I vote for Kathryn Janeway. She knows how be strong and commanding. She has no trouble getting respect from any of her crew or any aliens Voyager happens to encounter. Yet she also has a soft side and can show her humanity when it's necessary. I am so glad Spike TV is showing Voayager reruns.

Picard would be my number two choice. He is very good at keeping things going on the Enterprise. He also proves bald can be sexy.

Sisko is interesting in his own way. It has only been since Spike stated showing DS9 reruns that I managed to see all the episodes. Captain Sisko sort of grew on me as the show progressed.

I also enjoy Jonathan Archer. Since he's the first Star Fleet captain to venture into deep space everything he does is setting a precedent. That is sort of an overwhelming responsibility but he handles it very well. That fact that he is played cutie Scot Bakula doesn't hurt. Istll love watching Quantum Leap reruns just to see him.

Kirk is a different captain from the other guys. The original Star Trek is much more of comic book space opera that a real drama. When watched for the outrageous campiness and William Shanter's over the top acting the show can be a real hoot.

I am so glad that with cable TV I can continue to be entertained by the Star Trek world.