This movie was frustrating for me. There was way too much nod-and-a-wink cutesy indie stuff, an all-knowing narrator who doesn't trust the audience to "get it" on its own, and the kind of "too cool for school" pop culture references that can be cloying.

That being said ... I liked this movie quite a bit. And most of that had to do with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is a strange actor for me. He gets great reviews in just about everything and yet I always find him a bit detached and off-putting somehow, but yet I WANT to like him.

This is the movie where he finally got me. He shows so much emotion on screen that it is hard not to be sucked in (and at certain points he looks so much like Heath Ledger that it is creepy, IMO).

I was much more ambivalent about Zooey Deschanel in the film. I know she is getting raves, but her character was very "walled off" in the film and her performance made it feel even more so. She was a bit too inaccessible for me, even when she was supposed to be showing her vulnerable side. Fine, but not outstanding.

I'd give the movie a B but I'd give Gordon-Levitt an A.