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    Post country whiskey falls

    these guys are AWESOME if you have not heard them please
    give a listen

    Indie Band's Self-Titled Record Backed by Aamco, LiUNA, ATA, Midas

    "Original" isn't the word to describe the serendipitous formation, escalating popularity, and chart-climbing rise of new independent country act WHISKEY FALLS; "groundbreaking" and "pioneering" are much more appropriate terms! Country music's first fully brand-partnered band has accomplished a number of milestones in just one short year, the least of which is independently writing, recording, and producing their self-titled Midas Records debut album, "Whiskey Falls," due out September 25th.

    With their debut single "Last Train Running" firmly entrenched in the Country Top 35, rising stars WHISKEY FALLS are making new fans left and right while single-handedly changing the face of the music industry. One look at the back of their album shows how; next to Midas Records' logo (with which they have a multimedia distribution partnership) one can also find the emblems of their revolutionary sponsorship partners. These include:
    - AAMCO Transmission - WF is featured in their national ad campaign!
    - 800,000-member LiUNA (Laborers International Union of N America)!
    - American Tailgaters Association (ATA)!

    Considering the fact that their album is still forthcoming, WHISKEY FALLS has already reached a level of success that no no new indie band has ever realized:
    - Unique placement for several songs with MLB, AAMCO's national commercials, and TV shows "Saving Grace" and "Days of Our Lives!"
    - Ongoing national tour, having performed with acts like LeAnn Rimes, Vince Gill, and the Goo Goo Dolls, at venues like the Grand Ole Opry!
    - Headlining the ATA's "Fall 2007 Tailgating Tour" at NFL and NCAA football games across the country!
    - One of Napster's Top 20 most streamed artists, with close to 18,000 streams of their debut single "Last Train Running" the week of 8/25 alone!
    - A 200-station in-studio radio barnstorming tour across the US!
    - "Last Train Running" video is in CMT's "12 Pack Countdown" Top 10!
    - Cross-promotions with Dale Earnhardt, Jr, a personal fan!

    WHISKEY FALLS is a band for this modern era and a brand to be coveted: revolutionary in approach; first-rate in ability; driven by musical passion; and inspired by their growing legion of fans. Armed with media-savvy, charisma, and arresting harmonies, they are currently available for interview and booking.

    i have met them many times

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    Re: country whiskey falls

    I love Whiskey Falls. I can't wait until next Tuesday when I can buy their first CD. They are 4 of the most talented guys in music today.....truly gifted! They are going to be big.

    That was a great article, Jeanne. Thanks for posting it!

    As Jeanne said, listen to their music and you will fall in love iwth them. LOL!


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