View Full Version : I like Bo and Roman together lately

8.29.07, 12:04 AM
They're cute and funny, I've been enjoying them. I loved Roman being "stoned" he was soooo funny! oh and the way Bo was humouring him lol!:)

8.31.07, 9:54 PM
I enjoyed their scenes at the hospital when Roman was released, Bo and Roman was so cool. They both acted so "scared" of their mom. Roman did seem funny. I would like to see more scenes with him, Anna and Tony. Could be fun!!!

9.1.07, 2:18 AM
oh I agree! I'd love to see more Anna! She may have left eons ago, but there's a reason why we miss her, she's so...well Anna!

Even when she was on Gilmore Girls, she still reminded me of Anna, married a rich guy and stuff, she's Anna thru and thru

9.3.07, 5:07 AM
The Bo & Roman scenes only served to make them look stupider than I already thought they were. I guess there was some comedy there, but this whole thing just keeps the folio from being opened, so as all it does is make this tiresome SL drag on even longer.