Crane Mansion

Fancy: So, how did she take it?

Paloma: I donít know, she looked hurt; maybe I shouldnít have told her.

Fancy: You really think that would have been best?

Paloma: No! I donít know. It wouldnít be fair to Pilar to keep her in a loveless marriage. She deserves better than that.

Fancy: So whatís the problem?

Paloma: I feel guilty, like its my fault that their marriage is ending. I know it was over the moment he chose to leave her. I just feel that I put the final nail in the coffin.

Fancy: Its normal to feel that way. I wouldnít expect you to be jumping for joy over this.

Paloma: I wish I could just take my mind off of this.

Fancy: I can help with that. Iím going over to Noahís house this afternoon, heís having some friends over and I would like to get to know them. Why donít you come?

Paloma: You never wanted to get to know any of your old boyfriendís friends.

Fancy: Itís different with Noah. Heís not like any other guy Iíve dated.

Paloma: Sounds like you really like him.

Fancy: I do. So are you going to come or not?

Paloma: Why not, if anything it will be interesting to see how you act around a guy you really like.

Julianís Office

Rebecca is impatiently sitting at the desk with a brandy in her hand.

Rebecca: Well, itís about time you showed up.

Julian: Always good to see you Becs; mind telling me what you are doing here?

Rebecca: I need a favor Julian.

Julian: Oh this should be good; I think I need a good laugh.

Rebecca: Julian, please.

Julian: Youíre being serious.

Rebecca tells Julian what happened and he agrees to help her.

Rebecca: I donít know how I will ever going to thank you for this.

Julian: Donít mention it. I know better than anyone what itís like not knowing where your child is. I will do everything I can to help you find yours.

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