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Thread: FIRE!!!!

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    Re: FIRE!!!!

    Thanks CJ! Happy anniversary to you too. When I got home from my meeting there were a dozen gorgeous red roses for me.
    My little Marshall

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    Post Re: FIRE!!!!

    I just grabbed the big old watering can and hauled it over to the computer to put the "fire" out!

    Congratulations to those who have celebrated their anniversaries; it's refreshing to hear of marriages that last.

    I am watching Survivor in a half-hearted way. I missed it last week, I'm going to have to check online who got booted out. I always hope that Survivor picks up once the tribes merge.

    I watched Big Brother this summer and (running and ducking) I was rooting for Evil Dick to win, and he did! I loved watching his antics and listening to his tirades -- I thought it made for great TV.

    I like CSI and CSI NY but I don't watch CSI Miami because I don't care for David Caruso.

    I watch Dog The Bounty Hunter and Intervention on A&E.

    I like the show Little People, Big World on TLC, too.

    And of course, my TV boyfriend's show is back...HOUSE!

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    Re: FIRE!!!!

    Shows? How about the show that goes on at my house everyday? LOL Just kidding! Hey, you know what they say about crying wolf! I was fully dressed in firewoman attire when I ran in here!
    Seriously, I watch very little reg. TV. Anybody care to bore themselves by telling me WHO is on dancing with the stars this season? LOL
    AKA Snickersbar


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