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8.28.07, 4:35 PM
Hi everyone! I am new to this Web site, but have watched B&B off and on since the show started!
I hope Ridge opens a mega can of Whoop Ass on Andy and Stephanie! I can't wait until that witch gets what she deserves!

8.28.07, 6:24 PM
Welcome aboard, Lillian!
I agree 100% I am dying to see Evil Old Stephanie get caught out for this awful thing she has done to Brooke. I was never really a big fan of Brooke's but right now I am really rooting for her & Donna both to annihilate that old hag.

8.29.07, 9:23 AM
I guess that I may be in the minority, but I have always liked Brooke. I don't like Taylor. What has Hunter Tylo done to her face? I stopped watching for awhile and then came back, and when I saw Taylor I thought....her face looks so bad, too much plastic surgery or something. Is it just me?

8.29.07, 11:17 AM
Oh no, Lillian, it's not just you, Taylor looks ungodly. In fact, when she 1st came back from the dead she looked so weird that I called my cable company & told them there was something wrong with my reception.

8.29.07, 5:17 PM
LOL....That is too funny! My husband saw her after years of not seeing the show and said...omg what happened to her? She used to be good looking and now she looks like the joker!
She certainly hasn't aged gracefully.
What did you think about Ridge chasing Andy up to the roof? I wish he could throw him off and get away with it, but I know that won't happen. Too bad Stephanie isn't there to fall off with him.

8.29.07, 8:59 PM
I liked the scene on the rooftop but I don't want Andy off that rooftop until he tells Ridge about Stephanie's involvement in the whole tragic affair.