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Thread: My So-Called Life (Sheridan/Luis, Theresa/Ethan, Gwen/Hank, Kay/Reese, Julian/Ivy)

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    Post My So-Called Life (Sheridan/Luis, Theresa/Ethan, Gwen/Hank, Kay/Reese, Julian/Ivy)

    Thought I'd go ahead and post some of my older fics here that I intend on (one day) finishing so that new chapters (should they EVER come, lol) are easily found.

    Re-reading these old fics gave me a sense of nostalgia for the Passions I once loved.

    Hope you enjoy the re-read.

    My So-Called Life

    Chapter 1

    She was having the best dream…

    Senior Trip. 2001. She and Reese in the tropics.

    She looked down at her attire. Coconut shells weren’t exactly her style. But Reese looked awfully yummy in that palm leaf. Good enough to eat, she thought. Licking her lips as she reached out a hand to touch him. His blue eyes sparkled at her. And he leaned forward. Slowly…slowly…they were just about to kiss when…

    “Damn alarm clock!” she swore. Slamming it against the wall farthest from her.

    “Kay!” Jessica squealed. Barely ducking in time. That throw had some heat behind it.

    “Sorry,” Kay grumbled. Popping one brown eye open. “I take that back,” she retracted. Seeing her kid sister looming over her with a scowl on her face. Rollers in her hair. “What are you doing wearing my brand-new shirt?” she growled. Half-rolling, half-lunging out of the twin bed.

    Jessica stuck her tongue out at her and darted to the relative safety of the outside hall. “Charity borrowed mine.”

    “So?” Kay shrugged her shoulders. Glaring at her annoying kid sis as she darted down the hall to escape her considerable wrath. Failing to see the logic in THAT statement. “Klepto,” she grumbled. Grabbing her robe from the hook on the back of the door and padding down the hall.

    “Good morning, Kay,” Charity smiled sweetly as she passed her on the way to the bathroom. “Isn’t it a beautiful day?” she wrapped her arms around herself and started twirling around.

    “Blech,” Kay rolled her eyes. “Gag me, Pollyanna,” she muttered under her breath as her cousin made a complete and utter fool of herself.

    Yeah. That’s abso-freakin-lutely right. Cousin. C-O-U-S-I-N.

    Her mother and Charity’s mother. Long-lost sisters.

    She understood they had a lot to catch up on…

    But to swoop in and take over their house like they did…

    It was like a Martian Invasion, she thought. Yanking back the shower curtain and twisting the knobs.



    “But Jessica,” Charity sniffled. Wiping at the fat tears that spilled from her pale blue eyes. “I was only in the shower for 30 minutes.”

    “It’s okay,” Jessica soothed. Rubbing Charity’s back comfortingly. “Kay’s just not a morning person. That’s all.”


    “Kay,” Simone held a restraining hand on her friend’s arm when she saw Charity and her sister pass by them in the hall.

    Kay rolled her eyes at Simone. “PUH-LEAZE, Simone,” she shook her head. “As if I’d even…touch a hair on their Disney-warped brains. Pollyanna and Crack-Shirley will get theirs. If I have to get up every morning at 5 a.m. for the rest of the year, they’ll get theirs. Only 30 minutes! Only 30 minutes! Try an hour.”

    “Crack-Shirley?” Simone said in a confused voice as she followed Kay down the hall.

    “The curls, Simone,” Kay sighed. “They’re wound up so tight, I’m surprised Jessica’s voice isn’t coming out sounding like Minnie Mouse’s. Shirley Temple on CRACK,” she finally spelled it out for her.

    “Oh no! That’s just awful!” a pimply-faced freshman with braces and blond pigtails gasped in horror. Bursting into tears. “Shirley Temple…a drug addict.”

    “Tell me we didn’t use to be THAT stupid,” Simone pleaded.

    “Simone!” Kay shouted. “Of course we were,” she lowered her voice. “That’s what elementary school and parents do to you. Totally and profoundly mess you up.”

    “We were so lame,” Simone lamented. “Why didn’t somebody tell us?”

    Kay ignored her. Lips twisting into a wicked smile as she read the gigantic banner draped across the new trophy case.


