View Full Version : Who is this new Arianna???

9.14.09, 7:34 PM
I know I've seen the actress in another show and I can't place it/her to save my life... HELP! Who is she and what other show did she used to be on???

9.14.09, 8:33 PM
She is Theresa from Passions

9.16.09, 7:13 AM
Yes! That's where I've seen her - thanks so much - I didn't really watch Passions all that much, but did see it from time to time...thanks again, man that was bugging me!

10.21.09, 7:17 PM
Ya now she and Galen are "Brother and Sister" again.

11.20.09, 9:13 AM
I wonder who will play their little sister Gabby? Will it be their sister from "Passions" ha ha ha

12.29.09, 4:06 PM
I wondered how many Passions actors they were going to work into DOOL. I thought it was nice they still have jobs! Last I knew, Passions went to Satellite only. Is it completely off the air now? So many soaps are getting canceled!