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8.29.07, 6:13 PM
With Passions winding down and on the road to DTV. I thought about all of the posts and comments in that last few weeks. There is a connection to Al's reaction to characters on the show and the way JER writes them. Al hates Sheridan and Chad, so Jer writes one as never finding love and goes crazy and the other in a homosexual relationship and gets killed by his own father. The E/T/G has not had the best of luck and Jer always is basically trying to kill Theresa or make her pay. Now Sam and Grace were split up by Ivy but that was bittersweet because now Sam wants nothing to do with Ivy and I think Grace will come back alive and well. Kay and Miguel doing good by Passions standards and so is Noah and Paloma. It just seems that there is a pattern that if Alistair does not like someone then Jer doesn't either. So there are couples in Harmony but there are some that I don't think will ever be happy.:confused:

8.31.07, 3:37 PM
To a certain extent, every writer uses a part of him/herself when writing their characters. However, since Alistair is supposed to be pure evil...somehow I doubt that he is all JER :) Or at least, I don't JER would think that.

I don't think JER hates Sheridan; she is the star of his show. Just because you and I disagree with what he has done to her, doesn't mean he dislikes her. I have always thought of Sheridan as being like the archetype heroine like the one in Perils of Pauline or Dudley Do-Right. Can you guess who is the bad guy twirling his mustache and who is Dudley? ;) JER writes similarly one-dimensional characters.

I'm sure that JER thinks it was a brilliant twist to have Sheridan go bad when she lost Luis to Fancy. It's really not that different from what he did to Kristen in Days. She started out as a heroine, a good guy, SO PURE that she was one of the few pure-of-heart people that could stay in the room when John tried to exorcise Marlena (so she couldn't be corrupted by Satan). Yet a few weeks later, boom, she was turned into an evil, conniving bitch. At least Sheridan had the excuse that she lost her baby, was tortured, and then lost Luis. Those things might change a person, especially when desperate. There was NO good excuse for this to happen to Kristen! And I'll never forgive him for ruining her...

I hope you are right about Grace returning!!

Suzanne Lanoue

9.2.07, 11:54 AM
Well since the beginning of this series Jer has wrote this as a tragedy more than a soap opera. It is wrote as camp and I think the comparison to Dudley Do-Right, Nell and Snidley Whiplash are right on target. Though after a while it does get tedious. Frankly I loved it when Sheridan turned evil because her character had so many more different ways it could go. It has been great. She is a lot more interesting now than before and I used to ff through her scenes, now I wouldn't miss them. Theresa on the other hand has remained one dimentional. You can miss two weeks of the show and know that she will be lying to Ethan, trying to stay one step ahead of Gwen and Becs and all with big drops of tears rolling down her eyes. You always know what is going to happen with that s/l.
I hope Grace comes back and kicks some serious butt.