    In fine print at the bottom someone had written in bold red letters… “A nicer, safer place with the departure of Harmony’s own Lethal Weapon.” A surprisingly good caricature of Theresa dominated the banner—tears and ruined make-up to boot.

    “I so have to meet the artist,” Kay grinned. “That is the most magnificent piece of art I’ve ever seen.”

    “Whatever,” Simone shrugged her shoulders. “Come on, Kay. You don’t want to be late for homeroom the first day, do you?”

    Kay glanced down at her schedule and looked back up at Simone with an evil glint in her dark eyes. “Of course not. See you at lunch,” she waved as she scurried down the hall.


    “Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald! Yoohoo! Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald!” she waved a hand in front of Sheridan’s face.

    The goofy smile never left Sheridan’s pink smudged lips.

    Kay rolled her eyes. Newlyweds. Well…it HAD been almost 3 months already, but apparently the honeymoon still wasn’t over. Not as far as she could tell. She had a pretty good idea where the rest of Sheridan’s lipstick was.

    Last week the happy couple had gotten kicked out of WAL-MART. Pity, too. It was Ms. Crane…er, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald’s first trip.

    “Just thought you’d like to know,” she said with a nonchalant toss of her head. “I was waiting in line for confessional last week, and get this—NO, I wasn’t eavesdropping ‘cause Prince Charles could have heard her sobs way over in England—The Terminator and Edumb are expecting sextuplets.”

    “OH MY GOD!”

    “Knew that would get you,” she snickered. “That’s one hell of a scary thought, isn’t it?”

    “Kay Bennett!” Sheridan held a hand to her chest. “Are you TRYING to kill me?”

    “How else was I going to get your attention? Remembering the quickie you had this morning?” she teased devilishly.

    Sheridan blushed scarlet and swatted her away. “My sex life is NONE of your business.”

    Kay laughed all the way to her desk.

    “WHAT are YOU doing here? Oh God. Please…I don’t know if I have the strength…” Sheridan raised her blue eyes to the stars, er…ceiling.

    “You’re really on top of things, aren’t you?”

    Sheridan blushed an even deeper hue of red.

    “UGH! More information than I needed to know,” she muttered under her breath. “I’m in your homeroom. You haven’t even given a moment’s thought to…Forget it. You got 5 minutes, or they’re going to eat you alive.”

    The bell rang just a second later, and the day officially began.


    Sheridan buried her face in her hands and released a huge sigh of relief the moment the last bell of the day rang.

    Hell. Pure and absolute hell.

    If she couldn’t take 8 hours away from Luis, how was she ever going to survive if he had to take an assignment out of town?

    “Miss the ole ball and chain that bad?” Kay asked. Taking a seat on the edge of her desk.

    Sheridan raised weary blue eyes to Kay’s face. “Homeroom. AND last period French.”

    “Oh, but Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald,” Kay mock-pouted. “I love you.”

    Sheridan rolled her eyes and rose from her seat.

    Kay picked up the smallest of the three silver frames on Sheridan's desk. “The AA poster child! She’s getting so big! Would you listen to me?” she cracked. “Getting…the kid had a 5 pound head-start! Is it Brandy or Champagne?”

    Sheridan snatched the picture from Kay’s hands. “That’s my niece you’re talking about. Brandy’s much more…NORMAL.”

    “No fair,” Kay grumbled. “You got the pic **I** asked for! Hey! Are you PMS-ing?” she asked when Sheridan took the picture of Hank and Gwen decked out in their leis and grass skirts from their Hawaiian honeymoon.

    “Kay, my sweet,” Reese called from the doorway. “Hey, Ms. Crane…I mean, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald,” he corrected himself quickly. “Kay…want to grab some coffee at the Book Café?”

    “Sure,” Kay grinned. “We’ll finish this later,” she shot over her shoulder at Sheridan.


    “Yuck! Reese! I think I’m going to be sick!” Kay grabbed her stomach as she caught sight of Harmony’s witless couple.

    Theresa stared at Ethan through half slits. Her eyelids drooping from the force of her pink and purple sparkly eyeshadow. The faces of Angelica, Tommy, and Chuckie stretched across her bosom in a fearful display—they looked monstrous!

    Ethan held her hand to his lips. Kissing each finger.

