis...Bro snap out of it" He was interrupted form his daze thanks to his brother.

    "Yeah Miguel, is there something you wanted?" Luis asked his younger brother.

    "Nope, just wanted to come bug you. You and Sheridan throw great parties. You've really lucked out with her man." Miguel told him, very happy for his brother.

    "Yeah I did luck out with her. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful woman than Sheridan. She's my perfect angel from heaven," Luis said, "Just wait til you and Kay become serious like Sheridan and I are. It's going to blow you away. Especially if you share the same connection with Kay that Sher and I have."

    "Well I'm so glad to see you happy. You deserve it Luis, you're the best brother in the world. I love you" He gave Luis a manly hug and went off in search of his love. By 11:30 everyone had left Sheridan & Luis' house and was heading to church.

    Christmas morning came and Luis surprised Sheridan with breakfast in bed.
    "Thank you Luis. This was so sweet of you!" She kissed him slowly on his mouth.

    "Come on let's eat." Luis announced. He had made them pancakes, eggs, hash browns, sausage and bacon.

    "Luis, that was delicious. I loved the pancakes, what did you put in them?" She asked getting up from the bed.

    "My secret, baby. Now let's go open presents." Sheridan and Luis sat beside the Christmas tree getng ready to open each others gifts. ""Here you can go first" he told her and handed her the rectangle shaped present which was wrapped in red santa claus wrapping paper.

    "Thank you so much Luis. How did you know I needed this?" She asked, pecking his cheek. She held the box of Miami Glow by J.Lo perfume.

    "Well your bottle upstairs is almost empty." He said. She handed him one of his gifts. He opened the present and screamed.

    "Sher!! Oh my gosh, Boston Red Sox tickets for the Spring!! Right in the dugout babe!? How did you manage that? Oh how I love you" At that moment Luis was jumping for pure joy.

    "Glad you like your presents Luis." She grinned and they kissed once more. The rest of the morning was spent trading presents. The afternoon was spent with their familes at Martin and Pilar's house.

    Chapter 16
    "Babe, you look gorgeous!" Luis exclaimed as his fiance descended down the stairs. She flashed him a beautiful smile.

    "Thank you, Luis" She kissed his cheek and he helped her put her coat on. "Let's go. I'm sure everyone is waiting for us"

    They left their house and headed to the Seascape where they were meeting up with her and Luis' parents. Sheridan and Luis were driving to the restaurant and were just talking and laughing and smiling.

    "It's our first New Years Eve together. Our first of many more to come" She told him. He kissed her hand that was laced together with his.

    "Sheridan, I love you sweetheart. I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend New Years with, or the rest of my life with."

    "Me either Luis, you are my life" Sheridan said to him and began to laugh softly.

    "What's so funny babe?"

    "Luis, it's that we always get so serious quickly. It's not a bad thing, it's quite funny actually. But it's good that we express everything we are feeling to each other. Life is way to short. See here I go again with all the seriousness." She just laughed it off and so did he.

    "Well we're here, it's time to have fun and party the night away" Luis got out of the truck and walked over to her side and opened the door for her.

    "I'm all up for that" They kissed each other and walked in.

    "Sheridan! Luis!" Pilar said as the happy couple walked to the table. Everyone shared hugs and sat down.

    "Well I'm glad you two came" Katherine told them after they were done ordering.

    "Well thanks for inviting us" Luis replied.

    "You're very welcome. There's no better way to ring in the new year then with your family." Luis nodded his head in agreement and leaned in to kiss sheridan's cheek.

    "I could think of an even better way" He whispered into her ear and winked. His hands moved down to cup her bottom and he gave her buttocks a tight squeeze.

    "You're so bad" She playfully slapped him on the hand.

    Ohhh.. Oh Oh..
    I don't wanna go another day
    So I'm telling you, exactly what is on my mind
    Seems as like everybody is breaking up
    and throwing their love away
    But I know I got a good thing right here
    That's why I say (Hey)
    Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
    Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
    You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u, my baby
    Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u
    "Oh you two behave" Martin told them, chuckling to himelf. Luis and Sheridan looked at him and blushed.

    "Come on Sher, let's dance" Luis suggested standing up and taking her hands in his. He led her out to the dance floor and wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

    "I love you so much Luis, more than my words could ever express." She leaned in and captured her lips with his. She ran her hands up and down his back. His strong hands were quickly running up and down the sides of her perfect body.

    "I love you too baby" He told her sincerely. His gorgeous brown eyes were shining with love for her. "You know babe, we haven't decided the day we're going to get married. We know the month we just have to pick a day"

    I don't wanna go another day
    So I'm telling you, exactly what is on my mind
    See the way we ride, in our private lives
    Ain't nobody gettin' in between
    I want you to know that, your the only one for me
    Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
    Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
    You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u my baby
    Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u
    And now, ain't nothing else I can need
    And now, I'm singing.. 'cause your so, so into me
    I got you, we'll be making love endlessly
    I'm with you, baby you're with me

    "I was thinking April 9. What do you think?" She asked.

    "Anyday is perfect with me, just as long as we get married."Luis smiled down at her. Her blue eyes were brightly sparkling just like the stars were outside. Sheridan held complete love for this man that was holding her so close. She could never have pictured here life or her future with anyone else. She felt completely blessed! As the song slowly ended they pulled apart and walked hand in hand back to their family that was sitting at the table.

    So don't cha worry about
    people hanging around
    they ain't bring us down
    I know you, and you know me
    and that's all that counts
    So don't cha worry about
    people hanging around
    they ain't bring us down
    I know you, and you know me
    and that's why, that's why I say
    Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
    Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
    You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u my baby
    Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u
    Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick wit u forever
    Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick wit u
    You know how to appreciate me, I must stick wit u my baby
    Nobody ever made me feel this way, I must stick wit u

    "This food looks great" Sheridan said aloud as the waiter placed the plate of Lobster and Shrimp in front of her.

    "Yes, it does look delicious sweetheart" Katherine nodded in agreement as she reached for her napkin and utensils. The family began to eat their dinner. Throughout the night the dj played fast and slow music to make the time go by. It was getting closer to midnight. Sheridan was half drunk as was Luis.

    "I can't wait to get you home Sheridan" he whispered huskily into her left ear and began to nibble on it.

    "Mmm..Luis, I don't think I can make it to midnight" She tightened her grasp on his neck as he planted kissed along her neck and face, stopping to suck on her neck. "Look what those d@mn Cosmopolitans did to us! They've made us into little tiny horndogs" Her speech was slurred and she began to laugh so hard for no reason. "Ugh...I'm so dizzy, let's sit down now!!" she screamed and chuckled to herself. As Luis and Sheridan sat back at the table Martin and Pilar sat back down from dancing. They looked at each other and just laughed. Their son and his fiance were pretty much trashed.

    "Alright everyone, can I please have your attention?" The DJ called out and everyone looked over to the stage where he stood. "Ok, we have about seven minutes til midnight. So please, waiters & waitresses can you please serve the champagne? Thank you so much. When everyone has received their champagne please come onto the dance floor with your champagne flutes so we can ring in the New Year together. Woohoo for 2006 baby!!!" The DJ screamed excitedly.

    Sheridan, Luis and their parents received their champagne and headed out to the dance floor. Luis wrapped his arms around Sheridan, pulling her closely as everyone counted down the seconds til midnight.

    "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Happ y New Year!!!" Everyone shouted as the clock struck Twelve. Sheridan kissed Luis passionately as they rung in the new year together.

    "Happy New Year babe. I love you" He said to her.

    "Happy New Year" Their champagne flutes clicked and they sipped their beverage. The happy couple stayed for a little while longer and left to have their own private party at home.

    As they arrived home Luis unlocked the front door and they walked in.
    "Wait down here" He told her, flashing his million dollar smile her way. Sheridna nodded ok and took a seat on the leather couch. Luis walked up the stairs to the bedroom he shared with Sheridan and lit all the candles. Before he undressed he pressed play on the stereo and slow music began to play. Luis walked down the stairs in his black silk boxers. Sheridan looked at him and couldn't help but moisten her lips with her tongue. Luis walked over to her, swept her up into his strong arms and carried her to their bedroom. Placing her on the queen sized bed, he laid on top of her and they began kissing passionately.

    Baby I've been drifting away
    Dreaming all day
    Of holidng you
    Touching you
    The only thing I want to do
    Is be with you
    As close to you
    As I can be

    He lowered the straps of her dress and kissed her bare shoulders. She closed her eyes and savored the feeling of his lips on her warm skin which was quickly heating up! He propped himself up on the back of is legs and helped her slide her sexy little number off.

    Let's make love
    All night long
    Until all our strength is gone
    Hold on tight
    Just let go
    I want to feel you in my soul
    Until the sun comes up
    Let's make love
    Oh, baby
    Throwing the dress on the floor and off to the side, he viewed her amazing body and leaned down to taste her skin again. His lips traveled alogn her collar bone and moved down to her shoulders and arms, leaving a long lasting tingling sensation. Luis unclipped her bra and took it off her body and tossed it to side to where her dress laid. Her perfect breasts were dangling right in front of him as he licked his lips he lowered his head and captured one nipple in his mouth as he held the breast.
    "Oh my god, Luis!!" She cried out. The things he did to her body drove her insane. He grinned against her flesh and pulled away. He gave the same treatment to the other breast.

    Do you know what you do to me
    Everything inside of me
    Is wanting you
    And needing you
    I'm so in love with you
    Look in my eyes
    Let's get lost tonight
    In each other

    Sheridan smiled up at him as his hands and lips traveled down to her panties and her warm center. With his teeth, he pulled her lacy panties down her long slender legs. His hand caressed her thigh and it moved up to cup her warm center in his hand. " feel so ready baby"

    Let's make love
    All night long
    Until all our strength is gone
    Hold on tight
    Just let go
    I want to feel you in my soul
    Until the sun comes up
    Let's make love

    "Oh luis, I am ready" She moaned, flipping them over. She pulled Luis' boxers down and threw them into the small pile. Luis' manhood was stiff and ready for her, but she just wanted to taste him for a little bit. Her tongue swirled around the tip of his manhood before taking in the whole thing.

    "Oh god baby. I have to make love to you!!" Luis screamed. She pulled away and straddled his hips as his hard erection touched her. She pushed down and began riding him, making them both scream in pure bliss. "Just like that Sher, oh man that feels wonderful!!!" Their hands entertwined as the last waves of passion hit them. "I'm coming baby, go over the edge with me"

    Let's make love
    All night long
    Until all our strength is gone
    Hold on tight
    Just let go
    I want to feel you in my soul
    Until the sun comes up
    Oh, until the sun comes up
    Let's make love

    "Luis!!!" Sheridan screamed.

    "Sheridan!!! Ohhh Sheridan!!!" Luis exclaimed. She collapsed on top of him, both of their bodies were flushed.

    "Oh my god baby, that was awesome! Wow, you're such a tiger." Their lips met and they just laid their for a while, connected with each other.

    Oh baby, let's make love
    All night long
    All night long
    Let's make love

    "Happy New Year sweetheart. I love you so much" She kissed his cheek and got off of him.

    "Happy New Year. Love you too Sher, always!!" He caressed her hip as she cuddled close to him.

    "You know something? I'm surprised we haven't gotten pregnant yet. I mean we never use protection, maybe we should start?" She suggested, looking up at him, she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

    "Would it be a bad thing if we got pregnant before we're married?" Luis asked her openly. Sheridan just looked at him and she could tell that he was really serious about this.

    "Oh my goodness you're serious about this, aren't you?" She asked as she sat up and leaned up against the headboard.

    "Well it wouldn't be that bad. I mean we both love each other and plan to spend the rest of our lives together, so why not? I want to be the father of your children Sher. I don't even think I can wait til April to marry you, never mind waiting to get pregnant and becoming parents together."

    "Aww...Luis" She hugged him closely. He had brought tears to her eyes. Not even Eric was that sweet when she was engaged to him. But here was Luis professing his undying love for her once again and asking her to create another life together. "I don't know how I got so lucky."

    "I'm the lucky one babe." He kissed her lips sweetly.

    "Well what are we waiting for, let's make a baby" She laughed.

    "Really sher? If you don't want to, we can wait" He told her.

    "No, I want us to make a new life together. I want to have your baby Luis" Sheridan said to him and kissed him once more. He laid on top of her and they began making love, hoping to make a baby.

    The next morning they awoke with almost no energy at all. The lack of energy was form lack of sleep and lots of love making.

    "'s to early to get up" Luis groanedm shoving his head under his pillow.

    "Tell me about it," She huffed, "Hey Luis?" She called.

    "Yeah Sheridan?" he asked from under his pillow.

    "Do you think we made a baby last night?" She asked quietly.
    He lifted the pillow of of his head and shifted his body to look at her.

    "Sweetie, we made love so many times last night and there's a posible chance we could have" They smiled at each other and she snuggled up to him.

    "I really hope so, Luis." She said to him.

    "Me too babe. But let's just not stress about this situation if we don't get pregnant within the next couple of months. When god is ready for us to have a baby he'll let us. We have lots of time to have children. I do like having you to myself though, so it's going to be hard to give this up. That would mean no more love making when we feel like it. No laying in bed til one. no more going out whenever we feel like it. I'm sure with a new baby there won't be too many romanctic nights or dinners or long walks on the beaches together. Are we even ready to give those things up?" He asked her. He hadn't really thought about that stuff but now that he had he wasn't sure if they should become parents this early.

    "I'm ready if you're ready" She told him, hoping he hadn't backed up on his offer. Once he looked deep into her crystal orbs he knew he coldn't deny her a child.

    "I'm ready, just as long as I have you by my side"

    "I'm really glad. I thought you were going to back down from this. What do you say we get something to eat. I'm famished!" She slid out of bed and grabbed her robe and put on her slippers.

    "I'm hungry too." They went down to the kitchen where Luis made them French Toast, Sausage and Eggs.

    Chapter 17

    "Babe we're almost there, I promise" Luis told her as she complained once more about one of the longest road trips they had taken together.

    "Luis, we've been on the road for five hours straight. I'm pretty much car sick right now and I've been dying to go the ladies room for twenty minutes now!" Sheridan exclaimed, huffing and leaning back into her seat.

    "Alright we'll stop at the next stop" He lied, in about fifteen minutes they'd be at their destination.

    "Thank you" She didn't know why she was so moody. She wasn't liking her mood at all, especially since it was Valentines Day. Just like Luis had predicted, they arrived at their destination. "Aww Luis, is this where we're spending the night?" She asked in awe, staring at the cozy looking B & B sitting in front of them.

    "Yeah sheridan it is. I hope you're not disappointed" He said, wrapping his arms around her.

    "Not at all. It looks so romantic. Thank you so much for bringing me here" she kissed him slowly and their kissed turned passionate. Afraid of being caught by someone, Luis pulled away and dragged her into the B & B to check in.

    "Hi my name is Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. I had called last week and book the Valentine's suite" He told the older woman that staat the front desk.

    "Alright sir, well here is your key. If you need anything at all don't hesitate to call me" She smiled to them and they walked away and headed up to their room.

    "Oh Luis, this is so beautiful & romantic" she kissed his chek and grinned. Rose petals lay on the bed, soft jazz music was playing throughout the room, candles were all around, they just hads to be lit.

    "I'm glad you think so. But I have to admit I did have some help. I asked the lady to do all this stuff for me"

    "Oh I see, well it doesn't matter because it's the thought that counts. So are we going out to dinner or are we staying in?" she asked.

    "Well we're staying in but I want us to dress up still. So start getting ready" He playfully smacked her butt and winked at her as she walked towards the bathroom. He picked up the telephone and hit one of the buttons, "hi this is Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, can you please send up our food now?" He requested and hung up his phone. Since he took a shower this morning he quickly got dressed and began lighting all the candles. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

    "Here you go sir, the food that you asked for" The lady told him and pushed the tray of food into the room.

    "Thank you so much miss. This is for you" He handed her a ten dollar bill and she left. Luis lifted up the cover of the plates and breathed in the aroma of fresh lobster and shrimp. Sheridan emerged from the bathroom a half an hour later looking dazzling! "You look breathtaking Sheridan" he smiled, kissed her cheek and handed her one Red Rose.

    "Thank you, Luis. You already gave me two dozen Roses you didn't have to get me anymore. Thanks for ordering us dinner, it smells delicious" He pulled out her chair for her and she sat down. He sat across from her and showed her the food. Shrimp Mozambique sat in one plate and two stuffed Lobsters sat in the other plate. Luis popped open the bottle of Pink Champagne. He filled up their glasess with the clear liquid.

    "Hmm..Let's make a toast" She suggested and he agreed. "To a great Valentine's Day & many more to come. And also to a long & happy life together" She said grasping her hand with his. Their glasses clinked together and they shared a short kiss filled with passion and love.

    "Love you baby" He told her in all honesty, expressing his deepest love for her.

    "And I love you too sweetheart" They kissed once more and began to eat their dinner. "This is delicous!" She exclaimed, savoring the taste of the shrimp in her mouth.

    "Glad you like it baby" After they were done eating, the lady which was the owner, came and got their dirty dishes from them. "Would you like to go for a walk along the beach?" He asked her standing up and grabbing their coats.

    "Sure" She smiled as he slid her coat on for her. The happy couple headed out to the beach. "ohh Luis, it's freezing out here" She shivered and tried to smile as he wrapped his strong arms around her. Her teeth were chattering together and goosebumps for med on her entire body. "this is very romanic though' She had to smile. Even though the weather wasn't wonderful, he still was!

    "Well I'm sorry it's so cold babe. Do you want to go back in?" he asked, tightening his hold on her.

    "No it's alright. Just hold me close so I can be nice and warm" She winked and they continued to stroll down the shore line. About fifteen minutes later, "Luis, do you think we can head back now?" She asked.

    "Well I have one more surprise for you baby" He grinned slyly as he tossed her over his shoulder and ran down the beach towards the road.

    "Luis, put me down!" she exclaimed, chuckling as he slapped her bottom. He laughed along with her as they stopped in front of a horse drawn carriage. "Oh Luis, is this my surprise?" She asked and he nodded his head, "I love you so much. this is great"

    "Love you too, now hop in" he ordered, letting her go in first. Luis ordered the driver to bring them back to the B & B, going as slowly as possible. As their ride began, light snow began to fall. "Oh look Sher, it's snowing" He smiled at her as she caught the snowflakes on her tongue.

    "Just imagine if we got snowed in at the B & B" She said, wishing that could happen for at least a couple of days.

    "That would be nice, but I have my job and I'd miss our house and our bed way too much" He told her, pulling her closer to him.

    "Very true, but just think. Us, long showers or hot baths and long lasting nights of beautiful and magical love making." She sighed, wishing her dream would come true at least for one day! The older gentleman dropped them off in fornt of the B & B and Luis gave him a generous tip. "Come on let's go upstairs, it's freezing out here" She told him, shivering from the cold weather.

    "Tell me about it. We need to get warmed up fast" He told her, wiggling his dark eyebrows suggestively.

    "Luis, wait out here. I have a surprise for you" She winked and pushed him back onto the back and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Luis began to undress down to his boxes as he waited for the grande entrance of his beautiful valentine. The bathroom door slowly opened, revealing Sheridan wearing a short, red negligee and a bright smile. Luis licked his lips as he beckoned her with his finger to come closer.
    "Do you like?" She asked in a soft husky voice.

    "I love! Baby, you look so gorgeous." He pulled her down on top of him and passionately kissed her lips, running his hands up and down her arms.

    "Mmm" She moaned, her slender hands running up his muscular physique. "I have to have you, Luis" Soon his boxers were on the floor and her little negligee had joined them.

    His long erection entered her warm, silky flesh. "Oh god baby you feel so good!!" He moaned, making love to her.

    "Oh Luis, more sweetheart" Her nails racked across his back, making him shiver with happiness. After reaching their peak they collapsed on their backs and cuddled, basking in the after glow. "Luis, that was beautiful. Everytime we make love it only gets better and better. I hope we finally made a baby though. I'm just so impatient" She laughed, running the tip of her index nail up and down the middle of his chest.

    "Yes Sheridan, you are definitely impatient. I want a baby so bad already. I can't wait to watch you with our children" he smiled picturing a house full of their children of all ages.

    "Luis, I love you. You don'tknow how happy you've made me. I don't think I could imagine my life without you in it. Happy Valentine's Day, my love" She leaned up and they shared a kiss.

    "I feel the same way about you babe, I love you so much. My heart will always belong to you. Happy Valentine's Day" He said to her and they began expressing their love for each other once more.

    Chapter 18

    February came and went as did March. Just in almost a week Sheridan would soon be Mrs. Luis lopez-Fitzgerald. The excitement and nerves were building up. She couldn't wait to get this over with, then their life would really begin together as man and wife. She yawned and stretched, getting ready to start the day. Luis had to go to work and she had a modeling job for Gucci up in Boston. She looked over at the clock and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. It was only five o'clock in the morning.

    "Luis, get up babe" She whispered in his ear.

    "No way. It's too early. Come on, I mean it's still dark out" He continued to whine, burying his dark head under his pillow.

    "Well too bad. That's what you get for being promoted to detective" She grinned and began kissing his neck playfully.

    "'t you dare start something you can't finish" He exclaimed flipping over onto his back. Sheridan covered his body and straddled him. Kissing his lips softly she smiled and let a sigh escape her pink lips.

    "Just a couple of more days of work and then we'll have two wondeful weeks off" His fingers ran up and down her sides, stopping at the curve of her waist.

    "Mmm...I can't wait babe! Two weeks of perfect happiness and contentment." He leaned up and captured is sweet lips with hers.

    "Hey we have to stop. Go and get dressed for work" She ordered getting up off of him and heading to their bathroom.

    "God I love that woman" he said aloud staring up at the ceiling.

    "Hi I'm Sheridan Crane" Sheridan introduced herself to the photographer.

    "H I'm Mike, nice to meet you. Well if you'll follow my girls they'll take you down to hair and make-up."He told her.

    "Alright thanks." Sheridan followed the two brunettes down the long hallway. After their hair and make-up was done they headed to the photo shoot. Sheridan modeled the new sunglasses that had just come out. She also modeled a couple of the new handbags that were coming out this Spring. After about five or six hours the ladies were done. As Sheridan was about to leave Mike pulled her to the side.

    "Sheridan I heard you were getting married this weekend."

    "Yes, Saturday is the big day. Why did you mention this?" She asked.

    "Well I'm doing a fashion show Wednesday night to model off the new Gucci wedding dresses and tuxedos. I'd like you and your fiance to be the bride and groom. Please say you'll do it" He pleaded. Oh how she hated being put on the spot like this.

    "Can I give you an answer tomorrow. I just need to talk it over with my hubby to be" She told Mike and took the business card he gave her.

    "sounds good, I'll be waiting for your call" She smiled and thanked him for the offer and headed out the door.

    "Hunny, I'm home!" Luis called closing the front door behind him. He went to the kitchen and didn't see his gorgeous bride-to-be so he went upstairs where he found her sitting on their bed reading. "Hi beautiful" He walked over to her and kissed her cheek and laid his jacket on the leather chair that sat in the corner near the large fireplace.

    "Hi handsome, how your day?" She asked, patting the empty space on the bed beside her. He came and sat by her side and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her closely.

    "It was ok, a lot of paper work though. But work is work, so yeah. How was your day?" Luis asked her, looking into her eyes.

    "Great, infact! I got a great offer for Wednesday night. Actually the offer was for both of us" She informed him.

    "What was the offer Sher?"

    "well the guy asked me and you to be the bride and groom in his fashion show Wednesday night." He looked at her.

    "Come on babe? Me? A model?" He chuckled to himself and she just rolled her eyes.

    "Oh come on sweetheart, it will be tons of fun. Don't you dare leave me to model on my own with some guy that I don't even know."

    "Ok fine. Fine. You make me feel so helpless and guilty all of the time." She smiled and kissed him passionately.

    "I love you detective"

    "Love you too miss Crane" He kissed her once more and flipped her flat on her back and showed her just how much he loved her.

    The next morning Sheridan had excitedly called Mike up and told him that her and Luis had taken him up on his offer. Luis came and sat at the edge of the bed and leaned down.

    "See you tonight babe" He kissed her cheek, "Love you"

    "Love you too" She watched as he left and then closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep. Not even two minutes after she closed her eyes the phone began ringing. "Hello" She answered in a soft voice.

    "Hi sweetie, good morning!" Katherine said over the phone in a happy tone.

    "Mom, come on it's only eight o'clock." She sighed, she could tell her mother wanted to ask or tell her something. "Ok mom ask me whatever you want or tell me what you want to tell me so I can go back to sleep."

    "I just want you to come over for a little bit to spend some time with your dear old mom. I mean Ben's out of town on business and I'm all by myself in this big old mansion" She complained.

    "Ok mother fine, I'm fully awake now. I'll be by soon ok" Sheridan told Katherine.

    "Thanks sweet pea, you're the best! See you soon"

    "Oh that mother of mine's." Sheridan cried and got out of bed. She went to the bathroom and when she pulled her pants down she noticed she was soaked with blood. She ran over to her drawer and grabbed her calendar. Without even noticing it from all the stress of the wedding and fixing up their house she realized she had missed three months of her cycle and now here it was. No, she was usually regular. Something was definitely not right. Sheridan decided to call Eve. She picked up the phone and dialed the number to the hopital and made an appointment. She decided to call her mother just to let her know something had come up and she'd come by in a couple of hours.

    "Eve, I don't even know what's happening with my body right now. I mean for three months I haven't gotten my period. With all the stress from planning the wedding and fixing up the house and stuff I hadn't really thought abut skipping my cycle. But today I get it? Can you do tests or something to see if there's something wrong." Sheridan asked her doctor.

    "Yeah Sheridan, I can definitely run some tests. It should be about forty five minutes. I don't know if you want to wait or if you want me to call you after."

    "No, I can wait." She said to Eve. And after doing multiple tests Eve called Sheridan back into her office and had her sit down.

    "Sheridan, as much as I hate to tell you this, I'm sorry." Eve's eyes began to water and she couldn't bear to look at her patient anymore. "I'm sorry, but this morning wasn't your period coming in. You were three months pregnant and you miscarried. I'm so truly sorry Sheridan" Eve stood up and went to hug Sheridan. Sheridan just cried and cried on Eve's shoulder for what seemed like forever.

    "How could I have not known?" She said in between tears, "I have to go and see Luis." Shridan stormed out and raced to the police station.

    "I need to see Detective Lopez-Fitzgerald immediately!" Sheridan demanded to the receptionist. Almost five minutes later Luis emerged from his office and found his beloved fiance sitting in a nearby chair.

    "What's the matter sher?" He asked. Luis noticed that her cheeks were stained and her eyes were bloodshot.

    "We need to talk privately." She told him and he led them to his office and shut the door behind them. "Please just hold me" She begged, her head buried in his chest and her tears fell from there on, non-stop. He held her tight, looking down at her with a questioning look.

    "Baby, please tell me what wrong." Their eyes met and she pulled away and turned away from him. How could she bear to look at the man she loved anymore.

    "Luis, I had a miscarriage this morning" She sobbed, her hands covering her face.

    "What?" He asked, a shocked expression plastered on his face.

    "Are you deaf Luis?! Our baby is dead and it's all my fault! How could I have let this happen. How could I have been so stupid!!!" She screamed, pounding on his chest as he brought her closer and held her tight as they cried together.

    They laid in bed that night holding onto each other for dear life. With all the love that Luis was showing her, her heart was still so empty. She didn't even know about the baby until this morning but she still loved it so much, just knowing it was made out of the love her and Luis shared. And within a moment that baby was snacthed from her like a bat out of h*LL.

    "You ok?" He asked her.

    "I'm fine, I just don't know why I'm this upset about something I never knew was growing inside of me."

    "Babe, it's ok, I understand. We will have more children, maybe it just wasn't meant to be right now." he said, then kicking himself for being so insensitive.

    "How can you say we can have more children Luis? I lost our first child, do you even realize how that makes me feel? God handed us this precious life and trusted me to care for this child and then with all the stress I had on my shoulders I killed our baby Luis." She cried softly, her warm tears falling on his bear chest.

    "I'm sorry, I really am. I didn't mean to sound so insensitive." He apologized and rubbed her back soothingly. She wipedher tears and looked into his eyes, they mirrored hers. She could see the sadness and the heart break she held within her.

    "Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion. I need to get some sleep and forget that this ever happened. Why does god do this to people, I'll never know why." She turned her body the other way and closed her eyes.

