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    Oh my ... this movie was just awful. I read the book and while I think the book had some problems (particularly in the 3rd act), the movie is almost unwatchable. The first 30 minutes start out promisingly, but it deteriorates quickly. I guess I'd say it sticks to the "bones" (pun intended!) of Sebold's story, but it lacks the emotional depth or complexity that made the book work.

    Mark Wahlberg is horrible as Susie's dad. The moment where he realizes Harvey may be the killer was an emotional and intellectual leap that the movie didn't earn. Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon are pretty pointless as Susie's mom/grandma (and I HATED the scenes of introduction of the Grandma character which were out of synch with the tone of the rest of the film).

    The Heaven stuff was awful ... Stanley Tucci had a tough job in the role of the killer. I think he did a competent job, but I don't see this as an award-deserving performance (he is on the short list for the Oscars). He came across more as a pathetic loser than a sociopath.

    I have no idea what Peter Jackson spent $100 million on in this film. A huge, huge disappointment for me ...

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    This will arrive at my house next week, another batch of screeners. I'll watch it, but from what I've read, it will be more out of curiosity than anything else. I really liked the book and was hoping the movie would be at least good, but I've seen little that even gives it a C. Too bad.

    I still haven't seen Time Traveler's Wife, which is another movie I was hoping would be great, based on how I felt about the book. But I never read anything wonderful about it either.
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    I guess I'm in the minority here.
    I liked this movie.
    I waited a while to see it.
    I've had so much death in my life lately,
    that I wasn't sure I was ready to see a movie about the after life.
    While it didn't follow the book very closely, it did stick to the main points.
    I thought Saoirse Ronan was brilliant as Susie.
    Just the way I pictured Susie when reading the book.
    I agree that Wahlberg was a poor choice for Jack Salmon.
    I thought the Heaven/Between Worlds scenes were well done.
    And Annie, while most people didn't like film adaption of
    "The Time Traveler's Wife", I liked that one too.
    I thought the casting was perfect.


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