    “Ethan! They’re not dry yet!” Theresa shrieked.

    Kay snickered evilly. “Do you think their brain cell hops from host to host? Kind of like a flea?” she quizzed Reese as he pulled her chair out for her.

    Reese pretended to ponder it. “I think what they’re experiencing now,” he said. Nodding to the cherry slurpee with two straws sticking up out of it. “…is a brain freeze.”

    The bells at the front chimed, and Kay groaned when the Toothache Twosome put in their requisite appearance. Thank goodness for small miracles she smiled as they walked past without a second glance.

    The bells chimed again, and Kay’s jaw dropped to the floor.

    “Dirty Old Man,” she blinked her eyes. With a stroller!

    All eyes turned to the front when the pudgy little blue-green eyed tot let out an ear-splitting wail.

    They watched in disbelief as Julian unbuckled the baby from the contraption and thrust her at her brother. “Here. She’s all yours,” he said simply. Waltzing out of the Book Café as quickly as he’d came.

    Kay shook her head as Theresa’s brown eyes welled up with jealous tears, and she stomped off to the ladies room.

    The Terminator couldn’t take a bit of competition from a 3-month-old. Just another reason in a long list…

    Just another day in Harmony.

    Just another day in my so-called life, she thought to herself as she took a careful sip of her latte. Just another day…

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    Re: My So-Called Life (Sheridan/Luis, Theresa/Ethan, Gwen/Hank, Kay/Reese, Julian/Ivy

    Chapter 2

    Theresa gulped in great breaths of air as sob after sob tore from her lips. It wasn’t fair. “It’s not fair,” she cried. Flinging the bathroom stall open without another thought in her head.

    “My heavens!” a little old lady exclaimed. Waddling out of the stall with her pantyhose around her ankles. “Oh dear,” she fretted as she got a closer look at her ‘assailant.’

    Theresa’s mascara run in black rivers down her cheeks.

    “Young people these days,” she shook her head. Scurrying out the bathroom door.

    Theresa yanked the stall door closed and leaned her head against the wall.

    “Lethal Weapon,” Kay pushed the door open cautiously. “Lethal Weapon…are you in here?”

    The suspicious shaking of the stall separating the two toilets offered definitive proof her theory was correct.

    She hopped up on the bathroom counter. Kicking her feet back and forth. A gleeful expression on her face. This COULD be fun. “Ethan and Brandy are SO cute together.”

    A sniffle from the bathroom stall made the smile on her face stretch even wider.

    “Ethan’s so far gone…the kid is so full of gas she’s about to blow a gasket. He thinks she’s smiling. That she loves him. But we know the truth, don’t we Terrorcita?”

    Another sniffle. Followed by a very faint, “What’s that?”

    The bathroom stall cracked open. Inch by precious inch.

    Obviously the play on words was lost on her. What was she saying? OF COURSE, it was. “She’s using him for food. But I’m afraid poor wittle Ethan doesn’t realize that. I think it’s better someone let him down easy. Before he starts having delusions the kid likes him or something. Don’t you? Don’t you think you should show him who really loves him? And we all know who that person is.”

    “Me,” Theresa trembled. “That person is me. And you’re right, Kay. Ethan has to know. It’s all an act. She’s just using him. I’m the one that REALLY loves him,” she said.

    Kay bit the inside of her cheek to keep from grinning. The girl was just TOO easy. And off her rocker.

    Theresa crossed the bathroom in two or three strides. And it was then Kay noticed…

    “Um…Theresa,” she got her attention.

    There was a wad of toilet paper six feet long stuck (via bubblegum, no doubt—bless all the bratty seven-year-olds in the world!) to the bottom of Theresa’s chunky heel.

    The rather vocal little devil on Kay’s shoulder drowned out all the angel’s desperate pleas to be nice. Just this once. And Kay’s dark eyes sparkled mischievously as she answered with a small half-smile, “Oh…nothing important. Go get him,” she encouraged. Shuddering when Theresa smiled at her in thanks.

    They didn’t make Halloween masks THAT scary.


    “This is a stick-up,” a low, feminine voice whispered in his ear. Sending shivers up and down his spine.

    “Should I hold up my hands?” he asked. A grin playing on his lips.