    "Night Sheridan, I love you" He whispered.

    "Love you too" Sheridan laced their fingers together and squeezed her fingers against his in a loving gesture.

    Chapter 19

    Sheridan Crane stood in front of the long mirror smoothing out her dress.

    "Sweetie, you look so beautiful" Katherine smiled, beside her stood her best friend, Pilar.

    "You're going to take my son's breath away" Pilar added.

    "Thank you" Sheridan smiled as her brides maids walked in one by one. Theresa, Paloma and her best friend, Gwen.

    "Ready to get hitched Sher?" Gwen asked, her voice filled with so much excitement.

    "Definitely" she smiled and followed her friends to the back of the church. The bridesmaids walked down the aisle first and then it was time for Sheridan to. As Luis saw his bride emerge he had to gasp for air, she looked gorgeous. She walked down the aisle on Ben's arm, grinning from ear to ear, nonstop.

    "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the joining of two hearts, Sheridan Crane and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald." Father Lonigan announced and they began to exchange vows. "If there is anyone present who believes these two should not be united in Holy Matrimony please speak now or forever hold your peace." No one spoke. "Luis you may kiss your bride" Luis didn't waste a second, he grabbed her and pressed their lips tightly together.

    "Let's get out of here" He whispered and led her out of the church to their stretch Limo.

    "I can't believe we're finally married Luis. I'm so happy!" Sheridan exclaimed kissing her husband.

    "So am I, mrs. Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald" He grinned, hugging her close to his body as their driver drove them to their reception. When they finally arrived the dj introduced the happy couple as Mr and Mrs Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Sheridan and Luis walked in excitedly and sat down at the bridal table. The couple had wanted their dinner served first and then have the toast, then cut the cake and then they'd share their first dance as husband and wife. The dinner plate that they had chosen was the stuffed shrimp and the lobster. Ouderves, salad and soup for the appetizers. After everyone was done eating Sheridan and Luis stood up and walked hand in hand over to their enormous wedding cake. They cut a piece of cake together and began feeding it to one another. Sheridan was the first one to start playing around. She grabbed a bunch of frosting and rubbed it all over her husband's handsome face.

    "You're gonna wish you had never done that" Luis smiled and grabbed a chunk of his cake and shoved it across her face. She kissed him passionately, her tongue entered his mouth and began exploring.
    "I love you, Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald"

    "I love you too, Mrs. lopez-Fitzgerald" They cleaned themselves up and walked out to the dance floor and began to slowly sway to the music.

    I will never find another lover sweeter than you,
    Sweeter than you
    And I will never find another lover more precious than you
    More precious than you
    Girl you are close to me you're like my mother,
    Close to me you're like my father,
    Close to me you're like my sister,
    Close to me you're like my brother
    You are the only one my everything and for you this song I sing
    And all my life I've prayed for someone like you
    And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
    All my life I've prayed for someone like you
    And I hope that you feel the same way too
    Yes, I pray that you do love me too
    I said you're all that I'm thinking
    Said, I promise to never fall in love with a stranger,
    You're all I'm thinking of, I praise the Lord above,
    For sending me your love, I cherish every hug,
    I really love you
    And all my life, baby, baby, I've prayed for someone like you,
    And I thank God that I, that I finally found you, baby
    All my life I've prayed for someone like you
    And I hope that you feel the same way too
    Yes, I pray that you do, love me
    You're all that I ever known, when you smile, on my face, all I see is a glow.
    You turned my life around, you picked me up when I was down,
    You're all that I ever known, when you smile on your face all I see is a glow,
    You picked me up when I was down
    You're all that I ever known, when you smile on your face all I see is a glow,
    You picked me up when I was down and I hope that you feel the same way too,
    Yes I pray that you do love me too
    All my life, I've prayed for someone like you,
    And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
    All my life I've prayed for someone like you
    Yes, I pray that you do love me too
    All my life I've prayed for someone like you
    And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
    All my life I've prayed for someone like you
    Yes, I pray that you do love me too

    "I love you so much babe and this song expresses how I feel about you" He smiled as softly kissed her lips and went back to their table.

    "Would you like to dance Sheridan?" Martin asked her as she was about to sit down.

    "Sure, Martin" They began to dance.

    "You've made my son very happy Sheridan. Thanks so much. Pilar and I could have never asked for a sweeter daughter-in-law."

    "Thanks Martin, you're son has made me very happy. Luis is everything I could ever want." She looked over at her husband and he winked, secretly smiling at her.

    "So do you think you and Luis will be having any children any time soon?" He asked, looking down at her and noticing sadness washing across her face.

    "I don't know. We havent' discussed it" Sheridan said quietly, trying to hold back the tears. As the song ended, Martin went back to the table and Sheridan went to the ladies room.

    "Oh Luis, why did we have to lose our baby" She wiped away the tears from her eyes and cheeks. Even though her and Luis were now married, there was still a small whole in her heart.

    "Sher, are you ok baby?" Luis called from the other side of the door. She got up and opened the door.

    "Let's go take a walk" He wrapped her arms around her shoulders as they walked out the back door that led to the garden and patio.

    "What's wrong?" He asked, turning to face her. Tears stained her cheeks.

    "Luis, there's a whole missing in my heart because of the baby we lost. I just want to fill that whole up." She cried, her face leaning on his chest. " I want us to try and have another baby." She got out.

    "Are you sure you're ready for that?" he asked.

    "Yes, I'm ready. Let's leave this place and go get started. Please Luis, I just want something that's going to bond us together forever" She told him, wiping the leftover tears.

    "Alright babe, let's get out of here" Sheridan threw the bouqet, Gwen caught it and Luis took off Sheridan's garter and threw it, Hank caught it. So the two had to share a dance. The newly married couple left right when the song came on. They headed to the Bed and Breakfast that Ivy Winthrop ran. They would be staying there for the night and they would fly off to Vegas the next morning.

    "Oh Luis" Sheridan whispered as they walked into their room. Candles sat all around the room, Luis was lighting them one by one. Red rose petals were sprinkled over the bed. There was a trail off White roses that led to the bed and a trail of Pink roses that led to the bathroom.

    "Glad you like it babe. I wanted this night to be special" He smiled and slid his arms around her waist.

    "I do like it a lot" He leaned down and kissed her. They went into the bathroom where the tub was already filled up with water and lots of bubbles. More candles were lit in here too.

    "How did you get all this done?" She asked in amazement.

    "Ivy helped. Shall we?" Luis asked, beginning to undress himself. Her clothes soon joined the pile and they sat in the warm water together. She laced they fingers together and stared at their matching gold bands.

    "I can't believe we're married. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was wonderful. Everything turned out great! Now I can't wait til we get out of the tub so we can have some more fun" She wiggled her eyebrows at him. Luis laughed at her and stood up. He pulled her up and stepped out of the tub. He whisked her off to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Sheridan smiled up at him and he smiled back down.

    "I love you Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald"

    "I love you too Mr.Lopez-Fitzgerald" She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his face close to hers. The moment his lips touched hers they were lost in their own world.

    The next morning the alarm clock went off at 5. The couple, who were both exhausted from lack of sleep, unwillingly got up and got dressed. Two hours later they were sitting in the Crane Jet flying in the air.

    "I can't wait til we get to Vegas' She exclaimed, excitement filled her voice.

    "me either" He smiled and leaned back in his seat. A couple of hours later Sheridna and Luis we're checking into their hotel. which was called Paris. The hotel was a replica of the real Paris. It even had a copy of the Eiffel Tower. They entered the honeymoon suite behind the bell boy. Luis gave him a large tip and closed the door behind him. "Alone at last" He winked at her and picked her up. He laid her on the big bed which was shaped like a heart.

    "Finally" She whispered and brought his face down to hers. "I love you baby" Sheridan leaned up and kissed him sweetly. Luis began to undress her and she did the same for him.

    "Love you too and I'm going to show you just how much" Luis wiggled his eyebrows and slipped into her body. They made love for what seemed like forever and then basked in the after glow. "I wish we could just stay like this forever" Luis said to her.

    "Me too babe, I never want to leave this place." She admitted.

    "Well you have to leave the room tonight so we can go out to dinner and maybe do some clubbing" He suggested.

    "That definitely sounds fun!" Her fingertips ran over his bare chest.

    "How about we go and try out that jacuzzi I saw when we walked in."

    "You have the best ideas" They got of bed and headed to the bathroom. Sheridan playfully jumped on his back.

    "What are you an ape?!" He chuckled. They stood in front of the bathroom mirror looking into each other's eyes. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek. Their hands were laced together and you could see the diamonds on their wedding bands sparkle. Luis turned towards the tub and started to fill it up with warm water and bubbles. She got off of his back and sat in the tub. Luis went out to the other room and got the bottle of champagne and the two flutes.

    "Where did you get the champagne?" Sheridan asked as he popped the cork.

    "When I booked the hotel I told them I wanted a bottle of champagne chilling in our room when we checked in"

    "Well don't you just think of everything" She smiled once again as he joined her in the tub. He handed her one of the flutes.

    "I want to make a toast. To us and a long lasting happily ever that we deserve, which includes lots of babies and us growing old together and always being faithful and honest no matter what. I'm so glad that we're married baby, I couldn't have found anyone more better to share my life with." Their flutes clicked and he kissed her so lovingly that it brought tears to her eyes.

    "Oh Luis that was so sweet" She sipped her beverage and leaned backed against his chest.

    "Well let's get cleaned up so we can go out" He said.

    "Alright" So they washed each other and got out and got dressed.

    "Luis, come on you're going to make me go on that roller coaster" She asked him in disbelief as they stared at the coaster in the back of the New York New York hotel.

    "Hey, I wouldn't make you do anything you didn't want to. Your choice babe, all I know is that I'm going to go and have some fun. You coming?' He asked, walking to the entrance. He smiled to himself, knowing she'd give in.

    "Oh I guess!" she exclaimed running to him.

    "I knew you'd come" He held her hand and led her up the stairs. She gulped in fear as she saw the roller coaster go up at least 100 feet and drop drown. The couple had to wait an hour before they were let on.

    "Luis, don't you dare let go of my hand!" She warned, "Or you'll be so sorry!"

    "And if I do, what you're not going to let me make love to you? Or you won't let me sleep in our bed tonight?" He teased, "Come on both of those things wouldn't be just torture for me. Just relax, I promise I won't let go" The roller coaster operator counted down to five and everyone screamed as they took off at least 60 mph.

    "Luis, I can't believe you made me go on that thing" Sheridan yelled at him.

    "What you didn't like it" He laughed and crushed her body to his. "I'm sorry babe, I just thought that'd you'd get over your fear. Where would you like to go now?" Luis asked her, wrapping his arm around her.

    "Let's go to the aquarium in Mandalay Bay" She suggested.

    "Ok" So they took a cab and went to their next destination.

    After going there, they went to the Circus Circus hotel which had an indoor theme park in it. And after that they headed back to the hotel to get changed for dinner and a long night of clubbing.

    "Are you done yet" He hardly got aggravated with her but she had been in the bathroom for almost three hours.

    "Almost, calm down Luis. Go watch tv or something"

    "Sher, if you're not out here if five minutes babe I'm leaving without you. Our reservations are for eight and it's twenty of." She opened the door of the bathroom and walked out.

    "I'm done" She looked at him and smiled a bit. She wore black gauchos which looked like capris, black sandals and a red dressy shirt.

    "Alright let's go" They walked out and went to the elevator. Sheridan pushed the button and it lit up. The gold doors opened and they walked in.

    "Good we have the elevator all to ourselves" she rolled her eyes and leaned against the wall. "Babe, why you rolling your eyes. We're all the way on the tenth floor, it's going to be a long ride. Maybe you should occupy me" He winked.

    "Umm no." She laughed and leaned up to kiss him. He held her face in his hands as they passionately kissed. She pulled away, trying to catch her breath. The bell of the elevator dinged as the doors opened. Sheridan wrapped her arms around her husband's waist as they left the hotel and looked for a cab to take them downtown. They arrived downtown just in time for the light show which was right above them. There had to be at least a million lights, Sheridan thought as they watched a ton of images develop one after another. After the show was done they found the steakhouse that they had reservations for. After they ate they decided to go to the club Ice, which all the young people were talking about.

    "Luis, can you get me a shot of Hypnotic" She asked loudly over the heavy music.

    "Yeah babe, wait right here" Luis went up to the bar and got a shot of Hypnotic for his wife and a shot of Johnny Walker whiskey for himself. Walking back to her he handed the shot. "Cheers" They both said and they chugged the shot down. They began dancing a little but both kept going back to the bar for shots and cocktails. Soon later, both were wasted and they decided to head back to their hotel.

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    Chapter 20

    Their honeymoon soon came to an unwanted end. Saddened by their departure, Luis promised to take Sheridan back in a few more years. They entered the Crane Jet and sat in the leather chairs.

    "Mr. and Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald, we'll be lifting off in five minutes. So if the two of you could please buckle up, thank you" The stuerdiss asked the couple.

    "Sure." Shridan replied and smiled. They fastened their seatbelts and waited patiently for the jet to take off. "You know Luis," He looked over at her, "I'm glad we chose Vegas for our honeymoon. It's been such a wonderful week"

    "Yes it has. But I'm ready to head back home and begin our lives as husband and wife"

    "Me too" She smiled, "Luis I was thinking...I think I'm ready to give up my career as a professional model."

    "Why babe?" He asked, wondering what was going through her pretty little mind.

    "Luis, I'm 24 years old, we just got married and I want us to have a real life together. I have a teacher's license that I got when I graduated college a few years ago. I'd like to teach preschool." Sheridan told him.

    "Are you serious hunny," he smiled, "I don't want you to quit modeling just because we got married. I'll support you in whatever you decide to do, I hope you know that" He told her.

    "I know you will babe and that'd what I love about you. I want to do this for me and for us. I don't want to be called away on modeling jobs and leave you for weeks at a time. And what's going to happen when I get pregnant? I want to be with our children too Luis. Our life together means everything to me" The captain announced that it was ok to undo their seatbelts. Sheridan undid hers and sat in Luis' lap. Sheridan slipped her small hands into her husband's large ones and brought her lips to his. The kiss was short but full of love.

    "Alright Sher, looks like your mind is all made up."

    "It is Luis. I'm glad you're not upset though. Whn we get back home I'm going to call my agent and let him know that I'm going to stop modeling and then I'm going to start applying at daycares around the Harmony and othr surroundng cities. I'm really excited Luis" She grinned from ear to ear as they enjoyed the rest of their flight.

    "Welcome home Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald" Luis announced as he unlocked the door to their home and picked up his wife. He carried her over the threshhold and laughed at how silly he was acting.

    "Oh Luis, always the sweet romantic" She sweetly kissed his cheek.

    "That's right gorgeous" He smiled as he picked up their bags and luggage from the porch.

    "Let's go bring our things upstairs." Luis carried the luggage and Sheridan carried the bags up the flight of stairs. They put their stuff in a corner and Sheridan laughed as Luis made a dive for their bed.

    "I did miss our big, comfortable bed!" He exclaimed, beckoning her with his finger to come to him. She rolled her eyes playfully and went to go sit on the bed. The happy couple both flopped onto their backs exhausted from the long plane ride home. He turned onto his side and gazed into the ocean blu orbs of his beloved wife.

    "Luis," She blushed, giggling like a teenager in high school, "stop. You're making me blush."

    "I can't help it Sher, you're beautiful. Love you babe" He said to her and she smiled, climbing on top of him, she rested her head on his chest. Listening to his strong heart beat made her heart rate speed up.

    "Love you too, Luis" There lips touched again and their hands were all over the place. Luis lifted Sheridan's tank over her head and threw it. He sat up and she helped him discard his shirt. Pants and undergarments were soon added to their pile. Luis flipped thm over and her twinkling eyes met his passion filled ones. She tickled the back of his neck with the tips of her nails. "Make love to me" She whispered. He filled her request as his manhood entered her, uniting them as one.

    Luis pulled his wife into his lap as that sat on their porch swing watching the sunset. It's beautiful colors of golden yellow and bright pink and of course a strong orang made Sheridan smile. Other couples on their street usually came and sat outside with their familes to just relax and enjoy the tranquility that the sunset brought. Sheridan grinned in awe as she watched the guy across the street chase his two daughters around their yard. The woman across the street waved to Sheridan and smiled warmly. Sheridan waved back and returned the smile. Luis looked up at her and kissed her on the cheek. Sheridan looked back down at Luis and gazed at him warmly. "I hope our life together is always like this" She told him.

    "I promise Sher, it will be" He lifted her soft hand to his mouth and kissed his. "ready to go in?" He asked and she nodded, getting up from his lap.

    "Let's go pop in a movie and open a bottle of wine" She suggested as they walked into their home and locked the door behind them.

    "I'll get the wine and you could pick out a movie for us to watch" He said as he walkd to th kitchen and left her in the living room. She opened the cabinet which held their DVD collection. Her eyes throroughly skimmed through the romance section and they landed on the title Pretty Woman. Luis entered the room and sat on the couch.

    "So which movie did you pick?" He asked as he watchd her place the movie in the DVD player.

    "Pretty Woman" She smiled as she sat down beside him and leaned hr had on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her.

    "Here, I poured you a glass of wine" He said as he handed her the glass.
    "thanks sweetie" She kissed his cheek and sipped her wine as they began watching the movie. By the end of the movie the couple had fallen asleep in each other's arms.

    Chapter 21

    Luis groaned as he hit the snooze button for the fifth time that morning. "Luis, you need to get up" She told him, sitting up in bed and turning off the alarm clock.

    "Ugh I hate monday mornings. Especially when I've been on vacation for the past two weeks" He sighed, tiredly crawling out from the warm covers.

    "I know my poor baby" She grinned and gave him a good morning kiss. "Now go get your butt in the shower and I'll go make your lunch. What would you like? Ham or Turkey?" Sheridan asked.

    "hmm...Turkey. Thanks so much sweetheart" He gave her a quick kiss and headed to take a shower. Sheridan walked down to the kitchen to make her husband's lunch. Half an hour later he descended down the stairs fully dressed in his uniform.

    " there's my sexy detective" Sheridan smiled as he walked over to her.

    "I guess I'll be heading to work now. Thanks so much for making my lunch Sher. I love you" He told her.

    "Love you too. Have a nice day" They kissed once more and she watched as her husband made his way to his truck. She waved one last time and walked into the house closing the door behind her. She walked backed upstairs and made their bed. After that she went to go take a shower that way she could get out of the house and start looking for a job. Sheridan quickly took a shower, got dressed and drove to the Book Café to pick up a cup of coffee.

    "Hi I'd like a cappuciono" Sheridan politely requested.

    "Would you like regular milk? And how many sugars miss?" The kind lady asked.

    "I'd like skim milk with 4 Splenda please"

    "Oh if it isn't Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald' " Someone teased. Sheridan turned around and smiled.

    "Hi Theresa, how are you?" She asked hugging her sister-in-law.

    "I'm great! But how are you? How's married life?" Theresa excitedly asked.

    "Oh it's so great," Sheridan grinned, "I never thought I'd meet anyone like your brother"

    "Excuse me ladies, sorry to interrupt. Here's your beverage miss" Sheridan paid the girl and invited Theresa to come sit down with her.

    "Well Sheridan, my brother is great and so are you. I'm very happy for you both" Theresa smiled, excitement written all over her face.

    "So miss Theresa how are you and Ethan doing?"

    "We're just friends" The young brunette replied.

    "Oh come on, you'd be lieing if you said that that's all it was."

    "Sheridan, that's all it is really. Yes maybe I want something more, but you know how men are. Eighty percent of them don't want a commitment. Yes I know I'm only 18 and he's 21, but he's living in the party stage of his life. But I do want a relationship with him. And I just can't help but want to compete against his drinking buddies for his attention. I mean we're best friends but when it comes down to drinking he doesn't care what I say. "

    "Well hunny it sounds like you really like him. Do you?" Sheridan asked her bluntly.

    "I do like him a lot, but I'm trying not to have those feelings because I know he doesn't want a girlfriend and he doesn't have the same feelings for me." Theresa tried to explain.

    "Sweetie maybe you should just talk to him. Life can be taken away in just a matter of seconds. How would you feel, god forbid, if something happened to you or Ethan and you didn't tell him you had feelings for him."

    "I'd feel pretty crappy I guess. I just don't want to get hurt"

    "Well in life you NEED to take risks because you never know when it's your time to go. I'm sorry to cut this short but I need to start looking for a job." Sheridan said, standing up and sipping the rest of drink.

    "Why? I thought your job being a model was going good."

    "It is Theresa, but it's not for me anymore. I'm a wife now and I want to be with Luis when he gets home. And when we have children I want to be there for them also. I don't want to be stuck in Boston or any other places that modelng takes me."

    "I see your point. Well it was great talking to you. Hope you find a job soon!" They hugged and Sheridan was on her way.

    "Hi I'd like to apply for a job" Sheridan told the receptionist.
    "What position miss?" The receptionist asked.

    "Teacher for either preschool or infant"

    "Ok, there is an opening for an infant teacher at the Daycare in Harmony High School. You do have a teacher's certification right?"

    "Yes I do"

    "Well if your ok with infants I'll need you to fill out all of these papers for me please"

    "Sure" Sheridan replied. After filling out a half dozen papers she handed them back to the receptionist.

    "Alright I'll hand these to the person in charge and we'll be contacting you within a few days"

    "Thank you" Sheridan said and headed home.

    Sheridan met her handsome husband at the door that night and happily threw herself in his arms.

    "Wow what a great way to come home" He smiled and kissed her passionately.

    "I missed you so much Luis!" She exclaimed hugging him.

    "Well for dinner I was thinking we could grill some fish"

    "Sounds good babe." He replied, taking her hand and going to the kitchen. Luis grilled the fish and the two sat down for dinner.

    "So how was your day?" She asked reaching for a piece of salmon.

    "Good it was weird being back after our vacation. How was yours? Did you find any job openings?" He asked his wife.

    "Yes, actually I did. Harmony High's daycare is hiring for an infant teacher." She told him excitedly about her new job.

    "That's great baby, I'm so happy for you"

    After dinner the couple cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie. It was close to nine o'clock when Sheridan started to doze off.

    "Come on Sher let's head up to bed" He suggested closing the tv.

    "Alright" They walked up the stairs and got ready for bed.

    "love you" He told her as he climbed into bed beside her.

    "Goodnight I love you too sweetie" She kissed and laid herself in his arms.

    "Goodnight babe" They soon fell asleep.

    Her hand reached over to the nightstand and shut off the alarm. With her eyes still closed she rolled over onto her back.
    "Good morning beautiful" Smiling, her eyes fluttered open and looked at her husband.

    "Good morning Luis" He leaned over and kissed his wife. Sheridan wrapped her arms around him and deepened their kiss. Luis caressed her body and she could feel his erection growing. "I want you" She told him as they broke apart. Luis' hands fell to her shorts and he tugged them down her legs. Sheridan took off her tank and his boxers. Luis went to go grab a condom out of the drawer and her hand caught his.

    "Don't put one on." She she said to him. Luis smiled down at her.

    "You sure babe?" He asked, even though he knew the answer.

    "Yes! No more condoms at all. I want a baby with you Luis. I want to get pregnant soon!" Luis kissed her lips and lowered his body onto his wife's.

    "I want that to Sher" Luis enetered her and they began making love. He laced their fingers together and leaned down to kiss her. "I love you"

    "I love you too Luis" After, the two lay in the afterglow resting before Luis had to head to work. "Luis, I really meant what I said before" She told him referring about the baby.

    "I know you did sweetie." Luis placed a kiss on the top of her head. She sighed contently.

    "Oh Luis, " She sighed, "I wish we could stay like this forever. But I know you have to get to work"

    "I'm sorry babe, we can continue this tonight though. I'll cook you dinner, make dessert, draw you a bath and the whole shebang." Luis told her and kissed her lips.

    "alright sounds very nice." She laid in bed while her husband went to go take a shower. He came out twenty minutes later dripping wet wrapped in a towel. "Luis, come on you just had to come out in a towel" She laughed covering her eyes. Damn, she thought, he looks so yummy right now.

    "Is there something you want" He whispered seductively in her ear.

    "Luis go get dressed please or you'll never make it to work" Sheridan exclaimed and pushed him away.

    "Ok ok I'm going to get dressed" He grinned and grabbed his uniform from the closet. Suddenly he thought of a sly idea. He ripped the towel from his waist and Sheridan smiled in appreciation.

    "Luis," She began crawling to the edge of the bed, "You just tempted me for the last time today" Sheridan told him kissing his hard on the mouth. He slowly pushed her back onto the mattress and came on top of her.

    "Sher this one is gonna have to be a quicky" He said to her.

    "Fine by me detective" She winked and moaned as he entered her body. He made love to her hard and screamed as he felt the pressure build up inside of him.

    "Baby I'm almost there!"

    "Me too Luis." With a couple more thrusts he sent them flying over the edge together. "oh god Luis that was incredible" She leaned up to kiss him.

    "Ok Sher I love and I really need to get going" Luis got up and grabbed his uniform. He went to the bathroom to get changed. He came out a couple of minutes later. "Love u Sher" He kissed her cheek.

    "I love you too. Have a good day sweetie" Sheridan sighed happily as she watched her husband's truck pull away from their house and drove away. Stepping away from the window she reached for the phone and dialed a familiar number.


    "Hi mom" Sheridan replied sitting on her bed.

    "Hi darling how are you?" Her mother asked.

    "I'm good. Are you going to be home today?"

    "Yes sweetheart. Did you want to come over? Pilar's already here having coffee with me"

    "Yes I'll be over soon. Probably in an hour or so."

    "Ok sweetie I'll see you then"

    "Alright bye mom

    "Bye" Sheridan placed the phone back on the receiver and went to pick out her clothes for the day then went to go take a shower.

    Walking along the pathway to the garden she inhaled the sweet scent of the beautiful flowers. Red Roses, Pink Lilies and Yellow Carnations could be found everywhere throughout the garden. Sheridan smiled as her mother and mother-in-law came into view.

    "Hi mom! Hi Pilar" Sheridan said hugging both of them.

    "Hi mija" Pilar responded.

    "Hi darling I'm so glad that you came to join us"

    "Me too. I brought hamburgers and hot dogs for us to grill for lunch. I hope the pool's all ready too, I've been dying to go in."

    "That was very thoughtful of you. I'll take the food and go put it in the fridge. And as for the pool it's all set and ready. So is the jacuzzi!" Sheridan took a seat beside her mother and thanked Pilar as she poured a cup of coffee for her.

    "Well I found a job" Sheridan said.

    "Doing what mija?" Pilar asked.

    "I went to college to study child development and I received my degree in that field. So I'm going to be a teacher for infants in the daycare at Harmony High."

    "Well that sounds like fun. But you're quiting modeling?" Her mother asked.

    "Yes mom, I am. As I told Luis, I want us to have a real life. Luis and I want to start having children already. And when we have kids I don't want to worry about commuting back and forth between Harmony and Boston, or anywhere else modeling takes me." She said explaining the details of her recent career change.

    "Well sweetheart all we want for you is for you to be happy"Katherine said to her daughter

    "So are grandbabies in the work for your mother and I, Sheridan?"Pilar asked excitedly.

    "Actually Pilar, they are," Sheridan announced, happiness filling her voice

    "oh mija! I'm so happy for you and my son"

    "Me too Sheridan. Oh Pilar I can't wait til we have grandchildren!" Katherine exclaimed.

    "Thanks mom, thank Pilar. So what are you two ladies up to today?" Sheridan asked the older women.

    "We were going to lounge by the pool until Martin and Ben came home from work."Pilar told her daughter-in-law.

    "And tonight we're cooking on the grill again. Pilar marinated the meat and I'm just going to pour barbeque sauce over the chicken breast. You and Luis can join us. Call him at lunch time and ask him to come over after work." Katherine told Sheridan.

    "That sounds like fun. The six of us havent had dinner together in a long time. So who's ready to swim!?" She exclaimed standing up and taking off her tank top, revealing the top piece of her red tankini.

    "Alright, let's go Pilar" Katherine told her friend as she stripped down to her Pink one piece. Pilar was the last one in the pool.

    "Oooh this is too cold" Pilar shivered.

    "Oh Pilar! You're always cold" Katherine chuckled.

    "Let's race so we can all warm up" The three ladies spent most of the day in the pool, just swimming and lounging around in the pool floaties. Pilar was the first one to get out. She wrapped the fluffy white towel around her body and walked over to her chair. She picked up her watch and checked the time.
    "Sheridan, Katherine it's almost three o'clock" Pilar called.

