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Thread: oops JER Did It Again!!

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    Post oops JER Did It Again!!

    Yes, he did. He really thought that by killing Fox would cause Fans to turn to DTV!! Has'nt he realised it as yet, that viewers are'nt too interested in Fox's character anymore since he has become a backburner character.

    All JER had to do was kill one of the following to bring fans to DTV.

    1. Alister. (Yes! now at least one of the couples will have a break for a lil while, and many of Al's secrets would come out. Al being truly killed off would be a big PLUS for Passions)

    2. Gwen or Rebecca ( The Theretan fans would switch in a heartbeat.)

    The killing was a Huge disappointment. Hopefully I won't be disappointed with the future killings. Since we have a new villian in Harmony ( I'm seeing it's vincent) Al is as good as dead, and I'm still betting Pilar did it.

    There is a spoiler out there saying that Theresa realises Pilar is right.
    Im betting it's on no other option but to get rid of Al. What does Al have to do with the situation with Gwen? Alot in fact.

    Gwen is hoping by presenting Ethan with this baby, that she could win back Ethan away from Theresa. It is possible on Passions since Theresa and Ethan's marriage is no longer Valid with Al being alive. Pilar probably tells Theresa that they have to get rid of Al, to make Theretan's marriage Valid and so I bet Al could be one of the next peeps to be killed in the switch to DTV.

    Also the Fancy/Luis/Sheridan twist on the finale, that will impact the storyline. If it's that Marty live feed, I can't tell you how disappointed I am. I wanted something where fans could say.. WTH!! when did that happen? How did that happen? I would have never guessed that would have
    But noooooooooooooo, he had to make it boring.

    Honestly I'd prefer lil Marty being the new Lopez Fitzgerald villian. It would be more convincing than Vincent, but after friday's eppy, Vincent could be it. But Marty would have a more convincing reason. Not that it may not be it. It still could be Marty, cause my only thinking is Marty is being groomed the way Vincent was. Marty will be groomed to Hate the Lopez Fitzgeralds. However, since Al loved Fancy, Marty would probably had also been groomed that Fancy is the only one he could trust and that Sheridan is also an enemy( since Al hates Sheridan) Al came to Harmony to take Fancy back with him.
    What I have to say next may piss off other Shuisfans, but right now, I'm thinking of how JER would do it..
    It is possible Beth is really dead. Or even Al thinks she really is. She probably appeared dead and Al just took Marty with him, leaving Beth behind. I doubt he would have come back for Fancy, if Beth was alive and with Marty. Beth hates Fancy and wanted to kill her and that would not have gone over well with Al.

    Anyway, back to the point i'm trying to make. What if Marty keeps asking Al for his mommy. Al decided to come to Harmony to bring back Marty's "mommy"
    I won't be surprised if Al used to show Marty pics of Fancy and tell him that that is his mommy and I could see Fancy being present when Marty is rescued and when Marty spots Fancy, he runs to her calling her mommy.
    Let's face it, JER hates Shuis, and any lil good thing for Shuis, JER will twist it.
    But the good hearted Fancy, will probably tell Marty, that Sheridan is his mommy. Which will just anger marty, because Al has already fed into him that Sheridan is the enemy.
    However I could see Marty leaning on Fancy. It would be up to Fancy now to change Marty's mind about the rest of the Lopez Fitzgeralds, especially Luis.

    I got an email this morning from someone telling me that someone from the other board says they cannot imagine Fancy pregnant. I could honestly say that despite me loving Shuis, and the old Sheridan.. and wanting years ago for Shuis to have a baby and Sheridan to get pregnant.. I could not imagine Sheridan pregnant. Yes, I could see her with a baby.. and trying to care for the baby,.. but Pregnant I could not.
    But We finally saw her pregnant and she looked very adorable.
    The same for Fancy. Actually I could imagine Fancy pregnant.
    The great thing with Passions wardrobe. The Baby doll tops are in and if you just imagine Fancy in a larger size baby doll top than what she wore the other day.. the green and brown, with the same pants.. it's easy to see a Pregnant Fancy. Just imagine the top bigger to flow over a pregnant tummy.
    Fancy too will look absolutely adorable pregnant.
    I could see her starting back working at the Harmony PD, and in the middle of the day, Fancy is soo tired she is past out on her desk, while all the other officers, are having fun watching her sleeping. I could see the comical part of Passions for Fancy where Fancy grabs the box of donuts.. that was brought for everyone to eat.. I could see her grabbing the pizza, and the bag of cookies and the bag of chips. Eating everything that comes to the station to be shared among everyone..
    But pregnancy cravings are top priority now.

