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9.1.09, 2:11 PM
Happy New Month!

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9.17.09, 8:08 PM
Oh! Hello! (I thought you were calling me, Amie Annie.)

Mary Travers is gone, and I feel sad (she was very sick, so she must be in a better place now, but. . .my youth. She was part of my youth. Goodbye, friend.).

I'm just reacting very personally to another death.
--- I just deleted 10 lines of text that included enlightening stuff like "People die and what the f*ck are you supposed to do but go on and occasionnally trip over the memories," and crap like that.

I am sad.

9.19.09, 2:01 AM
Oh til. I'm always calling you.

Mary is an especially sad loss, I agree. I realize I must be getting to be that age, where the ones I loved are slipping away, making everything feel kind of fragile and temporary.

I miss you. Come back soon?