View Full Version : I Like Carly...

10.21.09, 7:23 PM
I really liked her when she was on the first time. I was a big fan of Bo & Carly back then. And I'm glad she's back.

12.29.09, 6:47 PM
I like her too. I liked her and Bo together, but that was when Hope was either "dead" or missing. Now I'm torn, because "Brady" and "Fancy Face" go together!

1.13.10, 12:15 AM
I haven't seen the show in a while, but while I have been a Bo and Hope fan since I was a kid, I ALWAYS liked Bo and Carly. Carly is one of my favorite characters, she always has been and always will.

1.13.10, 1:40 PM
Bo and Carly were good back then when Hope was out of the picture, but I don't like this storyline at all. I'm a huge B&H fan and was hoping they would work it out once again. Who knows, hopefully, they will.

1.13.10, 4:46 PM
I was never a fan of the Carly character and absolutely Hated the "buried alive" storyline that was penned by the 'weird" James E Reilly.
I feel so badly for Hope right now, Bo & Hope are supposed to be "soulmates"...I really dont like this storyline at all. What with Mickey dying and all, it makes me depressed to watch DAYS. Baby Sydney is the most entertaining one right now :)

1.13.10, 4:51 PM
I liked Carly way back when Hope was not around. Right now, I would like to bury her alive. Yes Hope has her issues, and Hope did leave Bo and move into Victors- but unless his butt was served divorce papers, he should have NEVER slept with Carly. As long as Bo & Hope have been together- he should have known better.

I'm over this storyline and would love for it to end. They could have easily brought her back and not torn apart Bo & Hope to do it.

2.2.10, 4:51 PM
Looks like we all agree. I like Bo and Hope together. Now I am wondering what was on the paper that Hope found in that box. I hope that is NOT Melanies' birth cert. with Bo named as her father. If he is, that will just make me sick. As much as I hated Billie to come between B and H, I'd rather have her come back instead of Carly.

Also, wondering if Adrienne is coming back. They mention her so often has me thinking she may come back. I would like that if it was Judy Evans.