View Full Version : Steve and Pocket...

8.31.07, 9:02 PM
Steve was so cute today with the baby. He had me laughing out loud. About the time he gets attached to little pocket man, someone will come and take him away.

9.1.07, 12:06 AM
As cute as it was I am just irritated with it big time. Steve really isn't ready for this. I always loved Kayla but she is being the most selfish beyotch. She really doesn't give a crap about whether Steve wants to be a father again or not. She has zero intention on ever giving that baby back up. And it was real creepy that she put an old girly outfit of Stephanie's on that little boy.

9.1.07, 1:23 AM
I loved it! Steve putting on a puppet show, playing the harmonica (which I miss), just plain cute, and I loved it, Hope helping him, just all of it, I see changes already happening, yay!

10.1.07, 11:40 AM
I kinda feel sorry for Steve. He's getting so attatched to Pocket and this week his true identity is going to be discovered. It won't be long before the baby is going to go to his rightful home.

10.2.07, 4:51 PM
Well, you are right Patty, he lost Benjy and will lose Pocket. I can't say Steve is gonna go crazy since he is already there.

10.3.07, 10:06 AM
Yup Steve has flipped his wig for sure. Though completely understandable it ensures them loosing Pocket. Sure Steve will be upset but what he feels for Pocket is nothing compared to his love for Benjy. Kayla's going to be devastated but like we didn't see that coming and she basically gave Steve no choice when she latched onto the baby. Steve's going to say "see Kayla I told you I wasn't interested in being a father again because I knew I couldn't do it". I'm just pissed that they brought back Benjy only to kill him off.

I think the reason that Phil may get custody of Tyler/Pocket is because Steve went psycho and Lauren is gonna croak. So Phil will say "I want him" even tho the sorry pig twice wanted him aborted. Since he is biologically related and rich the court will say "well it's better to have him with Phil than to put him in another foster home and wait for adoption". Phil will get the kid by default, not because he wanted a child.