    “You stole my next line,” she grumbled. “Hostages aren’t supposed to be so cooperative. Neither are husbands for that matter,” she smiled.

    “Well…” he raised a brow at her as she walked in front of him to take a seat on the edge of his desk. “Not many husbands have wives as sexy as I do. But if you want me to put up more of a fight,” he smirked, “I’m all for it. Fighting CAN be…fun.”

    “Really?” she asked. Twisting the rings on her fingers around and around.

    “Really,” he told her. “Making up is the best part,” he grinned. Giving her bare ankle a playful tug. “We haven’t had a good fight yet, have we?”

    “You have a point,” she said. Her blue eyes twinkling back at him. “Have I told you lately how much I…HATE you?”

    Luis chuckled under his breath as Quinlan’s head snapped around. Pretty good impression of Linda Blair. Been watching “The Exorcist” lately? “You make me so sick,” he growled.

    “Ugh! I can’t stand to look at you,” she shrilled. Her blue eyes flashing with anger.

    “The feeling’s mutual,” he shot back. His dark eyes black with feigned anger. And desire. Damn. He was so turned on right now…

    Quinlan and Silvano snickered in the background. “I guess the Honeymoon’s finally over. You owe me 50,” Quinlan told Silvano.

    Sheridan’s cheeks flushed with color as she played the part. “I’m going home. Sure. It’s your JOB. See how warm your job keeps you when you go home to that big…cold…empty bed,” she jabbed him in the chest. “You know where to find me,” she whispered with a wink.

    He watched her stalk out of the police station with regret. He still had almost an hour left on his shift.

    “What’s the matter, Lo-Fitz?” Quinlan quizzed in disbelief. “Aren’t you going to go after her? I know pride’s this big thing. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Especially when your wife looks like…”

    Luis’s warning glare cooled his jets almost immediately.

    “Look,” he cleared his throat awkwardly. “We’ll cover your ass for you on this end. We can’t make no promises on the homefront.”

    “You really think I should go after her?” Luis pretended to be torn.

    “Yeah, Man,” Silvano nodded his head. “Then there’s the make-up sex…”

    Luis towered above both men menacingly. “I don’t ever want to hear my wife and the word ‘sex’ from either of your mouths again. Clear?”

    Both men backed down.

    “I thought so,” Luis grinned as he strode out the door. “Tell Sam the Johnson file’s on my desk.”

    “His ass is so fried,” Quinlan laughed.

    “Whipped, Marty. Our dear friend is as whipped as they come,” Silvano added his input.

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    Post Re: My So-Called Life (Sheridan/Luis, Theresa/Ethan, Gwen/Hank, Kay/Reese, Julian/Ivy

    Chapter 3

    Luis hurried along the sidewalks of Harmony. Intent on one thing and one thing only...

    Getting home to his beautiful wife.

    A hand caught him from behind, and Luis groaned.


    "Whoa! Wait a minute. Where do you think you're going? You do know it's a crime to look so happy, don't you?" Sam's blue eyes twinkled.

    But Luis could tell...this wasn't all fun and games. "Look, Sam. I..."

    Sam shook his head. "Not yet, you don't. I want you to check something out for me. An elderly lady called 9-1-1 from the Book Café. Said someone assaulted her..."

    "At the Book Café, Sam? I guess what they say is true. There's no place safe anymore."

    "Would you..."

    Luis smiled and gave his boss a friendly slap on the shoulder. "Sure thing."

    "Thanks," Sam grinned. "Well...I'm off."

    Luis's handsome features took on a look of such utter confusion...

    "Going home to that lovely wife of mine," Sam bragged. Shoving his hands in his pockets and walking away.

    "Sure," Luis called after him. "Rub it in. Might as well pour salt in the wound. Damn. Who the hell assaults a little old lady? In the Book Café no less?" he shook his head. And continued on his way.


    Beth shook her head and blinked once, twice, three times as Theresa stumbled out of the bathroom.

    Was it just her imagination? Or did Theresa have a Guiness Book-worthy wad of toilet paper trailing after her as she lunged toward her and Ethan's table?

    "Excuse me!" a shrill voice yelled. "Excuse me! I ordered that coffee like 5 minutes ago."

