View Full Version : Has Luis found out yet that Pretty and

8.30.07, 11:37 AM
Sheridan was to blame for Fancy backing out of their wedding at the prison? I know Theresa's incident with "the chair" was front and center. But has this been brought up to Luis?:rolleyes:

8.31.07, 3:03 PM
No there has been zero mention of it. Yet multiple people know it hasn't come up with Luis yet.

9.2.07, 12:00 PM
Well you would think Luis would asked Fancy or since her secret is out she would also let him know about that.

9.4.07, 10:55 PM
Well you know how it is. He just got out of prison and had one thing on his mind. Putting a bun in Fancy's oven.

9.4.07, 11:29 PM
Yeah, so true. I hope it takes. With loopy sheridan I don't even think a baby will deter her. Miss you guys on the old board, I have been reading (mainly you posts)but not allowed to post. I am such a bad girl.