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8.26.07, 11:35 AM
does anyone know in actual or Passions time just how long combined that Luis and Sheridan were actually a couple? I am not talking about the beginning when she was running from the con men and she was on the run. I am talking about when she was not married to someone else, or he was hanging around outside her cottage marking his territory on the shrubs waiting for her to get Mr. Right #1 to sleep, so she could go out and get it on with Mr. Right #2. I don't count when she sent Luis off to look for Marty, because they were not a couple at that point. She kicked him to the curb.:read:

8.26.07, 4:11 PM
It's a very good question. With my off and on watching the first few years I wouldn't have a firm guess. But I would say anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of the shows run. I also don't remember seeing them together for a decent period of time. Unlike Lancy who have been set as a couple together for 10 months straight and it was 4 months of them having eyes for each other and getting together.

8.26.07, 4:35 PM
I read a post today that is the so funny, but it is true. "Is Passions airing in another universe somewhere, yet we all must share the same message board?" I really wonder if we are all watching the same soap. The fact that Sheridan has had two husbands during this "romance" and their airtime together as a couple, and no I don't mean this last scene where Vincent was going to slit her throat and Luis saved her ....again! I am talking actual real time as a couple, not a threesome, but a couple has not really been quality or quantity time.

8.28.07, 11:54 AM
a bare few months is my guess. Lancy have been together much longer as a true couple.


8.28.07, 8:20 PM
That what I was thinking because the show has been on for years. I think Luis lived with her at the cottage for a short peroid of time. That is the longest that I can remember.