    Beth plastered her fake smile carefully in place and turned to face the woman. "I'm so sorry for your inconvenience," she apologized through clenched teeth. "Your coffee," she said. Setting the steaming styrofoam cup down in front of the Zsa Zsa Gabor look-alike. "Would you care for anything else?"

    "Are you kidding?" Zsa Zsa huffed. "This place is worse than that wacko town on Passions. Come to think of it..." she tapped her chin with her index finger. "They DO have the same name. You haven't been wearing that ridiculous tie for 3 months, have you?" she scowled.

    "You can't be serious."

    "Never mind," Zsa Zsa said with a toss of her head. Catching a glimpse of a young couple that looked suspiciously like...Theresa and Ethan! Oh! The horror! "I really should get going. I'm late enough as it is."

    "Whatever," Beth shrugged her shoulders. "Some people..."


    Ethan bounced his baby sister on his knee.

    "You know," Reese informed him. "I really don't think you should be doing that."

    Ethan looked at him dumbly.

    "Her brain's still...have you ever heard of Shaken Baby Syndrome? I just don't think you should be bouncing her so...vigorously," Reese winced. "But that's just me..." he trailed off. Rising from his seat to meet his girlfriend half-way.

    Ethan looked appropriately horrified as he gathered his gurgling baby sister close to his chest. How would he ever explain to Mother how he brain-damaged his baby sister?

    When he pulled back to look into Brandy's blue-green eyes, all he got was a blank stare. "Oh no," he whispered. "It's true."

    "Reese," Kay deadpanned. "We better bail while we can. A flash-flood has been forecast. Besides...hear that?"

    Reese's blue eyes twinkled at her.

    "That little cha-ching noise? That's our IQ's dropping steadily. Lethal Weapon's perfume is putting off dangerous fumes and depleting our smarts. I say we blow this joint."

    "After you, M'lady," Reese grinned. Holding out his arm.


    "It was so awful, Officer," the elderly woman lamented. "I was sitting on the toilet, and..."

    "Mrs. Horton," Luis placed a consoling hand on her arm. If he weren't so anxious to get home to Sheridan, he might find this mildly amusing. "Why don't you just give me a description of your attacker?"

    "Okay," Mrs. Horton said in a shaky but sweet voice.

    "Male or female?" Luis took out his notepad.

    Mrs. Horton gave him a "what the hell?!" look. "I was in the ladies' restroom, Dear. Female."

    "Sorry," Luis apologized sheepishly. "Anything else?"

    "It was like some nightmare," Mrs. Horton shuddered. "Like she was demonically possessed," she confided. "She had black blood pouring from her eyes."

    Luis bit the inside of his cheek. Thank you, Sam, he thought. Demons. Psychos. Smartass grannies hiding behind bifocals and clutching knitting needles. "Did she physically attack you? Lay a hand on you?"

    "Why no! But I could have had a heart attack, Dear," she laughed nervously. "I don't want to meet my Maker yet. I have BINGO Thursday. There IS one other thing I just remembered!" she exclaimed. "She was screaming something like `EEEEEEEEEDDDUNNNN'. No. That wasn't it. It was more like `Edumb'. I'm sorry," she wrung her hands. "My hearing's not what it used to be," she said at the stricken look on his face.

    "Mrs. Horton," he closed his notepad. "I'll get right on it. As a matter of fact...something you said rang a bell."

    "Oh goodie!" Mrs. Horton clapped her hands together. "And when you find her, I want you to lock her ass up for a long time," she growled. Taking on a frightening snarl.

    Theresa, Luis groaned inwardly as he scurried inside the Book Café. Careful to make sure Mrs. Horton was nowhere to be found. Appearances certainly could be deceiving. "Hey Beth," he waved. "Have you seen Theresa?"

    Beth smiled at him. "Sorry, Luis. You just missed her. She and Ethan..."

    Luis was already out the door.


    Ethan juggled Brandy on his hip as he struggled to catch up with Theresa. Where had she gone? He couldn't see her anywhere, he thought. Panicking.

    Something white was flapping in the breeze.

    And while he stared at it trying to figure out what it MOVED!

    Toilet paper! How embarrassing!

    He raced forward. The public humiliation was too awful to think about, and when he rounded the corner, he saw her. "THERESA!"

