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11.27.09, 1:02 AM
Hi Friends.

"Happiness is one of the things we never get enough of, no matter how much we have and no matter what definition we give it."

I never heard anybody pretending being happy an entire life. Moments yes, but not a lifetime. Perhaps thatís because happiness is such an intense feeling that no human body can sustain it for so long.

Please share your opinion.

11.27.09, 1:47 PM
That is a deep question.
I think true happiness is the ability to love what you're doing, in the present moment.
Even something as routine as doing the dishes can a happy time, if you savor the experience.
The feel of the hot, soapy water.
The sense of accomplishment in getting something done.
The gratitude for dishes to do and a warm house to do them in.
To me, it's all about being present in what you're doing.

2.20.10, 10:44 AM
Thanks my dear friend i have also same opinion for this topic.



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10.11.10, 4:40 AM
Especially if I break a plateau. Solving difficult problems makes me happy. Gaining a deeper understanding of any of the sciences makes me happy. Jokes make me happy. Watching whose line is it anyway makes me happy. Bothering my friends and seeing their exasperated expressions makes me happy.

4.29.11, 8:39 PM
Happiness is short lived. I believe only in contentment.

Vanessa Thorn
12.6.16, 2:14 AM
Happiness has a broad meaning. Achieving it will depend on how a person perceive life. Some can be happy and contented in small things while others are asking for more.

Joyce Sean
12.8.16, 10:18 PM
Happiness is loving and being loved. :blush2ey: