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Thread: RIP Mickey Horton

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    Post RIP Mickey Horton

    I know the character has been MIA for ages, but I sure didn't see Mickey's death coming. I feel so bad for Maggie. When I saw pictures of John Clarke on the show lately, I was hoping they were bringing him back...I guess not!

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    Arrow Re: RIP Mickey Horton

    I always liked Mickey & Maggie...I was teary-eyed during those scenes when Maggie came downstairs and told Hope that her husband had passed away. Suzanne Rogers is really good and they are saying she has a big storyline coming up soon. I still miss Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn and Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols.

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    Re: RIP Mickey Horton

    I didn't see it coming either. Since he wasn't "onscreen" why kill him off. It doesn't make since unless it is to involve Maggie with another love interest. And they would never let Maggie cheat on Mickey. I had read some where that Maggie was going to start drinking again, but not sure on that. It would have been nice for M and M, Doug and Julie to go on their cruise and have a good time. Then come back and tell everyone what a nice time they had.

    Maggie did some really good scenes today, she had me in tears.
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