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Thread: Finding the Milky Way (Sheridan and Luis)

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    Post Re: Finding the Milky Way (Sheridan and Luis)

    Hi guys.

    I just recently realized that I hadn't posted the rest of the chapters of this story (the ones I had written anyway). My original plan had been to wait, post the chapters in increments of 5 as I had been doing, but since this fic has been stalled for ages, I thought it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and post what I have.

    Who knows? Maybe one of you will read the new (to you anyway) chapters and clamor for more. ; ) And I'll win the lottery tomorrow.


    Anyway...hope you enjoy.

    Chapter 21

    Deep down, Ivy Crane was a sucker for romance, so her heart was rebelling just as much as she knew Sheridan’s was when they walked through the door leading to the judge’s chambers.

    The small room was dark, austere, and uninviting, hardly the place for a wedding. Hardly the place a young girl dreamed of being married in.

    Yet Sheridan surprised Ivy, as she had surprised her countless moments since her breathless confession a few nights ago, when she first revealed to Ivy her and Luis’s plan to marry.

    She drew in a deep, steadying, stubborn breath and smiled. Her blue eyes didn’t see her surroundings; they saw only Luis, the children, waiting for her. They saw a future of possibilities her heart didn’t want to openly admit to hoping for, yet.

    Ivy’s eyes saw that Sheridan’s road to happiness would be filled with twists and curves, perhaps a few wrong turns. But it was a road that could be traveled.

    Though Theresa’s brown eyes were glassy and her demeanor closed off, there was hope in the shy way Miguel extended his small hand to Sheridan, a welcome of sorts, and there was a feeling of rightness that squeezed Ivy’s jaded heart in the way Paloma flung herself into Sheridan’s open arms and peppered her cheeks with jubilant kisses. There was a feeling of calm that Ivy knew, by rights, she shouldn’t feel when Luis gently took Sheridan by the elbow, by the heart really if Ivy were to be completely honest looking back on the moment with the clarity that only comes with hindsight, and claimed her as one of his family, though the official ceremony wouldn’t happen until later.

    Fate, dare she admit to the foolish romantic notion long faded away with her own girlhood, was at work, and as Sam came to stand beside her in their common duty as witnesses, as the justice of the peace hurried through the formalities of his last service of the day, and Sheridan pledged her love to a young man and family she barely knew, Ivy knew, however impossible it might be, already there existed a kernel of truth in those words.

    And maybe, Heaven and Pilar had a plan.

    Feedback is love.

    Thanks so much for reading!!!

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    Re: Finding the Milky Way (Sheridan and Luis)

    Updates... please?? Pretty, pretty please?!

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    Since you asked so nicely, TritonPrez...

    Sorry this is so late.

    I only recently stumbled upon your post.

    It's short and (maybe a little bitter) sweet.


    Chapter 22

    It was a small house.

    Stepping over the threshold, Sheridan felt she should feel different, older, wiser, more adult. She should have taken up more space; she was Luis’s wife now. But she couldn’t remember ever feeling more small herself, more insignificant.

    Theresa shoved past her with no apology, heading silently toward what Sheridan could only assume was her bedroom.

    Recovering from the slight stumble in her step, Sheridan gamely offered a good night to the girl that went unanswered and a brave smile to Luis when he spoke the first words he’d uttered since irrevocably binding their lives together in a ceremony that had been short, simple, and devoid of any romantic frills.

    “She’ll come around.”

    Luis had been stoic, steady, resolute earlier in his speech; in one brief sentence, Sheridan picked up on all his carefully guarded uncertainties and felt a painful tug at her heart. With a slight nod of acknowledgment, she reached a hand out to ruffle Miguel’s dark hair and felt an even more potent tug at her heart when the solemn-faced little boy stiffened at her touch and followed Theresa’s suit, though in a much more polite manner. Feeling her throat grow tight with disappointment, she fixed her gaze on Paloma’s sweetly slumbering face and, tucking a black curl behind one small ear, commented in a voice that sounded thin and strained even to her own ears. “Long day.”

    “Long day,” Luis echoed, staring at her until she lifted her eyes to his face.

    Sheridan waited patiently while he cleared his throat softly and shuffled his feet uncomfortably.

    “I hope you don’t mind if we skip the tour tonight.” Not giving her a chance to respond, he rushed on, “There’s not much to see; it’s nothing like the Crane Mansion. But it’s clean and comfortable. Mama worked hard to keep this roof over our heads.”

    Luis’s last statement was delivered in an emotion-choked voice, and Sheridan’s hand strayed from Paloma’s cheek to cup Luis’s granite jaw. In a low whisper, her thumb stroking Luis’s smooth, warm skin, Sheridan made a tearful admission that made Luis’s deep brown eyes glitter, but only momentarily. “I miss her too, Luis. Sometimes, I ache with missing her. I know…”

    Lowering Sheridan’s hand from his jaw, Luis shook his head, disagreeing with her and leaving Sheridan feeling stung and doubtful about the situation. “You can’t know,” he dismissed her. “She wasn’t YOUR mother.”

    “No,” Sheridan agreed quietly. “She wasn’t.” Luis didn’t respond; she hadn’t really expected him to. Her eighteen years had been short, but they had already taught her a valuable if not painful lesson: lofty expectations inevitably led to supreme disappointment.

    But Sheridan was forgetting something else she also knew as she prepared to spend her first night as Luis’s wife under the roof of the small house where she felt impossibly, inexplicably smaller, and it was an equally valuable lesson to keep in mind.

    Miracles didn’t happen overnight; like all things worthwhile they took a little time.

    Feedback is love!!!

    Thanks so much for reading!!!

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    Chapter 23

    Saturday morning Luis was awakened by a scream.

    Leaving his own bedroom and tearing down the hallway in a near-panic, Luis had to lurch to his right to avoid stumbling into young Miguel's sleep-sluggish body. Reaching the open doorway to Mama's bedroom, Luis opened his mouth to demand what was going on but sheer astonishment rendered him unable to speak a word for several seconds, seconds in which Theresa continued to scream in uncontrollable hysteria, fat tears rolling down her face.

    "Get out! Get out! This isn't your room! You have no right to be in here. Luis," Theresa looked to him, desperate rage reddening and contorting her face, "tell her. Tell her to get out of Mama's room." Whirling back to face Sheridan, Theresa didn't wait for Luis's response. "Nobody wants you here. Luis only married you because he had to; he doesn't love you."

    Grabbing Theresa roughly by the shoulders, Luis snapped, "Theresa! That's enough." In a calmer voice he admitted, "I told Sheridan she could sleep in here last night so blame me. Sheridan didn't do anything wrong. Apologize."

    Theresa's chin trembled and her shoulders set stubbornly as tears cascaded. "It's Mama's room. Not hers. She can't…Luis, don't let her…"

    Sheridan interrupted, apologetically and diplomatically. "It's okay. Really, Luis."

    Luis's eyes were drawn to Sheridan's face then, before she could hide the hurt in her eyes from him, and the guilt that seized his gut made him avert his eyes. "No, Sheridan. It's not okay. Theresa," Luis demanded.
    "Apologize. Now. I said now, Theresa."

    Refusing to look at any of them, Theresa twisted her hands together, her knuckles white with tension as she complied with her brother's demands. "I'm sorry."

    Luis tried to hug her, tell her she had done the right thing, but Theresa jerked out of his embrace and turned on her heel, only pausing at the doorway, the expression on her face hidden from them by her veil of dark hair.

    "You'll never be my mother. Never. So don't even try to take her place because it won't work." Her large dark eyes glittering with tears, Theresa made a solemn vow as she turned, staring into Sheridan's wounded blue eyes. "I promise it won't work."

    The door slammed behind her as she left, a picture falling from the wall, its glass shattering from the force of Theresa's rage.

    Kneeling, Luis brushed the shards of glass aside, feeling his throat grow tight as he looked at the happy, smiling faces that seemed such a distant memory. In that moment, he came to a decision, and stood up, lingering beside the closed door, his hand on the knob.

    "She's right. You can't stay here."

    Feedback is love!

    Thanks so much for reading!


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