    "I guess that means we have to get out," Sheridan sighed, "Ben and Martin will be getting out of work in a little while. And Luis is getting out of work at four."

    "Yes we should be getting out Sheridan." Katherine swam over to the stairs and climbed out and Sheridan followd her.

    "I'm going to go to the market really quick to get some stuff for us to makes smores tonight by the fire. And then I'm going to go home and wait for Luis, that way we can just take one car later."

    "Alright sweetheart. Make sure you get lots of chocolate mija" Pilar requested.

    "Of course I'll get a lot!" Sheridan exclaimed. She dried herself of and just put her jean shorts on. "Would you like me to a make a salad for tonight mom?" She asked gathering her purse and her shirt together.

    "That'd be great darling. Thank you" Katherine told her daughter and kissed her on the cheek.

    "Ok well I'll be back soon." Sheridan said and strolled off to her car.

    His sexy chocolate eyes scanned her long curvy body. Her jean shorts hugged to her bottom and without even realizing it he licked his lips. He walked over to her and placed a kiss on her caramel colored shoulder.

    "Hi baby" He whispered and smiled as she turned around to face him.

    "Hi Luis," Sheridan leaned up to kiss her handsome husband, "How was your day?" She asked hugging his masculine body.

    "Very good in fact, but god knows how much I missed you" His arms came around her slender waist and he kissed her again. Luis backed her up against the counter and lifted her up. Her long legs instantly wrapped around his waist as he sat her on the countertop. His hands cupped her sun kissed face in his hands and deepened the kiss. His hands found their way down to her chest and she started moaning as he caressed her.

    "Luis," She whispered, tangling her fingers is his dark hair. He smiled against her lips and smiled once again as his fingers felt the buttons to her shorts. Luis unsnapped her shorts and tugged them down her hips and down her legs, then came the bottom piece to her swim suit. Sheridan could feel his fingers sliding up her calves and onto her thighs. She moaned in anticipation. "God Luis, please!" She screamed begging for him to give her more pleasure. Instead of letting his fingers slip into her, he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Luis laid his beautiful wife on their queen sized bed and started to undress himself. She watched as he unbuttoned button after button and licked her lips as his masculine chest came into view. "baby you are so fine" She beckoned him over to her with her index finger. Crawling to the edge of the bed she unzipped his pants and slid them down and watched as he kicked them off. She could see his throbbing erection through his black boxers. "Oh Luis I want you so badly" Sheridan moaned and pulled him down on top of her.

    "Baby I want you too" Luis rolled them over so that she could be on top. She slyly grinned as her hands moved to the bottom of her tankini and she slowly took it off giving her husband a show that made him grow even harder. Luis' erection was close to her warm center.

    "Like what you see detective?" She asked smiling, purpously rubbing herself against his manhood. Luis flipped her onto her back and in one shot he filled her makng her rock against him in pure blissful pleasure. "Oh my god Luis!!!" She screamed, her body moving against his in a perfect rhythm.

    "Oh god Sheridan I love you so much!!!"

    "Oh Luis I love you to. Fast baby please, I'm almost over the edge." He laced their fingers together and pounded into her even faster.

    "Tell me when baby, I want us to go over the edge together" He yelled, he felt the orgasim coming on.

    "Oh god now Luis, now. I'm coming!!" Sheridan exclaimed.

    "Oh Sheridannn baby!!!" He yelled and went fast and she clung to him, screaming out his name while he yelled out hers. He fell onto the side of her and caressed her curvy hips as they tried to catch their breath. "Sheridan, I love you so much baby."

    "I love you too, Luis" She said and quickly glanced over at the clock, "Oh damn!" It was already Five o'clock.

    "What's the matter? Do you have somewhere to be?" He joked, as she sat up.

    "Well my mom wanted us to come over for dinner tonight, that's why I was making the salad when you walked into the kitchen." Sheridan told him.

    "I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean to distract you. Hope you forgive me" He gave her his best sad puppy face.

    "Oh Luis, "She laughed, "Get your cute a** in the shower!" She told him. They showered together quickly, got dressed and headed off to the estate.

    "Well it's about time!" Martin exclaimed as the two lovebirds came into view. Sheridan blushed in embarrassment, tightening her hold on Luis' hand.

    "Oh haha dad you're so funny" Luis said, shaking his father's hand. Sheridan kissed Martin on the cheek and did the same to Ben. Luis hugged and kissed his mother.

    "Hi mama how are you?" He asked, taking a seat beside her.

    "I'm very good mijo, thank you for asking" She smiled.

    "Hi Katherine, how are you doing. I haven't seen you in a long time" Luis told his mother-in-law.

    "I've been very good, Luis. So how's married life?" She asked.

    "It's everything I've ever dreamed of and more!" He said gazing at his wife with love. Love you, he mouthed to her. Love you too, she mouthed back to him. He entertwined their fingers together as they enjoyed spending time with their parents.

    "Sheridan, Luis are you two hungry yet" Ben asked. Sheridan shook her head yes.

    "I sure am. I've worked up such an appetite today." Luis announced, winking at his wife. A second later she elbowed him and laughed.

    "Well I'll start grilling the food." Ben said.

    "Would you like some help sir?" Luis asked.

    "Sure Luis, that'd be great" Ben smiled warmly and went to go get the chicken and steak while Luis fired up the grill. Ben returned to find Luis and Sheridan by the grill and Katherine, Martin and Pilar in the pool. Ben caught Katherine's attention and blew her a kiss. Sheridan looked on and smiled.

    "Ben go join my mom, she misses you. Me and Luis can handle the grilling. Right babe?" She said.

    "That's right gorgeous. Go have fun sir" Luis said taking the bowls out of the older man's hands.

    "Ok, thank you both" Ben happily, walking off to go join his wife and their best friends. Luis placed the marinated beef and chicken breast on the grill. He closed the cover and sat down in one of the chairs. He pulled his wife into his lap.

    "Can you go and turn on the radio Sher? Please sweetie" He asked sweetly.

    "Oh Luis, you're such a pain in my behind" Sheridan teased and went over to the shed to turn on the radio. She changed the station to her favorite. Starting at six it was a love song marathon til midnight. As she walked back to the patio area she saw Luis checking the food.

    "Thanks babe" He smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

    "Your welcome, is the food almost done?" She asked, wrapping her arms around his waist.

    "ten, fifteen more minutes to go" He said to her. One of their favorite songs began to play and Luis reached for Sheridan's hand. He spun her out and back in, wrapping his arms around her waist as they began to sway to the sweet love song.

    You are the air I need to breathe
    the river of life inside of me
    you are the half that made me whole
    you are the anchor of my soul
    and you are strong when I am weak
    you are the words when I can't speak
    you never fail to see me through
    that's the love I found in you

    "I love you Sheridan, forever and always mi amor" He promised, tenderly kissing her lips.

    "I love you too, Luis, my knight in shining armor" She smiled up at him, her blue orbs twinkling like the stars. Luis kissed her once again.

    you are my shelter from the storm
    you are the road that leads me home
    and baby with you here face to face
    Oh I know I've found my place
    and you are strong when I am weak
    you are the words when I can't speak
    you never fail to see me through
    that's the love I found in you

    "Oh Martin, look at them" Pilar smiled as she watched her son dance sweetly with his wife.

    "They're just like us my love," Martin grinned and kissed Pilar on the cheek,"I never really believed that they would've found their way back to each" He said.

    "Well they did Martin and they are so happy!" Katherine told him grinning from ear to ear as she looked on at her grown daughter, who had turned into a beautiful woman. And at her son-in-law who's arms were protectively wrapped around Sheridans body.

    and once in every life
    you find the one that's right
    and when you say forever it's true
    That's the love I found in you
    You are strong when I am weak
    you are the words when I can't speak
    you never fail to see me through
    That's the love I found in you

    Jim Brickman~~~That's the love, love I found in you

    As the song ended the couple parted and realized that they had an audience.

    "Oh you guys stop staring" Sheridan told them, her cheeks burning with embarassment. The four of thm just laughed at Sheridan. One by one they got out of the pool and began to set the table for dinner. Pilar and Katherine went inside the kitchen to get the rice and salad that Sheridan had made.Martin and Ben went to the fridge in the shed to get drinks for everyone. And Luis was left to put the steak and chicken on a platter. After the whole family had ate the girls had gone in the house to do the dishes while the men cleaned up outside and got the campfire ready for the s'mores.

    "Come on ladies, the fire is ready" Ben called to them.
    "Coming sweetheart" Katherine replied to him. The ladies came outside, Sheridan holding a tray with coffee cups, sugar and of course cream. Pilar was holding the coffee and Katherine was holding the spoons and the ingredients for dessert. They all took turns making their own S'mores. When it reach ten o'clock they all agreed it was time to call it a night. They cleaned up and Sheridan and Luis went home along with Pilar and Martin.

    Chapter 22
    The smell of hamburgers and hot dogs filled the spacious back yard of the Crane Mansion where all the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, Bennets and Cranes gathered around for a Fourth of July barbeque. Paloma and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald had returned home from college for the Summer. Most of the men were helping out with the food while the women lounged around either tanning or taking a dip in the pool. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald on the other hand was too busy making out with his wife on the other side of the long underground pool.

    "Luis, maybe you should be out there helping all of the other guys" She told him, lifting herself up to sit on the edge of the pool.

    "Babe the guys are doing a great job without me. I just want to be close to you and enjoy our time together." Luis reached up and placed a kiss on her lips.

    "I just wish that we didn't have to stay here all day."

    "And you think I want to? Our parents would be upset if we left though," he said to her," Right now I'd rather be having our own Fourth of July party." He said in a low voice, trailing kisses up and down her neck. Sheridan's eyes fluttered shut as she enjoyed the sensation of his soft lips.

    "Luis stop right there mister. No more getting me worked up," She told him pushing him away, "Come on let's go sit on the patio" Sheridan said standing up. Luis jumped out of the pool and followed her.

    "Hold on babe" She looked back and realized he was following her. She smiled as he placed his hand with hers.

    "Glad you two could actually join us" Chuckled Theresa.

    "What's so funny sis?" Luis asked her with a questioning look.

    "Well you two looked really cozy in the pool, "Laughed Ethan, "Did you forget? The honeymoon's been over for a couple of weeks.

    "Oh you! Hush up Ethan" Sheridan teasingly punched him.

    "Dad, where are the burgers?" Luis asked Martin.

    "They're over here son" Martin handed the plate of burgers to his son to put on the table.

    "Sheridan, are you and my brother going to the carnival tonight?" Theresa asked.

    "We were thinking about it, but we don't know for sure yet. How about you and lover boy there" Sheridan teased looking over at Ethan as he gazed lovingly at Theresa.

    "Yes of course we're going. And we're going to watch the fireworks from there. You and Luis should definitely join us!"

    "That sounds like fun Theresa, maybe we will take you up on your offer" Sheridan said, reaching for a cheeseburger. Luis sat down beside his wife and reached for a cheeseburger. Paloma soon joined them.

    "Paloma, I'm so glad you're back" Luis told her, happy that his sister was home after being away for months.

    "Well I'm glad to be back. Harmony is my home and after college I plan on coming back and building my life here" Paloma informed her older brother happily.

    "Oh mija, I'm so happy to hear you say that" Pilar smiled, kissing her daughter's cheek, "Now hopefully Miguel will feel the same way that you do about Harmony"

    "Mama, right now Miguel isn't thinking of college or even harmony right now. He's so focused on that pretty brunette over there" Paloma pointed to Miguel and Kay Bennett sitting under a tree that was filled with magenta blossoms. He was staring deeply into her eyes, mesmorized by her beauty.

    "Oh Pilar, our babies are growing up way too fast" Martin sighed, slipping an arm around his wife.

    "yes they are Martin" She agreed sadly.

    "Oh Pilar, Martin no need to be sad,"Katherine said grinning, "Because don't forgt when our children get older, they get married and the four of us get grandbabies!" Katherine exclaimed proudly, referring to her, Ben, Martin and Pilar.

    "Very true, Katherine" Pilar said.

    Later that night, Sheridan and Luis joined Theresa and Ethan at the carnival.
    "Oh come on babe let's go on the ferris wheel" Luis suggested after they bought their tickets.

    "Luis, you know how much I dislike heights." She reminded him as they stood in front of the tallest ride.

    "I know, but I'm going to break you free from that. I'll hold you tight and I won't make you look down, "He smiled seductively "I'll find some way to keep you distracted." Sheridan smiled and gave in.

    "Fine" She agreed and they got in line for the ride.
    "See this isn't so bad now is it?" He asked, his arm tightly wrapped around her shoulder.

    "Luis, it kind of is" She replied as the ride started moving, lifting them higher and higher.

    "Look at me," He said, "I'd never let anything happen to you." Luis promised and began kissing her. She sank into the kiss quickly and for a moment she had forgotten where she was. Sheridan pulled away and looked at him.

    "Hmm..I think i'm starting to like the whole idea of his ferris wheel thing" She said laying her head on his shoulder. Luis looked down below and watched all the small children drag their parents from ride to ride. He smiled to himself, he couldn't wait for that to be him and Sheridan. Jumping from ride to ride with their sweet little angels. Once the ride ended they stepped off and waited for Theresa and Ethan.

    "Well wasn't that just so much fun!" Theresa exclaimed, smiling and grabbing Ethan's hand.

    "Who wants to go on Bumper Cars?" Ethan asked.

    "Definitely me" Theresa said, "Oh Sheridan and Luis let's go. You guys are coming too"

    "Well I do love bumper cars" Sheridan said. After going on a couple of more rides, Luis suggested that they should play a couple of games before the fireworks started.

    "Oooh how about the ring toss game" Theresa suggested leading them over to the booth. Ethan and Luis bought 30 rings each. Luis actually got lucky as one of his rings landed around the bottle.

    "Pick your prize sir" The guy running the game said.

    "What would you like gorgeous?" Luis asked his wife. Sheridan chose the Winnie the Pooh that said I Love You on it.

    "Thanks Luis." She said kissing him. Ethan played another round and won the same thing for Theresa. It was getting close to nine o'clock so the two couples bought their drinks, cotton candy and candy apples and went to go sit by the water, where they were setting off the fireworks. At nine o'clock the show started. Bright tones of yellow and blue shot through the sky. Multi colors of purple and pink were shown as well. And as the fireworks came to a close, they all decided that it was time to head home.

    Once they arrived in their bedroom, Sheridan kicked off her shoes and began undressing. His arms came around her half naked body.

    "Come on and join me in the shower" Luis whispered into her ear. He led her to their bathroom and turned on the shower. Sheridan began undressing him and he finished undressing her. Luis grabbed th sponge that was hanging form the shower wall and filled it with rasberry scented body wash. She looked up into his eyes and noticed his dark brown eyes were filled with desire which made her go weak at the knees. He started at her ankles, working his way up to her calves, he took his slow time working his way up to her thighs. The sponge landed on her left thigh and her mouth went dry as she anticipatd his next move. Luis, ever so slowly, ran the sponge along the outside of her center, making her moan in delight. He back her up onto the wall and continued his torture. The hand that held the sponge made it's way up past her stomach and onto her breasts. Luis threw the sponge behind him and began to touch her goodies with his hands.

    "oh god Luis!" She moaned sexily. He leaned down and captured her lips with his. His tongue slipped out and sought out hers. Sheridan could feel her husband's manhood strongly pressed up against her stomach. "Oh Luis, please make love to me!" She screamed throwing her arms around his neck. He picked her up and exited the shower. Luis quickly wiped them off, picked her up again and whisked her away to their bedroom. He laid her on the bed slowly and came on top of her.

    "I want and need you so bad Sher" He told her, caressing her cheeks.

    "then make love to me!" She ordered wrapping her legs around his waist. Slowly, Luis entered Sheridan's body and they united as one. "I love you" she told him as they began to make slow love to each other.

    "I love you too Sher" He said back to her and kissed her. After reaching their peak Sheridan laid tightly wrapped in Luis' arms basking in the wonderful afterglow of their lovemaking. "Do you think we've made a baby yet Sher?" He asked her, rubbing circles on her flat belly.

    "I think we have already Luis. I guess you can call it maternal instincts, but I feel like we really did make a baby" She told him, smiling at the thought.

    "Is it to early to go see the doctor?" He asked.

    "If I was pregnant, I wouldn't be to far along. So I'll just hold off for a little while"

    "Ok, well make sure you tell me when you make the appointment. I want to be there when the doctor tells us the good news. And I want to be at all the appointments. I want to watch our baby on those little tv's and listen to it's heartbeat." He kissed the crown of her head and silently thanked god for sending her to him.

    "Oh Luis, you are just too sweet. I love you so much"
    "And I love you my beautiful wife"

    "How abut we get some rest. We both have work in the morning" Luis kissed her once more and closed the lamp beside him.

    "Goodnight mi amor" He whispered.

    "Goodnight sweetheart"

    By the time the alarm went off the next morning, Sheridan was already half dressed for work. Luis shut off the buzzer and laid in bed, watching her finishing getting dressed and applying her make up and perfume. She gazed at him through the mirror.
    "Good morning love" She smiled, finishing put her eyeliner on.
    "Good morning hunny" She walked over to the bed and sat down beside him. "And aren't I going to get a kiss?" He asked looking up at her.

    "You sure are darling" She leaned down to kiss him and he pulled her on top of him. She pulled away and said, "No sir, no lovemaking this morning. I need to get to work early today."

    "babe, come on, I've always gave into you and I still made it to work on time work" Sheridan got off of him and grabbed her shoes from the closet.

    "Sweetie i'm sorry, but I need to be out of here in two minutes," She told him, "I'll see you at lunchtime though"

    "Alright. See you at lunchtime, have a good day Sher. Love you" Luis told her getting up from the bed.

    "Love you too" Sheridan kissed him once more and left for work.

    "Oh god, how did I get so lucky" He asked himself. Luis made the bed and headed off to take a shower.

    "Good morning girls" Sheridan said as she entered the daycare.

    "Good morning Sheridan" One of the other teachers, Eliza, replied. Their boss stepped out of her office and smiled.

    "Good morning Sheridan"

    "Good morning Tracy" Sheridan said and went to go put her purse away.

    "Sheridan, can I see you for a minute"

    "Yes, sure" Sheridan and Tracy walked to the office.

    "Sheridan, I know when you applied for this job that it was for infants. But now we're getting three more toddlers. I hate to ask you this but would you mind switching to the toddler room? Numbers are higher in there." Tracy asked.

    "Tracy, that's totally fine with me. I don't mind at all" Sheridan smiled brightly.

    "Well you'll be the main teacher in there with one aide. So you and the aide will have nine toddlers"

    "Ok that's fine. Now is the aide suppose to be coming in today?" Sheridan asked. Tracy looked down at her watch.

    "She should be here soon. Her hours are 8-4"

    "Alright, sounds good." Sheridan smiled and headed to the toddler room. She began straightening out the toys and putting the laundry bags in the hamper.

    "So Sheridan, are you excited about working with the toddlers." Eliza asked.

    "Yes, actually I am. I think it will be an exciting change. I'm just hoping that the aide and I work well together." Sheridan told the other woman who had become one of her good friends.

    "Oh I'm sure that you both will" Eliza smiled and finished helping Sheridan.

    "Sheridan, Eliza this is Megan. Megan, you're going to be working with Sheridan" Tracy told the younger lady.

    "Hi, nice to meet you Sheridan. Nice to meet you too Eliza" Megan said politely shaking both of their hands. Megan appeared to be about 16 or 17 with long dark hair and dark eyes.
    "Well I see a couple of parents arriving now. Let's go start the day ladies" Tracy announced happily.

    "Well good morning Kyle" Sheridan said, kneeling down to the little boys level.

    "Good morning miss Sheridan" Kyle smilied and jumped into his teachers arms, hugging her tightly.

    "Hi Monica" Sheridan said to Kyle's mother. "How was your fourth?"

    "Oh it was good Sheridan, we went to my moms for lunch"

    Next to arrive were the Anderson triplets; Molly, Kay and Tommy. Then it was the twins Katie and Lauren and finally Kylie.

    "Well good morning all my friends" Sheridan said loudly in a cheerful voice.

    "Good morning miss Sheridan."

    "We have a new friend boys and girls," Sheridan announced motioning Megan to come stand beside her. "This is our new friend miss Megan. Now can everyone say good morning miss Megan?"

    "Good morning miss Megan" All the students echoed.

    "Good morning friends." Megan said smiling.

    "Now who would like to eat breakfast?" Sheridan asked and everyone raised their hands." Well let's go to the sink and miss Megan will wash your hands." The rest of the morning went smoothly and now it was almost time for snack time. Sheridan was doing circle time, which consisted of books, singing and puppets.

    "Megan can you change their diapers please?" Sheridan asked her helper.

    "Sure miss Sheridan"

    "Thank you" Sheridan smiled. "ok good morning friends"
    Sheridan said happily, "Now do you know what I have in my hand?"

    "a stick?" 2 year old Kylie asked puzzled.

    "It's a magic wand. Do you see all the little pretty stars floating to the bottom when I flip it over?"

    "Yes" A few of the students replied.

    "Well it's going to be my story wand and when a hand it someoneonly that person can talk. No one else." Sheridan tried to explain, "do you understand?" She asked, trying to explain the concept as best as she could and watched as they nodded their heads. Sheridan handed it to the child closest to her.

    "And what's your name sweetie?"

    "It's Kay miss Sheridan. Duh!" The little girl exlcaimed. Sheridan had to bite her bottom lip to keep herself from laughing at the little girl.

    "Kay is here today, Kay is here today, we all clap for Kay, Kay is here today. Yay!" Sheridan sang, clapping her hands.

    "And how old are you?"

    "I'm 3" Kay replied, showing three fingers. Sheridan continued with circle time and couldn't stop smiling as her students clapped and sang along with her. Soon after snack time came lunch and Sheridan couldn't have been more relieved.

    "Alright let's get cleaned up so we can take a nap!" Sheridan exclaimed happily. Megan laid out the cots for the children as Sheridan washed up the kids. "Megan can you just shut off the lights please and turn on the lullaby music?" Sheridan asked.

    "Sure miss Sheridan" The lights were closed and Sheridan and Megan starting rubbing the backs of the children to put them to sleep. After about twenty minutes all the kids were fast asleep.

    "Megan, you can take your lunch if you'd like. Tracy's going to be in here doing paprwork if you want"

    There was a knock at the door and Sheridan went to go answer it.

    "Hi baby" He smiled reaching over to kiss her.

    "Hi sweetheart, just let me get my things and we can take off" He followed her back into the daycare.

    "Well if it isn't Harmony's hottest detective" Tracy teased, laughing along with Eliza. Luis blushed and just rolled his eyes.

    "Oh you ladies need to stop hitting on my man" Sheridan chuckled lacing her arm with his. "I'll be back in an hour" She told them and her and Luis left.

    Later that night Sheridan unlocked the door to her home and sighed, shutting it behind her. Sheridan placed her bag and purse at the bottom of the staircase and slipped off her shoes.

    "Luis?" She called out, since she had seen his truck parked in the driveway.

    "Upstairs baby" He replied.

    "Hi gorgeous" Sheridan said walking through the door and towards the bed where he was sitting.

    "Hi Sher," He gave her a soft kiss and wrapped her arms around her waist,, "How was the rest of your day?"

    "I'm exhausted. When the kids woke up it seemed like they were on a sugar rush, they were so hyper. But I'm so glad to be home with you now" She told him looking down into his eyes.

    "Well I whipped up supper. I hope you're in the mood for lasgana and garlic bread." He stood up and sat her down on the bed. Fully knowing how tired she was, Luis began helping her undress. He pulled her pink top off and then came her pink lacy bra. Sheridan shivered as his magical fingers ran across her chest. She almost screamd out in bliss as she felt his hot tongue run across her nipple.

    "Oh god Luis" She moaned, pulling his head closer. He smiled against her skin and did the same to it's twin. He pushed her back onto her back so he could remove her black gauchos. Sheridan closed her eyes and enjoyed the feelings of his hot lips on her skin. Luis pulled off her gauchos and then her panties added to the pile. His lips traveled up her long tanned legs. His mouth stopped at the opening of her center. Their eyes met, "I hope you're ready to end this torture on me" She said. Sheridan moaned and pulled her husband on top of her. She kissed him passionately and began tearing away his clothes. Luis couldn't help but moan her name as she guided his manhood to her warm center. They connected and made love.

    "Luis, dinner was delicious. Thank you so much for cooking" She kissed his cheek and cuddled closer to him as they sat on the couch.

    "You're welcome babe, I know you've been working long hours and I know how tired you are when you come home"

    "Yes I was kind of tired when I got home, but not anymore"
    She said laughing, "You always have this way of waking me up."

    "And you love every minute beautiful" He smiled and kissed her gently on the lips. She sighed in contentment, snuggling deeper into his arms.

    "Luis," She began looking up at him.

    "Yeah babe?" He asked staring down at her.

    "I was thinking that maybe one weekend this month we could go away. Leave on a Friday night and come home on Sunday night"

    "That sounds like a good idea, Sher. Your birthday is coming up next month and I wanted to do something special for you. What place did you have in mind sweetheart?" Luis asked sweetly.

    "Maybe Hampton Beach?" Sheridan suggested hopefully.

    "Anything you want sweetheart, you know that" He smiled and thought of something else, "You know babe, we haven't even opened our pool yet"

    "Wow, your right, Luis." We should definitely do that this weekend. I'll stop by the pool store after work and get the chemicals for it."

    "Maybe we should head up to bed now. I know you're exhausted." Luis suggested standing up and stretching.
    "Yes I could very well use some sleep." She told him and they headed up to bed for a goodnight's sleep.

    Chapter 23

    Sheridan had bought the chemicals for the pool and Luis had agreed to clean it.

    "Can you help me take the cover off sweetie" Luis asked stepping out onto the deck. The temperature outside was almost 90 degrees and both of them could hardly stand being out in the hot sun.

    "Sure" Sheridan joined her husband on the deck and watched as he took off his shirt. This man was a complete god!

    "Come on Sheridan, let's get this cover off" It was much harder than they had though because the pool was so long, it was underground and it was only the two of them trying to pull the large cover off. She licked her lips unconciously as she watched his muscles tightened while he pulled the pool cover up on the deck. After a couple of minutes the pair managed to get it off and Sheridan clapped her hands in delight.

    "Oh Luis, I can't wait til we actually get to swim in our pool" She exclaimed, wiping the sweat from her brow.

    "baby, that's not going to be for a couple of days" He told her.

    "Why?" She asked.

    "Well I need to shock the pool and you have to wait at least a day for it to sink in. Then tomorrow I'm going to vacuum that gross stuff at the bottom and then put in the finishing chemicals" He explained.

    "Ohhh" Sheridan replied nodding her head. Most of their morning was spent cleaning the pool and when it was time to eat lunch, Sheridan threw some burgers on the grill for her and her hubby. Luis came up from behind her and placed a kiss on her sun bathed shoulder.

    "Well look at this sweetheart," He began, lifting up part of bikini top, "You already have a gorgeous tan from today. You lucky dog" He teased, kissing her cheek. She turned around to face him and smiled. Her finger tips ran across the top part of his perfect physique.
    "And look at you, you have an even darker tan than before. Now who's the lucky one" Sheridan grinned as she pulled his shorts a little lower to prove to him that she was right.
    "Well Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald, I think we look mighty fine with our tans" Luis wrapped his arms around her body.

    "And I agree, detective" She leaned up to kiss him. She turned back around to flip the burgers.

    "I'll go get the chips and ice tea so we can eat out here" Luis offered and walked into the house. He walked back out, hands full with a bag of Doritos, plates, the pitcher of Ice Tea and two glasses. The couple sat down and ate their lunch.

    "Sweetie I'm going to the market to pick up a few things. Did you want me to get you anything?" She asked. A few things, she thought, more like that one little object that could change their lives forever.

    "No babe, I'm all set, thanks"

    After Sheridan arrived back home from the market she put the few groceries that she had bought away and went upstairs. When she had come home Luis had been busy mowing the lawn and she was thankful for that. Sheridan pulled the box out of her purse and walked to the bathroom.

