View Full Version : Whatever you do Fancy don't blow your nose.

9.6.07, 10:55 PM
This is one of the DUMBEST s/l ever. I love the "out patient" surgery and then having her in distress and the plunging of the shot into her chest. It was so cheesy that I had to laugh.
Then Pretty running around with a gun was the other comedy of errors, going "Grampy loves me more, Grampy love me more, maybe not, maybe not." This gets more campy everyday. Emily did really great with this guffaw storyline. I loved it when she was rubbing her nose going "wth"?:p

9.6.07, 11:24 PM
That thing was friggin huge. It would have poked through her brain and killed her for real.

9.7.07, 9:56 AM
I nearly died laughing with the subject line of this thread. What a great title! Yup she better not blow her nose... who "nose" what she might find?


9.7.07, 5:42 PM
Welcome to the board. It is user friendly. Thanks for your post. I have been trying to keep this lively and fun. What other soaps do you watch?

9.8.07, 8:18 AM
Actually, I don't watch any other Soaps. I found PASSIONS quite by accident in 2000, and was totally glued to the TV each day. I watch other shows that are in a weekly series, such as "Big Love","Damages", "Saving Grace" and others, too numerous to list.
I just love the show, though and became so involved with the characters and how they have ( well some of them) evolved. I particularly love Endora.

What most glues me is excellence of many of the actors who are famous in their own light. In a way I think that PASSIONS is a kind of "parody" of the soap opera genre. It is so fanciful and out there. I do enjoy some of the s/ls that most soaps would not dare to air, but it is possible that I am incorrect since I don't watch others.

But whatever... I am hooked. Thank goodness for Tivo. At least I can leave my house without fear of missing something, unless the power goes off, which is a problem in Florida.

Nice to be here!

9.8.07, 9:07 AM
What a perfect description of Passions - Parody of soap opera. I love it too for that very thing.

9.8.07, 1:02 PM
Yep Parody. That's why I want to see Fancy blow a snot rocket and find the evidence and go beat the hell out of Pretty. Then shove that thing up Al's nose and screw with him for a while. Put him in a French maids outfit complete with spike heels and make him clean the mansion and sleep with Enda and Norma.

9.8.07, 7:36 PM
Your visual is stunning, SarahBeth. Maybe someone can do a photoshop of that!

9.8.07, 8:09 PM
Goodone SarahBeth, that would be good. Have you read Dustin's thoughts today, it was pretty good. I couldn't remember but had Luis already dialed 911 before Fancy collasped? It was a good thing that he went to look for Fancy instead of listening to Sheridan babble on.

9.9.07, 6:35 AM
LOL>> That thing was really huge. I do not understand how she is not feeling a thing.

Ughh Pretty WAKE UP!! Grampy does NOT love you.

9.9.07, 11:27 PM
Luis picked up the phone to dial and as he did he turned to Fancy and saw she had collapsed. He put the phone down and ran over to her. I don't think he got 911 dialed.