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10.9.09, 12:31 AM
I recently remodeled my kitchen and I went with meikitchens.com. I just went back to the site to look for some additional products, and saw that they are having an America's Ugliest Kitchen Contest. Too bad I already remodeled, as they are giving up to $14,000 to the winner. But, I still got to award Ugly Points to a really ugly kitchen. I am sharing this because I am sure there are a lot of people that would like to win this new kitchen, and/or award Ugly Points. Check it out!

11.17.09, 12:03 PM
Hey! I know about that! I can't enter because my kitchen is not that ugly, it just needs a little TLC, but I saw some of the kitchens there! OMG!!! really! I voted for a kitchen that looks like it is going to fall to the floor at any minute!
I checked them out and their stuff is beautiful! gorgeous kitchens that they had designed in the past.
Hey! this is the one I vote for. if you guys are compassionate please vote for this one, go to this link; https://www.meikitchens.com/uglykitchen/viewProfile.php?kitchen=11

11.18.09, 7:47 PM
Ewww sorry but if their kitchen looks like that I would hate to see the rest of their house. $14,000 for a new kitchen and the rest of the house looks like garbage.
Did you both notice that there has to be 400 entries of nasty kitchens for the winner to actually win?

11.19.09, 9:43 AM
I understand your point, but I see that some people already reached and passed the 400! and you are right, the rest of the house might be as bad as the kitchen, but I believe that if you start somewhere then you might get motivated to do something else especially the kitchen! where your food is! My Lord! right?
I contacted Mei Kitchens and they assure me that all is legit. and they are just trying to give back to the community. I wonder where is that house located? because they have to hire a contractor to measure and all right? I guess all is included. I came to a conclusion this kitchen is not just ugly! it is plain disgusting, too dirty! maybe the Orange kitchen will win :sing:.

11.20.09, 9:41 PM
I would venture to guess that if they let their kitchen where they prepare meals and eat as well as store food get that bad they probably wouldnt even have the money to fix up the rest of the home. That house imo and sad to say is a waste of $14,000 to a kitchen. I REALLY wanna see the rest of the house. Because if god forbid and I doubt the rest is presentable and the kitchen is the only nightmare then yea they deserve to win.

11.21.09, 8:20 AM
Did you both notice that there has to be 400 entries of nasty kitchens for the winner to actually win?

DA's point is that there has to be 400 entries, not 400 votes for an individual entry.
The way I see it, there are now only 11 entries.
I'd say it would be good public relations for Mei Kitchens to donate something to that kitchen with the most points.
Although I suspect it is in a house that by all rights, should be condemned.

11.21.09, 2:49 PM
I thought I read that right. I think this will just go down in flames. Probably not enough press to get 400 entries Oo

11.23.09, 9:39 AM
OOO h!
Well, if 400 entries...they need a miracle, a lot of people may think is a waste...the kitchen is one of the most expensive places to remodel maybe after seeing the kitchen nice they can just paint other places of the house and get motivated? or maybe... bah humbug! other people deserve to win the prize just for being ugly not messy! :anon2d: shame on them!

11.23.09, 11:12 AM
That kitchen is almost eighty years old and it looks like very little has been done to keep it in good shape.
I don't know how anyone could live in a house with a kitchen that gross.

12.10.09, 11:10 PM
This kitchen has high possibilities. With a little TLC, it could be quite cute.