View Full Version : So GLAD I found This Board Again!

9.7.07, 10:55 AM
It has been ages since I was here. My computer crashed and I lost everything. I am so glad I found you guys again.
We switched to DTV JUST so that I could continue my addiction. Hubby gets Football Ticket in exchange for changing from Cable.
I am just so happy that I will be able to continue watching the show. Am very upset with NBC for doing this, though. What a rotten trick to pull one of the best daytime shows on the air.

To reintroduce myself, I live in Florida, love kitties and horses. I have been watching the show since 2000 when I accidently found it.

Wondering if the really old shows that were begun on SciFi might find their way to DTV. I would love to be able to see those first shows and really have a marathon!

So glad to be back, and look forward to fun here.


9.7.07, 6:01 PM
Welcome back, to cofferooms Passions board.