View Full Version : Friday, September 7, Did anyone enjoy today's show?

9.7.07, 9:54 PM
I did! I loved Bo, Steve, Tony and lots of other stuff today.
Anyone else enjoy today's show?

9.8.07, 11:05 AM
I enjoyed it too. Im getting sick of Sami and her sudden EJ magnet. I remember when if Sami wanted to get rid of someone, she did! Now she seems weak and I really don't like that DAYS is putting these 2 ( EJ & Sami) together so much. Lucas and Sami are about to have babies, why not focus on that and show how close these 2 ( Lucas & Sami) can be through this pregnancy rather than putting a ridiculous strain between them?


9.8.07, 12:40 PM
And where is Will? Does either Sami or Lucas remember him?

9.10.07, 10:03 PM
Well I enjoyed Steve. He is so much more entertaining when he's screwing with the Demira's than when he's playing Kayla's lap puppy diaper changer.

9.14.07, 7:07 PM
Will is in Europe with Austin and Carrie so he will be protected from the Dimeras. LOL - like Austin and Carrie would be able to protect him.

9.14.07, 11:25 PM
regarding Will... hasn't school started? Or does High School in Salem start later than most other places? Perhaps he will be going to school in Europe... and return at Christmas a mid 20 year old.... which will play havoc with his parents ages....