    "All I have to do is pee on the stick. Pink is positive and blue is negative" Sheridan read aloud. Sheridan did her business and had to wait five long minutes. Longest five minutes of my life, Sheridan thought impatiently, sitting on the bathroom counter. It was weird though she hadn't felt any signs of pregnancy, except for the menstrual cycle part. Hopefully this wasn't just wishful thinking. When the timer on her watch went off she reached over and picked up the stick. Sheridan held her hand to her mouth as she read the results. Pink, meaning the test came out positive and indeed she was with child. She jumped down from the counter, hanging onto the test with dear life. If the results had come out positive she hadn't planned on telling Luis until she had confirmed it with her doctor. But all those thoughts had rushed out of her mind as she ran down the stairs. Sheridan was jumping for joy as she spotted Luis in the yard dumping the grass into the garbage can. "Luis!!" She called running to him. He turned around quickly thinking something was wrong.

    "Sheridan, what's the matter?" He asked as she threw herself in his arms. She handed him the stick and watched as he looked up at her, his eyes filling with tears. "This is for real?" He asked, cupping her face in his hands. Sheridan shook her head happily. Luis picked her up in his arms and swung her around. He kissed her passionately as she cried. They had been wanting to have a baby for so long and finally god had given them the chance to be parents. She pulled back and looked at him.

    "I know I told you I was going to wait a little bit before making an appointment but when my period didn't come in at all this week for the fourth month in a row I just had to go out and buy a test." Sheridan explained her voice filled with happiness.

    "I'm so glad you did sweetheart" He kissed her cheek and told her that he was going to put the lawn mower away and they'd go in the house and make plans to celebrate this big occasion. As the couple neared the front door, Sheridan stopped him.

    "Luis, I apologize, but you just mowed the lawn. You are full of grass and you're not stepping into our clean house like that. Would you mind showering in the basement?" She asked.

    "Not at all babe. And there's no need to apologize" He reassured her and pressed a kissed to her forehead. Luis went to go shower and she went upstairs to grab clothes for him. Sheridan walked down to the basement and opened the door to the bathroom. When she got downstairs and entered the bathroom he had already showered and was standing there wrapped in a towel.

    "Here sweetheart, get dressed so we can go out and celebrate" Sheridan handed her husband the clothes and he took them.

    "thanks babe," He placed the clothes on the counter and grabbed her arm as she began to leave. Sheridan looked at him with questioning eyes, "I just wanted to give you a proper thank you" Sheridan smiled and watched her husbands lips lean down to kiss hers. Luis secured his arms around her waist as she deepened the kiss. He backed her up against the counter and lifted her up onto it.

    "I guess we can have a little fun" She whispered, eyes burning with desire for him. Sheridan untid the towel from his waist and let it fall to the floor. He groaned as her hand brushed against his throbbing manhood. She giggled and looked into his eyes.

    "You're going to pay for that" He moaned as he shifted her body so he could take off her shorts.

    "I hope so detective" She kissed him and whispered his name as he touched her wet center. "God luis, make love to me already!" She demanded. Luis entered her and they met each other's rhythm.

    "I love you so much Sher" He told her lovingly as he made passionate love to her.

    "And I love you" Sheridan kissed him and cried as he took them over the edge.

    The happy couple entered the Seascape and were seated immediately.

    "Hi I'm Vanessa and I'll be your waitress for the night. Can I get both of you something to drink?" The waitress asked.

    "Sure, I'd like a bottle of champagne and what would you like sweetie?" Luis asked his wife.

    "Just a glass of water please" Sheridan requested.

    "Alright I'll get your beverages and I'll be right back" Vanessa said walking off.

    "Have you decided what you're going to get?" Luis asked her.

    "I'm trying to decide between the Prime Rib or Top Sirloin" She said skimming through the menu once again.

    "I can get the Prime Rib and you can get the Top Sirloin and we can share with each other." Luis suggested.

    "That sounds very nice, Luis. Thank you" She smiled sweetly and when the waitress came back they ordered their meals. Luis reached over the table and held her hand in his. Sheridan was glowing and he couldn't help but lean over and kiss her cheek.

    "You look so beautiful tonight, Sheridan. You're glowing!" He exclaimed his own smiled plastered on his handsome face.

    "And what are you implying Lopez-Fitzgerald? I don't look beautiful everyday" She teased.

    "Baby, you look drop dead gorgeous all the time" Luis told her and listened as the strands of a familiar song they both loved began to play. "Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald, would you like to dance?" He asked standing up and holding out his hand.

    "I thought you'd never ask" Sheridan smiled as her loving husband led her out to the dance floor and wrapped his arms protectively around her waist

    what if i never knew
    what if i never found you
    i never had
    this feeling in my heart
    how did this come to be
    i dont know how you found me
    but from the moment i saw you
    deep inside my heart i knew
    baby your my destiny
    you and i were meant to be
    with all my heart and soul
    ill give my love to have and hold
    and as far as i can see
    you were always meant to be
    my destiny

    "You'r my destiny Sheridan" He whispered to her, foreheads and noses touching, "I don't even know what my life would be like if you'd never came back into my life. I love you babe, forever and always, and I love our little bundle of joy" Luis kissed her gently and rubbed her flat stomach. Sheridan didn't know if it was the hormones or just the sweet words of love, she started to cry.

    "Oh Luis, I love you so much. I never thought I could actually find someone like you. You're so good to me and I can't wait to spend the next fifty years loving you and being your wife" He wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes.

    i wanted someone like you
    someone that i could hold on to
    and give my love until the end
    of time
    but forever was just a word (just a word)
    something id only heard about
    but now youre always there for me
    when you say forever i believe
    baby your my destiny
    you and i were meant to be
    with all my heart and soul
    ill give my love to have and hold
    and as far as i can see
    you were always meant to be
    my destiny
    baby all we need
    is just a little faith
    cuz baby i believe
    that love will find a way
    baby your my destiny
    you and i were meant to be
    with all my heart and soul
    ill give my love to have and hold
    and as far as i can see
    from now until eternity
    you were always meant to be
    my destinyyyy
    youre my destiny
    yeahh yeahh oohhh

    As the song came to an end, Luis twirled Sheridan around, her blue eyes dancing with laughter. Then they headed back to their table and sat down. When they sat down Vanessa was bringing them their drinks and soon after their dinner.

    "Here Sher, try this" Luis said cutting a piece of Prime Rib and feeding it to his wife.

    "Mmm...That's delicious" Sheridan said after eating the piece Luis fed her. Sheridan shared her steak and he nodded approvingly as he savored the flavorful meat. Their was intimate and romantic, secluded in the back corner and stealing kisses as they fed each other.

    As they arrived home that night Luis had suggested, the sexy romantic that he was, that they take a relaxing bubble bath. Sheridan stood in the bedroom stripping away her clothes.
    "Oh Luis, make sure you put the Lavender scented bubbles" Sheridan called.

    "Anything for you my love" He replied filling up the tub and removing his evening attire. Luis sat in the bath waiting impatiently for his beautiful wife to come join him. "Sheridan, are you coming?" Luis called for her.

    "I'm right here" She replied softly standing in the doorway. She was naked as the day she was born. Luis held out his hand for her and she smiled warmly and clasped it in her own.

    "this feels so good" She exclaimed leaning against his rock hard chest.

    "Yes it definitely does" He sighed, wrapping his arms around her waist securely.

    "You know Luis, I can't wait to tell our parents about the baby. They're going to be so excited" Sheridan was all smiles.

    "Oh babe, our children are going to be so spoiled by their grandparents." He chuckled and rubbed her tummy gently, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. He stifled a yawn and she saw right through him. She looked up at him and smiled. Knowing that her husband was tired from working all week and workin in the yard for most of the day, she suggested that they head to bed. Luis pulled out a pair of boxers and slipped them on. Sheridan slipped on her panties and a tank top. Luis dimmed down the lamp that sat on the nightstand. They pulled back their covers together and slipped into bed. Sheridan immediately rolled into his arms and he held her close to him.

    "Goodnight Luis, I love you" She leaned up to kiss him.

    "I love you too Sheridan, "He whispered to her and returned the kiss, "And daddy loves you too" He told the baby that lay in his wife's womb. They fell asleep, contently wrapped in each other's arms.

    The next morning Sheridan had made an appointment to see doctor Russell.

    "Luis," Sheridan called placing the phone back on the receiver.

    "Yeah Sher?" He asked, his head popping from their bathroom, mouth filled with toothpaste.

    "Eve's schelduled me for 11 o'clock" Sheridan said and waiting for him to respond. Luis rinsed out his mouth and put his toothbrush back in the holder. Luis walked back into their bedroom and went to sit by her on their bed. He glanced over at the clock on the nightstand and looked back at her.

    "I can't wait for Eve to confirm that you're pregnant. And it's going to be so amazing when she does a sonogram" Luis couldn't stop smiling, he was so excited! And why shouldn't he be? The woman he loved so much, his wife and himself had created a precious little life out of their love.

    "Have I told you lately how much I love you? And how lucky I am to have you" She smiled and he leaned over to kiss her.

    "And I love you Sheridan. Forever, baby!" Luis promised, "Now come on and get dressed. It's amost time to go"
    After getting dressed, Sheridan and Luis went to the hospital.

    "Well Sheridan, you are indeed pregnant. Four months along!" Eve exclaimed happily, hugging the two of them. Sheridan kissed Luis passionately and it became really intense. Eve had to cough, not twice, but three times to regain their attention.

    "Sorry Eve," Luis mumbled, blushing.

    "it's ok. Well how about we get a look at that beautiful baby of yours" Eve suggested, pulling out the TV and grabbing the bottle of jelly from one of her drawers. Eve lifted up Sheridan's shirt and squirted some of the cold gel onto her stomach.

    "oooh that's cold" Sheridan shivered.

    "Sorry Sheridan, I should've gave you a heads up" Eve replied. As the picture of their child came up on the screen, Luis couldn't help but become teary eyed. His wife looked up at him in both awe and shock.

    "So my tough, macho detctive is actually getting emotional" Sheridan teased, but she didn't think he heard her because he would've made a smart ass comment. Luis was too focused on the screen that stood in front of them, showing them their baby. His and Sheridan's.

    "God I love you so much Sher" He whispered into her ear and she couldn't help but become a little emotional. Eve pointed out their little angel. You couldn't see too much because it was still too early, but Sheridan and Luis were still in awe. As their appointed ended, Eve printed out a few pictures of the sonogram and handed them to Sheridan.

    "We're not suppose to do this, but I printed out a couple of extra pictures so you both can give them to your parents"

    "Thanks so much Eve. We really appreciate it" Luis smiled graciously and they said their goodbyes.

    "So that's our grandbaby?" Katherine asked her daughter happily as her and Pilar studied the baby sonogram.

    "Yup it is" Luis answered, he couldn't wipe the sappy smile off and nor did he want to.

    "Mijo, we're all so happy for you and Sheridan" Pilar said, hugging her daughter-in-law.

    "thank you, Pilar" Sheridan replied, sitting in between their mothers. Luis'cell began to ring and she looked up.

    "Excuse me one second" Luis walked out into the foyer and answered his call.


    "Hi Luis, it's Sam. I'm sorry to bother you on your day off"

    "It's ok Sam, what's up?" Luis asked anoyed.

    "Well there's still paperwork to be done from the convenient store robbery months ago. I just ran across it and it does need to get done" Sam explained.

    "Alright, I'll be down there in a little while" He told his boss. They hung up and he walked back to the living room.
    "Who was on the phone darling?" Sheridan asked, standing up.

    "It was Sam. There's unfinished paperwork that needs to be done. Sorry to cut this day short baby. Did you want to go home now? Or I can pick you up later" He asked.

    "I'm going to stay. Have fun doing paper work" Sheridan walked him out to his car.

    "I Love you" He told in a serious voice, no idea where it had come from.

    "And I love you too, mi amor" Sheridan pressed a sweet kiss to his lips once more and he was off. Sheridan sighd to herself, "God I love that man. And I know he loves us, so much" She smiled, rubbing her stomach and walked back into the house.

    "Sorry I had to do this Luis. But I can't have my men leaving unfinished paperwork lying around" Sam explained.

    "No problem Sam, I understand" Nothing was going to put a damper on his weekend, not even a bunch of crappy @ss paperwork. Sheridan was pregnant after all and nothing could top this news. Luis sat on his chair, quickly glancing over at the picture that sat upon his desk. The picture from him and his wife on their wedding day. The smiles on their faces were priceless! "I love you so much Sheridan" He whispered to himslf. He began to do his paperwork. Luis was in such deep thought that he didn't notice the woman standing in front of him until she coughed. Luis looked up and his dark brown eyes met her bright green ones.

    "Jenn?" He asked curiousky and she nodded her head, Red curls bouncing and she smiled slightly.

    "yes Luis, it's me. I'm back in Harmony." She announced, latching even more tightly to what she held in her hand. Luis lookd down and gasped as he looked at what Jennifer held in her right hand. An infant that was sleeping so soundly in his or her car seat.

    "Jenn?" Luis asked, his mind filling with questions.

    "Can we talk Luis" She asked and Luis nodded his had slowly. Luis led her into the break room. Thankfully it was empty. He sat down and watched as she placed the car seat on the floor and she took the seat across from him.

    "So what do you want to talk about?" God, was he dreading her answer.

    "I'm sorry Luis, I don't mean to come barging in on you. I...I have...I mean..Ughhh" She sighed in angry frustration.

    "Jennifer, just get it out, please" He demanded.
    "I needed to talk to you. About us," Jennifer said and looked down, "And our baby..."

    Chapter 24

    "What the hell do you mean our baby!" Luis exclaimed as he temper rose.

    "Luis, will you please calm down." Jennifer rubbed her temple as she placed the car seat on the floor. Luis glanced down at the baby. It was wrapped in purple blanket so that meant it had to be a girl.

    "How the hell can you tell me to calm down when you've kept my child from me for months. Hell, I didn't even now you were pregnant!" He screamed and woke up the baby.

    "I can't believe you just woke her up! You don't even realize how hard it is to put her to sleep." She told him, unbuckling the baby from her car seat and lifting her up in her arms.

    "How old is she?" Luis questioned.

    "She's going to be eight months on the 22nd, "She said, "And her name is Katelyn."

    "Can I hold her?" Jennifer handed the baby over to him and smiled to herself. She would have never thought that he'd take this quick to a baby that she claimed was his without a DNA test.

    "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant? Or why didn't you bother calling me when she was born?" It was like 101 questions, she thought.

    "I didn't even know I was pregnant until two months after you left me for that other woman" She said. Oh god, he had forgoten about Sheridan. How would she feel about all this? She was now pregnant with his child and they were married. Luis head was spinning around in circles, he had no idea how he could break this news to his wife.

    "Well that other woman is now my wife and we are expecting our first child together" The look on her face was pure shock.

    "Well well, that was certainly fast. You waste no time when it comes to her, but with me, hell it took us years to get engaged." Jennifer held a jealous tone in her voice. Damn that blonde bitch!

    "Look Jenn, I don't want to talk about the past. There is no more us. This is now about Katelyn. I hope you know that I am going to want a DNA test done." He looked at the beautiful little girl in his arms. She had a mop of dark brown hair and her chocolate eyes sparkled with happiness along with that cute little nose. Katelyn smiled and Luis could see two teeth growing from her bottom gums. Luis couldn't help but smile, but it wasn't suppose to be like this. He wasn't suppose to have any children with anyone but Sheridan.

    "Yes, don't worry, you'll get your DNA test" She retorted cockily. Luis handed back the baby to Jennifer and sighed, still looking at the little beauty who had captured his heart in only a matter of seconds.

    "Look I need to get back to my work. How long will you be in town?" He asked sitting back in his chair.

    "I'm going back to Boston tomorrow night" She replied, strapping Katelyn back into her car seat.

    "Alright then I'll talk to you tomorrow I guess" Luis watched at Jennifer left with little Katelyn. Why did god seem to always find something in his life to complicate.

    "Hi beautiful" He said as she hopped into the passenger seat of his truck.

    "Hi sweethart" Sheridan leaned over and kissed his sweet lips.

    "Mmm...I missed you today" She admitted, smiling shyly.

    "And I missed you too Sher" He laced their fingers together and headed to their home. As they arrived in front of heir home, Luis turned off the car and looked over at her. "Babe, we need to talk" He told her.

    "what about?" She asked. The couple went inside the house and sat on the couch. Luis was pacing back and forth in front of her. "Luis, you're making a whole in my floor! And you are also making me very nervous" Sheridan tugged at his arm and pulled him down on he couch beside her.

    "God Sheridan, I don't even know how to start," He paused for a moment, gazing into her questioning blue orbs, "Do you remember when we met up again in Boston and after we made love I told you that I was engaged?" He asked.

    "Yes, to that girl Jasmine? No wait...Jaime? No...Julie?" Sheridan couldn't think of the woman's name for heaven's sake.

    "Jennifer was her name. And today I got quite a visit from her." Luis started and Sheridan looked downat the floor, unwilling to look into his eyes. As she was afraid of what was coming next. "Well two months after I broke things off with her, she found out that she was pregnant. And today she showed up at the station with the seven month old baby girl"

    "Are you kidding me, Luis?! Is this some kind of damn joke!" Sheridan's heart tightened at the thought of Luis fathering another child but her own. "Luis, how the hell could she go this long without telling you this important information. For christsike you have a daughter who has been kept from you for almost a g*ddamn year. I hope you demanded a DNA test" She yelled.

    "Sheridan, please calm down. This isn't good for the baby" He rubbed her back, trying to soothe her. All he needed was Sheridan to get so stressed out over this news that she landed up in the hospital.

    "Our baby is fine. I don't need to calm down Luis, I am more than perfectly fine! How do you even know that the baby is yours" Sheridan questioned him and Luis' eyes met hers.

    "Sher, she looks just like me and what else can I say? the DNA test is going to get done and then we'll go from there"

    "Yeah, well if I were you, I wouldn't get too attached!"Sheridan spat out and walked out of the room, leaving him sitting there by himself.

    "Shh sweetheart, mommys hear and she loves you so very much" Jennifer told her daughter as tears spilled out from her cocoa yes. She looked down at her daughter and began to rock her gently.

    "I can't believe Luis seriosuly believes that you're his daughter. Luis will be a better daddy than your real daddy could ever be. Luis has always had a soft spot for kids. And I know that you'll be the reason for us coming together again. Once we spend more time with him, he'll realize Sheridan isn't the one for him." Baby Katelyn was already drifting off to sleep. I'm sorry sweetheart but your biological daddy was just a one night stand, she thought, he would never accept you as his child.

    "Babe, please talk to me" Luis whispred as he laid beside Sheridan and wrapped his arms around her waist. Sheridan turned her body around and buried her face in his chest and cried. "Sheridan plase don't cry sweetheart." He rubbed circles on her back and whispered soothing words to her.

    "Oh Luis, this is tearing me up inside. How could she do this" She whispered sadly. "Maybe if we never met up again you'd still be with her and your baby"

    "Sheridan, look at me" He exclaimed. Even in nothing but the moonlit bedroom he could still see her staring into him.

    "Listen and listen carefully. No matter if we didn't reconcile or not I wouldn't have gone through with marrying her. My heart, mind and soul were so filled with love for you Sher that no one could ever take your place." Luis sincerely told her and smiled as she kissed his lips softly. He kissed her back reassuring her that he was all hers and no one could keep them apart.

    "Luis, please, I need you" She whimpered as he held in her in a loving embrace and stared into her soul, "Make love to me" Luis slowly undressed her, slipping off the Harmony PD t-shirt she wore. He tugged her panties down her legs and threw them over his shoulder. "Luis" She laughed lightly and watched as he kissed his way up her legs and onto her thighs. Her breath caught in her throat as he placed a kiss on the opening of her center. She almost went over the edge as he continued his torture on her. His lips came up to her breasts and he payfully fondled them with his strong manly hands. "Oh Luis" She moaned and her body arched as his hot tongue ran over one of her nipples. Luis wanted her sexual expeience tonight to be passionately wild. He wanted to savor each and every kiss and touch. He wanted her to feel loved and cherished by him. Luis let his fingers roam down to her center and her eyes rolled back as he slipped two fingers inside of her body and pulled them in and out as he tongue continuously swirled around her peaks. Luis grinned against her skin as he felt her body start to shake.

    "baby, let go!" He moaned sexily in her ear.

    "Oh god Luis!!!" She screamed as her body shook
    uncontrollably as her first orgasm hit her. Luis watched as his wife down from her high. Luis leaned over to kiss her lips. She ran her lips across his lips wanting access and he granted it. He moaned into her mouth as she felt her sliding off his boxers and began massgaing his rock hard erection.

    "Oh god baby" He moaned as he pressed his body tighter against hers. Sheridan pushed Luis off of her body and pushed him back onto the mattress. She slid down his muscular body and stopped in front of his manhood. He looked down at her and smirked. Her eyes were sparkling devishly and she let her tongue slip out, teasing his rection. His hands immediately tangled up in her hair. "Oh baby...Oh god...Just like that" He couldn't help the sexy moans that were flying from his mouth. The things she did to him drove him crazy. He felt himself almost cumming and he quickly pulled her his body and flipped them over. Luis buried hmself in her flesh and made love to her wildly and she met each and every rhythm.
    "Luis, I'm cumming!!" Sheridan screamed as she tightened her hold on him.

    "Baby wait for me!!" Seconds later, "Oh god, I'm cumming Sher!!!" They screamed each other's names in unision and clung to each other. "Baby, I love you."

    "And I love you" He rolled onto his side and watched as she looked over at him and smiled.

    "sheridan, I don't you to ever doubt my love or commitment to you. See these," He motioned to their wedding band, entertwining their fingers together, "These our symbols of our undying love."

    "I love you so much Luis" She snuggled deeper into his embrace and kissed his firm chest.

    "I love you too mi amor. Maybe we should get some sleep. We both have to get up early tomorrow"

    "Alright. Goodnight sweetie"

    "Goodnight" He whispered back. He pulled her closer to him and they fell into a deep slumber.

    Luis smiled as Katelyn giggled as he bounced her on his knee. As much as he was starting to love this little girl, it hurt to think that she wasn't going to be part of a real family. With a mother and a father living under the same roof. But he'd make sure she knew that she was loved by him and Sheridan just like she was loved by her mother.

    "You know Luis, she loves you so much already" Jennifer told him.

    "Yeah and I'm starting to love her too. I can't wait til Sheridan gets to meet her" He hated the emotions he was feeling This should've been his baby with Sheridan.

    "Speaking of Sheridan, have you told her about Katelyn?" Jennifer asked.

    "Yes and Sheridan wants to meet her and be apart of her life" Luis fibbed, wanting to see her reaction.

    "Yeah about that, maybe we should put off Katelyn meeting Sheridan for a little while" He didn't miss the jealous tone in her eyes and voice.

    "Why Jenn? I am going to want my weekend visitation rights. And Sheridan is my wife and does live with me. So sooner or later Katelyn is going to have to meet Sheridan" Luis said to her noticing the flash of anger in her green eyes and in a second it was gone.

    "Fine Luis, whatever. Do you want to get something to eat? Katelyn and I are going to be heading back to Boston soon and I want us both to eat something."

    "Yes that's fine. Let's go" Luis placed Katelyn in her stroller he pushed it out of the ploice station, Jennifer following him. She smirked to herself, this was going to be easier than she thought.

    "Hey babe, did you want to meet up for lunch?" She asked through the telephone. "It's ok Luis, I understand. No don't feel bad, your paperwork should come first" She said, "Yeah. I'll talk to you at home. I love you too" Sheridan blew a kiss through the phone and hung it up.

    "Oh Sheridan, lover boy can't meet his lady for lunch today" Eliza teased as she helped Sheridan clean up the toddler room.

    "Nope, he has too much paperwork to do" Sheridan said.

    "Oh well don't worry I'll join you for lunch" Eliza told her friend happily.

    "Yeah well we should get this room cleaned up and we can go pickup something for lunch. Mommy's little angel is so hungry" Sheridan said, rubbing her stomach.

    "Wll we can't have your little cherub going hungry for too long. So have you had any morning sickness yet?" Eliza asked as she picked up a few of the children's books.

    "Well this morning I was craving scrambled eggs and french toast so my dear hubby made breakfast in bed for me. And once I smelled the food it had me running to the toilet."

    "Eww..You poor thing. But I hope you're ok now" Eliza said.

    "Yeah I am better. So Luis tells me that your husband has been telling him that he wants another baby. How do you feel about that?" Sheridan asked as she picked up the dolls that were scattered on the floor.

    "Of all topics to talk about when they're at work. My husband has been begging me to have another baby. Tommy's already 7, Kevin's already 5 and Aidan's 2. As much as I love all my boy's I just hope the next time I give birth it will be a girl."

    "well I hope that for you too sweetie. now how about we spray the toys with the sanitizer and get out of here" Sheridan suggested, grabbing the bottle of clear liquid that sat on the shelf. She sprayed all the toys and put the bottle back. Eliza told their boss that were going out to grab something to eat and asked if she had wanted them to get her anything, but she declined and the two women headed out to lunch.

    Luis hated lying to his wife. But he wanted to spend a little bit more time with his daughter before she went back to Boston.

    "Thank you" He said as the waitress place their food and drinks on their table. Luis glanced over at the door and noticed Sheridan walked in with Eliza. "Damn" He mumbled. Jennifer looked over at where his eyes were.

    "Look just call her over here and she'll understand" Jennifer told him but it was too late.

    "Understand what?!" Sheridan demanded standing before them, tapping her foot angrily.

    "Sher, baby" He said standing up and leaning over to kiss him. But she pushed him away.

    "I love how you just lied to me over the phone. So, is this what paperwork looks like now-a-days" She questioned as Eliza walked over to them with their food.

    "Hi Luis" Eliza said and smiled.

    "Hi Eliza" Luis said looking very uncomfortable

    "Come on Sheridan, we don't want our food to get cold. You'll talk to him at home later"

    "Yeah if he even gets to step one foot in our home" Sheridan said, blue eyes flashing with hurt and anger.

    Eliza sat across from Sheridan as they ate their lunch. They were now back at their workplace and Sheridan hadn't said a word.

    "Sherry, are you ok sweetie?" Eliza asked.

    "No Eliza, how could he lie to me and say he had so much paperwork when he was with that girl"

    "Who is she? And why was he holding that baby like it belonged to him." Eliza asked her, rubbing circled on her friends hand, trying to comfort her. Sheridan choked back a sob and explained to her friend about Jennifer and the baby. "Wow! How could she wait this long unless she's hiding something. Think about it Sher." Eliza told her while taking a bite of her salad.

    "You have a point Eliza. But god forbid if I told Luis that, he'd think I was being ridiculous"

    "Well he's a blind man right now. Ever since I'v met him he's always had a soft soft for kids, maybe he doesn't want to believe that Jennifer is lying."

    "I guess that's true too." Sheridan said sadly. The two girls finished their lunch and started to do their curriculum for next week.

    "Sheridan?" Luis called as he stepped into the house. The living room was dark except for the orangish-yellowish glow from the fireplace. There she was sitting on the couch, the cream colored throw wrapped around her body. "Sher?" He called and she still didn't answer. He walked around the couch and kneeled in front of her. Sheridan looked down at him.

    "Why the hell did you have to lie to me today!?" She asked in a demanding but whispered tone.

    "Sher, I'm sorry. It was a stupid thing to do but I didn't want you to think that I was dropping our usual lunch date to be with Jennifer and Katelyn"

    "You didn't have to lie to me. I do understand Luis! That's fine that you want to be with your daughter, but after the DNA test is don with, there's no need to spend any extra time with Jennifer. I don't trust her Luis" Luis rubbed his temple, he could hear the insecurity in her voice.

    "Babe, I am sorry. I just wanted to see Katelyn one last time before she went back to Boston. I wasn't intentionally trying to hurt you or be dishonest," He said to his wife, "I'm supposed to be going up there to take the DNA test either this weekend or the following week." He stood up and wrapped his strong arms around her.

    "Please Luis," She pushed him away and stood up, "I just can't start stressing out about you and Jennifer anymore. I have OUR baby to worry about. Let me know when this whole ordeal is done with!" Sheridan walked to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea.

    Out in the living room Luis sat on the couch frustrated. Life just kept on throwing curve balls at him. And now his wife was pissed. He raked his hands through his hair and stood up, walking over to the doorway of the kitchen. He watched her from the doorway as she poured the hot water into the ceramic mug.

    "I know you're there" She said as she felt him staring a whole through her. Luis came up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, turning her around.

    "Sweetheart, I know this is hard for you, "He told her, "Very hard!"
    "Please Luis, could you not bring this subject up at the moment?" She asked quietly.

