View Full Version : State Of Play

9.6.09, 10:44 AM
I won't divulge content, for those who have not watched.
This was a great movie.
My question, for those who have seen it, is...
did you think the ending was weird?
I had two people tell me that, and I did not find it weird at all.
I find my affection for Russell Crowe as an actor,
equally as disturbing as my affection for Steven Segal.
I must consult with the ghost of Sigmund Freud on that one.

9.6.09, 6:49 PM
We watched this one last night and I liked it quite a bit. I don't even really remember hearing much hoopla about this film when it came out and it had a pretty solid A-list cast. I admit I did find the ending a bit strange. To me, the explanation of the tie to the killer was pretty weak and I thought it brought the movie down a peg in my rating, but overall, it was a decent thriller.