View Full Version : flu season

11.30.09, 9:11 AM
What are you guys doing to protect yourself through flu season? I'm trying to take every precaution I can this year, especially since some of my friends have already gotten the swine flu! I've been taking extra care to wash my hands more, use anti-viral kleenex, and keep hand sanitizer with me all the time. What steps are you taking?

12.8.09, 3:28 PM
Hi. I'm a newbie here, but what I am doing is minimizing my time in public, where the germs are for the most part, and suggesting to people whom I run across in public that are obviously sick that they go home and stay there until they are better. For years I have always shopped in off hours when less people will be in the market during the cold and flu season. I take an extra Vitamin C too. Wish I could use the hand sanitizers as some do but my skin just can't handle all of that alcohol, they get too dry. Anybody else have anything to contribute?

12.8.09, 7:30 PM
I make sure my littles are keeping their hands washed. As soon as they step off the bus they hit the restroom and wash their hands. Minimizing time spent out in public area's. Lysoling the home weekly *doornobs, toys etc*. My 3 school kids are scheduled to get the H1N1 vaccine in school on Thrusday and Friday. I will be taking the baby to get his when they have it available for everyone.

12.16.09, 1:48 PM
I saw on the news last night that airlines will have to give masks to anyone on a plane who is coughing. Wow! How things have changed! Imagine suggesting that a couple of years ago...it would not have gone over well at all!