    "You love her more than me," Theresa wailed.

    "Mother?" Ethan's face scrunched up in thought.

    "YOU LOVE YOUR MOTHER MORE THAN ME?!?!" Theresa screamed. Stomping her foot.

    Ethan's blue eyes were fixated on the toilet paper streaming in the air.

    "Ethan! Look at me!" Theresa demanded. Grabbing his face between both hands and forcing the issue.

    One look at Theresa's mascara-smudged face, and Brandy started screaming bloody murder.

    Luis rounded the corner with a relieved sigh. "Theresa! Ethan!" he yelled as he skidded to a stop beside Ethan. "What'" he panted.

    "My life is over," Theresa trembled. "Over. Ethan and I are getting a divorce."

    "W-W-What?" Ethan stuttered. "Why? Because I said..."

    "He doesn't love me best," Theresa crumpled in Luis's arms. "I'm 3^rd best behind Mrs. Crane and the baby."

    "Actually..." Ethan corrected. "You're somewhere around 6^th or 7^th."

    Dear God in Heaven, Luis thought with a groan as his sister clutched handfuls of his police uniform. Smearing ruined makeup all over it. least Sheridan wouldn't think he was cheating on her. The pattern of the stains was classic Theresa.

    Brandy continued to shriek in Ethan's arms.

    "Ouch!" Ethan yelped when Luis pinched a plug out of the soft underskin of his arm. "Why'd you do that for?"

    `Fix it,' Luis mouthed with a glare.

    "Theresa, I'm sorry," Ethan said woefully. "I...I don't love Mother best. I don't love anyone better than you."

    "Promise?" Theresa sniffled. Relaxing the death grip she had on her brother's shirt.

    Luis carefully withdrew Brandy from Ethan's arms and put some distance between them and the quarreling couple as he tried to calm her tears.

    "Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye."

    "Eww!" Theresa scrunched her face up in disgust. "Ethan!"

    "What now?" he sighed. His head hurt. He was SO confused. "I love you, Theresa. You're my wife."

    Theresa's brown eyes melted, and she surged forward. Wrapping her arms around his waist and squeezing so tight Ethan was sure he'd never breathe again.

    "Don't you feel much safer with Uncle Luis?"

    Brandy blinked back fat crystal tears, and her tiny fist waved in the air. Until Luis caught it and placed a gentle kiss there. Making her smile.

    "Oh my goodness! Ethan! Why didn't somebody tell me my make-up was ruined? I have to fix it! But I need something to..."

    Ethan knelt down and yanked the wad of toilet tissue from her shoe.

    Theresa took the paper with a mega-watt smile. "My hero."

    Luis and Brandy exchanged glances. "You're coming home with me, Kid. I think Aunt Sheridan will understand."


    Luis shifted the gurgling baby to his other arm as he fitted the key in the lock.

    The door creaked open, and some low, sexy tune made him close his brown eyes in regret. "Sheridan! I'm home, Baby!"

    The music stopped, and he walked across the cozy living room into the kitchen. Tossing his keys on the counter. "Are you hungry? `Cause you look like you're hungry," Luis asked Brandy.

    Brandy's only response...

    A Babe-like grunt.

    Luis's lips twisted upward in a wry grin.

    "Luis...Mijo. It's your Mother. Are you in there?" Pilar called from the living room.

    "In the kitchen," Luis answered. Goodbye night of animalistic passion with the Missus, he thought with a groan.

    "YOU have the baby," Pilar sighed in relief. Taking Brandy from her son. "Your sister and Ethan called in hysterics. Ready to put out an APB."

    "Little Miss Crane has had quite an eventful day," Luis told her with a laugh. His little sister better be on some pretty damn good birth control. The world was NOT ready for her and Ethan to become parents.

    The lights in the living room dimmed, and Pilar shot a confused look his way. "Mijo? What's going on in there?"


    "DIOS MIO!"

    "Don't go in there," he groaned. Running after her.

    His wife...his gorgeous, sexy wife...wore little to nothing but a mortified smile on her lovely deathly pale face.

    "Welcome home," she whispered. Scanning the living frantically cover herself up.

    Luis couldn't help but crack a smile as his mother ducked her head and headed straight for the kitchen. Furiously making the sign of the cross and uttering words of prayer.

