View Full Version : Roman/Anna/Tony/Kate Triangle: Worth watching?

9.6.07, 1:18 AM
I would love to see Anna of old give Kate a run for her money. I can't stand Kate and she seems to have some connection to Roman that just makes me sick. I know Roman still harbors feelings for Anna although they are not very strong. Anna still has a thing for Tony and Kate , I assume, still has a thing for Roman. I would like to see Anna do things just to piss Kate off. Knock Kate off of her imaginary pedestal.

Would anyone like to see this story line pick up steam between these 4?

9.6.07, 2:45 AM
I'd love to see Kate get hers.... so many times Kate gotten away with evilness... it would be fun to watch her on the losing end of the bargin....

9.6.07, 2:31 PM
I'd love to see Kate get hers, but not if it means her messing around with Tony. I just want to see the old Anna/Tony magic start up again. But no Roman or Kate involved.

9.6.07, 2:40 PM
I really love Tony and Anna together. I hate Kate with a passion and about the only time she has ever been even a little bit tolerable is when she was with Roman. Maybe she can grovel to get Roman back and he can rub her nose in it and make her apologize to Sami before taking her back. She needs someone who can keep her on a leash. Victor sure never did.

9.6.07, 11:01 PM
Well I know Kayla and Steve have been getting a lot of flack but I actually like the dialog between the two. I like the love I see or feel from them. I like the fact that Anna makes me laugh at how charming and conniving she can be at the same time. You all are right, Kate is a waste of space.

9.12.07, 1:22 PM
I like the Tony/Anna pair up now just as I did before. As for Roman and Kate, I do think that Roman needs paired with somone (NOT MARLENA) and I would like to see a catfight kind of think between Anna and Kate but Kate would have to do some redeeming of herself to enjoy her with Roman. If Kate would redeem herself, say by doing some major sacrafice to save Sami during this current vbendetta storyline and show some growth in Kate, then I could see her with Roman.

10.3.07, 2:31 PM
I would love to see the storyline between Anna, Tony, Kate and Roman pick up. If for no other reason than Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera) would get more air time. Ultimately though, I want Anna & Tony back together spinning their magic on Days.