    "Alright" He replied taking a seat on the stool at the island. Sheridan sat across him as she took a slow sip of her green tea. Luis reached over and held her hand and gazed into her sad blue eyes. She tensed up at the touch of his hand.

    "Please don't shut me out Sher" His dark eyes pleading with her.

    "I'm not shutting you out, Luis. I'm fine and I love you and you love me" Her free hand caressed her budding tummy, giving her a sense of tranquility.

    "Yes, I do love you. How about we go up to bed babe? It's been too long of a day" He suggested standing up and pushing the stool in. Sheridan got up and pushed in her stool also. She washed her mug and dried it. Luis stood there and reached for her hand and she took it. Together they walked up the stairs and headed to their bedroom for much needed sleep. He stripped down to his boxers and pulled back the covers as she finished changing. Sheridan laid on her side and smiled to herself as his arm slid protectively around her body and his fingers spread out against her stomach.

    "Love you," He whispered to her and pressed a kiss to her cheek, "And I love you too beautiful baby"

    "And we love you" She tilted her head towards his and they kissed sweetly, "Goodnight"
    "Goodnight" He whispered back.

    Chapter 24

    The air was crisp and the wind blew through the town making Sheridan shiver and tightening her arms around herself. For early September it was really chilly. She loved Fall and loved to watch the green leaves turn to beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red. Her slender hands rested of her blossoming stomach. For only six months she was enormous and growing bigger by each passing day. She felt a tear come to her eye as she felt a light kick. The precious moment was so bittersweet for her because her husband should've been here by her side. But he was in Boston.

    "Sheridan, he DNA test proved that she's mine" Luis told his wife softly. She felt her hot tears slide down her face and he stepped forward to wipe them away. She backed away as his hand moved up to her face.

    "Please don't" She sadly whispered and wiped her own tears away.

    "Sher, please don't be upset. I'm sorry and if I could change this I would. But I need you to support me" Luis pleaded with her.

    "Luis, I love you. And I have your back 110%" She told him, "But please remember that we do have our own child on the way."

    "Sher, I'd never forget about the child we created together." Luis wrapped his arms around her and pressed a soothing kiss on her lips
    ~End Flashback~

    Sheridan sat on the bench at the park and watched the children play. The parents chasing their children. A lot had changed in her life. It seemed as if her and her chlid didn't matter to Luis anymore. She missed him so much, especially on the weekends. The days he had off were spent up in Boston with HIS daughter and her mother. Was Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald jealous of a baby? Nope, never. Of Jennifer? Hell yes! Sheridan's mind drifted off to the night of her birthday.

    "Happy birthday, mi amor" Luis exclaimed flashing her his million dollar smiled as he walked through the bedroom carrying a tray.

    "Thank you sweetheart" Sheridan grinned and reached over to kiss his lips. "What do we have here?" She asked looking down at the tray.

    "Breakfast, of course!" He placed the tray over lap and watched as her eyes lit up at all the food. French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage and a cup of fruit sat on the tray.

    "Thank you Luis. I'm so hungry" She reached over and picked up the bottle of syrup, pouring it all over her french toast and scrambled eggs. In record time, ten minutes, she had eaten everything.

    "Wow you sure were hungry" He noted with raised eyebrows.

    "What? The baby was hungry too Luis" Sheridan said seriously and he smiled. He removed the tray from her lap and walked back over to her, holding a present.

    "And this is for you, my love," He handed her the present that was wrapped neatly with pink wrapping paper and topped with a purple bow. Sheridan excitedly opened her present and smiled when she opened the box. A pair of diamond cut earrings along with a beautifully matching necklace sat in the box.

    "Oh Luis" She gushed, "I love it! I love you" Sheridan leaned up to kiss her handsome husband and immediately the kiss turned passionate, heating up the whole room. He slowly pushed her onto her back and he came on top of her. Kissing her lips, rubbing up against her and whispering words of love to her. They undressed each other quickly and started to make love to each other.

    "Mmm... have I told you how much I love you" He asked her, rubbing her belly as they basked in the after glow.

    "Nope, "She teased, "I love you too Luis, so much that I can't even explain it" She turned her head towards him and their lips met slowly. Luis smiled and kissed her neck and shoulder. His cell phone interrupted their blissful moment. He reached over and grabbed his cell off of the nightstand.

    "Hello" Sheridan listened. "No Jennifer I can't come right now" That bitch always calls at the worsts time, Sheridan thought.

    "Yes I'll be there by tonight" Luis replied and she watched as he hung up his phone.

    "Sher..." He started to speak.

    "What the hell does she want now?!" Sheridan said flying out of bed and angrily walking to the bathroom.

    "Katelyn's sick..."

    "Yeah and?" Sheridan exclaimed, "What she doesn't know how to give her child medicine? Is she that freeken stupid Luis. It's commense sense for heaven's sake! You're being played for a fool! Just get the hell out and go be with your kid" Sheridan slammed the door and locked it.

    "God, why do you do this to me! This insn't fair!" Sheridan whispered sadly as she turned on the shower. She stepped in and sighed as the hot water gently massaged her back.
    ~End Flashback~

    Sheridan rubbed her abdomen. "Your daddy doesn't even realize how good he has it. I love him so much and it doesn't matter." Sheridan stood up and began walking home.

    A few days later, Luis sat there at his desk finishing up his police reports for the day. Sheridan and him hadn't spoken too much this past week but he was going to try and fix that.

    "Hey buddy, almost done?" Sam asked walking over to him.

    "Yes, almost, I can't wait to get out of here"

    "Are you alright man? I can tell something is bothering you" Sam sat in the seat across Luis' desk.

    "Sam, ever since Jennifer reappeared in my life with Katelyn, it's turned my life upside down. I mean Sheridan is so tense around me. She's like a ticking bomb ready to explode." Luis said sadly, quickly glancing at the picture of him and his wife that sat on his desk.

    "Well Luis, she is pregnant and very emotional. This has to be hard for her even if she does know that you had no control over this happening."

    "And I'm not making it any easier by running when Jennifer calls" His head hung low.

    "Luis, no please don't tell me that's true" Sam said and watched as his friend shook his head.

    "Yes it is. And the latest was two weeks ago on Sheridan's birthday" Luis' head hung low in shame.

    "Luis, please do you not realize what you're doing? If you keep doing this you'll lose Sheridan" Sam warned him, "Why did Jennifer call you on Sheridan's birthday?"

    "Jennifer, her fever isn't even passed 100 degrees" Luis exclaimed frustrated as hell,as he shut the door behind him. She had called him for a minor reason.
    "Luis, but she was really sick this morning. She was vomitting and she had diarehea. I mean you are her father and it's best to have both paretns with you when you're sick." Jennifer told him as they walked down the hall to the living room.

    "Maybe Sheridan is right about you" Luis muttered angrily under his breath.

    "What was that Luis?" Jennifer had to bite her lip from grinning. So her plan was going better than expected. Sheridan was angry and Luis would definitely need a shoulder to cry on.

    "Nevermind Jenn. I'm leaving now. Next weekend I'm coming to get Katelyn on Friday night and returning her on Sunday night."

    "But Luis..." She tried to protest.

    "No Jenn, enough is enough! I have a court order saying if I want to take Katelyn for the weekend to MINE AND SHERIDAN'S home I can" Luis told her and left, slammming the front door.
    ~End Flashback~

    "Luis, you're much smarter than that" Sam told him.

    "You're right Sam, I am smarter than that." Luis sighed, running his fingers through his jet black hair.

    "Why don't you go home early. Make it up to Sheridan. Let her know how much you love and need her"

    "Thanks Sam" Luis put his remaining paperwork away and headed home. Today was Friday and he wouldn't be taking Katelyn for the weekend, so he'd have all weekend to shower his wife and their baby with love.

    Luis walked into his home tugging a big box of roses from the local florist. Sheridan was due home within a half an hour. He spread out the Pink, Red and Yellow Roses around the living and dining rooms. He lit candles and smiled to himself. Sheridan would definitely be surprised, he thought. He had picked up dinner for them from the local restaurant that she loved. Luis set the table for them, placing the food on his wife's beautiful china. Then he listened as her SUV pulled up into the driveway. It was a matter of minutes until she entered the house. Her sky blue eyes surveyed the room and then landed on her husband.

    "Luis?" She asked with questioning eyes.

    "I did this for us. Sher, I have so much to make up for. I've been ignoring you so much and I am so sorry for that" He said sadly.

    "We need to talk" Was all she said as she walked to the kitchen, Luis on her trail.

    "About what?" He asked.

    "It might be best if you just moved out for a little while"

    "What?!" Luis couldn't believe what she was saying. Sure they weren't on excellent terms but they still did love each other.

    "Luis, do you even realize what today is?"

    "It's Friday?" Luis replied.

    "I told you the other day that I had an appointment today and you said you'd be there" Sheridan was sure that her heart was breaking into pieces at that very moment.

    "Oh god Sher, I am so sorry. It must've just slipped my mind. How could I have been such an idiot!" Luis exclaimed. He could sense the sadness and disappointment in her voice.

    "No, Luis, feeding a cat slips your mind. Or walking the dog slips your mind. But to go to one of your wife's most important doctors appointments shouldn't slip your mind. Luis..."

    "Sheridan I am truly sorry! I've been such an inconsiderate asshole lately."

    "I am sick of the apologies. Lately you and I haven't been on the same page. You've been sleeping in the guestroom for two weeks. You've made no attempt to apologize to me for leaving me on my birthday. Did you even realize how I felt as you were driving to Boston?! I can't stress over you and our marriage any more. This isn't good for ME or MY children" Sheridan told him.

    "Sher, please, be rational. And what do you mean your children?"

    "Oh you son of a b!tch!" She slapped him, "How dare you tell me to be rational!? Well, guess what, I am! Ever since Jennifer has resurfaced in your life you've been completely ignoring me. Yes I know your daughter needs you. But I needed you too Luis. And instead of bringing Katelyn down here for the weekends you've been spending the weekends up there. You think that's fair to me? Luis, I'm giving you an hour to pack up your shit and leave. I swear if you're not gone I WILL call your buddies at the police station" Sheridan angrily grabbed her purse and left. Luis listened as a few pictures rattled against the walls as she slammed the door. Luis eyes wandered down on the table. And there it was. A picure of today's sonogram. He picked it up and ran his fingers over the smooth material. If his eyes weren't deceiving him he could've sworn he saw two heads. Sheridan did say children and not child. Maybe they were having twins.

    "Damn it!" He swore and put he picure back on he able. He walked up the stairs and grabbed his suitcase from the closet and started packing up his things.

    "Oh mom," Sheridan cried, "Why does it hurt so much?!"

    "Sweetheart, it will be alright. I'm here for you. Trust me, Luis is going to realize what he's missing and he'll come crawling back"

    "God I hope so. I hope he figures out things for himself. I can't live without him mom. I love him so much" Katherine wrapped her arms tighter around her daughter.

    "Sheridan, you need to start taking care of yourself and these two little angels" Katherine smiled as she rubbed her daughters tummy. Sheridan wiped her tears and sat up.

    "I can't believe Luis and I are having twins," She sad sadly, "I hope he's out of the house already. I just want to go home, take a bath and go to sleep. And I can't face him right now."

    "Maybe you should stay here for the night" Katherine suggested as she wached Sheridan stand up and put her coat on.

    "No mom, I need to get used to living by myself. Thank you so much for leing me cry my eyes out" Sheridan hugged her mother.

    "You're welcome sweethear, anytime. I love you" Katherine kissed her daughters cheek.

    "I love you too mom" Sheridan hugged her mother once more and turned to leave and go home.

    "Mama, can I stay here for the night?" Luis asked as he stood in the doorway of his parent's house.

    "Yes, mijo, anytime. Did Sheridan kick you out or did you leave?" Pilar asked as she picked up her son's bag.

    "She kicked me out mama. But it's my own fault. I've been so blind" Luis admitted sadly, his head hanging low.

    "Im sorry mijo," Pilar hugged her son, "She'll come around. Sheridan may be hurt right now but she knows in her heart how much you love her. And don't forget about the baby she's going to give birth too in a few short months."

    "I do love her mama. So very much! I didn't mean to hurt her. I don't want to be apart from her" Luis cried.

    "I know, mijo, I know you didn't mean to hurt her" Pilar rubbed her son and looked up as her husband walked through the door. He shot her a quesioning look.

    "I'll tell you later" She mouthed to him and watched as he walked up the stairs.

    "I'm going to head up to bed. Thanks for the room mama, goodnight and I love you" He kissed her cheek and headed upstairs to bed. Pilar wachtched as he dragged himself up her stairs and down her hallway. She made a sign of the cross and prayed that everything could work out for Luis and Sheridan. It wasn't right for those two souls, who were bringing a baby into this world in a few months, to be apart.

    "Oh Luis" She sighed as tears poured out of her eyes. She hugged his pillow closer to her face and inhaled the scent that was splashed on it. His cologne.

    "God why does this have to hurt so much!?" She asked retorically. She knew god couldn't answer her questions. But wasn't it ok to talk to him? Her hand rubbed her budding tummy and she held in a sob as she felt one of her children kick. Sheridan knew this wasn't right. She knew that Luis should've been here with here. But she'd be damned if she was going to go crawling back to Luis!
    "I'll just have to learn to live without him for a little while" She sobbed into his pillow. It wasn't suppose to hurt this much. He hurt you, she reminded herself. Her babies wouldn't stop kicking and it just made her cry even more. Sheridan cried until she fell asleep.

    Chapter 26

    Maybe soulmates didn't exist. Soulmates was something that so many have believed in over the years. And she had believed the same thing too! To Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald, soul mates was what she had believed she had shared with her husband. If they were soul mates then why were they still apart after a month? She asked that question so many times but still hadn't come to a conclusion. Were they both too stubborn and full of pride to go crawling back to the other person? Most of the time she'd gaze over at their wedding picture which was hanging up above the entertainment center. Sheridan had to admit, she did miss him. A lot was just an understandment. Restraining herself, by buying things for the babies and the nursery, from calling him and begging him to come back. And It hurt even more when she didn't have him at night to cuddle in bed with. Or when she didn't have him at her doctor's appointments.

    "Mija are you still with us?" Pilar asked as she patted her daughter-in-law's hand.

    "Yes Pilar" She said forcing a smile.

    "You look pale sweetheart. Are you hungry? I could fix you something. Or are you tired?" Pilar stood up and walked over to the fridge.

    "I'm fine, Pilar really. I guess I'm just a little tired but if I sleep now I won't be able to sleep tonight"

    "Let's go into the livng room and watch a movie. You can lay down and rest your legs without going to sleep" Pilar suggested and helped Sheridan stand up.

    "Sure let's go" Sheridan smiled and the two women headed to the living room and Pilar chose a movie. "What movie did you pick?" She asked as she picked up the throw and wrapped it around her body as she laid down on the couch.

    "Steel Magnolia's" Pilar replied popping in the DVD. Pilar sat on the other couch across from Sheridan and the opening credis began to play.

    His knuckles were turning lighter and lighter as he gripped he steering wheel tightly. He was fed up with Jennifer and her dumb games of trying to get him back.

    "Luis, you're early" She said smiling as she opened the door and led him in.

    "Not really. I told you I'd be here at 6 o'clock and here I am right on the dot." Luis replied folding his arms across his chest.

    "Well Katelyn is still sleeping she'll be up soon, take a seat. Can I get you a drink or something?" Jennifer asked him and when he declined she took a seat beside him.

    "I thought you were going to put her for naps earlier? Jenn, I can't be waiting here all night." He looked over at her and she smiled, beginning to run her hand up his thigh.

    "Well I'm sure we could find something to occupy our time" She grinned and leaned over and straddled him so he couldn't move. Slowly, she untied her fluffy cotton robe to reveal a short black teddy. "Haven't you missed me?" She whispered in his ear as she rubbed her breasts up against his chest. Her lips brushed up against his. Luis looked up into her eyes and saw red! He lifted her up and stood up, dropping her on the couch. "Luis!" Jennifer exclaimed.

    "I want my daughter now!" Luis said firmly.

    "Luis please, you were starting to get into my touch. Don't push me away, I love you" Her fingertips ran up his arms and neck. He brushed off her touch.

    "I love MY WIFE! Ge it through your little slut head. Sheridan and I are still MARRIED!" He yelled holding up his left him to show the wedding band he wore.

    "Your wife? The wife that's throws you out Luis? The wife that you haven't spoken to in a month"

    "Jennifer shut up. I'm getting MY daughter and I'm leaving" Luis said walking to Katelyn's room and picking up his dreaming child. He slid her jacket on and carried her out of he room.

    "Don't you dare take my child! You have no right" Jennifer tried to take the baby from his arms.

    "You witch! I have my weekend visitation rights and you damn well know that" Luis turned to leave and stopped, "And the reason I'm not with my wife is because I was too blind to see what a little cunning b!tch you are" He turned and walked out the door leaving Jennifer standing there with her mouth hanging open.
    *End Flashback*

    A single tear slipped down his cheek as he thought of Sheridan. His wife. His soulmate. The mother of his children. God how he had missed her these past few weeks. Keeping his distance, he wanted to give her time. He wasn't going to push her into getting back together. He glanced in his mirror and smiled as his baby girl caught his eye. His eyes went back to the road as he concentrated on getting back home. The sign he had just passed had read Welcome to Harmony. He was overwhelmed with exhaustion and all he wanted to do was spend time with his daughter and go to sleep. As he pulled up into his parent's driveway he noticed Sheridan's Range Rover was in the driveway. She had traded in her BMW because she had said that it wasn't a family car and she'd die before she ever bought a mini van. So as his mother had told him, she had settled on this SUV. Luis turned off the ignition and hopped out to gather his baby from the back.

    "Hi sweetie" Luis said happily as he pressed a kiss to Katelyn's forehead.

    "Da!Da!" She squealed excitedly. He grinned and walked to the front door and walked into he house.

    "Mama? Papa? I'm home" Luis called as he started walking to the living room.

    "Hi mijo" Pilar said coming from the kitchen and taking the baby from her son's arms. "Hi Katelyn. Abuela has missed you" She smiled and kissed her grandaughter's cheek.

    "Mama is Sheridan here?" Luis asked.

    "She's in the kitchen with your father Luis. Please don't say anything to upset her." She warned in a motherly tone.

    "You know I wouldn't. I just miss her and I want to see her. It's time to end this seperation" Luis leaned in closer to the door and listened as Sheridan talked to his father about their babies.

    "Luis, is going to be so proud when our sons are born" Luis could tell that Sheridan was smiling. And she was right, he would be a proud father when his children graced the world.

    "Mija, maybe it's time to get back together with my son. He misses you and if looks aren't deceiving me, I can tell you miss him also." Sheridan chuckled softly.

    "No Martin, your looks aren't deceiving you. I do miss him, so very much that it hurts!" Sheridan admitted and watched as Martin's eyes moved to the door.

    "Hi son" Martin greeted with a big smile.

    "Hi papa. Hi Sheridan" He said with a soft tone.

    "Hi Luis" Sheridan couldn't hold in the smile that played on her lips. Damn he looked good! He hadn't shave in at least a week or two she noted but it did look good. Sheridan watched as Pilar walked into the kitchen holding Luis' daughter.

    "Well I think I'm going to head out" Forcing a smile she stood up and pushed in her chair. She hugged and kissed Marin and Pilar goodnight. And then wish Luis goodnight also and left.

    "Mijo, your father and I will stay with Katelyn. Go after her" Pilar urged cuddling the baby close to her.

    "Thank you mama" He kissed his mother's cheek and rushed out the door to his truck.

    Sheridan was just about to slip into bed when the doorbell rang. Walking over to the window, she pulled the curtain back and looked down at the porch. There stood Luis holding a big bouquet of Red Roses. She smiled and turned to exit the room, to go downstairs and answer the door.

    "Luis.." She said motioing for him to come inside.

    "I'm sorry to intrude," He began, "Oh these are for you" He said handing her the deep red roses. Sheridan inhaled their sent and smiled.

    "They're beautiful. Thank you" Her eyes fluttered shut as he caressed her cheek.

    "I've missed you so much mi amor" He whispered and that was it. She lost it! The tears streamed down her porcelain face and he held her close and buried his face in the crook of her neck. Luis and Sheridan clung to each other which seemed like forever until she pulled away. He wiped away her tears and smiled.

    "Oh Luis," She sniffled

    "I've missed you so much. I'm so glad that you're just as ready as I am to end this. I'm sick of us being apart, I need you." Sheridan admitted.

    "I'm so glad. These past couple of weeks have been hell for me. Let's go sit on the couch" They sat on the couch and held hands, afraid to let go. "Sher, I want to apologize. Before you kicked me out I had been such an insensitive jerk. I never meant to intentionally hurt you, I hope you know that"

    "I know, Luis" She whispered cupping his face in her hands.

    "It wasn't fair for you to take a backseat to Jen and the
    baby.I'm so sorry for that. From this moment on I promise you are going to be my first priority. You and our boys," He grinned, "I can't believe we're having twins."

    "Well you better believe it. But Luis, just a question. Why did it take you this long to apologize?"

    "Jenn tried to seduce me and I didn't fall for it because I'm faithful to you Sher and I love you so much. Well when I backed away I told her that I loved you and we were married. We got into an argument I took Katelyn and before I left I told her that we weren't together because I was too blind to see what a little cunning b!tch she is." Luis told his wife and Sheridan sat there amazed and proud that Luis had come to see that she was right all along. This was a special moment and she wasn't going to ruin it by saying I told you so.
    "I'm proud of you for realizing what she was up to." Sheridan leaned in and kissed him sweetly.

    "I want you to move back in"

    "I'd love to. But what about when I have Katelyn on the weekends?"

    "Luis, Katelyn has always been welcome in our home. She always will be"

    "Thank you Sher. I've been pouring my heart out that I haven't even asked how you and our children have been doing"

    "We're great Luis. Only one more month!" She exclaimed excitedly. wrapping her arms around his waist. He leaned back against the couch and wrapped her arms around her.

    "I can't wait Sheridan. You are going to make an amazing mother" Luis couldn't stop smiling.

    "And you're going to make a great daddy" She kissed his cheek and they sat in a comfortable silence for the longest time until he interrupted.

    "Maybe I should get going."

    "Wait, you're not going to stay?" She asked with a disappointing voice.

    "I have Katelyn at the house and tomorrow morning she's going to wake up looking for me. I'm sorry" He said apologetically.

    "I understand, maybe Sunday night after you bring her home?" Sheridan suggested hopefully.

    "You've got yourself a date Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald" They stood up and she walked him to the door.

    "I love you Luis" She gazed up lovingly into his dark eyes. His knuckles brushed her cheek.
    "And I love you" He smiled and brushed his lips against hers once more and he was gone.

    Chapter 27

    Sheridan yawned as she streched her arms above her head and looked down beside her. A smile crept onto her face and she leaned down to kiss his inviting lips. She felt his arms secure around her as he deepened their kiss.

    "Good morning" He whispered against her lips.

    "It's a great morning" She replied and brushed her lips against his and laid back down beside him.

    "I've missed this" He admitted turning onto his side, spreading his fingers out across her belly, "Holding you like this and rubbing your tummy." Luis told her.

    "Me too, Luis. I can't wait til our children our born."

    "Me either. Have you thought of any names yet?" He asked as he rubbed her bulging stomach.

    "Well I have one name. Jacob sounds cute. What do you think?" Sheridan asked hopefully.

    "Hmm...Jacob Lopez-Fitzgerald..." He pretended to think for a moment, "I love it!" he exclaimed enthusiastically.

    "Why don't you pick out a name too. I wouldn't want the proud papa to be left out" She suggested running her fingers over his chest. He looked down at her and couldn't help himself as the sappy smile came across his mouth.

    "This seems so surreal to me. I can't I'm in our house and your lying in my arms in our bed." He said pressing his lips to the top of her head.

    "You better believe it. I'm never letting you go again. You have no idea how hard his has been for me. Having you not here to rub my tummy or go to my appointments. I kicked myself everyday for telling you to move out." Her emotions got the best of her and she silently cried.

    "I love you baby. We're going to be together forever!" He promised as his lips came down and met hers. He groaned as he felt her deepening the kiss and running her finger tips over his muscles.

    "Luis, I want you. It's been so long" She mumbled against his warm lips. Afer coming to his senses he pulled away.

    "babe, you're 8 months pregnant. We can't do this, I'm sorry" He said sitting up. Sheridan sat up beside him.

    "I know Luis. Look I'm going to take a cold shower." She stood up and walkedto the bathroom.

    "I'll be downstairs" He called as he heard he water turn on.
    Twenty minutes later, Sheridan descended down the stairs fully dressed and sat down infront of Luis at the kitchen table.

    "I hope you're hungry" He said standing up and picking up the plate off of the stove. Luis placed the plate of food in front of his wife and she thanked him.

    "I'm starving! All I do is eat, eat and eat!" She laughed and began to eat. He watched her as she ate her breakfast and couldn't help the overwhelming love he felt for her.

    "You know, I never got to pick a name. I thought Kyle would be a nice one" Sheridan smiled at his suggestion.

    "Luis, that's a great name"

    "Really Sher? If you don't like it I can definiely pick out another one"

    "No, it's perfect. Jacob and Kyle Lopez-Fitzgerald" Sheridan announced proudly rubbing circles on her stomach. She stood up and lifted her plate off of the table.

    "I'll wash that. Go and sit in the living room" She tried to protest but finally conceded. A few minutes later he walked into the living room and sat down beside her on the couch.

    "So what are we going to do today?" She asked as she cuddled her body up to his.

    "We can go to the movies? I don't wan to suggest the mall because I don't want you on your feet."

    "Then movies it is. Go take a shower so we can go" Luis stood up and leaned down to kiss her.

    "I'll be back" He said trying to imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sheridan laughed and just rolled her eyes. She leaned over to he other side of the couch and reached for the phone and dialed a familiar number.

    "Hi, how are you?" "I'm great sweetheart. How are you? is Luis there?" Katherine asked from the other end."yes mom, he's here" Sheridan smiled, "I've missed him so much!" "Well sweetheart I'm glad he's back. Look I was just heading out, I'm sorry, but Ben insist on taking me out for the day. I'll talk to you later." Katherine said. "Ok mom, have fun, I love you" "Love you too darling" She placed he phone back on it's receiver and sighed as she heard the shower stop. She couldn't wait to get out of the house and be happy again with her husband.

    "That so was a chick flick" He insisted as they walked out of the theatres.

    "Yeah, so, but you watched it because you love me" She teased as he opened her door for you.

    "That's right" He kissed her fully and gazed into her eyes as they pulled apart.

    "Come on Romeo, let's go home"

    "Ok my Juliet" He said in a teasing voice and went over to the drivers side and climbed in. "I'm not ready to go home yet. Where would you like to go for lunch?"

    "well...I've been craving mexican. There is a new mexican restaurant down town.."

    "Ok where is it next to?" He asked and she gave him directions. She laced heir fingers together and smiled as he lifted their hands up and kissed hers.

    "I love you Luis" Sheridan told him.

    "And I love you gorgeous" he grinned at her.
    "Luis, wach out!" She screamed as an oncoming car crashed into them, striking the drivers side and pushing their suv into a tree.

    Chapter 28

    "Miss, can you hear us?" Came a distant voice that she couldn't place. She fought to open her eyes and tried to focus on the men above her. "Ryan, she's coming through" One of the men said and then Sheridan immediately remembered the accident. But where was Luis.

    "Where's my husband?" She mumbled. Her body felt stiff along with her neck. She knew she was lying on a stretcher.
    "Miss please don't worry. We're going to take good care of you both. Don't get scared but we're going to lift you up and place you in the ambulance."

    "Was our accident that bad? And please tell me where my husband is" She pleaded.

    "Your husband is already on his way to the hospital. Please be calm so we can check you and the baby" There was something these men weren't telling her and she feared the worst. Sheridan stayed quiet as the EMTs checked her vitals and blood pressure. "Can you tell me your name?"

    "Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald" She replied in a soft voice.

    "And I'm Ryan and this here is my buddy Joe. Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald we're going to do everything to help you. It looks like your cherub wants to come out and meet their mommy and daddy. How far along are you?"

    "I'm 8 months along with twins" She mumbled proudly.

    "that's great! Well we're pulling up into the hospital lot right now. Good luck beautiful!" Ryan smiled and opened the ambulance doors.

