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    Hi all, I am interested in knowing where you rate GH on a scale from 1 to 10. Please rate GH's overall performance. (1 is the worst; 10 is the best).
    Also I remind everyone that if you rate GH on the low end it is nothing against any of the actors or actresses. The show itself is under bad management, IMHO, but having said that I think that Tony Geary, Kin Shriner, Jane Elliot, Leslie Charleson, John Ingle, Jackie Zeman, Tristan Rogers, Steve Burton, Maurice Benard...and a lot more ROCK!!! If it wasn't for you folks, GH would probably be cancelled!

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    I'll say it's about a 3. Outside of Scrubs, I FF everything and Scrubs aren't on enough. Blah. Just Scrubs? I give it a 7 or 8.

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    I'd give it a seven. It's so much better than the other ABC shows

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    I'm at about a 6. It would probably higher (like an 8 or 9) if the storyline paces would pick up. The downward slide began with the tortuous Carly/Jax/Sonny repetativeness. Outside of a few hit & miss moments - May sweeps was a total dud!

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    Quote Originally Posted by natali3 View Post
    I'd give it a seven. It's so much better than the other ABC shows
    ITA with that; OLTL and AMC are just disasters and while I may not like GH much at these days, it's far superiour than either of the other shows. If the writing ever improved this show could actually be good.... and, you know if more people were on than Sonny, Carly and Jason.

    Sweeps was awful though. Probably the worst sweeps period I've seen in awhile.

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    I would rate it a 6. It is the screaming and temper tantrum throwing women that are dragging the rating down for me along with the dragging on and on of storylines.

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    Given that we're heading in the general direction of Liason, I'd give it at least a 7 even if the individual show of the day is filled with Scarjax and She Who Cries Too Much crying too much and bathing.

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    Mixed reviews. About a 4 or 5 right now. The Liason crap is a total turnoff. The writers have turned Liz, a character I once liked very much, into a hypocritical man stealing tramp. GH has wonderful actors and is a fast paced show. I wish it were a SuperCouples show--where the couples stay together for more than 5 minutes. Everytime they DO get a good SuperCouple like Sonny or Carly or Jason and Sam they do everything they can to ruin them. Kind of like throwing up in your own soup? I wonder why they always do this? They even messed up Luke and Laura the greatest couple of all time. Some of the writing needs to be less one sided and less sexist. The performers are wonderful. Nancy Grahn and Kelly are great, I love Ingo Rademacher. Even Laura Wright is growing on me as Carly. Why have every woman on this show fall for Sonny or Jason? I prefer Jax and Lucky to them anyday. Rant over. The plots (the ones not involving paternity) are interesting and the fast pace of the show are a definant plus.


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