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11.9.09, 8:22 PM
Saw this one a while back - it is science fiction movie that was directed by Duncan Jones (David Bowie's kid), a first-time director. It stars Sam Rockwell as a worker manning a station on the moon where Lunar Industries harvests the newest form of energy for the earth. He's at the end of a 3 year contract and ready to go back home to his wife and daughter.

He has an accident while out on patrol. He wakes up at the moon base with no memory of getting there and he meets another version of "himself" who claims to be there on the same 3 year contract. The movie is basically Sam trying to figure out what is going on with the other Sam.

This movie was surprisingly good. There is not much of a cast - Sam Rockwell really carries it (Kevin Spacey is the voice of the computer). It is an intelligent sci-fi movie that is much more an intellectual and ethical story than anything else. I'd give this one a B+.

12.29.09, 12:14 PM
I also saw that movie a while ago. I enjoyed it. It had some unusual surprise twists. It wasn't widely distributed. We had to go to a small artsy theater to see it. I might not even had heard about it if I hadn'd happened to hear a review of it on NPR.