Well I have not done a "scientific" study on what percentage of the other boards that I frequent, but by majority I would say 80% do not like Sheridan with Luis. There is not shuis on this other board. Each actor is an individual and their performance is evaluated as such. It is not that they do not like Sheridan, they just don't like her with Luis. We all want Sheridan to move on with a new man and leave Luis and Fancy alone. Of course that won't happen for awhile until Jer comes up with another tired used storyline, like a chip, loss of memory, dead but not really dead. There are many wonderful characters on this show and if you have watched soaps for as long as I have, you realize that nothing is forever. That is what makes it interesting and keeps us watching.
I really wish the writers would expand their s/l's and utilize the wonderful talent that they have on this show. If you have a couple that is front and center all of the time, that couple can become very boring, very fast.
I also find that polls are not that reliable because not everyone takes the time to fill them out. In fact the ones that SOD has are not at all what the boards opinions are. I don't know where they come up with these results.