    "Eve, where's my husband? I can't have our babies without him"

    "Sweetheart the doctors are taking care of him and right now we need to get these gorgeous boys out of you" Dr. Russell tried to smile and fought her tears."Do you want me to have one of the nurses call your mother and Pilar?"

    "Yes please"

    "Alright well I'm going to get prepped and I'll meet you back in here in five" Eve said to her and left Sheridan and two nurses in the OR. A few minutes later Eve came back. "well let's get started!" She announced excitedly. As she began to operate, Sheridan laid there nervous and sad at the thought that Luis had to miss this. A long tear escaped from her eye and smiled as she heard a loud cry. "Here's Lopez-Fitzgerald baby #1!"

    "Oh Luis," She whispered to herself sadly. Eve held up the baby for Sheridan to see. "He's beautiful!" The doctor handed the baby to one of the nurses for him to be cleaned, wrapped and weighed. As Eve delivered the next baby she suddenly noticed that he didn't cry and he was turning blue when she pulled him out of Sheridan.

    "Oh god please be alive" Eve silently prayed. She began to do infant CPR as Sheridan looked on distressed.

    "Eve what's going on? Why isn't he crying?" She started to freak as the tears poured out. The nurse with the dark brown hair tried to calm her down.

    "Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald, Dr. Russell is doing everything she can to save your child" The nurse's eyes met Eve's, which held grief.

    "Sheridan, I'm so sorry, I wasn't able to save him. His brother overtook oxygen and blood." Eve's head was hung low as Sheridan cried for the loss of her child. Her little boy.

    She felt empty. Her husband was lying in a coma because of an irresponsible drunk driver that had hit them. And one of her sons was lying in the nursery, healthy and normal. And his twin brother up in heaven smiling up from above.

    "Mija, please you need to eat something. It's been three days" Pilar pleaded as she looked on at Sheridan laying in a daze, staring out the hospital window.

    "Darling, this isn't good. Your little boy needs his mommy. And your husband needs you." Katherine said, stroking her daughers blonde curls.

    "I need my son. God, why did you have to take him from me" Sheridan cried, resoaking her pillow.

    "Sheridan, this wasn't your fault. It was up to god. Please go see your son that's in the nursery. He's beautiful" Katherine sat on the edge of the bed.

    "This isn't fair!" She screamed angrily and Pilar and Katherine held her as she cried once more.

    "Come on let's go take a walk" Pilar suggested as the two women helped the younger one down the hall.

    "Well hello Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald" Nurse Ann greeted happily.
    "Hi. Is my son up?" Sheridan asked.

    "Sure is, did you want to hold him?"

    "Yes, please" Sheridan sat in the rocker and sadly grinned as Nurse Ann placed the baby in her arms. "You look just like your daddy" she caressed his chubby pink cheeks as his eyes flickered open revealing a light blue. "But you have my eyes." His ten little fingers and ten little toes are pefect, she thought. Pilar and Katherine wactched on, each saying a little prayer for Sheridan, Luis and their two boys. After Sheridan fed and rocked her child to sleep she decided that she'd go and visit her husband.

    "Luis, please wake up, I desperately need you right now" She held his hand in her own and felt the coldness. "You should see our son, he's beautiful, except for his eyes he looks just like you. Our second baby boy didn't make it" Tears sprung from her eyes and she wiped them away. "You're my rock and this is why I need you so badly."

    "Sweetheart, anything?" Katherine asked as she stepped into the room.

    "No mom, I wish he could just wake up. It may sound selfish, but I really need him!" She exclaimed.

    "No, Sheridan, it doesn't sound selfish at all. You're in a tremendous amount of pain and he's your strength" Katherine took a seat in the extra chair.

    "I hope he wakes up soon. It's too hard to see him like this" Her pale hand caressed his pale face.

    "He will darling because he knows you're here waiting for him. Maybe I should leave you two alone. I'll come back later" The older woman stood up and kissed the top of Sheridan's head.
    "Thanks for everything mom. I love you" Sheridan forced a weak smile. Katherine left and a few minutes later the doctor walked in.

    "Good afternoon Mrs. Lopez-Fizgerald," She greeted, "I'm Doctor Jones."

    "Hi It's nice to meet you. You can call me Sheridan. Is there any news on my husband?"

    "Well Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald, he might be in a coma for a short while. Hopefully not for too long though. Where the driver of the other vehicle struck your vehicle, Luis might end up paralyzed" Sheridan gasped and lowered her head.

    "I didn't even realize our accident was that bad."

    "Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald, the passenger side of your SUV was slightly touched. The driver's side was pushed in. The EMTs had to cut open your husband's door"

    "Oh my god" She softly said holding a hand to her face and brushing away the tears.

    "I'm so sorry. All we can do is pray for your husband to have a healthy recovery." Dr. Jones said to her.
    "thank you doctor."

    "Your welcome and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask me or my nurses" Dr. Jones quiely shut the door behind her after exiting.

    "Oh Luis," Sheridan cried, "I love you so much. I don't care if you're paralyzed, I just want you to wake up" She squeezed his hand and laid her head on his chest. She thought she was seeing things. Did she really see his hand move? Her eyes traveled up to his handsome face and she smiled as his dark eyes came into view. He gave her a confused look. "I'll be right back sweetie, I'm going to get the doctors." She said quickly and scurried out of the room. Dr. Jones and Sheridan walked back in a moment later.

    "Well good afternoon sunshine" Dr. Jones said happily as she removed Luis' tubes, "Do you know where you are Luis?" He shook his head, "You're in the hospital. You and Sheridan had an accident a few days ago" Sheridan stepped out of the room and waited as the doctor examined Luis.

    "He seems perfectly fine. He didn't say much though."

    "Can he move his legs?" She asked worried.

    "Yes, he can move them" he doctor said smiling, "I'll let you to get back to each other. If you need anything at all please don't hesitate to ask."

    "Thank you Dr. Jones"

    "Your very welcome. And you can call me Elizabeth" She smiled and walked down the hall. Sheridan walked back into Luis' room.

    "I'm so glad you're awake babe! I missed you" Sheridan said kissing him softly. When he didn't respond she pulled away and looked into his eyes.
    "Do I know you?" He asked with a confusing look.

    Chapter 29

    The dark clouds and raindrops faded away as morning came. Sheridan had just fell asleep after being up with the baby half of the night. Just as she fell into a deep slumber the phone rang, startling her.

    "Hello?" She answered groggily on the second ring.

    "Hi sweetheart it's mom.How are you holding up?" Came Katherine's voice from the other line. Sheridan sat up tiredly and leaned back against the headboard.

    "Let's see, my husband is lying in the hospital with no memory of his life, including me. My son died at birth and my other son hasn't stopped crying all night." She replied sadly.
    "I am really sorry. The reason I was calling is too see if you'd like me to come over and help you"

    "Mom, thanks so much. Any other time I'd say no, but I need to get some sleep and I have errands to do. I can't believe I have to bury my child" Sheridan softly said as tears escaped from her eyes.

    "I'm so sorry. I'll be there soon."

    "Ok, thank you so much mom"

    "Your welcome." Katherine said and hung up. Sheridan placed the phone back on it's receiver and slipped back under covers. Sheridan awoke a little while later to the doorbell ringing.

    "Hi mom, good morning"

    "Hi sweetheart, I brought you a coffee" Katherine walked in, stopping to kiss her daughter, and went to the kitchen.

    "Thanks. I guess now that I'm up I'll just head to the hospital if that's ok?" Sheridan said taking a seat at the table.

    "That's fine. I'm just glad you didn't start breastfeeding the baby."

    "Well I planned to breastfeed. But under these circumstances I can't right now." She rubbed her eyes tiredly and took a sip of the hot coffee which burnt her tongue.

    "I understand. I'll listen for the baby while you get dressed."

    Sheridan walked down the long hallway with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and her purse in the older. She tapped lightly at the door and opened it when permission for entrance was granted. Sheridan froze when she saw the redhead propping up her husbands pillow.

    "Jennifer!" Sheridan exclaimed shocked.

    "Well, hello Sheridan" Jennifer smiled devilishly.

    "Is there something you need here? And how did you know Luis' was in the hospital?"

    "Well I came to visit Luis. Pilar told me he was here when I called to talk to him about Katelyn."

    "And where is your daughter?"

    "It's none of your concern but she's with the sitter" Jennifer retorted, "I'll guess I'll be going. Goodbye Luis" She said kissing his cheek.

    "Bye and thanks for the visit" Luis told her. Jennifer closed the door behind her and Sheridan placed the flowers on Luis' table.

    "Thanks" He said smiling a bit.

    "Your welcome. How are you feeling today" Sheridan asked smiling warmly back at him.

    "I'm doing great, except for the memory part. I can't seem to remember anything" He saw the disappointment and sadness in her eyes. "I'm sorry, I really do want to remember" He told her sympathetically. She turned her face and wiped away the few tears.

    "I know" She whispered turning back to him. "I know this is hard on you too. Did the doctor tell you when you're getting released?" She asked.

    "Tomorrow morning, I can't wait to get out of here." She laughed.

    "You've only been here for five days" She told him, "Are you going home with me tomorrow?" He looked at her and smiled, making her melt.

    "Yes, I think it's best. I want to remember everything Sher and I want to meet our little boy."

    "Luis, there's something you should know" She began sadly looking down, "I was pregnant with twin boys. One of them died at birth"

    "I'm so sorry, come here" He held his arms out for her and she sat beside him on the bed. Sheridan cried on his shoulder as he rubbed her back lovingly.

    "How could god do this to us?!" He heard her say as she wiped away the tears.

    "When are you going to lay him to rest?"

    "I'm going to get the casket today" Sheridan leaned her head on his chest and pretended that this was her Luis.

    "Oh," He mouthed as he continued rubbing her back.

    "Luis, can I ask you what Jennifer was really doing here?" She asked looking up into his eyes.

    "She came to visit and I guess we share a daughter? But how is that if I'm married to you. I never cheated on you right?" Luis asked.

    "No you've never cheated." She answered and proceeded to tell him the story of how they were young and were in love and then separated due to her job. "Then last year I was making an appearance and that's where we reconnected. You were engaged to Jennifer and then when you got back from Boston you broke it off with her because you still loved me. This Summer she showed and she said that she had your child. She didn't know she was pregnant until after you left her." Sheridan explained.

    "Wow! You must've been devestated" Luis said.

    "Yes, I was. Luis, I know you don't remember our life together, but if Jenn comes around again please don't fall for her act. She's wanted you for a long time. Before our accident we were separated because I left you after you spent so much time in Boston with her and Katelyn. The day of our accident was the second day after our reconciliation."

    "Well when Jenn was here she did try to kiss me" A flash of anger washed over her, which he noticed, "But I backed away. I'm a married man" He announced winking at her. She rolled her eyes playfully.

    "Well at least your acting like your playful self again" She kissed his cheek and hopped off of the bed, "I hope you don't mind that I go. I need to go to the funeral home"

    "Alright, thank you for coming by."

    "Your welcome" She replied, I love you, she thought sadly. She turned to leave.

    "Sher?" He called.

    "Yes Luis?" Sheridan looked at him.

    "What's our son's name" He asked smiling at her.

    "Kyle Joseph Lopez-Fitzgerald" She told him, "You picked the name Kyle. See you later"

    "Bye" Luis watched the beautiful blonde walk out of his room and he leaned back against the cream colored pillows. He wished something would just trigger his memory.

    Sheridan didn't know how many tears she had until this week. She had cried dozens and dozens of times. After leaving the funeral parlor she headed home to be with her son.

    "Hi mom" She said walking through the door.

    "Hi sweetie, how's Luis?" Katherine asked handing the sleeping infant to his mother.

    "Oh mommy's sweet little boy" Sheridan smiled sadly, caressing his tiny cheek with her finger, "Luis is good. He's being released tomorrow and wants to come back here"

    "I'm so glad to hear that."

    "It's going to be so hard for me to act like we're just friends instead of a married couple because I can't push him into retrieving his memory." Sheridan said to her mother.

    "I understand sweetheart. Kyle ate 3 oz about a half an hour ago. His diaper is already changed. Did you want me to spend the night here?"

    "No thanks mom, I should be all set. But tomorrow do you think you could wach Kyle while I go pick up Luis."

    "Sure, anything you need darling. I'm going to head out right now." Katherine stood up and hugged her daughter and kissed the top of Kyle's head. "Love you sweetie and make sure to call if you need anything at all. Even if it's for me to watch Kyle while you sleep for a little bit"

    "Thanks so much for everything mom. I love you too" After Katherine left Sheridan locked the front door and headed upstairs to put Kyle in his crib. She laid her son in his crib and walked to her room and laid down on the bed. She grabbed her Pink Ipod Nano from the nightstand and put the earplugs in her ears and turned it on.

    Close your eyes
    Give me your hand, darlin'
    Do you feel my heart beating
    Do you understand
    Do you feel the same
    Am I only dreaming
    Is this burning an eternal flame.
    I believe
    It's meant to be, darlin'
    I watch you when you are sleeping
    You belong with me
    Do you feel the same
    Am I only dreaming
    Or is this burning (burning) an eternal flame.
    Say my name
    Sun shines through the rain
    A whole life so lonely
    And then you come and ease the pain
    I don't want to lose this feeling, oh.
    Say my name
    Sun shines through the rain
    A whole life so lonely
    And then you come and ease the pain
    I don't want to lose this feeling, oh.
    Close your eyes
    Give me your hand
    Do you feel my heart beating
    Do you understand
    Do you feel the same
    Am I only dreaming
    Or is this burning an eternal flame.
    Close your eyes
    Give me your hand, darlin'
    Do you feel my heart beating
    Do you understand
    Do you feel the same
    Am I only dreaming
    Is this burning an eternal flame.
    Close your eyes
    Give me your hand, darlin'
    Do you feel my heart beating
    Do you understand
    Do you feel the same
    Am I only dreaming
    Aaaaahh, an eternal flame.
    Close your eyes
    Give me your hand, darlin'
    Do you feel my heart beating
    Do you understand
    Do you feel the same
    Am I only dreaming
    Is this burning an eternal flame

    Her heart was breaking and she was crying tremendously. The tears just kept on pouring out. God, please let Luis get his memory back, this isn't fair! She thought going to the bathroom and washing her face. She went back to go lay down on the back, turning the baby monitor on and slid under the blanket. Kyle woke up a few hours later crying to be changed and fed.

    "Is mommy's little prince hungry?" She asked while changing his diaper. "Your daddy is coming home tomorrow and he can't wait to meet you" She smiled and picked up her son, throwing away the diaper in the diaper genie. The little boy yawned as his mother walked down stairs to the kitchen with him. She laid Kyle is his bouncer and went to go fix his bottle.

    "Come on sweetheart it's dinner time" Sheridan scooped up her son and headed upstairs. As she turned to go into the nursery she caught a glimpse of her and Luis' wedding picture. She quickly turned her head and began the task of feeding the baby.

    "I'm so glad you're being released today" She said happily as she wheeled him down to the nurses station.

    "Me too, I'm still nervous though" He admitted shyly.

    "I know and if you need help with anything at all make sure you ask me. I'm always here for you" She kissed his cheek and he smiled. Even though he couldn't remember their life together, he still thought she was an amazing woman.

    "Well Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald it's been a pleasure having you here but it's time for you to go home with your beautiful wife and meet your new son" The nurse said laughing as she handed Luis the release forms for him to sign.

    "Thanks for everything Ann, I really appreciate" Luis said handing the forms back to the nurse.

    "You're very welcome. Now please don't over do it. Have a safe and happy recovery" Nurse Ann smiled as Sheridan wheeled Luis to the elevator.

    "Are you feeling ok, Luis?" Sheridan asked as they waited for the elevator.

    "Yeah, I'm just a little dizzy. I'm very tired"

    "Well you can get some rest when we get to the house. The guest room is all set for you to use."

    "Thanks for being so patient."

    "You're welcome, Luis, I do love you very much and even if you don't get your memory back we could fall in love all over again and make new memories," She leaned down and kissed his lips. She pulled away and looked at him, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that"."

    "It's ok I understand why you did though" They went inside the elevator and waited patienly as it descended down each floor, stopping to let people in.

    "Well here it is, home sweet home" Sheridan announced happily as she helped Luis into their house.

    "It's beautiful Sher" He said as his dark eyes gazed around the room.

    "Thanks" She replied placing his bags on the floor, "Mom?" She called. Katherine descended down the stairs a few seconds later with the baby.

    "Hi Sheridan. Luis I'm so glad to see you" Katherine said warmly.

    "Luis, this is my mother Katherine"

    "Nice to meet you" Luis said looking a her and then down.

    "He's gorgeous. May I?" He asked as he held his arms open for the baby.

    "You certainly can. Sweetheart I'm going to head out if that's ok. I'll be back tomorrow" Katherine told her daughter.

    "Thanks mom for everything. I love you" Sheridan hugged her mother and then she was gone. Sheridan locked the door and looked at Luis sitting on the couch looking down lovingly at their son. She sat on the couch opposite of them and smiled at the pair.

    "I could definitely get used to this" He told her with a twinkle in his eye. But what about me, she thought to herself.
    "I'm going to make myself a cup of tea. Would you like anything?"

    "Tea sounds great. Thank you Sheridan" She quickly walked out of the room and into the kitchen. Luis saw how bad she was hurtng and he placed the baby in his swing and followed her. He watched her as she washed the dishes and gazed out the window.
    "Sheridan?" He called as he walked towards her.

    "Yes Luis, did you need something" She asked as she dried her hands on the towel. Luis wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

    "I'm so sorry. I realize how hard this is on you" She held onto him as she pulled away to look a him.
    "And it's hard on you too, I shouldn't be so selfish. I mean you have no memory of your life and that has to be hard. We can't even celebrate one of the greatest things that has come from our love." Sheridan said sadly as a tear slipped down her cheek. He wiped it away and brought her closer to him, holding her as they cried together for the situation at hand.

    Chapter 30

    Sheridan stirred in her sleep as she heard the baby cry through the monitor. She sat up reaching forward to retrieve the robe that sat the edge of her bed. She heard Kyle stop crying and then she heard his voice through the baby monitor.

    "Hi buddy, Happy Thanksgiving" Luis whispered as he held the baby close to his chest. "How about we change your diaper and then we can go surprise your mommy" Luis laid baby Kyle onto the changing table and undressed him and put on a clean diaper. The baby yawned as Luis picked him up and threw the diaper away. "Daddy loves you so much" He said rubbing small circle on the baby's back.

    Sheridan smiled to herself as she heard Luis' footsteps walking toward her bedroom. He knocked lightly. "Come on in Luis" She called as she tied her robe.
    "Good morning" He said softly as he walked over to the bed and plopped down in front of her. "There's a little prince who wants to see his mommy." Luis announced as he handed their child over to Sheridan.

    "Thanks for getting up with him again Luis. I really do appreciate it"

    "I love doing it" He smiled and realized that things were still weird between them.

    "Well I guess I'll be going downstairs. Would you like me to make something special for breakfast before we go to my mother's?" He asked as he stood up.

    "No thank you. I'll just grab a granola bar or something."

    "Alright I'll see you in a little bit" He said and walked out the door.

    "Oh Luis, why does this have to be so difficult? I love you." She whispered to herself and stood up.

    "Happy Thanksgiving everyone!" Sheridan exclaimed bubbling with happiness as she walked into Pilar's house. She could smell the turkey that was roasting in the oven, making her mouth water in delight and her stomach grumble in hunger.

    "Hi mama, hi papa. Happy Thanksgiving" Luis said and hugged them both.

    "Happy Thanksgiving mija, mijo. Now let me see my little grandbaby" Pilar rushed over to the baby carrier that was placed on the floor beside Sheridan.

    "Hi Kyle, abuela is so happy to see you!" Pilar exclaimed as she picked up the baby.

    "Is my mother here yet?" Sheridan asked.

    "No she called a little while ago and said she'd be on her way soon with Ben" Martin replied. He reached for Sheridan's hand and she looked up with a questioning gaze. "Come on, mija" He said as he lead her to the kitchen.

    "Is everything ok Martin?" Sheridan asked with a questioning look.

    "Mija, the question is, how is everything with you? I can see right through you. You're smiling on the outside but not on the out"

    "Martin, it's just that I'm hurting. Luis still hasn't recovered any part of his memory. I'm scared he never will remember any of us again. I love him so very much and it's breaking my heart and bringing us farther apart." She sat down at the island and her father-in-law sat beside her.

    "I understand mija. My son will remember in time" He rubbed her back in a soothing fatherly fashion.

    "Come on let's get back into the living room" She said and they walked back to be with the rest of the family.

    "Is everything ok Sher?" Luis asked as he looked down at her. She nodded her head and forced a tiny smile. Sheridan watched as Luis' siblings, Theresa and Miguel, took turns holding the baby and she smiled. "Come on let's go take a walk outside" He suggested. They went to go get their jackets and told Pilar they'd be back in a little while.

    "It's freezing" Her teeth chattered as tiny snowflakes fell from the sky and into her golden hair. She was surprised when she felt his strong arms come around her body as they walked along the sidewalk.

    "Getting warm now" He whispered into her ear sending multiple shivers down her spine which had nothing to do with the weather.

    "Yes. Is there something on your mind Luis?" She asked. He stopped her and turned to face her.

    "I heard what you said to papa about how bad you're hurting and if I could change that I would."

    "I know Luis because that's the kind of man you are" She told him smiling, caressing his cheek with her hand.

    "Over these past few weeks of living with you and taking care of our son..." He paused and looked lovingly into her eyes. In her heart she knew what was coming, "I've fallen in love with you. There, it's out" He looked down at the ground. She lifted his chin with her finger as their eyes met.

    "I know you're not the same man I married, but I've fallen in love with you all over again." She smiled and laced their fingers together. He leaned down and captured her lips with his and kissed her softly. "I've been waiting to do that for weeks!" he exclaimed when he pulled away.

    "I've missed that! I've missed you!" She sadly said as she gazed up a him. "Our bed has been so lonely without you in it. My heart has been lonely. I miss our romantic nights together and our passionate kisses. I miss having you there to talk to as I'm getting dressed." A crystal tear slipped down her cheek.

    "I know how hard it is babe, believe me" He told her as he pulled her closer to him and hugged her. "It's going to be ok" He whispered in her ear and rubbed her back in a soothing, reassuring way.

    "We should be heading back" She told him as she wiped her tears away.

    "Yeah, I guess we should. How about if I take you on a date tomorrow night? I'm sure papa and mama would love to stay with the baby" He suggested as he wrapped his arms around her shoulder and lead her back to the house.

    "That sounds great Luis!" She exclaimed happily and kissed his cheek.

    When they arrived back a the house they noticed Katherine and Ben were there.

    "Well here they are" Katherine announced as she walked over to hug her daughter and Luis.

    "Hi mom, Happy Thanksgiving" Sheridan said as she picked up her son from her mother's arms.

    "Hi sweetheart, hi Luis, Happy Thanksgiving"

    "It's time to eat everyone" Pilar called as she stood the kitchen doorway.

    "Alright mama, we're coming" Miguel replied hurrying to the kitchen.
    "Come on guys" Theresa called to her brother and Sheridan.

    "Well what are we waiting for gorgeous?" Luis asked holding his hand out for her which she took happily.

    The fire illuminated the room as the couple snuggled peacefully on the sofa while their son slept upstairs in the nursery. She lifted the wine glass to her ruby lips and took a small sip. He stroked her arm lovingly with his long fingers, placing butterly kisses along her face and neck. She sighed in contentment as his soft lips ran across her hot flesh.

    "What are you thinking about?" He whispered his dark eyes meet her Saphire ones.

    "I just can't believe we're here sitting like this." Sheridan softly said, a small smile playing on her lips.

    "Well angel you better start believing it. We are going to be like this forever, even when we're old, wrinkled and grey" Luis teased and kissed her. She brought him closer to her and kissed him harder on his mouth, moaning as began to trail his hands along her body. He shifted them so she was on her back and he was on top. Sheridan could feel his erection tightly pushing against her stomach and she knew that she wanted him now more than ever before. Before she could initiate any lovemaking he pulled away, "God Sher, I'm so sorry. I let this go too far." He backed up off of her and sat up straight. She still laid in the same position as she stared at him.

    "Luis, it's not your fault. I didn't want you to stop," She sat up on her knees and inched her way closer to him. "Did you really want to stop?" She whispered in his ear using a sexy tone. His mouth went dry and he tried to avoid her eyes.

    "Yes," He murmered, "I'm going to bed now" Before he could get up, she moved forward and straddled both sides of him so he couldn't move. She smirked sexily at him, her eyes filled with passion. "You're playing a dangerous game Sheridan" Luis warned and shook his head.

    "I just know what I want!" She told him as she held his face in her hands, "And I want to make love with my husband"

    Sheridan leaned down and kissed him passionately, pressing herself tighter against him. After trying to fight the inferno he felt inside, he finally gave in. Luis wrapped his arms around her waist and stood up, heading for the stairs. Sheridan instinctively wrapped her long legs around his waist. As hey entered Sheridan's room he lowered her onto her back as they kissed. He paused and their eyes connected, "I love you" He told her and she smiled lovingly, her heart turning into mush.
    "And I love you" She whispered as she kissed him again, her hands reaching out to discard the t-shirt he wore. He closed his eyes as her smooth hands ran over his perfect physique. Luis began unbuttoning the top of her pajamas. She helped him by sliding her arms out of the sleeves. "Oh Luis," Sheridan moaned as his finger tips caressed her ample breasts. Her hands reached the elastic of his bottoms and she tugged them down as far as she could. He pulled back and discarded his pants. Luis reached for her bottoms and slowly pulled them down her long legs and discarded her panties as well.

    "This is going to change things you know?" He asked her and he received the reassuring smile that he wanted.

    "I know and I want us to make love tonight, Luis. I love you and need you" She said caressing his cheek.

    " I love you too" His lips founds hers and their bodies meshed together. She cried out in pleasure as his throbbing manhood entered her, uniting them as one. He stroked her core and she met his every rhythm. They rode the waves of passion together until they couldn't last no more.

    "You still know how to make great love" She mumbled lazily, tracing circles on his chest.

    "Well I have an amazing partner" He kissed the top of her head and caressed her back. She kissed his chest and tightened her hold on him.

    "This seems so surreal. I feel like I'm going to wake up and this will all be a dream" Sheridan said as she stared up lovingly at him.

    "Well it's not a dream. And do you know how I know that?" He asked grinning slyly.

    "No, how?" She asked and waited for his response.

    "Because if you feel this then this isn't a dream..." Smiling, he pinched her behind. Sheridan rolled her eyes and swatted his hand away from her backside.

    "Oh you, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, you're one crazy man" She told him as she sat up beside him.

    "Yeah, crazy for you Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald" Luis replied sweetly leaning over to kiss her. A cry came through the baby monitor that sat on their nightstand.

    "I'll go this time" She said hopping out of bed and gatherine her robe.

    "Hurry back!" Luis climbed out of their four posted bed and walked to their bathroom to take a quick shower.

    Meanwhile, Sheridan was in the nursery breastfeeding Kyle.

    "You don't have to cry pumpkin, mommy's here" Sheridan whispered soothingly as traced the babys chubby cheeks and chin with her index finger. Her thoughts drifted off to her other son that was peacefully sleeping in heaven, sadly she whispered, "Mommy wishes your brother had lived." Sheridan let out a soft cry as a tear fell from her eye. She rocked the chair back and forth as she hummed a lullaby to her son. After Kyle had finished eating Sheridan burped him and placed him back in his crib. "There you go my little cherub. I love you" She rubbed his back for a minute or two, making sure he fell into a deep slumber and walked back to the bedroom. Quickly glancing at their bed, Luis wasn't there. She heard the shower running and she pictured the hot, soapy water running down her husband's sinful body. Walking to the bathroom, stripping her robe on he way, she stepped into the shower behind him.

    "Hey beautiful, is Kyle ok?" Luis asked his wife lacing their fingers together.

    "He's fine thanks. He was just hungry" She told him, reaching for the pink soapy sponge in his hands, "Pink is definitely your color" She teased and started to run it over her body.

    "Oh no, let me do that. I insist" He said taking the sponge back and began washing all her curves and special places. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck.

    "If you don't make love to me right now I'm going to go insane" She pressed her lips to his and he picked her up and carried her off to bed.

    "Are you sure you don't mind watching Kyle for the night?" Sheridan asked her in laws as she placed the baby carrier in the foyer of their home and picked Kyle up.

