View Full Version : Patty Takes Colleen Hostage

9.3.09, 3:49 PM
got this from Daytime Royalty

This week, Colleen gets a rather big surprise when she ends up at the Abbott cabin and finds Patty bound and gagged (thanks, Bardwells!). However, when Colleen decides to set the psycho free, Patty isn't appreciative of the kind gesture. Instead, she grabs a gun and holds Colleen hostage!

"At this point, Patty's just reacting to anything and everything," sighs portrayer Stacy Haiduk. "She's so scared of being turned in, she doesn't know who to trust, and she was in an emotional state to begin with! She's not in a good way."

No joke. Colleen tells Patty she should return to Genoa City, but a furious Patty ties her up in the woods when she catches her trying to call J.T. Later, when Patty phones Jack from Colleen's cell, Colleen yells out a code word for him; Patty is furious when she realizes that Colleen is trying to shout a signal.

Will Colleen be rescued in time?