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9.6.07, 8:05 PM
:sing: Today was the best, whatever happens next,I will remember this eppy. Sheridan has lied, schemed , attempted murder and a whole list of acts of violence to get Luis back. When she screamed LLLLUUUIIIIZZZZZ PPPUUUULLLLEEEZZZ, I had a flash back, the scenes that I FF. But when she said "Luis you can't leave" (this was so great) He said " I can....and I will". I love that man. She is so vile and I hope that if they get into a situation that he has the smarts to tell her to back off. After watching today, I think Luis is that kind of a stand up guy. Finally after they have made him a mental midget and stripped any pride that he had, watching her marry one man after another while professing her "twu Luv" for him. All I can say is

9.6.07, 11:26 PM
Check you pm's.

9.7.07, 5:55 PM
I did and you have one. This is a really cool feature of this board. I really have enjoyed Luis becoming his own person again. He was such a lap dog with Sheridan. At least Fancy is an individual and is not whiny and dramatic like Sheridan.
Maybe it is because Luis seems like he is a lot more intelligent around Fancy. Sheridan just dummied him up so bad.

9.7.07, 7:37 PM
Luis and Fancy compliment one another. Luis has blossomed because the woman by his side has trully stood by his side and has not taken pleasure in emasculating him. I just wish Fancy would blow her nose and shoot that stupid thing out.

9.7.07, 9:28 PM
Yes they do and that has been the best part. I am listening to the Scissor Sisters, "I don't feel like Dancing". One of my favorite s/l's when Endora zapped them into Tabby's living room and then at the Blue Note. Kind of my own trip down memory lane.

9.9.07, 6:32 AM
YES!! I loved Luis standing up to her and standing up for Fancy. When Fancy told Sheridan she was not welcome there, and Luis says, that he agrees. Now when Shuis used to make love, it was not fair that they were interrupted, and they would'nt have wanted anyone to interrupt them for anything.. especially by someone who they knew will do anything to destroy them. So why must Sheridan do it to Lancy.

9.9.07, 11:24 PM
Because she's a jealous little hobag.

9.10.07, 8:34 PM
Sarah beth, It's ok. Thanks for defending me though. Now I know who attacked me on the other board.

The great thing is, This is a world where Opinions are free and I live in a country where thoughts are respected. She could say what she thinks of me, or my opinions, however, I don't need her approval for what I think.

Only Two people in this great big world I need to be honest with. Myself and God. Since i'm honest to both, nothing she says matters anymore.
I was born alone, with my own thoughts and ideas, I'll die alone carrying with me my own thoughts and ideas.

9.10.07, 8:40 PM
And back to the subject....
The show ended it's NBC run with Luis at Fancy's side. And yes they are hot together. We were trying to figure out in Harmony time how long it's been since the execution. The consensus is one day. That means Lancy had already made love 3 if not 4 times in one night. Yep you could say that Luis is more than happy to be with Fancy.

9.10.07, 9:49 PM
The point of the last two weeks was Luis making it clear that Sher is the past and Fancy is his future. Sher may have been with Luis in the past but that it the past. Luis has said multiple times now that he is done with Sher and has moved on, he wants to spend the rest of his life with Fancy, Fancy is the mother of his future children, and that Lancy's love is better than what he had with Sher. You don't have to like it but that is exactly what is happening with the sl right now.
It is just so good to see Luis be a real man again.

9.10.07, 11:14 PM
Yes, he says that, but is it really true? People say stuff all the time but deep down they know its wrong. He's living in a world of denial. We will soon see that when he and Sheridan go looking for Marty. ANother Shuis adventure will lead to more, count on it.

9.10.07, 11:29 PM
Yes, he says that, but is it really true?

Not only has Luis told everyone how much he loves Fancy and that his future is with her but he has backed it up with loving and caring actions. He is spending every moment he can with Fancy. He has stood by her as she has stood by him through everything. Everything he has done for months has been about his love for Fancy. So I would say yes it is true, Luis is truly in love with Fancy.

9.10.07, 11:37 PM
Poor Luis!

9.10.07, 11:47 PM
Yeah Poor Luis. He's finally found a woman that stands by his side and goes through life's ups and downs with him supporting him and not emasculating him. What was he thinking falling in love with someone like that? I just don't know. But I do know what he has been thinking since his release and that's getting a bun in Fancy's oven.

9.11.07, 12:35 AM
That is what we are hoping for Sarahbeth, all that hot lovemaking should have produced something...Right. I am not above throwing faux baby shower.