    "Oh no, mija, we'd never mind watching our grandson" Martin told her and picked up the baby from his mother's arms. Sheridan kissed Martin's cheek and thanked him. "You're welcome mija and don't worry about Kyle tonight. Pilar and I will bring him home tomorrow morning"

    "Thanks again" She smiled and left, running to the car as the cold wind blew. "It's freezing" She shivered and reached for her seabelt.

    "I could think of a few ways to warm you up" He winked backing out of his parents driveway.

    "Let's go to dinner first. You don't want to starve your wife now, do you?"

    "No way gorgeous" He held out his hand for her and she entertwined their fingers together as they headed to the restaurant.

    When they arrived at the Seascape Luis opened Sheridan's door for her and she thanked him graciously with a kiss.

    "Thanks sweetie" She said as he led her into the restaurant.
    "Anytime my sexy queen" He whispered in a sexy tone and turned to face the hostess, "Hi reservation for Lopez-Fitzgerald"

    "Sure, right this way" The hostess smiled and walked them over to a table in the far corner. Luis took Sheridans coat and pulled out her chair for her.

    "Thanks, Luis" Sheridan said and thanked the woman as she placed their menus in front of them.

    "Your welcome. Your waitress, Jenna, will be right with you" Smiling she walked away. Sheridan flipped her menu open and began to scan through it. Luis looked up smiling as their waitress approached their table.

    "Good evening and welcome to the Seascape. My name is Jenn and I'll be your waitress for the night. Can I interest you in a bottle of our Pinot Grigio tonight?" Jenna asked them and Sheridan looked over at Luis and nodded.

    "Sure we'll have a bottle thank you" Luis replied graciously.

    "Would you like an appetizer to start with tonight?"

    "Sweetie would you like the fried calarmi or the shrimp?" Luis asked.
    "We'll have the fried calamari, thank you" Sheridan told the waitress and she walked away.

    "So what are you thinking of having my love?" Luis asked her placing his menu down.

    "I'm going to have the baked stuff Shrimp. What are you going to have?"

    "The baked Lobster" When their waitress came back with their calamari they ordered their main course. Luis picked up Sheridan's wine glass and filled it half way with the white wine.

    "Thank you" She said sweetly and raised her glass to meet his.
    "To a life of never ending love and happiness"
    "I'll drink to that" Sheridan clinked their glasses together and they drank their wine and feasted on their fried calamari.

    Chapter 31

    "Wake up baby" He whispered in her ear, caressing her flat stomach and running his manly hands over her rib cage and up to her breasts. Sheridan smiled in her sleep and moaned his name.

    "You know Luis, you should let me sleep in more often. I need my beauty sleep" She mumbled, her eyes still closed.
    "Fine, if you want to be that way Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald" He kissed her cheek and hopped off the bed, "I'll be downstairs." Luis walked over to the door and stood in the doorway. He heard her laugh which made him smile.

    "I know you're still there, Luis" Sheridan opened her eyes and sat up.

    "Well my sleeping beauty, you know me so well" He walked over to the edge of the bed and hopped on it, crawling over to her. His face was an inch from hers and she stared deeply into his eyes.

    "Merry Christmas" Sheridan whispered before leaning in and capturing the sweet taste of his lips.

    "Merry Christmas my love" He pulled away the comforter from her body and they peeled each others clothes off and they made love.

    "I'm surprised Kyle isn't up yet" Sheridan said tiredly.

    "He woke up at four this morning. I changed and fed him."
    Luis told her as they lay on their sides gazing at each other.
    "I must've been out like a light"

    "I suppose you were because you didn't even stir when I left the bed to go get him" Luis said pulling her closer to him. She looked up into his eyes. The phone rang, interrupting their moment.

    "Hello?" Sheridan spoke into the phone.

    "Hi Sheridan, Merry Christmas, it's Eve. Is Luis around?"

    "Yes Eve, hold on one moment" She said handing the phone to her husband.

    "Hi Eve, Merry Christmas, what can I do for you?" Luis asked.

    "Well I'm sorry to bother you, especially on a holiday, but I thought you should know."

    "Know what, Eve?"

    "Well last night I was at the hospital doing some lab work and I accidentally dropped a bunch of files. One was yours and contained the DNA results from your test with Katelyn. Luis, those results were tampered with." The doctor told her friend. Luis sat there shocked feeling like he had just been punched in the stomach.

    "So Katelyn isn't mine?" He asked and Sheridan shot him a questioning look.

    "No Luis, Jennifer lied to you. I'm very sorry"

    "Thanks for letting me know Eve. Have a Merry Christmas" Luis said.

    "Same to you. Goodbye."

    "Luis, what was that about?" Sheridan asked as she placed the phone back on the receiver.

    "The DNA results were tampered with. Katelyn isn't mines" Luis got up from the bed, slipped on his boxers and left the room. He stood in the doorway of his little girl's bedroom and watched her peacefully sleeping. Sheridan came up behind him and slid her arm around her waist.

    "Luis, I am sorry" She looked up at him and felt sorry for him. He loved this little girl so much and she felt the same. How could Jennifer, that B!tch, play Luis for a fool. He turned and guided her back to their room.

    "It's ok to be happy Sher. I won't have any ties to Jenn anymore"

    "No Luis, I'm not happy. Katelyn loves you so much and in every way, other than biological, you are her father!"

    "How the hell could she do this to us!" Luis sat on the bed, rubbing his temples. He was furious! "I can't wait to call her on it tonight when she picks up Katelyn."

    "You do know that this means she cheated on you when you two were together" They heard Kyle starting to cry through the monitor. "I'll go babe" Luis offered and walked off to get their son. He picked the baby up and cuddled him close to his chest. "Good morning buddy" Luis said kissing the top of Kyle's tiny head. Luis walked back into the bedroom and watched as Sheridan's eyes lit up.

    "There's mommys little boy" Sheridan called opening her arms for her angel. Luis handed their son over to his wife. Sheridan looked up at Luis as she heard Katelyn call for her daddy.

    "Let me go get princess" He smiled and walked to his daughters room and brought her back to his room. Luis sat on the bed as Katelyn held onto him.

    "Hi Katelyn" Sheridan smiled and reached over to kiss the little girl's cheek, "Are you hungry sweetie?" She asked and the little girl nodded her head.

    "Well daddy will cook for his girls" Luis said lifting Katelyn into the air making her giggle, "Come on Sheridan. Let's go eat some breakfast and then go open presents."

    "Merry Christmas" Luis called as he entered his parents home.
    "Hey bro, merry christmas" Miguel said getting up from the couch.

    "Hey Miguel, Merry Christmas" Sheridan said kissing her brother-in-law's cheek.

    "Same to you Sheridan. Can I hold Kyle?"

    "Sure you can" Sheridan said picking up the baby from his seat and handing him over to his uncle. Sheridan and Luis walked into the kitchen hand in hand to greet the rest of the family.

    "Merry Christmas" They said.

    "Merry Christmas" Everyone responded back. Pilar, Martin, Theresa, Katherine and Ben were there.

    "Dinner is almost ready" Pilar announced.

    "Where's Kyle?" Martin asked.

    "He's with Miguel" Luis replied and sat down at the table, Katelyn still in his arms. When they sat down for Christmas dinner Luis revealed what he learned this morning about Katelyn not being his. Everyone was shocked to say the least.
    When Sheridan and Luis arrived home that night, Jennifer was already waiting for them in her car.

    "Well it's about time" She said tapping her foot impatiently while crossing her arms over her chest.

    "Jenn, relax! You said 6 o'clock and it's only 5:30. Plus we need to go inside and have a little chat" He said taking Katelyn out of the SUV. Sheridan looked on and smiled to herself as she carried the car seat into the house. She took Kyle out and sat on the couch waiting for Luis and Jenn to join her.

    "So what's this about?" Jenn asked impatiently taking her daughter from Luis.

    "We know the DNA test Katelyn and I took months ago were tampered with. What the heck were you thinking!!!???" Luis angrily asked her.

    "Luis, wherever you go that theory from, it's wrong. Katelyn...she's yours...she's your daughter. You love her and she loves you. Come on, she lookes just" Jennifer stammered nervously.

    "You're a lying b!tch!!" Sheridan exclaimed shooting daggers her way.

    "Ladies, could we not fight, please?" Luis asked them, "And Jenn,, cut the act. She's not mine, even though I wish she was, she's not. I still want to see her but I won't pay any more child support. We're going back to court and that's that."

    "We're leaving. Katelyn, say bye bye to daddy"

    "Bye da dad" katelyn said happily waving her hands.

    "Bye princess, I love you" Luis kissed his daughter's cheek and watched her leave.

    "I can't believe the nerve of her" Luis heard Sheridan mumble under her breath.

    "Sher, please don't" Luis said to her as he walked to the kitchen. Sheridan placed the baby in his swing and went to the kitchen.

    "Don't what Luis? Don't call her a lying b!tch?! Well Luis, that's what she is. We spent weeks separated while I was PREGNANT because of her. You and Katelyn have grown so attached to each other and all long she knew that Katelyn was your child." Sheridan told him.

    "Sheridan, I know that. But please let's not fight over this..."
    "And don't you sugar coat anything that comes out of that woman's mouth!" She walked out of the room and picked up her son. She took him upstairs into the nursery and sat in the rocking chair. "Time to eat pumpkin" She unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped the front of her bra. Sheridan guided her nipple to her son's mouth and he latched on and began to eat. She smiled at her son and began to rock and hum a lullaby. Luis watched from the doorway and smiled lovingly at his family. He came up to her and kissed her lips. "I don't want to fight with you" She whispered against his lips.

    "I'm sorry Sheridan" Luis apologized and sat on the floor beside them, "I'll never get tired of this site." He said referring to her and the baby.

    "Me neither, I love you Luis"

    "And I love you mi amor" He grinned up at her. When Kyle was done eating she looked down at his sleeping form and just smiled to herself. She burped him and laid him down in his crib. Sheridan and Luis walked to their room and changed into their pajamas.

    "A Wonderful Life is on NBC tonight, we could watch it" She suggested sliding the shirt over her head.

    "Sounds good" He slid into his pajama bottoms and walked over to her. "You know I love you right?" He asked cupping her face.

    "I know," She said smiling, "I love you too." Sheridan kissed him quickly, "Let's go, the movie's starting soon" She grabbed the baby monitor from the nightstand and brought it downstairs with them.

    Sheridan and Luis cuddled on the couch listening to the radio waiting for It's A Wonderful Life To come on.
    "Merry Christmas Luis"

    "Merry Christmas Angel" He leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas
    Let your heart be light
    Next year all our troubles will be
    out of sight
    Have yourself a merry little Christmas
    Make the yule-tide gay
    Next year all our troubles will be
    miles away
    Once again as in olden days
    Happy golden days of yore
    Faithful friends who are dear to us
    Will be near to us once more
    Someday soon, we all will be together
    If the Fates allow
    Until then, we'll have to muddle through somehow
    So have yourself a merry little Christmas now. Frank Sinatra~Have yourself a merry little Christmas

    Chapter 32

    Sheridan held Kyle in her arms as they descended down the stairs to answer the door. Sheridan opened the door and smiled.

    "Hi, are you Sheridan Lopez-Fitgerald?" The delivery man asked.

    "Yes I am" She replied and he handed her the big bouquet of deep Red roses.

    "Have a nice day Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald" The delivery man said and walked back to his truck. Sheridan shut the door with her foot and sat the roses on the hallway table.

    "Hold on one second pumpkin" Sheridan said placing the baby in his Winnine The Pooh bouncer. She walked back to the roses and pulled the card out.

    Happy Valentine's Day Sher! Be ready to dance the night away at the same place we went to that night in Boston. I love you so very much! Love, Luis

    Sheridan smiled to herself as she bent her head and inhaled the scent of the roses. Did Luis remember that night in Boston, she asked herself. She hoped he did. Sheridan sat the card on the table to be displayed and walked to the couch and reached for the phone. Dialing the familiar number she waited for her call to be answered.

    "Harmony Police Department"

    "Can I speak to detective Lopez-Fitzgerald please." She asked politely.
    "One moment miss"

    "Detective Lopez-Fitzgerald" Luis greeted.

    "Hi detective I got your delivery" She told him with a smile.

    "I'm glad you did babe. Mama is going to be there at three to pickup Kyle for the night. Make sure you pack an overnight bag for you. When I pick you up just make sure your dressed in fancy clothes because we won't have time to change."

    "What do you have up your sleeve Luis?" She asked curiously.

    "Well angel you have to wait and see. Just do what I said. I have to go babe, I love you"

    "I love you too"

    "Hi sweetheart" Sheridan said as she climbed into Luis' truck carrying her purse and overnight bag.

    "Hi babe" He said leaning over to kiss her.

    "So what's the plans for tonight?" She asked as he began backing out of the driveway.

    "We're going to Boston to have dinner at the same place we had dinner the night we reconnected."

    "Luis, do you remember that whole night?" Sheridan asked looking at him.

    "Sheridan I waited until today to surprise you. I have my memory back!" Luis exclaimed happily grinning from ear to ear.
    "Are you serious?!" She asked, "When did this happen?"

    "A few popped up on Christmas and then the rest followed"

    "Oh Luis, I'm so happy for you" She told him proudly and leaned over to kiss his cheek. Sheridan laced her fingers with her husband's and couldn't help the smile that played across her face.

    When they arrived at the fancy Italian restaurant in Boston Luis helped Sheridan out of the car and grabbed her hand as they walked inside.

    "Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to Ristorante Olivio" The hostess greeted them with a big smile.

    "Thank you, Happy Valentine's Day to you too. We have a reservation for Lopez-Fitzgerald" Luis said to the petite brunette as he wrapped his arm his wife.

    "If you'll follow me I'll lead you to your table." The young woman lead the couple to one of the back corner where it was lit romantically with candles and pink and red flowers were scattered around.

    "Thank you" Sheridan said as their menus were placed in front of them.

    "You're welcome. Your waitress Alexandria will be right with you"

    "Thank you very much" Luis replied and she walked away. Luis scanned over the menu as Sheridan watched him. She was so excited that his memory was back. "What are you smiling at angel?" He asked reaching for her hand.

    "I'm just so happy that you remember things from your past" Sheridan told him as she squeezed his hand.

    "Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt," The waitress said with an aplogetic look, "I'm Alexandria and I'll be your waitress for the night. Can I start you off tonight with a bottle of champagne?" She asked and watched as Luis glanced over at Sheridan and she nodded her head.

    "Sure, a bottle would be great" Luis said with a smile.

    "Would you like an appetizer to start off with or a salad or soup?"

    "I'll have a garden salad" Sheridan said.

    "Can you please make that two?" Luis asked.

    "Sure, two garden salads. I'll be right back."

    "Do you know what you are going to have?" Luis asked Sheridan as he sat his menu backdown.

    "I was thinking of having the Linguine con Frutti di Mare which consists of Mussels, calamari, haddock and shrimp simmered in a plum tomato and garlic sauce, served over linguine" She told Luis reading off the menu, "Luis, isn't this place kind of pricey?"

    "Sweetheart, nothing is ever to pricey for my favorite lady" He said with a charming smile.

    "Well prince charming what are you going to be having?" She asked.

    "The Salmone al Forno con Pesto which is salmon filet topped with pesto, sliced beefsteak tomatoes, sprinkled with garlic toasted breadcrumbs" He said right as Alexandria approached their table with their bottle of champagne and their salads. They ordered their meal and lifted their glasses up.

    "To the love of my life, Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald, I don't know where we would be if we never would have reconnected in Boston that night. I love you so very much and I love our life together with our beautiful baby boy"

    "And to my handsome husband who never gave of hope of regaining his memory back. To us and a lifetime of never ending happiness!" They clinked their glasses together and indulged in the sweetness of the sparkling champagne. Luis lifted his hand up to his mouth and kissed it.

    "I love you" he told her, his dark eyes filled with love for her.

    "I love you too Luis" She replied and leaned over the table to kiss him. About a half an hour later their waitress arrived with their entrées and placed them in front of the couple.

    "Thank you" Luis said and she asked if they needed anything else, "No I think that we're all set thanks" Luis cut a piece of salmon and took a bite of it. "Mmm..this is delicious" He said. Sheridan started to eat hers and hers was also great too.

    "Here have a bite of mine" She said scooping a scallop and piece of linguine for him. He opened his mouth and she fed him.

    "It's delicious. Try a bite of mine" He said offering her a bite.
    They fed each other throughout their meal.

    "I'm stuffed I probably gained twenty pounds!" Sheridan exclaimed placing her fork and knife on her plate.

    "I'll help you work it off" He teased winking at her.

    "I'd hope so detective" Sheridan smiled and looked up when Alexandria came back.

    "How was everything?"

    "It was fantastic!" Luis told her.

    "Would you like any dessert?" She asked as she cleared away their plates.

    "Babe?" Luis asked looking over at Sheridan.

    "No sweetie I'm all set"

    "Can I have a piece of Tiramisu to go please?" Luis asked and thanked her when she said she'd be back with his dessert and the bill.

    "Cuddles and Bubbles Luis?" Sheridan asked with raised eyebrows as they pulled in the parking lot.

    "What? We needed a romantic night out together" He insisted and pulled into a parking space. Sheridan and Luis slid out of the car and he grabbed their overnight bag and walked in.

    "Hi we had a reservation for tonight" Luis said as they arrived at the front desk.

    "What's the name?" The gentleman asked.

    "Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald"

    "Yes here you are," The man said handing them their keys, "The room is ready as you asked sir."

    "thank you" Luis said and lead Sheridan to their room.

    "Luis, this beautiful! I'm sure you called ahead and had all these roses delivered too?"

    "That you are right my love." He said wrapping his arms around her. The carpeting was red and there was a heart shaped bed in the middle of the room. He trailed kisses along her neck. Sheridan pulled away and lead him to the bathroom.

    Dancin' in the dark
    Middle of the night
    Takin' your heart
    And holdin' it tight
    Emotional touch
    Touchin' my skin
    And askin' you to do
    What you've been doing all over again

    "I want to take a bath with you" She said facing him and brought his head down to hers to kiss him. When they got to the bathroom Sheridan turned on the water and Luis reached for the bottle of bubbles that sat on the counter and poured some in. Sheridan turned to him and slid off his jacket and undid the buttons in his shirt. Sheridan turned around so he could unzip her dress and he grinned when he saw she wasn't wearing a bra. "You like" She mumbled against his lips.

    "I do, very much!" They finished undressing each other and climbed into the big jacuzzi and sat facing each other.

    Oh it's a beautiful thing
    Don't think I can keep it all in
    I just gotta let you know
    What it is that won't let me go

    "Thank you for doing this for us Luis. I love you" Sheridan said wrapping her arms loosely around her husband's neck.

    "You're welcome Sher. We deserve it" He smiled and leaned down to kiss her lips. Softly...Passionately...Wildly. "Babe, I know you wanted to take a bath but I can't wait anymore I need to have you" He whispered hungrily.

    "Then make love to me" She ordered standing up and getting out of the water. He picked her up and walked over to the bed and laid her down gently.

    It's your love
    It just does something to me
    It sends a shock right through me
    I can't get enough
    And if you wonder about the spell I'm under
    Oh it's your love

    "I love you so much Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald" Luis told her, his voice filled with complete love, as their bodies and soul connected.

    "I love you too Luis, so very much" She held his face in her hands and leaned up to kiss him

    Better than I was
    More than I am
    And all of this happened
    By takin' your hand
    And who I am now
    Is who I wanted you to be
    And now that we're together
    I'm stronger than ever I'm happy and free

    They basked in the after glow of their love making cuddling and sharing sweet kisses. "I have your valentine's day gift you know. Hold on one second, be right back" He said hopping out of bed and walking over to their bags. He unzipped his and pulled out a nicely wrapped box and walked back over to her. Sheridan went to go get his present from her bag. They sat up against the headboard and exchanged their gifts.

    Oh it's a beautiful thing
    Don't think I can keep it all in
    And if you asked me why I changed
    All I gotta do is say your sweet name

    "Open yours first Luis" She told him and watched as he teared open the paper and opened the box. There sat a Rolex watch.

    "Sher, it's beautiful, but you didn't have to"

    "Luis I did it because I wanted too,I love you. I hoep you like it" Sheridan said hopefully.

    It's your love
    It just does something to me
    It sends a shock right through me
    I can't get enough
    And if you wonder about the spell I'm under
    Oh it's your love

    "I love it babe. Open yours" Sheridan unwrapped the gift and flipped open the jewelers box. A beautiful diamond bracelet sat there sparkling at her.

    "Sweetie I don't know what to say. I love it! But you've spent so much tonight between our room, dinner, flowers and now this bracelet. What did I ever do to deserve you"

    "I love you Sher, Happy Valentine's Day"

    "Happy Valentine's Day Luis. This has been my best one yet!" She leaned over to kiss him and started another round of love making.

    Oh it's a beautiful thing
    Don't think I can keep it all in
    I just gotta let you know
    What it is that won't let me go
    It's your love
    It just does something to me
    It sends a shock right through me
    I can't get enough Tim McGraw-It's Your Love

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    Hey all, yet another chapter of MABH I'm trying to think of a good adventure story for the couple. But with two kids, what kind of couples go off on adventures lol. But feedback, whether good or not so good, are always appreciated. So0o with further ado, Happy Reading....

    Chapter 33
    As Luis stepped into his home me was met with warmth and darkness. He flipped the switched of the living room on and took off his coat, hanging it up in the closet and slipping off his boots. Quietly he walked up the stairs in search of his wife and son. Luis crept into the nursery and looked in the crib and found it empty. As he entered the bedroom he felt a tugging at his heart as the sight of his wife and child cuddled together on the bed. He smiled to himself as he lifted Kyle into his arms and carried him back to his crib. Stripping down to his boxers and carefully laying on the bed he felt Sheridan stir and cuddle into him as the bed shifted to accompant his added weight.

    "Luis," Sheridan mumbled his name.

    "I'm here babe" He pressed a kissed on her forehead and tightened his hold on her.

    "What time is it?" Sheridan asked slowly opening her eyes and adjusting to the dimly lit room.

    "Two in the morning. I didn't think I'd be home this late but I had to cover for one of the guys"

    "It's alright. I missed you today. How was your day at the station?" She asked leaning her head on his chest.

    "It was slow, filled with a lot of paper work. How was yours?"

    "I hated leaving Kyle for the first time. It was hard being away from him all day."

    "I know it's going to take some time adjusting but it will get easier dropping him off." Luis fingers trailed up and down his arms.

    I sure hope so, Luis. I'm sorry if I'm keeping you awake."

    "It's ok," He told her stiffling a yawn.

    "You're tired I'll let you get some shut eye" She reached up and kissed him lips sweetly and leaned back into him closing her eyes.

    The next morning Luis arrived at family court ready to fight for visitations with Katelyn. Even though he had no bilogigal ties to the little girl, he was the only father she knew and he wanted to keep it that way.

    "Hi Ethan," Luis said shaking his friends hand.

    "Hi Luis, how are you?"

    "Great, feeling very confident in the battle we are about to proceed with"

    "I hope we're lucky Luis because you are not biologically Katelyn's father and the judge may base her decision on that" Ethan warned him.

    "I know Ethan, I'm just hoping god is on her side today."

    When Ethan and Luis joined Jennifer, her lawyer and the judge they all sat down and began speaking one by one.

    "Your honor my client has every intention of staying in this child's life and supporting her. He's the father this child has ever know. Jennifer does not know the paternity of Katelyn's real father so Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald is all she has." Ethan pushed.

    "Mr. Winthrop I have reviewed the petition for visitation rights and I want to hear from the mother first before I make my decision."

    "Your honor," Jennifer started, "I had Katelyn because I wanted to win Luis back. Obviously as you can see that hasn't happened. I brought a child into this world with wrong intentions. I never wanted a baby and I don't want one now. As of this moment I want to sign away my parental rights and let Luis adopt Katelyn. Katelyn deserves to be in a family where she is loved and not resented"

    Sheridan was at work finishing up cleaning as the children slept. As she finished, Eliza popped her head into the door and asked if she wanted to run to the Book Café for lunch.

    "Yeah that's fine with me" Sheridan said, "Just let me finish cleaning up."

    Sheridan and Eliza walked in the Book café and ordered their usual coffees and each got a muffin. They sat down and waited for the waitress to bring them their beverages.

    "I'm hoping everything goes ok at court today for Luis" Sheridan told her friend.

    "I hope so too. I can see how much he loves that little girl"

    "He does love her so much Eliza and it kills him knowing she isn't really his" She said and smiled graciously as the young lady placed their coffees in front of them.

    "Thank you" Eliza said to her.

    "Well hello ladies, how are you two doing" Sam Bennett smiled standing in front of them.

    "Pull up a chair Sam" Sheridan told him.


    "We're great how are you" Eliza asked.

    "Fine, I actually have some exciting news about Luis."

    "About Luis?" Sheridan asked.

    "Yeah, I might as well tell you now so maybe we can a surprise dinner or something for him. I'm retiring as chief of police and with references from myself and other officers the mayor has chosen for Luis to be the new chief"

    "Oh wow, really! Luis is going to be so happpy" Sheridan exclaimed bursting with excitement.

    "I know that's why I was thinking we could get a surprise dinner together for him to tell him the good news. His family and friends should be there to celebrate with him"

    "Thanks so much for telling me" Sheridan graciously thanked her dear friend.

    "You're welcome but I need to head back now. I'll see you ladies later and let me know when you set the dinner." He kissed their cheeks and left.

    Luis arrived at his mother-in-law's home and rang the doorbell and waited for an answer.

    "Hi darling" Katherine greeted her son-in-law with a kiss on the cheek

    "Hi, is Kyle ready?" He asked as she lead them to the living room.

    "Sure is, he's in his swing and his things are already packed."

    "Alright thank you so much for watching him today"

    "You're welcome sweetheart. Is everything ok? You seem out of it?"

    "Yes everythings fine, thaks for asking. I guess I'll be heading home now. I want to start supper for Sheridan"

    "Ok let me say bye to my sweet grandbaby" She lifted Kyle into her arms and kissed his forehead gently, "I'll see you tomorrow munchkin" She handed the bay back to his father and walked them to the door.

    "Thanks again Katherine"

    "You're welcome" She waved as Luis pulled out of the driveway and his SUV drifted further down the road til it was out of sight.

    Luis greeted Sheridan at their door that night with a heart racing kiss. Sheridan pulled away from their kissed and stared at him with a questioning gaze.

    "Is everything alright? Did something bad happen in court today?" She asked hanging her coat and purse in the closet.

    "We need to talk. You may have to sit down for this?" Luis sat across from her on their sofa.

    "Luis?" Her blue orbs filled with question.

    "Jennifer signed away her parental rights today. Since day one she has never wanted Katelyn and was only using her to get me back."

    "That horrible woman! Where is Katelyn now?"

    "Ethan took over temporary custody because he doesn't want to see her in foster care. Jenn told me that she wanted me to adopt Katelyn because, other than biologically, I am her father and I love her."

    "What did you tell her Luis?"

    "I was speechless Sher, what can a man say to that? I'm so torn baby. I love Katelyn so much and I want her to be with us. But we just had a baby of our own and I don't know if you're ready to handle this." Luis looked down at their entertwined hands and felt his heart being pulled into two.

    "Look at me, Luis," She began lifting his face up to meet hers, "I love you and I will support you no matter what. I know how much you love Katelyn and she loves you too. WE'LL adopt her. She'll have two parents who will love her and a baby brother."

    "Sher, are you sure, this is a big decision. Maybe we should think this through. I don't want to put pressure on you."

    "There's nothing to think through. My heart tells me this is the right thing to do. Katelyn is used to us and I love her as my own."

    "Did I ever tell you how much I love you" He smiled bringing her face closer.

    "Maybe once or twice" She teased as his lips descended on hers. Sheridan threaded her fingers through his hair pulling him on top of her. Her hands traveled around his back side and ran down to squeeze him. A few seconds later he pulled away and smiled and kissed her once more.

    "I'd love to continue this but I have dinner in the oven babe and I don't want it to burn" Luis told her.

    "You started supper for us," She smiled when he nodded his head, "You really are the best! The best husband and best father in the world. So what are we having?"

    " Baked stuffed shrimp. Now go freshen up dinner is almost ready" She quickly kissed him again and went upstairs to freshen up and then checked on a sleeping Kyle.

    "How's our little cherub?" Luis asked as he set the their plates on the table.

    "Dead to the world. He looked so peaceful." Sheridan informed Luis as she took a seat. He poured her a glass of wine, "Trying to get me drunk Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald?" Her eyes filled with humor.

