I was watching Another World when it was on TV and was part of the group in the late 90's called CSAW which later became Sudz. With this group, we had successful reunions in NY with the stars. Like many other soap watchers I have been watching since I was a kid. I know soaps now have to have a certain rating or they will be canceled if they fall below it,I watch Days of Our Lives and ATWT/. I also used to watch GL which was canceled last year. As you may have heard, ATWT is leaving the airwaves in September.

Our group called SOS(Save Our Soaps)would like to get a bunch of fans from all the soaps to write to the magazines, shows and networks to let the powers to be know that we support our shows. Even though the rating system doesn't show that many fans watching, they don't count people watching on the internet, Soapnet and with DVRs as well as other fans from other countries. That is basically what we our trying to do if we get enough support.

I hope you are interested in joining our group.Please post or write me at sserena0278@yahoo.com if you are interested. We would appreciate it!
Sue O'Konis