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11.4.09, 2:14 AM
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Lily drops a bomb on Neil.

Phyllis sends Patty a warning.

Chloe admits her true feelings for Chance.

Michael uncovers the truth about Ryder's alibi.

Ashley sets her secret agenda in motion.

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Lily shocks Neil

Phyllis makes her feelings clear to Patty

Chloe makes it clear that she's in love with Chance

Michael discovers the facts about Ryder's alibi

Ashley puts her plans into action

Spoilers for down the road: November Sweeps

Daisy imbeds herself in the lives of multiple Genoans

Adam and Nick battle it out at Newman Enterprises

Nick tries to get Adam to quit by assigning him the most degrading and trivial jobs

Adam pushes Nick's buttons every way he can

Nick comes to realize that Adam is manipulating him

Adam discovers how effectively he can use Nick's feelings for Sharon against Nick

Despite his guilt and self loathing, Adam also finds that Sharon is easy to exploit

Adam continues his relationship with Sharon

Adam is injured

Victor and Nikki leave Genoa City for an extended vacation

A powerful new mogul arrives in town

Sharon finds herself growing closer to Adam

Adam tells Sharon the truth about his relationship with Rafe

A trusting Sharon shares some of her own secrets with her new friend

Chloe is terrified when Chance is knifed on the job

Nina is impressed when it becomes apparent that Chloe has real feelings for Chance

Chance's injury puts him in mortal peril

Phillip gets closer to his family

Billy publishes a tell-all about Victor Newman in Restless Style

Mac disapproves of Billy's vendetta, Billy is hurt that Mac doesn't understand him

Billy moves on to the next Newman on his list, Victoria

Mac and Billy's future is jeopardized by Billy's need to see the Newmans be held responsible for their actions

Mac is outraged by Billy's behavior

Billy and Mac realize that they've both changed since they fell in love as teenagers

Cane and Lily make love again for the first time since their estrangement and her cancer

A sudden turn for the worse brings the Winters family to Lily's side

Neil is reassured when Cane demonstrates his love and devotion to Lily

Neil relents and welcomes Cane back into the family

Lily and Cane look forward to their future together

Victor returns to Genoa City

11.8.09, 11:14 PM
Nick and Adam are having quite a fight over Sharon. Adam is creepy.