    "Yes mam" He pressed a kiss to her lips and seconds late vacated his own seat. As they ate their dinner they talked about Sheridan's day and she then asked when they could go down to the court and sign the adoption papers. "I could call Ethan tomorrow and ask him. Are you sure you're ready for this?"

    "I'm fine Luis, I'm behind you. Always!"

    "What are we going to do about sitter arrangements. Do you think your mother would take her or I could ask my mother." He suggested taking a bite of his stuffing. Sheridan took a long sip of her wine before answering.

    "I'll give my mother a call tonight. I don't think she would mind taking on one more child." They finished up dinner and Sheridan cleaned up since Luis cooked. Luis was about to turn on the television when their son started to cry. He walked upstairs and into the nursery. Picking up Kyle and noticing he was wet, Luis quickly changed the baby's diaper and went back downstairs. Descending down the stairs he noticed his wife was on the phone. Luis took a seat on the sofa and waited for Sheridan to be finished. "alright thanks so much mom. I'll see you in the morning"

    "So, what's up?" Luis asked as Sheridan held her arms open for their son.

    "She'll take on Katelyn." Sheridan said cuddling Kyle close to her chest, "When's the last time he ate?" She asked.

    "Around four, he might be hungry" Luis noted as the clock read 7:26 Sheridan untied her robe and fixed herself so the baby could eat. Luis wrapped his arms around Sheridan as she leaned into him. She looked up at him and smiled her blue eyes twinkling, "I love you" He softly spoke as his lips kissed hers lovingly.

    "I love you too, Luis," She whispered and sunk deeper into his masculine embrace.

    As the alarm beeped loudly the next morning, Sheridan reluctantly got up and turned it off.

    "Luis, time to get up," She called before going to the bathroom. Luis flipped over onto his back stared up at the wall. He was tired and even before looking in the mirror he knew his eyes were bloodshot and puffy from lack of sleep. He had been up with Kyle just an hour ago. Sheridan walked back into the room and laid beside him.

    "At least tomorrow's Saturday and we can sleep in" He said aloud and pulled his wife toward him to give her a good morning kiss.

    "True and I can't wait!" She exclaimed, "It's time to get up though. Why don't you head to the shower first" Sheridan said to him. He got up and reached for her hands.

    "Maybe you could wash my back and hard to reach areas" Luis suggested with a mischevious grin.

    "I feel as if you have more on the agenda than me washing your back" Sheridan took his hand and waked behind him. He turned on the water and he undressed her, his arms trailing along her luscious curves. Sheridan undressed her husband and then tested the water to make sure it was the right temperature. As they washed each others bodies they were so lost in each other, if they were the only two people in the world.

    "Sher, baby, you're killing me" He moaned as her hands roamed his "hard to reach" areas.

    "I want you to take me now, Luis" She heard him groan and his grip tightened as he picked her up and backed her against the wall. In an instinctive manner her legs wrapped around him. Sheridan stroked him a few times and cried out as he thrusted into her and thrusted back out. Luis looked into her eyes and watched as her face lit up and changed emotion everytime he stroked her. Her fingers were tangle in his soaked black hair as her lips met his in a passionate encounter. "Luis, Im almost there. Please, faster, I need to feel all of you" Sheridan screamed.

    "I love you baby!" He told her and stroked her core faster as he came inside of her "Oh baby....God Sher!!!"

    "Luis, I'm not there" He wanted her there with him and he met her needs by sending her to a world where she never wanted to leave. Luis watched as she unfolded. Her blue eyes rolled back as she clung to him, shaking and heavily breathing, moaning his name. Sheridan craddled his face in her hands and kissed him deeply as he carried her off to their room, their bodies still connected. As they came to the bed he laid beside her, disconnecting their bodies. "Oh my god Luis, that was the perfect start to my day" She told him with a smile plastered on her face.

    "Your absolutely amazing baby" He kissed her once more and started to get up. She pulled him back down on top of her. "babe I need to get ready"

    "Just one more kiss, please" She begged with puppy eyes.

    Luis gave into her and what was suppose to be a kiss turned into a second session of lovemaking.

    "Alright seeing as we you only have 15 minutes to make it to work on time I'll let you go" She told him still spent from their lovemaking. Luis got up from the bed and proceeded to take a quick shower. When he was done Sheridan took her turn. With a towel wrapped around her body she caught Luis as he was about to leave for work.

    "Bye sweetheart, have a good day and I'll see you tonight" Luis said and kissed her.

    "Bye babe, thanks for this morning" She smiled as he chuckled to himself and walked out of their bedroom to leave for work.

    "Good morning mom" Sheridan carried the Kyle, who was fast asleep in his baby seat, into the livingroom.

    "Good morning darling, you look awfully tired." Katherine noted as she they took a seat on the couch.

    "Luis and I are both very tired. Kyle doesn't like to sleep through the whole night yet. In a way it's kind of frustrating." Sheridan tried to stifle a yawn which didn't go unnoticed by her mother.

    "Why don't you let Ben & I take Kyle for the night?" Katherine offered.

    "I couldn't do...."

    "Sheridan sweetie you guys need a break. When's the last time you and Luis had a romantic night alone? You and Luis deserve it!."

    "Well if you're insisting, it would be well appreciated." Sheridan smiled at the thought of having a night filled with romance with her sexy husband.

    "I do. Now go off to work. Don't worry about anything tonight. I have bottles, breastmilk, clothes, diapers, everything!"
    "Thank you mom, I'm so glad I have you" Katherine kissed her daughter's cheek and wished her a good day at work.

    Luis was at the police station filling out paperwork at his desk when a middle aged woman approached him.

    "Hello, Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald?" The woman asked.

    "Yes that's me." He replied standing up.

    "My name is Joanne Smith and I'm with child protective services."

    "It's so nice to meet you Ms. Smith," He said shaking the older woman's hand," Please have a seat. I assumed you’re here to discuss Kaitlyn."

    "Yes sir. When you are ready you and your wife can come down to our office and fill out the legal documents to officially adopt Kaitlyn."

    "That's wonderful, thank you so much. Let me run it by my wife tonight and see if we can do it tomorrow. Is tomorrow alright for you?"

    "Yes, Mr.Lopez-Fitzgerald, that's fine by me. So I'll be seeing you?" She asked standing up.

    "Yes mam" Luis shook her hand and went back to his work

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    Chapter 34
    His arms encircled her waist and pulled her against him tightly as they swayed to the sounds of music. Looking down at her he smiled, "You look beautiful, Sher" He said to her sweetly and her cheeks turned crimson.

    "Thank you, "She replied as she played with the little hairs on at the base of his neck, "We really needed this tonight. Just the for the two of us to be together."

    "We sure did." Luis dipped his head and captured her lips with his own. Sheridan returned the kiss with a hungry passion, "Do you know how much I want you right now?"

    "I can just imagine," She whispered sexily as her hand brush up against his erection.

    "You're heading toward a dangerous territory." Luis warned and smiled wickedly.

    "Want to get dinner to go?" She asked, her blonde eyebrows wiggling.

    "I want to say yes but I want to romance you tonight. It's the least I can do for you" He said to hers and brushed his lips against hers.

    "You're wonderful," Sheridan couldn't wipe the sappy grin off her face as he looked at her with so much love in his eyes.

    "Sometimes." The song ended and they walked back to their table, "Would you like more champagne?"

    "I'd love some, thank you."

    "You're welcome beautiful."

    "So have you heard anything about Katelyn?" She asked reaching for her flute.

    "A woman from social services came down to the station today. She said tomorrow we can go by her office and sign the adoption papaers and take Katelyn home."

    "That's great, I'm happy for you Luis." Sheridan squeezed his hand in reassurance to know they were doing the right thing.

    "You are amazing. Not many woman would be as supportive as you're being now."

    "I know how much this means to you." The waitress arrived with their food and placed it in front of him.

    "Can I get you both anything else?" She asked with a grin.

    "I think we're all set. Thank you though" Luis told her.

    Sheridan turned around to face her husband as she turned the water off. She reached for his dress shirt and pulled it out of his pants. He smiled as she unbuttoned it placing kisses down his muscular chest. Sheridan slid it down his upper body and it dropped to the floor. Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants she tugged them down his legs and he kicked them off along with his socks.

    "Best thing I've seen all day" Sheridan told him, licking her lips, as he stood naked in front of her.

    "Turn around beautiful," He said as he started to unzip her dress and unclipped her strapless bra. Sheridan turned around with her hands on her hips and a sassy look plastered on her face. She stood there in her pearls and matching necklace with her 3 inch stilletos.

    "Like what you see Lopez-Fitzgerald" She laced her arms around his neck loosely.

    "Absolutely!" He exclaimed reaching for her ears and taking her jewelry off.

    "Luis," She moaned as she threw her head back as he caressed her.

    "I love how your body responds to me, Sher" He whispered in her ear as his tongue licked along her lobe. Her fingers tangled in his hair he pushed her against the vanity and pressed himself tightly against her. She stroked him and that was it. Luis picked her up and sat her on the counter top. Sheridan wrapped her long legs around him and moaned his name as he entered her. Sheridan kissed him wildly as he made love to her. He held onto her as he finally let go and she came minutes later kissing him, their sweaty bodies clinging together.

    "Oh my god, you're an amazing man detective!" Sheridan kissed him once more as he exited her.

    "You're my inspiration" He helped her down and began to empty the water from the tub since it was now cold.

    "Let's make it a shower this time instead of a bath." Sheridan slipped off her shoes and set them aside along with their pile of clothes.

    "You know you're already making me shake with need for you again!" He groaned into her ear, pulling her back against his erection and she grinned. They hopped into the shower and washed each other which added even more want for each other.

    Their bodies lay entertwined on their bed, completely and utterly spent. Her nails trailed up and down his chest and sighed with contentment. "I love you Sher." He pressed a kissed to her cheek. She turned in his arms to look into his eyes.

    "I love you too. This feels so right, us just being here and spending time together." Sheridan leaned up to kiss him lips.

    "Come here sweetheart," Sheridan held her arms open for Katelyn as the little girl embraced her new mother. Sheridan placed a kiss on the little girl's cheek and smiled as Luis walked over to them after he had finished signing the rest of the adoption papers.

    "My two favorite girls" He couldn't wipe the sappy grin that played on his face. He wrapped his arms around his wife and leaned down to kiss his little girl.

    "Dada," Katelyn chanted waving her hands in the air wanting her father to pick her up.

    "Daddy's sweet little girl." Luis took her from Sheridan's arms and he swung her around in the air. Sheridan smiled at the pair and bent down to pick up the car seat which held Kyle in it.

    "Hi pumpkin," Her thumb ran over his plump cheek as his eyes baby blues sparkled with curiousity.

    "Ready to go home Sher?" Luis asked as he picked up the diaper bag.

    "Absolutely." They walked out of the court and to their SUV where they loaded their two kids and headed back to their home.

    Sheridan looked up from the bed as her husband walked into their bedroom.

    "Did he put up a fight tonight?" Sheridan asked placing the bookmarker in her book and placing it on the nightstand.

    "Nope, he went out like a light. Poor baby was so tired." He replied as he crawled into bed beside his wife. "How was Katelyn with you?"

    "She was great it was as if I was her real mother. She snuggled up to me and I sang her a lullaby."

    "She loves you and you are now her mother. Jennifer had the wrong intentions with that little girl since the moment she found out she was pregnant."

    "Yes that woman did. Now Katelyn is in a home where she is loved and well taken care of." Sheridan told him and watched as he tried to stiffled a yawn, "I hope your not too tired," Her twinkling eyes gazed into his solid ones.

    "What did you have in mind beautiful?" He asked knowingly, taking her by the wrists and pulling her closer.

    "Oh you'll see," She whispered and kissed him passionately. His fingers threaded through her golden locks as his mouth meshed with hers wildly. Her hand were roaming eveywhere; his face, his chest, his legs and she even reached behind and squeezed his masculine cheeks. As he was laying her down on her back a shrieking cry broke them apart. Sheridan looked at her husband in fear as they jumped off the bed and ran down the hall. Kyle was fine and when they walked into Katelyn's room they found her in her crib sitting in a ball hysterically crying. Luis picked her up and held her close to his chest. Sheridan rubbed her back soothingly.

    "It's ok baby. Mommy and daddy are here." Sheridan softly spoke and Katelyn reached for her. Sheridan gladly took her and rocked her slowly.

    "I told you she loves you Sher." Luis placed a reassuring kiss on his wife's lips.

    "I'm now starting to believe it. Lets bring her back to our bed, Luis." Sheridan lead them back to the bedroom. Sheridan pulled her daughter close to her as they laid in the bed and closed their eyes drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

    Sheridan stirred as the sun illuminated the bedroom. Her eyes fluttered open as she noticed Katelyn was not with her and Luis anymore. Hers gaze met her husbands and she smiled.

    "Good morning handsome. Where's our daughter?" She asked sliding into his arms.

    "Good morning, gorgeous. Our daughter is in her crib. I put her there when I got up this morning with Kyle." He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. "How about we finish what we started last night?" He suggested running his hands up and down her body.

    "I think that's a good idea," She kissed him again and tugged his pants down his legs and he kicked them off as they gathered at his ankles. Sheridan lifted her arms as Luis pulled her tank off her body and threw it behind him. She helped him discard her pants and panties. Sheridan moaned Luis' name loudly as he entered her.

    Their bodies lay tangled together as he held her close to his naked form after making love. Luis caressed her cheeks with his fingers as he held her face in his hands. He loved holding her like this and just listening to the rhythm of their hearts beating. The love he saw shining in her eyes for him was priceless. Sheridan was his forever and he thanked god everyday for this amazing woman.

    "You're so beautiful. I don't know how I got so lucky." He whispered to her.

    "I'm the lucky one Luis. You are the greatest husband in the world who has given me everything I have ever dreamed of and more." She laced her fingers with his as they gazed lovingly into each others eyes. Sheridan leaned up and kissed his lips, sighing contently. Sheridan laid her head on his chest and could feel his heart racing.

    "You're the one that makes my heart beat like that. Only you, baby." He made her shiver as his fingers ran up her spine.

    "I better be the only one." She teased, her nails raking across his chest. Their afterglow came to and end when they heard the baby crying through the monitor.

    "Guess it's time to get up and start our day. You can hit the shower first." They shared a quick kiss and heading off to start their day.

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    Post Re: Mending A Broken Heart~Shuis fic

    The last two chapters to my fic Hope you guys had fun reading...Feedback would great and very well appreciated!

    Chapter 35

    Luis held his wife's delicate body in his arms as she dazed out with a look of fear on her face.

    "Everythings going to be ok babe."

    "How Luis?! How could this happen again." The tears poured from her eyes as she sunk deeper into his embrace. "I have a husband and two children I need to live for now."

    "Sweetheart, you are going to live til your old and wrinkley, just like me." She lightly chuckled at his words and then the fear came back as fast as it had gone.

    "I love you Luis, so very much."

    "I know babe and I love you too. That's why we're gong to pull through this, together." His finger brushed across her wedding ring and smiled down at her. She shifted in his arms to look up at him and then remembered what had turned their lives upside down.


    Sheridan sat beside Luis holding his hand after her check up. The doctor appeared in front of them and took a seat.

    "Was there something wrong?" Sheridan asked nervousness washing upon her face. Her doctor looked at her with concern.

    "Sheridan, after running all the necessary tests, they show that your cancer is back." Sheridan's heart froze in her chest and for a few minutes she couldn't move or speak.

    "Sheridan, are you alright?" Luis rubbed the top of her hand as she stared into space.

    "How bad is it Liz?" Sheridan asked as she wiped a tear from her eye.

    "It's local recurrence, which means the cancer cells have appeared in the same place but have not spread.

    "So when do we start chemo again?" She asked.

    "I want to start tomorrow morning."

    "Alright so I guess this appointment is over." Sheridan assumed gathering her coat and purse in a hurry. She didn't want her doctor to witness the tears that were threatening to pour out.

    "I'll see you tomorrow." Liz shook their hands and them down the hall to the exit of the hospital.

    *End Flashback*

    Sheridan slid out from her husbands arms, got up and walked down the hall to gather her daughter.

    "Come on sweetie," She said as she lifted her daughter from her crib. Walking back to the bedroom, she stopped to check on Kyle who was fast asleep. Sheridan layed down Katelyn in the middle of their bed as Luis watched her. She laid down beside the little girl and brought the covers up to their necks.

    "Are you ok Sher?" Luis asked runnings his fingers delicately over her cheeks.

    "I'm fine," She whispered hugging her daughter close to her.

    "I do love you and we're going to get through this."

    "I want to believe you," She said in desperation.

    "You'll see baby, we'll do it together."

    "I love you." Luis pressed a kiss to her lips and turned around to turn the light off.

    Sheridan sat on the reclining chair as she started her second week of chemotherapy. Her mother sat across from her looking on with concern.

    "Don't look at me like that. I'm fine."

    "I'm not looking at you in any way. I'm sorry if you thought I was."

    "It's ok, I shouldn't have snapped at you and I'm sorry." Sheridan and Katherine looked in as the doctor came in and sat down in one of the chairs.

    "How are you doing sweetie?" She asked holding her clipboard.

    "I'm great, pretty much dying right now, with a husband and two kids at home." Sheridan replied sarcastically rolling her eyes.

    "I know it seems tough righ now. It will get better though." The doctor told her patient and stayed quiet for a few seconds, biting her lip, "Sheridan after we ran your blood tests I went over them again and found something out."

    "What is it?" She asked.

    "Sheridan, you're 7 weeks pregnant." Sheridan looked at her doctor, stunned and consumed with fear.

    "What's going to happen to my baby now that I'm starting chemo?" Sheridan asked, still not believing the news.

    "The chemo may hurt the baby or it may not. Without chemotherapy you could die."

    "So your pretty much saying my child's life or my own?!" She exclaimed starting to shake with sadness.

    "Sheridan, don't think of it like that. If you continue with chemo there is a possible chance you're baby could make it. If he or she doesn't there are two babies at home that still need you."


    "Luis?" Sheridan called as she tiredly stepped into their home.

    "Hi sweetheart," he smiled as he came over and gave her a loving kiss, "How was your session today?" He asked taking off her coat.

    "Alright but I received some news that couldn't have came at a lousier time." Sheridan walked over to the couch slowly and laid down on it.

    "What is it?" He asked as he took a seat in the arm chair across from her.

    "I'm pregnant." She told him.

    "What?" He asked in full disbelief.

    "See I told you it couldn't have come at lousier time."

    "Sher, I'm really happy, but what does this mean for you? I don't want you to risk your health for anything, including a baby." He kneeled down in front of her and looked into her tired eyes. The dark circles from lack of sleep and energy shown. He lifted his hand to caress her face and slowly placed a kiss on each cheek.

    "I don't want to give up our baby Luis." She stated and he knew that she had already made up her mind.

    "What are the risks though?"

    "If I go through with chemo there's a chance that it could harm the baby. If don't go through with chemo there's a small chance I'll die and the baby will live."

    "Sheridan, please tell me you are going to go through with the chemo?"

    "No I'm not Luis, I want this baby. It was conceived from our love and I don't want to kill it."

    "But you'll kill yourself and leave me alone without you and with two beautiful kids to raise by myself. Why can't you be selfish just for once Sheridan?! Why dammit?!" Luis screamed and walked off and up the stairs to check on their children.

    Sheridan had been startled by his tone of voice and tears had brimmed to her eyes as she thought of her baby that was growing in her womb. She didn't want to give it up but it was either that or Luis being angry at her until the birth of their child. As she tired as she was she wanted to go upstairs to check on her babies with Luis. She had missed them all day and the chemotherapy was starting to take its toll. Sheridan made It halfway up the stairs when she stopped. Nausea and dizziness hit her and she felt like crying out in frustration.

    "Sheridan?" Luis said with questioning eyes as he met her on the stairs and lifted her into his strong embrace.

    "I want to see our babies, Luis." She told him as he started to move towards their room, "I missed them so much today."

    "Alright, just for a little bit. You look exhausted!" Luis put her down as they entered their sons room. Her lips spread apart in a huge grin and Kyle smiled in his sleep.

    "He's so beautiful Luis. How did we ever get so lucky?"

    "We loved eachother and there he came." Luis laughed as he caressed her back and kissed her temple soothingly.

    "Come on let's go check on Katelyn." After they checked on the little girl, Luis had tucked Sheridan into their bed and kissed her, wishing her a good nap and left the bedroom.

    "Whatever it takes Luis, our baby and I will both beat this cancer and live!" Sheridan said aloud rubbing her abdomen.


    Her cancer had gotten worse these past few moths after she had made the decision not to go on with chemotherapy. She feared that it would hurt their child. But in return in saving their child's life, it was slowly eating her as the realization hit him. There was a possible chance that he could lose her any day. As the months went by her belly had grown so much and her health started to decline. Luis didn't like to see his wife the way she was. She look exhausted and worn out most days. And then when she had her good days, she'd be playing in the yard with the children and would soon go back to bed after feeling sick. He had to fight the tears as he exited Sheridan's hospital room.

    "Mijo, it's going to be ok." Pilar told him wrapping his arms around her son.

    "I love her and I can't lose her mama. She's so pale looks exhausted. She means too much to me."

    "I know son. Why don't you come with me to the chapel and we'll say a prayer." Pilar suggested as she motioned Katherine to go with them.

    Luis kneeled down beside his mother and mother-in-law. Pilar lead them in prayer.

    "Dear god, I have also taught my children to have faith in you. I want them to keep believing in you. Please let Sheridan make it. She has two beautiful kids and a wonderful husband that need her." Pilar continued to pray for her daughter-in-law as tears poured down Luis' face.


    "Oh Luis, I can't believe we're having another baby!" Sheridan exclaimed, circles around her eyes from fatigue as the doctor wheeled her to the delivery room.

    "I know baby. It's so exciting." Luis was trying to be happy for Sheridan's sake. But inside he was cringing in fear at the possible thought of losing the love of his life. As they entered the room Sheridan was hooked to a machine and waited as the doctor sat before her and got ready for the delivery.

    "Are you ready to meet your baby girl Sheridan?" Anna, the OBGYN, asked her.

    "More than ever Anna."

    "Ok well I'm going to count to three and I want you to push." The doctor ordered her patient and watched as Sheridan squeezed Luis' hand.

    "Alright, I'm ready!" She said with every fiber in her being.

    "Ok..1...2...3...Push!" Anna coached.

    "Ahhh..." Sheridan screamed pushing with all her might.

    "Good, good, let's give it one more shot. 1...2...3...Push!" Sheridan tightened her grasp on her husband as she tried to push as hard as she could.

    "Ok I can see the head!" The doctor exclaimed with excitement.

    "Luis, I'm so tired." Sheridan began to lay back, her eyes slowly closing.

    "Baby no stay awake, please! We're going to meet our daughter." Luis ran the damp cloth over her forehead.

    "Come on Sheridan, one more push and he's out." Anna told her in a voice filled with encouragement.


    "1...2...3...Push!" Sheridan pushed with all her might and the sound of their daughter's cries floated around the room. Everyone was so focused on the baby that they didn't notice Sheridan closing her eyes and drifting off. The sound of the heart monitor beeped loudly.

    "We're losing her!" Anna yelled as Sheridan's heart rate dropped.

    "Anna what's going on?! You have to save her!"

    "Luis, you have to get out and let us do our jobs!"

    Luis was pushed out of the room as his wife laid on the bed fighting for her life. "I love you Sheridan! I love you and you better not die on me!" He screams echoed the long hallway.


    Luis held his head in his hands as he cried in one of the stairwells of Harmony Hospital. He couldn't stop the tears from flowing as he thought of his wife and their three children. What had they done to deserve this? To work so hard and achieve a stong marriage that could last through anything and have children that would always bond them. They had done everything right in the book. But in the end, it hadn't mattered. God had let the only woman he'd ever loved die just because she had chose to save her child than take those drugs that could've saved her. The sound of the door creaked as he looked up and met the eyes that looked so much like his wife's.


    "Katherine, I need her so much right now. I don't want to live. I wish I would've died with her. It isn't fair, it just isn't!"

    "I know sweetheart, I know."

    "No you don't. You hated Alistar, so you don't know what it's like to lose someone you love so deeply."

    "Your right Luis, I didn't love Alistar. But Sheridan was my daughter. A mothers love is like no other! So don't give me that bull about loving someone deeply. She was my child and I loved her so much that I would give anything to be in her place right now." Their tears flowed as she held her son-in-law close to her.

    "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. This is just so hard right now. I've been bracing myself for weeks of this possibility. Still, I didn't think it would become a reality."

    "You need to be strong. Your girls and son need you."

    "The sight of the baby makes me sick to my stomach." He couldn't believe what he had just said.

    "How could you say that, Luis. You and Sheridan loved each other so much that you two created a child. A child that was made of the strong love you share. That baby needs you just as much as Katelyn and Kyle do. Don't turn your back on her."

    "Sheridan's turned on herself so she could have that child. How can I go on looking at that baby when I know she's the reason I lost my wife!" He angrily said as Katherine tried to calm him down.

    "Sheridan, "Katherine began as tears welled up in her eyes, "My daughter wanted that child Luis. She knew what the risks were but she chose to have her. Sheridan made that choice because she loved you Luis. She wanted another baby with you. Don't you dare betray my daughter by resenting that inncocent baby. Don't you dare!"


    Luis stood in front of the stone as he held Katelyn in his arms. He still couldn't believe it had been a month since her death. Everything had taken it's toll on him. He thought he had no more tears to cry and no more angry words to speak. For the sake of their children he had come to terms with her death. Afterall, he had three kids to raise by himself now. Yes, his mother and Katherine did help him when he was working, but at for most nights it was just him and his angels. Pilar had walked over to him and gathered Katelyn in her arms.

    "We'll be waiting in the car mijo," She softly spoke.

    "It's ok mama, you can go back to my home and I'll walk back." He said looking down.

    "We'll wait..."

    "Mama, I'll be fine.'s what I need right now. I want to be alone with her."

    "Ok, I'll see you at home then." She kissed his cheek and walked back to the car, cradling Katelyn against her chest. He took a seat on the cool grass. The autumn leaves were began to fall from the trees as he looked around the graveyard.

    "I miss you so much Sheridan. It's been so hard without you these past few weeks." A lump was caught in his throat as the tears were soon to fall. "Katelyn's doing great. She's so energetic and she loves Kyle and Isabelle. She's such a great helper when it comes to feedings, bathtime and bedtime." He felt crying as he expalined everything to her. "Kyle is now starting to crawl. Sher, you should see him. He doesn't give up, you can see the determination in his little face. He's getting so chubby and cuter with each pasing day. Isabelle on the other hand is so feisty. She wants me everytime I'm around, no matter what. She'll cry until she's in my arms. She looked just like you Sheridan. Just taking a peek at her brings me heartache and sometimes I resent her Sher. Please don't hate me, but I do. She took the greatest thing in the world that I've ever had away." He was crying now at his own words. "I can't believe I just said that about our baby girl Sher. I'm so sorry, don't hate me. It's so hard looking at her when I know something that beautiful came from our love and you aren't here to share that with me. I miss you so much that it hurts. Sometimes I can't even manage to get out of bed when the baby cries during the night, but I do because I'm not a neglectful person. I'm a horrible father and I deserve your anger and god's."

    "Why does this have to be this painful. It isn't fair at all. We were suppose to be in this for the long haul and you gave up dammit. How could you?! I loved you and gave the world to you and you couldn't even fight for your own life Sheridan!" His fists curled into balls and he felt something touch his lips. It felt as if he had been kissed. Had Sheridan just kissed him. He could've sworn it he was just kissed as he looked around. "It's suppose to get easier, but it hasn't. Your mother and Ben have been so wonderful. That help me so much when I need it. Your mother takes the kids while I'm at work. My parents are always calling and popping in every chance they get. Our wedding picture still hangs above the fireplace. As much as it hurts me to see your beautiful face staring at me, I can't bear to take it down. I have to get back home so mama and papa can be relieved of our babies. I love you mi amor and I'll never stop." Luis placed the roses at the bottom of her grave and kissed his finger and pressed it against the stone. He turned and walked away, his tears blurring his vision. He was left with three beautiful children and no wife. With at least 50 or so more years to live he didn't know how he could bear living. Maybe soon, he'd die with a broken heart and he'd be reunited with the woman who had captivated his heart the first moment he saw her.

    ~The End~

    **Once again, thanks so much for reading


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