    I could see Luis going out on an investigation. Fancy demands to go too. She maybe pregnant, but she could still work. And while on the case.. she is having slight contractions, but says nothing to Luis.. cause once again she realises he was right, she should have stayed back at the station.

    I could see Luis walking off thinking Fancy is following him, and she doubles over in pain. When he realises he is getting no response, he turns to find her in labor, then is when she ylls out, ' Luis!!!!!" and then she says in her funny voice, " Omg!! My water broke" Then in her tense voice," Luis I'm gonna have this baby NOW!!"

    Darn,.. this sounds good. I need to write a Fanfic on this. Actually now that I think bout it, I could see Fancy pregnant for Luis and in labor.

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    Re: oops JER Did It Again!!

    I keep telling you are so much better than the writers they have now.

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    Re: oops JER Did It Again!!

    Thanks scorpio. I wish I could write for this show.

    I have been browsing the internet today, and on one board a poster says that Lancy scenes are boring. No heat.

    Well boy. Thank God as a 31 year old woman, who was a shuisfan from the day Sheridan crashed into Luis's car, that I can admit it, that Luis and Fancy are HOTT!

    When I watch their scenes, it puts a smile on my face.
    I'm beginning to wonder if we all are watching the same show. I have been talking to many fans who
    1. Have been watching for years, but never had a favourite til Lancy came along. They watched Shuis, but did not see what I did in those days. But have finally found a couple they LOVE in Lancy.

    2. And who were once Big shuisfans, and are still somewhat.. but who now LOVE Lancy. As I said before. I'm no longer living in denial. Lancy is Hott. Em and Galen have great chemistry and it's great to know that I have met other Shuisfans who are admitting it.

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    Re: oops JER Did It Again!!

    Yes I know there is a great big internet out there and you find the majority never did like Sheridan. Actually most of them like her better now since she isn't so whiney and pathetic. Besides maybe they will get some more men on this show, so all of these women won't to fight over the shortage of men.
    It is good to visit other boards and get and broader overview of what is going on.

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    Re: oops JER Did It Again!!

    Yes!! I'm soo happy bout that. Last night I was up, going through some eppies of Lancy and watched. Galen and Em do have AWESOME Chemistry. Very much like Galen and Kenz. Some days I shuis, some days I Lancy, but I've been Lancying more, cause since they have been together..aww, I get all warm and cuddly inside. It's just soo nice to see Luis soo happy. He can't get enough of Fancy and she can't get enough of him.

    i'm still thinking there must be something behind that convo during their love making escapade 2 weeks ago, when Luis says We'll always be together, no one could tearus apart.
    Fancy replies. Yes, We'll be together NOW forever.What is the difference between NOW and Before?
    I still think there is another twist coming in Lancy's favor.

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    Re: oops JER Did It Again!!

    I do enjoy their scenes because it is so refreshing to see Luis happy and not stressed. Of course I am sure that is going to be short lived when the screaming mimi gets ahold of him.

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    Post Re: oops JER Did It Again!!

    You know killing off Fox did nothing to entice anyone to switch to dtv. If Fox had become likable again killing him off would have worked. In fact I think that if they would have killed off Fox when Justin Hartley left the show it would have been so much more dramatic. The whole Foxayguel triangle was just stupid beyond belief. Kay was becoming likable and then she crapped on Fox. I actually enjoyed Fox scheming against Miguel. Kay and Migs deserved every bit of misery Fox dished out on them.

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    Re: oops JER Did It Again!!

    You know your are right, I loved Justin as Fox, but the new Fox just didn't have it. I think it would have been hard for any actor to step into his spot and be as likeable. It would have been very dramatic for Justin to have been killed off.
    Check your PM


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