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10.16.09, 3:19 PM
I am just shaking my head over this one! After reading about it and seeing clips of the family on various news outlets, I'm thinking they are Nuts, or at least slightly "Kooky". The poor little boy threw up this morning on live TV, he knows he's in trouble! And think of all the money and time spent by law enforcement and other agencies following the balloon. My daughter called me yesterday afternoon and told me to turn the TV on, and when I did, I was amazed and horrified by what I saw...they made it sound like the boy was in the balloon, and as it was spinning and floating thru the sky, all kinds of awful thoughts were going thru my head, like would the child die? And now of course, the Media is being bashed, for 'glorifying" this story...I dont know what to think. Was it a Hoax? Did the family make up the story? The family has already been on a reality show(Wife Swap), so were they looking for PR? The whole thing is crazy!

10.16.09, 5:07 PM
The whole thing is crazy.
And all I can say is, it must have been a slow news day.
The story seems contrived, somehow.
I guess more will be revealed.

10.16.09, 10:31 PM
I was waiting for the poor baby to come spilling out of the balloon the way the media was hypin it. So it was so relieving to hear the child was in the attic but then I wondered why he was hiding so much out of straight fear of trouble. Then I was worried about his homelife and why he was so terrified to be found.