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9.4.07, 8:59 AM
Finally the truth about Tommy being Todd's son is out, but I don't think this will be a cut and dried case of handing the child over. Hopefully this will not be dragged out until November sweeps, but I suspect it will. Todd never gave up his rights to the baby so the adoption was illegal.... seems like a simple case, but my guess is that the McBains will pull out all stops to gain custody, although Michael, Rex, Adriana and John should be punished for their parts in the case of a stolen baby. No matter what is in Todd's past, he is good with Starr and Jack and he clearly love his children. I think we can look for the town to divide and take sides, but the majority of the fans seem to feel that Tommy belongs with Todd.

9.4.07, 5:25 PM
This sl touches so many characters.. I think it will be months before there is a resolution.
I expect murder, kidnappings, threats, arrests.. and there is plenty of fodder for the fire here.

9.7.07, 6:26 PM
Oh you know this will go on forever. There will be a nasty custody case I'm sure. Todd is great with Starr and Jack, but his criminal record will come into play. I believe in the end, it will come out about Michael knowing about the paternity of Tommy and that's what will settle Todd gaining custody.

9.7.07, 11:41 PM
I hope they all go to jail for babynapping that little boy need to be with is real family, the only person I am sorry is Marcie because she did not know the baby was Todd, also John should lose is badge and go to jail and as for Michael they should strip him of his medical licences, and eveybody who knows about Tommy they should all go to jail.

9.21.07, 11:11 AM
Todd doesn't deserve any child he is a dispicable person that used a sick woman to get even with his nephew for sleeping with Blair, he is heartless and selfish and I hope he loses. Rex did the right thing by not telling Todd. If he really loved this baby he would do the right thing and let Michael and Marcie keep him and be part of his life. Someday he will have to tell Tommy about his mother and how he hated her and how she raped him and what will that do to this child, He did after all try to kill her and the baby.

9.21.07, 11:13 AM
what has he done to be a good father except humiliate his children. I think he is a terrible father and a very vengful man if thats what you want to call him

Lola Beedow
10.14.07, 3:06 PM
Todd always treated Cole like a piece of dirt, too. I never liked the way he used to treat him. He's thawed out a little, but not enough.