View Full Version : Where o where...

11.20.09, 12:37 AM
I myself hadn't been here in awhile. Just wondering if anyone ever checks in here. I have myspace and facebook and cafemom, so those keep me pretty busy. I do miss all the chat with the ole friends here.

Anyway hope everyone is having fun whereever you are.

Take care and have a nice Thanksgiving next week.

11.29.09, 12:57 AM
Hey everyone where are you -looking to get connect with the ECKF -I noticed the forum is really slow lately - where are all the members?

12.29.09, 3:50 PM
I posted a similar post on the Pier the other day. Looks like we're all coming back around and checking in again! I too, have MySpace and Facebook. I had once had Cafemom, but always lose or forget my password!