View Full Version : LOVE the Baby Reveal! AS & AZ ROCKED today!

11.16.09, 3:23 PM
wow, I've really been enjoying the build up of this baby switch storyline...all the pieces of the puzzle falling together...one of the best laid out storylines I've seen in a long time. And now the repurcussions! Alison Sweeney and Arianne Zucker had me teary eyed today...they BOTH love little Sydney(isnt she the cutest baby on TV? :)
The intensity of the scenes between the 2 women were riveting to watch...its been terrific. And when Rafe walked in at the end of today's show, holding Sydney, both women just melted. Kudos to everyone in this storyline, esp. Ali, Ari, and Galen.

11.16.09, 5:10 PM
I loved, loved, LOVED today's episode! I imagine tomorrow's will be even better. The best parts of today's show were slap #1, slap #2 and Rafe walking in with that gorgeous baby! Awesome job all around. I'm waiting to see how Mia and Chad are going to handle finding out that their baby was baby Grace and how they handle her death. I really hope Mia's acting skills improve for those scenes. And I can't wait for everyone to apologize to Mia for making her feel like such a horrible person when she was the most innocent victim of all in this whole mess.

11.16.09, 11:17 PM
wow...yes, those slaps were angry! I agree about the character of Mia, she has been manipulated by everyone...the young actress is not very good and I wonder if she will be able to pull off a really intense grieving scene when she finds out that it was HER baby that died. The actress has a real sweetness and vulnerablity about her but the young actor playing Chad seems much more comfortable on-camera. And I'm wondering about the somewhat random scene of Carly talking to Mia...perhaps there is some family connection between them? As for Bo&Hope: enough already! And I just FF thru Melanie/Philip/Nathan/Stephanie, Philip just comes across as a 'sleaze". I am intrigued by the return of Vivian.

11.17.09, 1:23 AM
OMG! Hands down the best Days in a long time.

Best, and most deserved, slaps in a looo ng time! I so would have punched Nichole in the face. Alison Sweeney was AMAZING! I have always liked her and today just puts the exclamation point on why.

Sami was the epitome of the mamma bear today! DO NOT mess with Sami and her kids!

Nichole's world is unraveling and Ari is doing a great job with it.

Galen has always played the hero very well; today was no exception.

Well done indeed. I need to go get a Kleenex now.