Spoilers say Becca and Gwen UNEARTH Pilar's secret. I think we'll prob know what the secret may end up being before Becca and Gwen UNEARTH it.
And how Theresa should start listening to her mother before bodies start piling up. I bet Pilar kills Al and buries him. But within the next 2 weeks we'll prob see Pilar telling theresa that they'll have to deal with Al.

Now spoilers indicate that for the week of the 24th, Pretty rips into Ivy and Fancy.. but then warns Fancy bout sheridan on the 27th. Now if the storyline is really moving as quickly as galen, eric and the others have said and that issues are resolved quickly , then...
Is it possible that Fancy is eventually taken to the hospital, but the chip causes her to chase Luis out.
He does leave cause i'm guessing he finds out bout sheridan going after Al.

At the hospital, Pretty shows up, and the chip is found. Fancy says that only after her lil reunion with pretty that she started to act strange.

Fancy suspects Pretty did something to her. Pretty says she only wanted Fancy to pay for what Fancy did to her and Al offered to help her.

Ivy comes to fancy's defence, so Pretty rips into her. eventually Fancy and Pretty forgive each other and Pretty warns Fancy about Sheridan. I'm guessing here.. Pretty does want Fancy to be happy and warns Fancy bout sheridan. Esme comes in and helps Fancy somehow. My guess.. she somehow gets Fancy indication as to what Sheridan and Luis are keerpijg from her, and that Fancy eventually follows Shuis.
That's why I do think Fancy will be present when Marty is found