I loved it!!! It was one of the best storyline GH has done in years! I loved how Franco was able to get into Jason's mind and played mind games with him. Jason was deeply unnerved, and this could have caused him to strike out against Michael. Also, I loved how Franco used blackmail against Jason and Sonny, in regards of the Claudia murder. As a result, he was able to keep Jason and Sonny at bay! Jason could not kill Franco because he was afraid that evidence against Michael could surface. Sonny could not do this, either. Sonny threatened to kick Franco's behind, and Franco said try it. lol. Sonny had to let Franco walk away from the scene.

Moreover, when Jason was strangling Franco on the desk, it looked as if Franco turned into a complete demon; that was great acting on the part of James Franco. I was truly scared, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Franco turned into a true monster! On Monday's episode, Franco turned from a villain to a supervillain, someone that Jason and Sonny will not forget! Franco can be to Sonny and Jason what Helena Cassadine is to Luke: Someone to scare you know what out of them when they surface again!

I applaud GH on this storyline; I waited for years for someone to kick both Sonny and Jason's behinds, and I got it!!! Manny Ruiz, Luis and Lorenzo Alcazar, Faith Rosco, Moreno, Sorel and Anthony Zacharra could do this. Jerry Jacks really did not do that much damage to them, it was mostly Claudia, and she ended up dead. Franco walked away alive and one of GH's newest supervillain. So who won? Jason? Sonny? Or Franco? I give the first round to Franco! LOL!