View Full Version : That was it? I guess we should be grateful!

9.7.07, 8:46 PM
Today was like a mercy killing. Only you normally don't take this long to know that it is better off dead. Fox was the lucky one. The rest of them are still there suffering with bad storylines. I saw a T-shirt at the mall last weekend it said
"Your village called...their idiot is missing" I think every cast member ought to have one.
Number #1 . Why didn't Theresa instead of dinking around say "Look stupid, I mean Ethan, lil Ethan is your son, and because I have an easier time with lies than I do with the truth and not to mention I was seriously hit with a dumb a** stick, I did not tell you." Would that have been so hard. Now she is going to get that Lucy Ricardo look and start shoveling up her crap.
Number #2. Sheridan with the gun and acting like Rambo, then talking to the monitor. Even Spike said what we were all thinking. "He can't hear you." The calendar was the proof? I am not a Sheridan fan by any means, but if I was, I would have been really ticked off by that today. Her character is so stupid anymore, maybe she always was but in comparison to Luis, she just seemed smarter. Actually Luis has been acting a lot smarter since he is with Fancy. Of course Fancy does not blame him for every bad thing that has happened to her since puberty, unlike SherSher.
Number #3. Pretty worried about Fancy. When she drugged her so they could put a chip in her nose and was suppose to shoot her if she remembered anything? Give me a break.
Last but not least. Endora and Miguel being sucked into the basement. Was that really necessary?

It was really sad because most of us all knew exactly what was going to happen today and there were no finales just a fizzle. :censored:

9.7.07, 8:51 PM
I haven't watched yet. But I know what happens and I think I can wait till Monday before I put myself through it. I think Jerk has a formula. If it's been 4 to 6 months you can rewrite anything and the fans will just say "oh well I guess we'll roll with this".

9.7.07, 9:09 PM
Well I have DTV and I know that we will go back to the same slow boring s/l s. I will only have to watch about once a week or so and will be right on top of it.

9.7.07, 9:54 PM
Yeah I have dtv as well. I want to see what happens. I just know that it's going to get dirtier and when it does then I'm tuning out.

Up until the last 6 weeks or so I was hoping that the tabliod would be revealed. Now it's apparant that it will never happen.

9.9.07, 7:38 AM
Unfortunately I don't have DTV, since it's not available here, with the 101. I'll have to wait for posted clips or so.