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Thread: This could be one of the worst show ideas ever

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    Post This could be one of the worst show ideas ever

    Our Little Geniuses

    Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak has been tapped to host OUR LITTLE GENIUS, the new quiz show that gives real child geniuses a chance to put their incredible knowledge to the test and win life-changing money for their families.

    To play, little geniuses must answer increasingly difficult questions as they work their way up to win their family hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, there is one catch: the little genius' parents can stop the quiz at any time and choose to walk away with the winnings for their family. To help them make informed decisions during the quiz, these moms and dads of average intelligence may check in with a panel of leading adult experts – ranging from Ivy League professors to renowned doctors to award-winning scientists – to see how they performed when answering the same questions.

    If the parents decide to pull their child before a particular question, the little genius still has the chance to prove his or her brilliance and answer the question to determine if the parents made the right decision.
    This has got to fall somewhere on the child abuse scale. I didn't see any age range, but I'm assuming these are preteen kids. The stress has got to be awful.
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    Re: This could be one of the worst show ideas ever

    It ranks right up their with beauty pageants and all the other ways parents try to push their pre teen kids into the limelight so the parents can have a moment of glory.
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