    He snagged the pair of handcuffs that dangled from the fingers of one of Sheridan's hands with a questioning look.

    "Role reversal," she told him weakly. "I thought you might like to be the bad guy THIS time. Oh God, Luis," she groaned. Burying her face in his chest. "I could just crawl up in a hole and die. Why does this ALWAYS happen to us? The look on her face...she thinks..."

    "She thinks right," he smirked.

    "Damn you," Sheridan grumbled. Rolling her blue eyes at him. "You think it's so funny. You're lucky I love you. And want you. And...Next time give me a warning," she hissed as she darted down the hall toward their bedroom.

    "So there WILL be a next time?" he teased as her blond head disappeared behind the door.

    Her muffled, "Shut up, Officer...before I arrest you" had him laughing out loud.

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    Post Re: My So-Called Life (Sheridan/Luis, Theresa/Ethan, Gwen/Hank, Kay/Reese, Julian/Ivy

    Chapter 4

    " you think you could...Mrs. Crane isn't feeling well and Mr. Crane...the new arrival..."

    Luis stopped his mother's nervous fidgeting with a hand on her arm. "It's okay, Mama. Brandy can stay with us tonight..."

    "But Mijo," Pilar interrupted. A slight blush to her cheeks. "Your plans..."

    "Plans?" Luis repeated. "Oh," he coughed in embarrassment. "Those plans. Uh...Mama..."

    "We'd LOVE to keep the baby," Sheridan announced. Walking right up to Pilar and taking her niece from her arms.

    Luis chuckled at his two favorite ladies' refusal to meet each other's eyes. Until his wife shot him one of her withering, icy glares. THAT look said it all. The plans were on hold indefinitely. And...if he didn't know better...his mother was laughing at them as she turned for the door.

    "Thank you, Sheridan," Pilar called over her shoulder. "I left her diaper bag on the sofa. Mijo...walk me to my car and get the rest of her things..."


    Jessica trudged into the kitchen, dropped her bookbag in the nearest barstool, and propped her elbows on the kitchen counter.

    Her mother was whipping up a feast (and she used that term loosely) for dinner. Wisps of auburn hair curled around the rim of her big, floppy Chef Boyardee hat (a present from Dad last Christmas), and smudges of flour mingled with streaks of...something red.

    "Hi, Mom," she sighed.

    "Hi, Honey," Grace answered cheerfully. Whirling around to give her an air kiss. "How'd your first day go?"

    "Oh," Jessica smiled. "It was okay so far as first days go."

    "That's good, Honey," Grace replied absently. "I wonder what's keeping your aunt Faith..."

    "Nothing's keeping me," Faith said brightly. Arms laden with brown grocery bags. "Here you go...," she said. Setting the bags down on the counter carefully. "Is one of the girls sick or something?" she asked curiously. "What are you going to do with all these cans of tomato soup?"

    Jessica blanched. It was a Bennett family tradition on the first day of school. Oh, how she loathed tomato soup cake!

    Miguel and Charity strolled through the back door. Matching sweet, sappy smiles on their faces.

    "Miguel!" Grace clapped her hands together. "I'm so glad you're here! Would you like to stay for dinner?"

    Faith's blue eyes narrowed as Jessica waved her arms frantically behind Grace's back. Shaking her head wildly.

    "I'd love to Mrs. Bennett. Thanks."


    Jessica winced as her mother's voice ricocheted off the walls of the rather cozy kitchen.

    Maybe Kay was smarter than she'd given her credit for.


    Reese grinned goofily as Kay nibbled on his neck. "Kay...Kay, we really shouldn't be doing this," he croaked as her hands slipped underneath his tee-shirt.

    Holy crap, Kay thought as her dark eyes went wide. Muscles! "Reese," she pouted. "Don't tell don't like it when I..."

    "Of course, I li...LOVE it," he squeaked as her lips traveled along his jaw. Inching closer to his lips. If he'd still worn glasses...they'd be so fogged up right now.

    "Then what is it?" Kay questioned. Straddling his lap and making him groan. "Am I making you nervous?"

    Reese gulped. Nodding his head as he stammered, "Nnnnoooo., yes," he barked. Grabbing Kay's wandering hands in his.

