View Full Version : Glad To Be Back

9.7.07, 1:20 PM
My computer crashed and I lost all my favorites, and of course the link to this board. I am thrilled that I found you guys again.

My name is Jo, and I live in Florida with my husband and three cats. PASSIONS is my addiction and I am not ashamed of it. Sorry that NBC made the mistake of removing it from their network. We did switch to DTV so that my addiction can be stoked.

Can't wait to see what will be forthcoming. So many teasers around. Looks fascinating to me.

So glad to be back and will be checking the boards as often as possible.


9.20.07, 9:14 PM
Hiya KneadsToKnow!
So glad you found us again! Welcome back and holler if you have any questions!