Bennett House

Noah and his friend James are cooking burgers while Fancy and Kay get to know each other. Elsewhere Paloma is trying to take her mind off of things. So far it wasnít working.

Simone: I would have never pictured Fancy Crane at a bar b q.

Paloma: Are you kidding me, she loves all this. She would come over my house during the holidays and help make dinner for 50 people.

Simone: How did you two meet?

Paloma: Boarding school

Simone and Paloma continue talking for about 15 minutes. Paloma is surprised at how comfortable she feels around Simone.

Noah: Hey, the burgers are ready!

Simone: We better go if we want any good ones.

Simone climbs out of the pool and reaches for a towel. While she does this, Paloma canít help but notice her. A strange feeling comes over her, one that sheís never felt before.

The rest of the afternoon goes great. Fancy gets along with Noahís sister and her friends, and vice versa. And, for a short time, Paloma manages to forget all about her problems.

At around 6 oíclock Noah and Fancy leave for a date, Simone convinces Kay to go out with James since he was giving Kay the eye all day long. Paloma and Simone both decide to head home. They all agree to meet at the book cafť the next.

Book Cafe

Paloma, Fancy, Simone and Kay are sitting at one of the tables talking and enjoying themselves.

Simone: So Kay, tell us about your date with James.

Kay: It was nice; we had dinner and then went back to his place for drinks.

Simone: Maybe now you can move on and get over Miguel.

Kay: I donít think thatís possible. How do you get over your first love?

Paloma: I see where this is going and quite frankly I donít want to hear anymore gory details about my brotherís love life, so Iím going to go.

Simone: Iíll come with you.

Outside of the book cafť

Paloma and Simone start walking along the bridge

Paloma: So you think itís true what Kay said, about never being over your first love?

Simone: I donít know, maybe. Julian Crane never got over my mom, Ivy Crane never got over Chief Bennett.

Paloma: Was it hard, when your parents got divorced?

Simone: It was at first. I wished that things could have gone back to the way they were.

Paloma: So what changed?

Simone: I saw how happy mom was Julian. Itís like a weight had been lifted off her and she could now breathe.

The two continued to talk Simone told her about Rae and Paloma mentioned Martin and Pilar.

All of sudden, who should turn up to ruin her day, but Katherine Crane?

Paloma: Great, just what I need now