    "Reese," Kay heaved a gigantic sigh. Real worry in her dark eyes as she shifted off his lap and curled up beside him on the sofa. "Do you not WANT to be with me?"

    Reese's blue eyes grew round as he rushed to reassure her. "But NOT here. We're not even supposed to be here..."

    "Oh puh-leaze," Kay rolled her eyes. "Ms. Crane has her own Love Shack with Officer Yummy now. Besides...nobody's using it. It's the perfect place for," she grinned suggestively as she crawled back into his lap.

    "Um...Kay...Kay," Reese shifted uncomfortably at her breath against his neck.

    "What, Reese?" Kay smiled against his skin at the touch of his hands.

    Reese's voice came out in a high squeak. "I don't think we're alone."

    "Thanks, Sherlock," a masculine voice dripping with amusement rang out. "I was beginning to think she'd never take the hint."

    Kay groaned and buried her face in the crook of Reese's neck. Was this payback for torturing Ms. Crane?


    "I need a drink. My kingdom for a drink!" Julian bellowed. His arm flung across his eyes as he fell back against his bed.

    "JULIAN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED!" Ivy shrilled. Picking up the candlelabra on her nightstand and whacking him over the head with it.

    Julian cowered in the far corner of the bed. "Dear there no safe haven in this mansion of lunatics?!"

    Ivy dropped the pewter candle-holder to the mattress. A thoughtful expression on her face as she considered her husband's words. Her daughter-in-law DID frighten her sometimes, and last week's shopping expedition for Brandy had presented some awful truths...her three-month-old's I.Q. was already higher than her former pride and joy.

    Hooked on Phonics had appealed greatly to her as a Christmas present for Ethan and his child bride.

    "I was only trying to be nice and `fatherly'," Julian cringed immediately after the word left his lips. "I never thought he'd take the offer seriously."

    Ivy rolled her blue-green eyes at him as she clutched her robe tighter about her waist. "Oh really, Julian. And what did you THINK he'd do? You, of all people, knew just how much Adrian detested that boarding school..."

    "Surely, you must realize, Dear," Julian scowled. "I NEVER in my wildest nightmares that he'd jump at the chance to finish his education here. At Harmony High, no less."

    "Poor Sheridan," Ivy sighed.

    "What? Poor Sheridan? What on God's green earth are you talking about? Poor US, Ivy. Poor US."

    "You nincompoop," Ivy rolled her eyes at him again. "I imagine your sister will be seeing much more of our son than we will, you ass."

    Julian's dark eyes lit up at the thought. "That's right, isn't it? He'll be at school most of the day. And after-school activities...Our delightful son won't actually be home much at all, will he?"

    "You really stink as a father. You know that, Julian?" Ivy huffed as she launched a pillow at his head and stomped out of the room.

    "Let me know when you're awarded that `Mother of the Year' award, Dear," Julian shouted to her retreating form. "We'll celebrate."


    Luis couldn't keep the smile off his face as he watched her. Them.

    Brandy's heavy lidded eyes fluttered shut as she twisted fistfuls of Sheridan's robe in her chubby hands and chugged on the bottle of formula.

    "What?" Sheridan asked with a tiny smile on her lips, and a bit of an embarrassed blush to her cheeks when she caught him staring.

    Brandy's lips relaxed around the nipple of the bottle, and she snored lightly as she snuggled deeper into Sheridan's warm embrace.

    "Nothing," Luis murmured.

    Sheridan trailed a gentle finger down the baby's cheeks. Across her brow. Raising questioning blue eyes to Luis's face as he rose from his perch across the living room and crept closer. Holding out his arms.

    "Here," he whispered. "I'll take her and put her down."

    Sheridan brushed her lips across the peach fuzz on the baby's head with a tender smile. "I'm still mad at you, you know," she smirked. "Well...not as mad as I was. But still mad."

    "Damn," Luis swore. Pretending to be deeply hurt. "And I thought a cute baby and me looking all sexy in your favorite black boxers would do the trick."

    "Luis," Sheridan rolled her blue eyes at him. "Black box...Luis? What black boxers?"

    Luis's low rumble of laughter and triumphant, "Officer 1, Wife 0" made her groan.


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