View Full Version : Posts per page?

9.6.07, 10:04 PM
Is there a way to change the posts per page? I know I can on other boards that use the same format. But here I'm not seeing it. The 8 posts per page is just too little, IMO. And an odd number. 20-30 would be good.

9.7.07, 3:46 PM
In your "set your options" there is a place called "Edit Options" scroll down and you will see something about pages and how many will show.

9.11.07, 5:15 PM
But that doesn't seem to do anything. It's not the posts on the main board page. But when I go into a thread, there is only 8 posts allowed per each thread page.
Looking at the edit options there is 'use forum default' and ' Show Posts Per page'. When I tried 'Show Posts Per Page' it didn't seem to make a difference and when I went back it was on the 'default' setting, even though I saved it. I use Linear mode. I use other Vbulletin boards in linear mode and I know there I can adjust it and I set it at 30 posts per page, it works well for me. The whole 8 thing is just odd and too short, IMO. I'm used to the board format in general. I just wish that was an option I could change here *hint hint*.

9.12.07, 5:04 PM
Hiya Remo!
I'll look into this in just a few. Getting ready for work atm but as soon as I get there I'll check it out and let you know.


9.12.07, 7:39 PM
Hiya Remo!
So to answer your question, no, there is currently no way for you to set the amount of posts you see per page. This could be something we implement in the future but for now, unfortunately the setting has to stay the way it is.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do! Sorry I couldn't give you the answer you were hoping for.